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  Suikoden 2 [PSX]

Random name entry:
Highlight "Determine" at the name entry screen, then press L2 + R2.

Maximum potch:
Note: You must have already recruited the armor shop owner to your armies cause for this trick. Once this has been done, go to his shop. This glitch involves some simple calculations, use the following example as a guide to see how it is done. Equip one character with Dragon Armor (23,000 potch), and make sure that at least two other characters have no armor equipped, but can wear Draqon Armor. You should also have 23,000 to 30,000 potch. Talk to the armorer, go to buy, then choose to purchase Dragon Armor. When prompted to place it in the bag or to equip it, choose to equip it on the character already wearing Dragon Armor. When prompted to sell the old armor or put it in the bag, cancel the action. You should still be in buying mode for the armor. Simply purchase the two armorless characters Dragon Armor. The potch meter will reset to somewhere around 999,999.

Recruiting Clive:
When trying to recruit the 108 stars, make sure in Muse you talk to Clive. If you do not do this he will not appear in South Window and you can never get him.

McDohl appearance:
McDohl, the Hero from Suikoden, appears in the game if you have collected all 108 characters from the first Suikoden. Load your previous Suikoden game data when prompted after starting a game. Play through the game until you have gone over to Gregminster and have met their leader. Then, go to Banner Village and talk to Ko, the boy who is dressed similarly to you. After, go over to the east side of Banner where the dock is located. There will be a man, Gremio, blocking your path (if not him, it will be Ellie). Return to Ko, and he will help you get past the man. That should lead to McDohl. McDohl and Viktor, like others, will make their second appearance in the series.

If you load data from the first Suikoden without having all 108 characters, he will be called RcDohl. But other than the name he is the same person. McDohl (or RcDohl), after returning Ko to banner village, will only join you again if you talk to him in Gregminster. If you have him leave your party afterwards, you have to go all the way back to Gregminster to ask him fight with you again.

To get McDohl in your party, you do not need all 108 characters from the first game. However, when you get him due to a text parsing error in the game, the first letter in McDohl will be the first letter of his name in the first game (for instance, my character was named Daros, so in the second game, his name is DcDohl). This has nothing to do with the number of characters.

Best Ending:
To get the best ending, you must have all 108 characters before you talk to Shu about the Rockaxe mission. Also when you near the end of Rockaxe Castle, when Nanami jumps out to protect you from Gorudo, you must answer very quickly (doesn't matter which answer you choose). If you did this correctly, after Dr. Huan reports of her unfortunate conditon, he should ask to talk to Shu in private.

Did all that? Alright, then once you've beaten the game, head back to Tenzan Path (northwest of Kyaro) and return to that place by the waterfall. Jowy's there, of course, and you'll go into a duel with him. Just keep on defending throughout it. After that, he'll ask you to take his Black Sword Rune. Keep on refusing. Once you've refused enough, Leknaat will appear. I won't spoil the rest, but those are the requirements for getting the best ending.

Early Level Up Trick:
When you are spying on the Highland camp, at the end you get attacked by Highland soldiers. After you beat them, Jowy will hold them off while you run to Nanami. When you reach her, you fight more Highlands(use Bright Shield to defeat them easily). After that she asks where Jowy is. Reply ".....", and more Highlands appear. After the battle she asks you again. Keep replying "...." to fight more Highlands every time. Keep using Bright Sheild until it runs out, then use Flaming Arrows from the fire rune. After the runes run out, use Family Attack on the one with the spear and just attack the rest.(if you're not around level 20 this can be difficult)Anyway, the first couple battles should give close to 1000 experience each. Keep doing that until your levels are pretty high(or they stop giving you less than 100 experience).

Recruit Tetsu:
To recruit Tetsu get Alex (the item keeper) in your group and when he sells fried tacos buy 3. Next go to Lakewest and keep giving them to your hero. Once you done that steam should start coming out of your hero. Then go and talk to Tetsu and he will ask if you like baths and answer I love baths then he will say somethings and will build a sauna for you. The sauna is where you enter in the front not by the bar

Random Teleportation Trick:
When you get Viki in your group and ask her to teleport you somewhere, once in a while she will teleport you in the wrong place. One of which is a hidden room in Radat town. Here you'll find many nice items.

Fried Tacos:
Fried tacos are also immediately more available at two rivers at kobold item store.



Get Badeux:
Go to the matilda path with shiro or abizboah and he will say "I hear a voice" and he will join you.

Hai yo cooking tips:
Go to lakewest in takis house on the wall you will find the three couse meal recipe. In the contests always use these foods: Ice cream, No seasoning, Tomato soup (if you have mikimoku) and 3 course meal and you should get a total score of 55 - 59

2000-4000 damage:
Have Camus and someone with the thunder rune do the the last spell and when they do their spells they will attack together.
The best battle teams:
Heros-shu, Pesmerga
Viktor, Hanna, Jess,
Ridley, Adlai, Apple
Kiba, Klaus, Yam Koo
Flik, Nanami Jeane
Gorge, Humphrey,
and do any other you like

Easy Luca Blight Battle:
Equip the fire sealing rune with the main character and when you battle Luca his fire damage will do zero.

Find Vincent:
Take Simone to Radat Docks.

Attack togther:
Use any of these:
Hero + Hoi
Flik + Viktor
Tomo + Tsai
Lo wen + Gjim
Gengen + Gobocha
Vincent + Simone
Sigfried + Feather
Camus + Miklotov

Easy last battle:
Against the three headed beast have somone cast canopy defense and every time the monster attacks a blue wall surrounds the party and it does 0 damage and if you also kill the flying rune the damage almost halfs.

Recruit Boris:
Boris is actually Ridleys son and if you want all the stars of destiny get him when your sleeping in tinto nanimi will ask you to run away and if you accept you will leave a note and the blinking mirror on nanimis bed then leave when you get past tinto your hero will callapse and nanimi carries you keep going then in Drakemouth village you rest in a house then you are awakened by a noise then you go outside only to be hit buy a sword and you are asked by viktor or Shu to come back if you do go back Ridley will greet you but if you run away Shu tells the hero that Ridley died protecting Lord Houser then Go to tinto and you will meet Boris

Glitch: McDohl misspelling:
To get McDohl in your party, you do not need all 108 characters from the first game. However, when you get him due to a text parsing error in the game, the first letter in McDohl will be the first letter of his name in the first game (for instance, my character was named Daros, so in the second game, his name is DcDohl). This has nothing to do with the number of characters.

When you load your saved data and see Mcdohl, he will not be called Mcdohl due to a glitch in the name. For example, if you named him Jim the name will appear as Jcdohl. The game will take the capital letters in his name from the first game you uploaded and overwrite the Mcdohl entry. So, if you had JIM, his name would be JIMohl.

To resolve this error with the spelling, have your name in the original Suikoden something that starts with "M", such as Max or Matthew.

Glitch: Door:
When you go to the gate that leads to Matilda, just push up on the door to make it slide back. It is exactly the same as with people and boxes. When you go in, you can get to level 30 or higher early in the game -- just as long as you are strong enough to defeat the monsters. Do not recruit the people in the village, because it will glitch the game and require that you fight a very difficult Boss to get them in your group permanently.

Recruiting Futch and Humphrey using the door trick will not glitch the game. You can even get them as soon as you return to Mercenary's Fortress from Kyaro.

Glitch: Easy level up:
As soon as the Hero and Jowy gets their runes, go to Muse-Matilda gate. You can push away the door and enter an area you are not supposed to at this point of the game. Try to get to Highway village without getting into random battles, as you will probably get killed at your current level. At this point, recruiting Futch and Humphrey will not glitch the game -- you can even complete their sub-quest. Get them in your party, use them to reach at least level 35, and buy some good equipment at Matilda's castle. You can then go to Mt. Rakutei to save Kent. The Boss there will be very easy, as Jowy should have very powerful spells for the Black Sword rune, as well as for the Hero and the Bright Shield. Once you have saved the boy, you can use Futch and Humphrey as permanent members.

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