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  Pokemon Colosseum [GC]
Catching Entie:
Use Umbreon and another weak pokemon to lower its PP. Make
Umbreon use Toxic and/or Confuse Ray and attack with your strongest
Pokemon. When he is almost dead, throw your stongest ball and you
might catch him.

Catching Suicene:
Use Umbreon and another weak pokemon to lower its PP. Make
Umbreon use Toxic and/or Confuse Ray and attack with your strongest
Pokemon. When he is almost dead, throw your stongest ball and you
might catch him.

Catching Rakiou:
Use Umbreon and another weak pokemon to lower its PP. Make
Umbreon use Toxic and/or Confuse Ray and attack with your strongest
Pokemon. When he is almost dead, throw your stongest ball and you
might catch him.

Faster Purification
When you have unlocked Mt. Battle go there with your Shadow Pokemon, then start a new Challenge, You will still be able to go back to where you left off, and keep using Shadow Rush and when your pokemon goes into Hyper mode call it's name, it will go out of Hyper mode and it's heart will open further and when it succeeds don't worry about getting hit with recoil, after every battle your Pokemon will be restored to full stat (except Hyper Mode if you didn't manage to call in time).

Elevator key
To get the elevator key you must defeat damik at mount battle, next go to agate village talk to eagun in his house then talk to the guy in the blue jacket outside his house, after this look on your map there will be a new place go there and then you will get an e-mail of sherels or duking saying they've got some new prisoners and to come right over quick, then go to pirite town and go into the police station and get the jail key off of the desk near the jail cells and go into the room nearest to you and click on the bed that the prison is asleep on and the elevator key is in his pocket

vacation Island
After you get all pokemon pokemon and open all there hearts go to shadow lab where boss was at, at the big computer and press a you should get a e-mail about more shadow pokemon when you do. Leave and go to mapp and press L or R and Another part of the mapp should open It will have vacation island go to it and a new place will begin.

Alternate title screen:
At the screen with the "Continue", "New Game", and other options, press the
button to go back. When you return to the title screen, different characters will be

When you get to Mt. Battle and battle to the top, you will face Cipher Admin
Dokim. He has Entei as a Shadow Pokemon.

To get Ho-Oh, purify all 48 Shadow Pokemon and defeat 100 trainers on Mt. Battle
using only the Pokemon from your story mode team. Note: Your PC must have an
empty slot.

Purify all 48 Shadow Pokemon; complete Mt. Battle in story mode; and complete
Mt. Battle in battle mode. After doing all of this, you should be rewarded with Ho-oh.

To get Jurachi, load him into the Game Boy Advance from the bonus disc. Then,
transfer him to Pokemon Colosseum.

To get Mew you need Latios, Latias, and Celebi. You also need to purify all the
Shadow Pokemon. Then, win the Mt. Battle Challenge with Latios, Latias, and
Celebi in your party. After that, trade a Groudon from Pokemon Ruby and go to
the ancient relic. When Mew appears, he will be level 100. It does not matter
though, because Mew refuses to battle. Just keep throwing Ultra Balls at it until it stays in. This requires about twenty Ultra Balls. When he stays in, you will get an e-mail on Mewtwo.

Once you get Mewm you will get an email about Mewtwo. When you get the email,
the Psychic Pokemon Lab will open. You then must progress through it and fight
Giovanni. Mewtwo is easy to catch, but Giovanni's Pokemon are in their 90s.
Mewtwo is listed as level "?????".

To get Moltres, you need Ho Oh and Mew. Nett will email you saying that the Orre region will go under lava and you need to save it. Then, Fire Mountain opens up. Inside, Moltres is blowing flames to the top of the mountain and you must fight him. He is at level 80 and strong. He knows Fire Blast, Sky Attack, Fire Spin and Drill Peck. A Timer Ball will be like a Master Ball if you do not attack for twenty turns.

Raikou can be found as a Shadow Pokemon of Cipher Admin Ean in the Shadow
Pokemon Lab.

Suicune can be found as a Shadow Pokemon of Cipher Admin Venus in The Under.

To catch Suicune easier, before you fight Venus you should know her Pokemon.
She has Vileplume, Delcatty, Steelix, Banette, and Suicune. You can easily faint Vileplume and Steelix with Entei's Fire Blast. Banette will go down with Umbreon's Dark moves. When you get to Suicune, use Umbreon's Confuse Ray. Then, wear it down with Secret Power and it will eventually get paralyzed. If Suicune's health is in the yellow or red zone affected by paralysis, then throw a Net Ball at it.

Defeat the Deep King Agnol in the Deep Colosseum. If you have all the Shadow
Pokemon you will get a message about someone attacking people with a Shadow
Togetic. Rush to the Outskirt Stand and fight him.

This is the strongest Shadow Pokemon in the game. You only have one attempt at
this, so use the Master Ball. The leader of Cipher has it.

If missed your chance to get the Shadow Pokemon Tyrannitar and MetaGross, go
back to where the Cipher President and his minions are located. You have a
chance to fight them all over, and retrieve some of the Shadow Pokemon you did
not catch. Metagross and Tyrannitar are some of the most difficult Shadow
Pokemon to get.

Croconaw, Bayleff and Quilava:
After getting one starter Shadow Pokemon at the beginning, you need to get the
rest of them. Complete the game and go to the Snagem Hideout. Look through the
hideout until you see a man in only one color (green, blue or red). Battle him and snag his Shadow Pokemon. You will soon get an email. When you get it, go to the Kids Guild and talk to Nett. Then, go by the Junk Shop and fight Gurks. Talk to Gurks then go to the Shadow Pokemon Lab. Go to the last room of the Lab (where you fought Ein). You will see a person. Battle him and snag his Shadow Pokemon.

Catching the Legendary dogs:
All three Legendary dogs (Entei, Suicune, and Raikou) are best caught with Ultra Balls, but it possible to do it with Great Balls.

Getting the three starters:
You can get the remaining starters after you complete the game. You will receive an email that tells you where to go. You will then get another email that reveals the location of your last starter.

Amulet Coin:
Successfully complete the game, then go to the Deep Colosseum. You will find
Silver Teeth as you are about to enter. Go to the old man outside the herb shop. Give them to him, he will give you UFO Disk -L. This will enable you to go left and get the Amulet Coin. The Amulet Coin gives you more money when you use the Pokemon equipped with it in battle.

Defeat Mirror B (Red Badge), Dakim (Green Badge), Venus (Blue Badge), and Ein
(Yellow Badge). Use all the badges to open the door in the Realgam Tower. You
will also get them at the Tower.

Cologne Case:
A girl east of the Pokemon Center in Agate Village will give it to you. She is in blue clothes. Answer "No" to her in order to get it.

The Cologne Case is found in Agate Village. A girl with a blue shirt gives it to you. Go to the Deep Colosseum after you get the Amulet Coin. Give the Amulet Coin to Umbreon or Espeon. Win the challenge and you will get about 44,000 coins. Then, go back to Agate Village and to the Pokemart. Buy Vivid Scents and give them to your Shadow Pokemon to purify them.

Battle at Mt. Battle and clear an area. Go inside a metal box at the end and talk to the lady. She will give you Coupons. The more areas you clear, the more Coupons you will get.

F-Disk: Defeat Dakim at Mt. Battle.
R-Disk: From the kid locked up in the cage, in the Under.
U-Disk: In a chest, in the Subway, near the boxes.
D-Disk: Defeat Head Gonzap in the Snagem Hideout.
L-Disk: Talk to the old man in front of the Herb Shop.

Exp. Share:
Go behind Eagun's house and down the slope. You will find a chest containing an
Exp. Share.

Use the D-Disk on the UFO. Keep hugging the left wall while pressing A and you
should get the Steel Teeth. Talk to old man in front of the herb shop. Give him the teeth and he will give you the L-Disk.

Master Ball:
After you have the badges you will get an email from Eagun. Go to him in Agate
Village. Talk to him and you will receive a Master Ball.

Strategy Memo:
Go to the Pre-Gym and talk to the teacher to get the Strategy Memo. You can
always update your Strategy Memo by talking to the teacher again.

Time Flutes:
The first Time Flute is obtained after you defeat Dakim. The second Time Flute is obtained when you put the U-Disk in the UFO (it is in a chest in the room).

A third Time Flute can be found on the 100th Mt. Battle area. In order to get it, you must have at least level 60 Pokemon.

Trade Machine:
Defeat all the opponents at Realgam's Colosseum to unlock Trade Machine to
transfer Pokemon to and from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

Successfully complete the game then go to the Pokemon Center in Pheanic town.
Go downstairs and talk to the woman. You will now able to transfer Pokemon from
your game to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and vice-versa.

Defeat the evil mayor in the tower after Nascour, then go to the Trading Center in Phenac at the Pokecenter. Talk to the lady, then connect a Game Boy Advance
with Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire. Trade the Pokemon you purified. Pokemon from
Pokemon Crystal, such as the three legendary dogs can be traded to your Game
Boy Advance. However, the Pokemon from Pokemon Crystal do not go in your

Use the following trick to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire to
Pokemon Colosseum, without having to lose a purified Pokemon. While playing
Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire, look for a Nincada, and catch it. Transfer the Nincada to Pokemon Colosseum. Leave Nincada at the top of your party, holding EXP Share. Make sure you have a strong Pokemon to back up Nincada so that it does not faint without gaining experience. Also leave an empty slot in your party. Then, battle with Nincada until it evolves (level 20). If you had an empty slot in your party and also a spare Pokeball, not only will your Nincada have evolved into Ninjask, but you will have Shedinja in your party as well. This means you made one Pokemon become two. Then, go back into the Trading Machine, and trade Ninjask back to the game, recovering the Pokemon originally traded Nincada for.
Use the freshly "created" Shedinja and trade it for another Pokemon of your
choice, such as Kyogre or Groundon, or even one of the three starters. Note: You can use this trick to get all three starters and more than one Celebi (if you have the Bonus Disc), but it requires you to start a new game in order to get a different

Train Key:
To get the Train Key, go down to the train station. Go in and Venus will be there. Follow her into the train. However, she will not be in there. Go back out and Venus will be there. She will talk to you, then leave. When you go out of the train station, you should she something shiny on the ground. Go over to it and pick it up. It will be the Train Key. Go back to the train and use it. It will take you to where you need to go next.

Deep Colosseum:
Use the D-Disk on the UFO to get to the Deep Colosseum.

Deep King Agnol:
Complete the Deep Colosseum four times. On the fifth time you should fight Deep
King Agnol in the last match.

Ein's Lab:
To get the code for the locked door in Ein's Lab, get all three DNA samples and
identify them all with the DNA machine inside one of the rooms in the lab.

Herb Shop:
Use the F-Disk on the UFO. Instead of going in the Under Colosseum go left and up to find a Herb Shop.

Orre Colosseum:
Get through the Phenac Stadium, Pyrite Colosseum, and Under Colosseum in
single and double battle modes to unlock the level 50 Orre Colosseum. Get
through the Tower Colosseum in single and double battle modes to unlock the
level 100 Orre Colosseum.

Relgam Tower: Pokemon:
The Pokemon in Relgam Tower are Delibird, Sunflora, Heracross, Skarmary,
Miltank, Absol, Houndoom, Tropius, Metagross, and Tyranitar.

Team Snagem Hideout:
Successfully complete the game and go to Pyrite Town. Go inside the secret
passage by the bookshelf. Talk to one of the kids and fight Cail (the person with the green hair that hangs out near the entrance of Pyrite Town). After you win the battle, talk to Cail. The map will now show the Snagem Hideout.

Team Snagem's hideout (the one you blew up in the beginning) has many trainers
and some good items.

The Under:
After defeating Dakim at Mt. Battle, travel to the lab. Just walk a few steps and check your email. The officers have captured more criminals in Pyrite Town.
Travel there, and on the sleeping criminal remove the key. Then, go back to the
Warehouse and take the elevator all the way down.

Purify quickly:
Get the Time Flute and call Celebi. When Shadow Pokemon see Celebi, they will
become purified. Alternately, get the Time Flute to Jurachi to do the job.

Get the Cologne Case and buy about eight Vivid Scents. Then, use them on a
Shadow Pokemon.

To purify faster, battle at the Phenac City Pregym. Battle as much as needed.
Then, go to the construction site that looks awful and keep going through the
paths. Note: You can always go to the fountain in Phenac City.

Awakening Pokemon:
To get Pokemon up from sleep, simply call them during their turn.

Catching Pokemon:
Get a good Pokeball. An Ultraball is best for Legendary Pokemon such as Entei.
Weaken the Pokemon to at least yellow health, but red health is better. Be careful not to go too low because that Pokemon might use Shadow Rush, which makes it hurt itself.

Trade Machine that enables trading to and from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
Beat the final boss at Realgam's Colosseum

Orre Colosseum Level 100 Battles
Beat Tower Colosseum in single and double battle.

Get Ho-Oh
Purify all 48 Shadow Pokemon, Beat 100 Trainers on Mt. Battle using only your tem from story mode, and you must ahve a vacant spot in your PC

Orre Colosseum Level 50 Battles
Beat Phenac Stadium, Pyrite Colosseum, and Under Colosseum in both single and double battle.

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