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  Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends [PSX]
Level Select
At the main menu press R1, R2, L2, L1, Square, L1, L2, R2, R1, Triangle.

Unlock All Generals
At the main menu press R2, R2, R2, L1, Triangle, L2, L2, L2, R1, Square.

Hidden ending sequences:
Highlight the "Play" option at the "Opening" screen in the options menu, then hold R1 + L1 and press X. For another ending, hold R2 + L2 and press X.

All Movies
At the main menu, press: Triangle, L1, Triangle, R1, Triangle, Square, L2, Square, R2, Square

Control loading screen:
Press Circle to increase the wind as it flutters the level name on the loading screen before a battle. Press X to decrease the wind speed

BGM Test Options
At the main menu, press: L1, L1, R1, R1, L2, L2, R2, R2, Square, Triangle

Opening Edit Option
At the main menu, press:R1, Square, R1, Triangle, R1, L1, Square, L1, Triangle, L1.

Alternate Ending Sequences (JP version)
After you clear Musou Mode with a character, you see an ending sequence.
In addition to the regular ending sequence, there are 2 alternate ending sequences for each character.
Alternate ending sequence 1 is a personalized ending sequence that's exclusively arranged for the character.
Alternate ending sequence 2 ends with a fireworks display which is not shown in either of the other two ending sequences.
To see these alternate ending sequences, some requirements must be fulfilled.

Alternate Ending Sequence 1
To see the Alternate Ending Sequence 1 of a character, two other specific characters must have previously cleared Musou Mode.
Lu Bu = Diao Chan + Guan Yu.
Diao Chan = Lu Bu + Dong Zhou.
Dong Zhuo = Lu Bu + Ma Chao.
Yuan Shao = Zhang Jiao + Zhang He.
Zhang Jiao = Yuan Shao + Sima Yi.
Meng Huo = Zhu Rong + Zhuge Liang.
Zhu Rong = Meng Huo + Sun Shang Xiang.

Alternate Ending Sequence 2
To see the Alternate Ending Sequence 2 of a character, three other specific characters must have previously cleared Musou Mode, and the character you are trying to see the alternate ending seqence 2 with must clear his or her final Musou Mode stage in under 15 minutes.
Lu Bu = Diao Chan + Guan Yu + Zhang Liao.
Diao Chan = Lu Bu + Dong Zhuo + Zhen Ji.
Dong Zhuo = Lu Bu + Ma Chao + Sun Jian.
Yuan Shao = Zhang Jiao + Zhang He + Cao Cao.
Zhang Jiao = Yuan Shao + Sima Yi + Zhou Yu.
Meng Huo = Zhu Rong + Zhuge Liang + Lu Xun.
Zhu Rong = Meng Huo + Sun Shang Xiang + Zhen Ji.

Costume Color Change (JP Version)
After you clear one character from one kingdom in Musou Mode, all the characters of that kingdom will be able to change their costume color.
At the Character Select Screen, press L2 or R2 to change colors

Major Bug at Chi Bi (JP version)
Choose to play as a thin character.
Choose to play on Wu Kingdom is recommended.
Equip Red Hare Saddle.
Ship at the bottom right of the map, the ship where Zhou Tai is positioned.
At the right side of that ship are 2 dead end passages blocked off by ropes.
Run toward the left of the 2 dead end passages.
Run toward the left corner of that left dead end passage.
After a while, you will find yourself on the ocean.

Additionally, after doing the bug described above, run up the mountains at the bottom of map from the bottom right corner. Run to the South of Sun Quan.
At the big red letters Chi Bi written on the mountain side, enter the mountain and you will find yourself behind the letters, which are now reversed.

Major Bug at Fan Castle (JP version)
Equip Red Hare Saddle.
Make sure you choose to play as a character that starts initially on top of the castle walls.
Horse can go down stairs, but can't go up stairs, so be careful when trying to achieve this bug.

First go down one level to the platform in the middle level. The middle level is where the bridges appear after the flood.
From the middle level, go to one of the sides where there are no castle barriers, meaning if you kept running you will drop to the bottom level. Don't drop down. At the edge, face sideways along the side, walk sideways (press L1) slowly to drop off the edge halfway. Halfway meaning you are not standing on the middle level nor on the bottom level, you are standing in the middle of the side of that castle platform. At this point, if you move toward the platform you will return to the middle level, and if you move toward the ground you will drop down to the bottom level. This will take a few tries, if you drop down to the bottom level, restart the stage.
Standing in the middle of the side of the wall, wait for the time to reach 5:00.00 for the flood to occur.
Now you can move toward the ground to go under the flood water.

Make sure you pick a spot where the bridge does not appear with the flood.
Clear enemy soldiers around the area so you can wait for the flood undisturbed.
When under water, if you go near a bridge or land, you will return to the regular level above water.
From the top left and bottom right water exits, you can go to the outside of the castle.

Major Bug at Nan Man (JP version)
Choose to play on Shu Kingdom is recommended.
Equip Red Hare Saddle.
Run at the top left corner outside the fence of the Shu base, after you find the spot you will run up the hill and end up behind the Shu base.
At the Northern edge of the map, around the middle of the edge, slightly to the left, there is a spot where if you stand there, it will start to snow.

Major Bug at Shi Ting (You Ting) (JP version)
Choose to play as a thin character.
Equip Red Hare Saddle.
Head to the Northwest fort.
Along the West mountain side within the fort, there are 2 towers standing relatively close to each other, with a small fence in between the 2 towers.
Run at the corner of the small fence and the mountain side from the South.
Walk forward and sideways by pressing the guard button (L1) until you find a certain spot and move slightly further into that corner.
Move forward after that and you will find yourself on top of the mountain.
Head to the river and you can run down the mountain and into the bottom of the river water.

Major Bug at Tong Gate (JP version)
Equip Red Hare Saddle.
To the North of the bottom left bridge are two civilian houses.
Go to the Northern one of the two civilian houses.
Run at the mountain side to the North of that civilian house, move left and right until you find the right spot and you will run up the mountain side.

Major Bug at Yi Ling (JP version)
Choose to play as a thin character.
Choose to play on Shu Kingdom is recommended.
Equip Red Hare Saddle.
Head toward the stone maze from the Shu base entrance.
Run at the right corner of the entrance, in between the stone pillar and the mountain side.
You need to find a certain spot, so alter your direction slightly if nothing happens after a while.
When you find the right spot, the character will move forward into the corner a little bit, after that, keep running forward and you will suddenly find yourself on top of the mountains.

Secret Ending
Enter the ''Opening Edit Option'' code, select it, highlight ''Replay'' and then simultaneously press and hold: L1, L2, R1, R2, X.

Special Stage & Special Lu Bu (JP Version)
An original Shin Sangoku Musou 2 scenario load is necessary. All 7 Other Side characters have cleared Musou Mode.
Enter Free Mode, Chi Bi Stage, Dong Zhuo Side, on Hardest Difficulty using any character other than Lu Bu.

A silver armored Lu Bu will appear, the Lu Bu character design from Sangokushi Senki, another Koei Three Kingdoms game. The music of the stage will also be from Sangokushi Senki.

At the same time, the last piece of music in the Music Listening Menu will be added.

Afterward you clear the Special Stage, whenever you want to access the Special Stage, when you choose Chi Bi Stage, Dong Zhuo Side, press L2 and R2 when you select it.

If you want to play as the Special Lu Bu, at the Character Select screen, with Lu Bu highlighted press L2 or R2 and press left or right to select the grey Lu Bu, and when the stage starts the Special Lu Bu will appear. Note: You can't bring Musou Bodyguards at the same time.

After you clear the stage with Special Lu Bu, Lu Bu's 3rd costume will be added in the Character Select screen when you press L2 or R2.

Special Sun Shang Xiang Costume (JP version)
Like Lu Bu, Sun Shang Xiang also has a hidden costume which is from Sangokushi Senki (Dynasty Tactics).

Sun Shang Xiang clear Musou Mode doesn't seem to be a requirement, but clear it anyway just to be sure.
All 171 weapons obtained. Bodyguard weapons not required.
All characters Battle Point Max (99999).

To use the costume, at the Character Select Screen, with Sun Shang Xiang highlighted press L2 or R2 and use the left and right direction buttons to choose the costume.

Stage Name Wind Flow Speed (JP version)
After the battle preparation is finished, the stage will start loading. During the loading, there is a black screen with text of the stage name at the bottom right corner of the TV screen with wind passing through the words.
Press Circle repeatedly to increase the speed of the wind passing through the words.
Hold any of the buttons to decrease the speed of the wind passing through the words.

Two secret endings
There are two secret endings featuring the unaligned characters. Under Options, select Opening, then highlight Play. Then:

For the first ending (Diao Chan sings with back-up dancers, Zhang Jiao plays with fire, Lu Bu leers at Dong Zhou) - hold in L1 and R1 and press X.

For the second ending (Zhu Rong sings without dancers, much more silly dancing, Dong Zhou hits on random female) - hold in just L2 and R2 and press X.


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