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  WWF War Zone [GB]
Status Password
Kane vs. Steve Austin JHRFGGK
Kane vs. Goldust HJSCKKG
Kane vs. Owen Hart JKTCJJH
Kane vs. Owen Hart for title STTMSTT
Kane vs. Owen Hart in feud CBLKCCD
Kane vs. Bulldog MBLKCMD
Kane vs. Rocky Miavia DHCKBBF
Kane vs. Rocky Miavia in feud CJDHFFB
Kane vs. Shawn Michaels in grudge DKFHDDC
Kane vs. Mankind MJDHFBB
Kane vs. Ahmed Johnson RLQPRRS
Kane vs. Ahmed J. in feud SRRPQQT
Kane vs. Undertaker for IC title JRRPQGT
Kane vs. Undertaker in feud RSSMTTQ
Kane vs. Shamrock HSSMTKQ
Kane vs. Farooq in cage for Championship STTMSSR
Mankind vs. Ahmed Johnson DHRFNGG
Mankind vs. The Rock CJSCMKK
Mankind vs. Shawn Michaels DKTCLJJ
Mankind vs. Shawn M. in feud HBLKTCC
Mankind vs. Kane RBLKTMC
Mankind vs. Shamrock JHCKSSB
Mankind vs. Farooq HJDHRFF
Mankind vs. Farooq in feud JKFHQDD
Mankind vs. H H H SKFHQND
Mankind vs. Stone Cold MLQPFRR
Mankind vs. Stone Cold in feud NRRPDQQ
Mankind vs. Owen Hart for IC title DRRPDGQ
Mankind vs. Owen Hart in feud MSSMCTT
Mankind vs. Goldust CSSMCKT
Mankind vs. Bulldog in cage for championship NTTMBSS
Shawn Michaels vs. British Bull Dog JHSCGCH
Shawn Michaels vs. British Bull Dog in Feud HJRFKDJ
Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind RJRFKNJ
Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker JKQFJFK
Shawn Michaels vs. Ahmed Johnson CBPHCGB
Shawn Michaels vs. Ahmed Johnson in Feud DHDHBHC
Shawn Michaels vs. Ken Shamrock NHDHBRC
Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock CJCKFJD
Shawn Michaels vs. Kane DKBKDKF
Shawn Michaels vs. Faarook RLTMRLQ
Shawn Michaels vs. Faarook in Feud SRSMQMR
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H- For IC Title JRSMQCR
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H in Feud RSRPTNS
Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart HSRPTDS
Shawn Michaels vs. Stone Cold- For World Title STQPSPT
Stone Cold vs. Goldust JGTCDGK
Stone Cold vs. Goldust in feud HKQFCKG
Stone Cold vs. Bulldog RKQFCTG
Stone Cold vs. Owen Hart JJRFBJH
Stone Cold vs. Mankind CCNHKCD
Stone Cold vs. Undertaker DGFHJBF
Stone Cold vs. Undertaker in feud CKBKHFB
Stone Cold vs. Ahmed J. MKBKHPB
Stone Cold vs. The Rock DJCKGDC
Stone Cold vs. The Rock in feud RMSMPRS
Stone Cold vs. Shawn M. HMSHPHS
Stone Cold vs. Shamrock for IC title SQTMNQT
Stone Cold vs. Shamrock in feud RTQPMTQ
Stone Cold vs. Farooq HJQPMKQ
Stone Cold vs. Kane in cage for championship SSRPLSR
Undertaker vs. Kane DRSCBGH
Undertaker vs. H H H CSRFFKJ
Undertaker vs. H H H in feud DTQFDJK
Undertaker vs. Stone Cold NTQFDSK
Undertaker vs. Owen Hart HLPHHCB
Undertaker vs. Goldust JRDHGBC
Undertaker vs. The Rock HSCKKFD
Undertaker vs. The Rock in feud JTBKJDF
Undertaker vs. Mankind STBKJNF
Undertaker vs. Mankind in feud MBTMMRQ
Undertaker vs. Ahmed J. CBTMMHQ
Undertaker vs. Bulldog for IC title NHSMLQR
Undertaker vs. Bulldog in feud MJRPPTS
Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels in cage for championship NKQPNST
HHH vs. Bulldog DGSCDHG
HHH vs. Bulldog in feud CKRFCJK
HHH vs. Mankind MKRFCSK
HHH vs. Undertaker DJQFBKJ
HHH vs. The Rock HCPHKBC
HHH vs. Shawn Michaels JGDHJCB
HHH vs. Shawn Michaels in feud HKCKHDF
HHH vs. Shamrock RKCKHNF
HHH vs. Kane in feud MMTMPQR
HHH vs. The Rock CMTMPGR
HHH vs. Farooaq for IC NQSMNRQ
HHH vs. Stone Cold CTRPMJT
HHH vs. Owen Hart in cage for championship NSQPLTS

Finishing moves:

Shawn Michaels
Sweet Chin Music: Hold Special, Left, Right, Up.

Tombstone Piledriver: Hold Special, Right, Up, Down.

Ken Shamrock
Ankle Lock Submission: Hold Special, Left, Up, Right.

Steve Austin
Stone Cold Stunner: Hold Special, Down, Left, Right.

The Dominator: Hold Special, Down, Up, Left.

Curtain Call: Hold Special, Right, Down, Right.

Triple H
The Pedigree: Hold Special, Up, Left, Down.

Mandible Claw: Hold Special, Up, Right, Left over a fallen

Owen Hart
Spinning Heel Kick: Hold Special, Down, Right, Left.

The Rock
The Rock Bottom: Hold Special, Left, Down, Up.

British Bulldog
Running Powerslam: Hold Special, Right, Left, Down.

Ahmed Johnson
Pearl River Plunge: Hold Special, Up, Down, Left.

The Undertaker
Tombstone Piledriver: Hold Special, Left, Down, Right.

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