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  Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries [cheats updated]
Note: To enter these cheats succesfully, hold down CTRL-ALT-SHIFT when you type them in.

* superfragicali - Auto wins mission successfully
* iseenfireandiseenrain - Unlimited Ammo
* ooohhhlllaaalllaaa - Heat tracking
* redjackandtikrules - Makes targeted enemy self destruct
* itsdabooomb - Same as above
* crazysexycool - Infinite jumpjets
* inmybeautifulballoon - Adds jump jets
* likethecomstarbaby - Automatically succeed in mission
* ontimeeverytime - Time compression key enabled
* antijolt - Time expansion enabled
* bubbleboy - Bounding spheres
* beholdmyglory - Imfree-eye mode on
* undflashyflashy - AutoGrouping enabled (makes all weapons fire from the first trigger)
* walkthisway - Leading Recticle enabled (makes enemies follow your targeting crosshairs towards you)
* superfunkicalifragisexy - Invulnerability.
* wediditagain - Display Credits

Unlimited Salvage
Here is a quick tip to gain an unlimited amount of salvage near the begining of the game, or whenever you need it. When you complete a mission that allows you to pick up salvage, it is really simple. All you do is save the game in the final briefing screen before you click on the salvage button. Name it salvage, or whatever you choose. Then after you finish collecting your salvage, save it again this time in another spot. Call it salvage 2 or whatever you choose. Make sure you save it in the same final briefing screen. Then choose to reload the game before you salvaged the leftovers. Make sure it's what you want. Then choose to reload back to your other game. And presto! The salvage button mysteriously reappears. It will load with whatever salvage you loaded prior. You can use this to salvage anything you want from other saved games. Just be cautious with doing this. After about the 6th or 7th time usually your program will crash and you will have to restart it. But once you restart it you can do it again.

Warning!! Do not use this trick with the Kodiak to steal from the Ghost Bears. You will get a default error everytime you try to select it to use in battle. Also, be cautious as sometimes this will happen with other mechs as well. Although not very often.

Bonus Mission
When on merc commander, fail the second mission against the Dread Legion. You will now receive another mission. On this one you get a crate of highly advanced weapons and 5 million c-bills.

All Missions
When you board the drop ship and your in launch mission there is a small gray circle up in the top left hand corner, click on it and you get a menu with all of the missions there are in the whole game.

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