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  Medal of Honor Pacific Assault [trainer +9] (D.E.)

1) I - Infinite Health
2) T - Inifnite Ammo

3) M - One Hit Kill Ammo
4) B - Translocation Ammo *
5) H - Brainwash Ammo *

6) 8 - Save Position *
9 - Restore Position

7) J - Super Jump on
K - Super Jump off

8) P - Super Speed on
O - Super Speed off

9) C - Cease Fire on *
v - Cease Fire off

* = Read Trainer Notes.


You would have seen this ONLY in another AGES trainer a little while ago..
we bring it to you again.. What this does.. when you turn the option on
your bullets turn into tiny translocation devices.. so from now on anyone
that you shoot will be teleported to your position and you will be
teleported into theirs.. great fun.. enjoy..

With this option turned on anyone you shoot will instantly start fighting
for your side.. be careful.. if your mission is to wipe out all enemy and
you start turning the enemy.. you have to kill them before the level
continues.. once they are on your side you cannot shoot them.. so you will
need to blow them up with something :) they generally take out a few enemy
and then get slaughtered by their own men anyways.. so its not a problem.

8/9 Save/Load Position
Same deal as the other AGES trainers.. press 8 to save your location on
the level and press 9 if your in trouble to return to this position.

When this is turned on the enemy and your own team lose the ability to
fire their weapons.. certain things like torpedos and im sure other
things in the game DO fire because they are scripted to.. but anything
with a standard gun or that runs through the ammo routines will not
be able to fire.. unless they are you of course :)) you get to run
around shooting the shit out of the enemy as much as u want!! :)


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