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  Star Wars: Rogue Leader - Rogue Squadron 2 [GC]
Unlock the bonus level: Endurance use this passcode: WCYBRTC ??MBC???

Unlock Vaders Ship with this code:

unlock Imperial Shuttle
To unlock Imperial Shuttle put the following passcode: AJHH!?JY BUSTOUR

unlock Revenge on Yavin bonus level
To unlock Revenge on Yavin bonus level just put this passcode: OGGRWPDG EEKEEK!

Unlock Stages
Triumph of the Empire(Bonus Level)
put this first: AZTBOHII
then enter this one: OUTCAST!

Asteroid Field(Bonus Level)
First put this: TVLYBBXL
then this: NOWAR!!!

Unlock TIE fighter
Put this code: ZT?!RGBA
and then this one: DISPSBLE

To unlock Death Star Escape level
put this code: PYST?OOO
then put this one: DUCKSHOT

Unlock regular missions
To unlock 10 regular missions put this passcode: !??QWTTJ CLASSIC

Unlock Naboo Fighter
To Unlock the Naboo Fighter put this passcode: CDYXF!?Q ASEPONE!

Unlock Millenium Falcon
type this code: MVPQIU?A
enter passcode, the code will dissapear and then add this one: OH!BUDDY

Convertible Car
To use a convertible car put up this code:

- all from Rafael Garced (

Unlock Slave I
Passcode: PZ?APBSY, then enter IRONSHIP

All Upgrades
Passcode: AYZB!RCL, then enter WRKFORIT

Unlimited lives:
Enter JPVI?IJC as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter RSBCNRL as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry.
-from R_Angel & Rafael Garced &

Monochrome graphics:
Enter LIONHEAD as a password.

Audio commentary:
Enter BLAHBLAH as a password. The "Audio Commentary" option will be unlocked at the "Special Features" menu. Alternately, win a total of ten medals of any type in the main missions.

Sound test:
Enter COMPOSER as a password. The "Sound Test" option will be unlocked at the "Special Features" menu.

Art gallery:
Enter EXHIBIT! as a password. The "Art Gallery" option will be unlocked at the "Special Features" menu.

Enter ?INSIDER as a password. The "Documentary" option will be unlocked at the "Special Features" menu. Alternately, successfully complete all ten main missions.

Enter THATSME! as a password. The "Credits" option will be unlocked at the "Special Features" menu. Alternately, successfully complete the game.

TIE Fighter:
Get the TIE Fighter in the Imperial Academy Heist mission on both night and day versions. Then, complete the level.

In the day version, after you disable all of the sensors, fly to the right over the mountains. You must find a large open space with a single comm tower. Disable the comm tower with your ion cannon, then look near the base of the tower on the left for the TIE fighter. Shoot it with your ion cannon and it will take off, fly a short distance, and land. The rebel icon will then appear over it. Switch to it and then fly to the main base. Switch to the Imperial Shuttle and fly to the level exit.

In the night version, sneak past all the sensors. Turn right into the narrow valley that appears on your radar near the last sensor. Fly to the large open area. Once there, fly along the mountains on the left (staying low to avoid detection) until you reach a narrow valley on the left, which you will see on the radar. Fly into that valley and follow the way to another open area. Look for a single building and shoot the enemy pilot on the left side. The rebel icon will then appear over the TIE fighter, which is on the other side of the building. Switch to the TIE fighter and head to the main base. Switch to the Imperial Shuttle, then follow the radar back to your Snowspeeder to pick up your co-pilot. You will fly a bit past the normal level exit. A intermission sequence will be triggered, featuring you picking up your co-pilot. The level will then end.

Millennium Falcon:
Win a total of ten bronze medals in the main missions.

Slave I:
Win a total of twelve silver medals. Win ten in the main missions and two in the first two bonus missions.

Darth Vader's TIE Advanced X1:
Win a total of fifteen gold medals.

Naboo Starfighter:
Successfully complete the Tatooine Training mission (all objectives, all normal and bonus items) in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night versions.

Ace mode:
Successfully complete all the Tatooine Training objectives and also win fifteen gold medals in the main and bonus missions.

Battle Of Endor: Homing cluster missiles tech upgrade:
When you get to the part where you attack the Star Destroyers, after you knock out the destroyer on the left (when you first approached them), it will slightly and point downward. Look in the area below the docking bay. The upgrade is floating at a point in space.

Battle Of Endor: Repair ship:
If you find yourself low on shields before fighting the Star Destroyer, move to the hanger side of Admiral Ackbar's ship. Make sure you are going at regular speed (release L + R) then slightly nick the side of the ship, not enough to kill, but enough to weaken you more. If done correctly the repair screen will appear. Quickly select the control panel to repair your ship.

Battle Of Hoth: Advanced lasers tech upgrade:
After the intermission sequence with the shield generator exploding, turn around and fly back to that area. The upgrade is where the shield generator was destroyed.

Death Star Attack: Advanced shields tech upgrade:
It is found in the second part of the mission (when you fight the TIE fighters). When that part starts, dive down and slightly to the left. The upgrade is on top of a building next to a tall turret. It is difficult to see, and you may have to search for a while.

Imperial Academy Heist: Advanced concussion missile tech upgrade:
During this mission in the daytime, when you get to the main base, there is a hangar to the far left of the tall tower in the center of the base. The upgrade is inside.

Imperial Academy Heist: Spread proton bombs tech upgrade:
During this mission in the nighttime, the tech upgrade is located in the hangar opposite of where the daytime upgrade was found.

Ison Corridor Ambush: Advanced proton torpedo tech upgrade:
At the beginning of the level is a large piece of floating debris ahead and below you, with a hole through it. The upgrade is inside.

Ison Corridor Ambush: 1969 Buick:
When you get to the part where you have to destroy the TIE Interceptors, make a 180 degree turn and head for the last transport in the lineup. Fly around slowly behind and just below this transport. The car is very small -- about the size of one of the men running on the ground. Look for black dots to find it. You cannot do anything to it. It does not do anything to you, and is just there floating along with the transport.

Prisons Of The Maw: Advanced cluster missiles tech upgrade:
When you are ordered to take the comm towers out, you should encounter a single tower next to a domed building. Destroy the building. The upgrade is inside.

Raid On Bespin: Homing concussion missiles tech upgrade:
As soon as you destroy the first gun-balloon, boost over to the next platform. There will be a large ship next to a platform. Destroy it. The upgrade is on the platform next to where it was. The explosion of the ship exposes it.

Raid On Besbin: Destroying balloon guns:
Instated of individually shooting the guns attached to the balloons, just shoot the propane tanks. This will destroy all the guns immediately. The tanks are located up in the balloon.

To destroy the guns on the hot-air balloons quickly and easily, approach the balloon low. Then, aim upwards towards the balloon's burners and fire at them. With only a few shots, you will take out the entire balloon along with all of the guns. Note: You score kills for all of the guns as well as for the balloon itself.

Raid On Besbin: Fly Cloudcar:
Once defending all the platforms, you will go to Cloud City, where you have to knock out three generators. After the intermission sequence ends, your craft should be entering the city. As soon as you fly over the first building, dive down to the rooftops. To the left, you should see the rebel icon symbol spinning. Fly into it to switch to he Cloudcar. The Cloudcar is very maneuverable, making it easier to destroy the generators, but its lasers lack power, making it more difficult to destroy the bombers during the last part of the mission. This is the first of two locations where you can switch over to a Cloudcar in the city.

Razor Rendezvous: Advanced proton bombs tech upgrade:
As soon as the level starts, boost towards the Star Destroyer. There will be an Imperial Shuttle that will be flying to the right of the Star Destroyer's bridge. Destroy the Shuttle. The upgrade is inside.

Strike At The Core: Advanced targeting computer:
When you are almost out of the tunnel approaching the Core, the upgrade can be found under some pipes on the lower right.

Tatooine Training: Bonus item locations:
You have to find two bonus items during each of the four times of the day in order to earn the Naboo Starfighter (N-1). The item which you have to locate during each time of day is the Krate Dragon bones. They are found near the large group of training icons, in between a Bantha herd and a Sandcrawler. During dawn and dusk, you will need to find C3PO. He is inside Jabba's Palace, which you will need to destroy. Be careful not to also destroy C3PO. During normal daytime, you will need to find the Escape Pod. It is located on the ground in the open near Tosche Station. At night, you will need to find R2D2. He is located inside of the Sandcrawler that is near the Krate Dragon bones. You will need to blow up the Sandcrawler with linked lasers. Again, be careful not to also destroy R2D2 when you attack the Sandcrawler.

Tatooine Training: Bullseye Womprats faster:
If you shoot 60 or more Womprats in your first attempt, you will not have to return and to shoot 20 or 40. If successful, the completion time will be the same for the 20, 40, and 60 bullseyes at the mission complete screen.

Vengeance On Kothis: Homing proton torpedo tech upgrade:
On the crashed Star Destoyer, there is a hole through the bridge on the right side (facing from the rear). The upgrade is inside.

Vengeance At Kothlis: Easy bombing:
Choose the Y-Wing, turn on your targeting computer, then enter bombing mode. This uses your targeting computer efficiency, so do not do it that often. This technique is extremely effective when destroying the AT-PTs in the Vengeance At Kothlis mission.

Start with full shields after intermission:
You can use the following trick before any intermission sequence if your timing is correct. When you are low on shields, before the next intermission sequence starts, intentionally crash your ship into something so that while it shows your ship exploding the next intermission sequence starts. Once you get control of your ship after the intermission, you should have full shields and the same number of lives you had before the intermission started.

Battle Of Endor: Double Millennium Falcons:
After you unlock and can use the Millennium Falcon, go to the Battle Of Endor mission with it. You will notice two Millennium Falcons in the mission -- the one you are flying and the one Lando is flying.

Death Star Attack mission commentary:
Press Y in the hangar to hear more about the X-Wing. The game will tell you how the X-Wing was the fighter that killed the Death Star, even though your current mission is to destroy it.

Triumph Of The Empire: No sound effects:
Fly out of the fighting area until the intermission sequence starts to force you back. However, before going out of bounds (or at the exact same time) press Start to display the options menu. If done correctly, when the intermission sequence begins, the options menu music will play with no sounds from the battle.

TIE Fighter appears as TIE Advance:
When you unlock the secret mission, Triumph Of The Empire and also unlock the regular TIE Fighter, the intermission sequence before you begin will show your ship as the TIE Advance. This also implies if you let the Death Star explode, the cut-scene after that will show your ship as the TIE Advance.

TIE Fighter appears as torpedo:
Shoot a TIE Fighter or any enemy that flies on the back and they will resemble a torpedo. However they will not collide or anything else.

Floating AT-AT:
Look closely at the feet of the AT-AT on the Battle Of Hoth mission to see that they are not actually touching the ground.

Floating Rebel troop:
In the Battle of Hoth mission near the AT-ATs, there is a floating Rebel Troop facing Outpost Beta.

Unlock Triumph of the Empire bonus level
On the passcodes screen type "AZTBOHII" (will get an incorrect beep) then enter "OUTCAST!" without leaving. It will be above Strike at the Core on the stage select.

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