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  Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak [GBA]
Get unlimited sunflower seeds
At the start of the game where the two hamsters are the big sun flower.use {hamlift} and you will get 20 sunflower seeds.keep repeating until satisfied .ps.its at sunny peak.

Save Ghost Hams' love
When the Ham Rangers are about to go on stage, but you can't get Ham Red to come out of the bathrooms, go to Boo Mansion. there should be a ghost in a painting. talk to her, and she will play Ham Red. Her son will go back with her to Boo Mansion. After that, Ham Red will always perform on stage.

New Words!
After you've done the musical riddle, there is a Ham-Ham that thinks she's awesome. Call her bestset and she'll tell you 'Dazzlie'. Then go talk to the Ham-Hams at the entrance to sandy cove and talk to the one next to the shy gray Ham-Ham. She'll tell you 'Tinglie'. Go back to the one who told you dazzlie and tell her tinglie. She'll give you her pineapple which is really the soccer ball the coach is looking for!

How to find Bijou
First, go to Sunny Peak, go up, then go up the 2 logs, go all the way to the right and on the other side you will find Bijou, then after you see her go back down right near the last log and go to the right, you will see a hamster, Say hamha and he will talk to you and talk about the boat he has, do what he says,then once your done go on the boat, go straight up and talk to Bijou, get her to the clubhouse and talk to Boss.
Now you have Bijou.

Rescue Hamtaro, Howdy, and Dexter
In Boo Manor, on the second floor, you will walk in a room and see Dexter. Hamtaro will step in front of him and fall through the floor. Dexter will leave. Go down the stairs and go to the room on the far right. You will see Dexter reaching for a rope and fall in the chest. You must go to a room with a fireplace and two couches. Say Hamspar by the fireplace to start a fire and two ghosts will appear. Tack-Q them to learn Nok-nok and Pushie. To the left of the room with the painting with moving eyes, there is an empty hall. Go up to the wall and say Nok-nok. It will sound weird. Now say pushie and the wall will open up. Behind the wall there is a cage with Howdy and Hamtaro in it. Go to the two big hamsters trying to open the elevator and say Liber-T.They will leave. Go back to the cage and they will open it. You get Hamtaro back and tell Howdy Dexter needs help. You must get the gold card to get to the thrid floor. You will see a green hamster listening to music. Pushie the wall next to him and it will open. Say Jamout by the piano and a ghost will appear and ask you three questions. Answer them correctly to get the "Moonlight" song. Then, go back to where Dexter is trapped and play the piano there. The chest will openand Dexter is free.

"Condor Wings" song
At Sunny Peak there is a huge feather. Stand on it and say Hamha and the bird will drop the song on your head. Hif-hif to pick it up.

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