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  Diddy Kong Racing [N64[
Cheat codes
Enter these codes on the cheat menu, then go to the code list to and turn the ones you want on.

TOXICOFFENDER - All balloons are green
FREEFRUIT - Start with 10 bananas
DOUBLEVISION - Two players can use the same character
BODYARMOR - All balloons are yellow
BOMBSAWAY - All balloons are red
ROCKETFUEL - All balloons are blue
OPPOSITESATTRACT - All balloons are rainbows
NOYELLOWSTUFF - No bananas in multiplayer mode
BYEBYEBALLOONS - Computer can't use weapons
JOINTVENTURE - Two-player Adventure
TIMETOLOSE - Computer is better
BLABBERMOUTH - Changes horn sounds
BOGUSBANANAS - Bananas slow you down
VITAMINB - Unlimited bananas
FREEFORALL - Fully powered-up balloons
JUKEBOX - Adds Music Test to audio menu
ARNOLD - Large players
TEENYWEENIES - Small players
OFFROAD - Four wheel drive
WHODIDTHIS - See Credits
DODGYROMMER - Display ROM checksum:
EPC - Lock-Up display

Space World:
Collect all the trophies and amulets, then locate the sign by the lighthouse. Approach the sign and honk your horn. The lighthouse will turn into a rocket and launch into space, allowing access to the bonus fifth world.

Second adventure:
Enable the "Space World" code. Beat Wizpig on this world. An "Adventure 2" option will now be available. This adventure involves collecting platinum balloons on reversed tracks.

Hint: Quick start:
Press A at the moment the race commentator says "Get Ready" and those words fade from the screen.

Hint: Drive at full speed:
When you start with the car, rapidly and repeatedly press A during the entire race. If done correctly, you eventually should be driving at about 65 km/h. Unfortunately, this does not work with the Hovercraft or Plane.

Hint: Zipper boost:
Release all buttons immediately before driving over a Zipper to get a green boost. This is best boost you can get off a Zipper. Getting almost all green boosts on the Zippers will help you defeat T.T., as well as getting a lot of bananas and not crashing.

Hint: Sharp turns:
Press Brake + R + Analog-stick Left or Right very quickly to do a sharp turn. Do this for approximately one second to turn all the way around. Note: Some practice is required to do this move.

Hint: Boulder Canyon bell:
You will see a bell in Boulder Canyon while racing in your hovercraft. Press R button and jump to hit it. If done correctly, a bell should start ringing. If you timed it correctly, some of the other players will be stuck in the water for a short amount of time, and allow you to take the lead. This is especially useful when you are ahead of T.T. in Time Trials mode.

Hint: Darkwater Beach: Ammunition:
When you start, go to the is land which is a little bit away from the mainland. There will be a balloon on the island and one on the land. Keep going back and forth to get the ammunition. One balloon is a shot. Two balloons is an accurate shot. Three balloon is ten shots.

Hint: Greenwood Village shortcut:
There is a well in Greenwood Village just before you exit the village enter the tunnels. Slow down and run into the well. You will fall in and get a big shortcut with a zipper about halfway through.

Hint: Controlling T.T.:
When your are turning with T.T., hold A but lightly press the B. You may have to press B a few times before he turns well. Do not hold B. T.T. should turn very well, making him the ultimate racer in the game. In hover, hold R for good turning.

Hint: Controlling Drumstick:
To improve his turning, continually tap the Analog-stick in the direction you want to turn.

Hint: T.T Key locations:

Dino Domain - Ancient Lake
At the start, go straight until you find the ramp. Ride up the ramp to access the key.
Snowflake Mountain - Snowball Valley:
At the start, do not boost yourself. Immediately go left to locate the key easily.
Sherbert Island - Crescent Island
At the start, take the left way at the split and go into the water. Search to find the key.
Dragon Forest - Boulder Canyon
Race until you get to the bridge. Hit the bell and listen for a ring. Turn 180 degrees, and the bridge should rise. Make sure you have maximum power-ups with the blue balloons. As the bridge is rising, boost yourself up and over the jump. You should be on a platform and can obtain the key.

Hint: Defeating the dinosaur Boss:
Use the following steps to defeat the dinosaur Boss for the second time. First, try to get a turbo start at the beginning of the race by pressing Gas immediately before the announcer says "Go". Make sure you do not get a blue turbo. If you do, slow down but avoid getting stepped on. You should be right behind the Boss. Get the first red balloon and shoot him. Then, swing over to the left. As soon as you get the blue balloon, use it. The Boss should still be behind you if done correctly. Then, go to the left and get the red balloon. The Boss should be slowly getting in front of you. Wait until he is completely in front of you, then shoot him. Once you go around the corner, get the red balloon. The Boss should be behind you. Get the other red balloon. The Boss should be inching up on you. Shoot the Boss. Keep going, get the blue balloon, and use it. The Boss should be behind you for the rest of the race . Keep going and try to get all the remaining blue balloons to win. Note: Restart the race if any of the steps are not done correctly. Some practice is required for this trick.

Hint: Defeating Wizpig:
Use the following strategy to defeat Wizpig for the first time. Make sure you are using Bumper and race in Wizpig's mouth in the central area. Get a Blue Boost at the very beginning and when you see his shadow behind you, try to get in the middle of his legs at the very start. If done correctly, it will push you ahead. You will have to hit all zippers on all laps. If you miss one, you will fall in water and Wizpig will definitely pass you.

Play as Tiptup and drive into Wizpig's mouth. Start the match with a boost just before "Go" and drive under him to take the lead. Before you hit a boost release of the accelerator - if you do not, Wizpig will soon overtake you. Drive carefully on the road without going into the water or missing a boost. Keep getting the green boosts until you finish.

Hint: Bananas and Turning:
As everyone knows, the bananas make you go faster. They actually do not make you go much faster when driving straight (approximately 1-5 mph depending on the number of bananas). When you turn, they really make a difference. Hold R when turning and they will make you turn sharper. This also makes you go much faster -- up to 90 mph in cars without using a zipper. This also works in hovers and planes. Another strategy is to tap R throughout the race to boost your speed. To track your speed, press C-Right.

Glitch: Fly upside down:
Go to the elephant and have him turn you into a plane. Then, go any where on the map -- the ocean has plenty of room. Press R(2) while holding Z. Note: This does not work all the time.

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