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  Champions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest [PSX]
Save exploit
Make sure you have room on your memory card for more than one save. The idea behind the cheat is to import your own character into a map you control. So, if you are after experience fight your way through the game to a boss fight with an easily accessible save point. Fight the boss down to the last hit and then withdraw to the save point. Save the game, this will be the map reference. Now, go ahead and wander back towards the boss and kill him. You gain the xp and loot of the boss fight. Return to the save point and save your game on < Create New Save Game >. This will create a new save that we'll use to import from. Now, exit the game and reload your map reference save (1st save). Once inside your game, hit start and go to Add/Remove Players... Highlight your own character and hit triangle to import a character. Import your character that already has the boss experience into the map reference save you created and you now have the opportunity to kill the boss again (in one blow no less) and regain his xp and loot.

Alternate exploit
Utilizing the save method, you can effectively farm cash and items through item duplication. Drop the item on the ground you want duplicated from your map reference save and then import your character. Pick up the item and you now have 2, update your map reference save and then drop both items now. Import your character and pick up both items and you now have 4 of this item. This growth is exponential and over time will amount to insane amounts of cash if your selling, or you can duplicate your favorite weapon to dual wield, or just duplicate augmentations to slot into your armor.

NOTE: on the alternate exploit it is only necessary to have 1 save spot available.
-from Kurvyyn

Item and Money Duplication
To do this trick you need at least one memory card and two analog controllers. This only works in the regular campaign, so you cant cheat online.

To do the cheat, you basically import your character while playing on your second controller, dump his equiment and money on the ground, and the real character on controller one can pick up the items and money. Be careful not to leave the items on the ground as they may dissapear.Hint:

Lots of Experience
If you want to do this you must be sure you have room for two savegames on your memory card.

When you get to the Final Act, after you free Fironia you cannot enter the halls of Despair anymore. Save your game before you rescue Fironia and you can return there anytime, by importing your characters into the game. You can keep gaining exp, and also good equipment.

Ultimate Leveling Cheat
Get to the Boss in the Tower of Clouds (The giant that's right before talking to Lazlo) and Beat him down until he has about 1 or 2 hits until death then press start, go to add and remove players and make a new character that you want to level really fast. After he/she is created, press start and remove your old character from the game, (You probably want to save before doing this). Get the last few hits in with your newly created level 1 character and your level will jump accordingly: on the Adventurous difficulty you'll get level 15 with all stat points and skill points for up to that level. On the Courageous difficulty you'll get level 36. If anyone does this on the Champion difficulty, post your results.

Free Gate Scroll:
Make sure you have at least twenty Gate Scrolls before trying this in a non-online game. Hold Square, then press Select to gate as if you used a Gate Scroll, without using a scroll.
Information in this section was contributed by James.

Level 20 character:
Hold L1 + R2 + Triangle + R3 to increase a low level character to level 20 with 999 attack points. Note: Your character must be at level 1 when the code is activated. Also, this only works in the North American version of the game.

Note: This code will make your character level 20, with 75,000 coins (your total will decrease to that amount if it is currently higher) and 999 points to spend on your abilities. However, your four main stats (Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, and Stamina) will not change and you will not get any points to spend on them. Also, the code works at any level below 20.

Champions of Norrath

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Defeat cloud giant boss easily
Platform: Playstation 2
Code: 46892
Submitted by: Matthias ( mattyman91 (@t) )

Once you start your fight with the cloud giant quickly move your player to either the left or right and behind one of the fires. the cloud giant boss will be on the other screen and wont be able to see you. because he is in the middle just pelt him full of arrows after arrows, for me he went down after 150 arrows on a 50-70 attack bow. I didn't even get scratched!

Dual Wield Level 1
Start a new game and pick a dark elf. Go through the creation process until you have to enter a name for your character. Enter the name you want and before hitting the enter button hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + L3 + R3 + Triangle and then while holding these down press enter and continue holding them until you get to where you can actually move your character. Make sure you can press the Start button to skip past the next story/movie and go on to playing. Now that your ready go break some fruit baskets or kill some monsters until you get another weapon. Now go into your items screen and in the weapons you have just put that other weapon in your SK other hand. This also works for the barbarian.

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