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  Conan Exiles [cheats]
Cheat Codes:

The admin command panel can be accessed in the game by pressing [Ctrl]-[Shift]-C. This gives access to a great variety of functions that admins will use in the game,from spawning items to setting times of day,to cloaking etc. There are several additional commands that can be run from the command line ([Insert] or ~ tilde to open) which we think admins may find useful for day to day activities.

Cheat Code Result
Cheat MakeMeAdmin [password] – Grants you admin privileges.
MakeMeNormal – Removes your admin privileges.
SummonPlayer [Playername] – This will summon a player to your location which is useful
for situations where they are stuck etc.
Fly – Will allow your player to fly around the world. Extremely
immersion breaking.
God – Makes you invulnerable to all damage, but also prevents
knockbacks and other secondary effects from being applied
to your character.
ToggleDebugHUD – This shows server performance and number of players in the
top right and your location co-ordinates in the bottom left.
(Note – not as cool as ToggleDebugHug command!)
[Ctrl]-[Alt]-[Shift]-L – Will open a small window that shows your location in a
format that can be copy pasted easily. Use this for bugfixing
and teleporting to help stranded players.
ViewPlayer [Playername] – Moves your camera to the inside of the target players head.
Useful for snooping on players suspected of breaking community
server rules. For [Playername] use the player’s Steam name.
ViewSelf – Moves your camera back to your own character. Useful to come
back to your own character after using ViewPlayer.
Teleport – Can be used in conjunction with ViewPlayer to move your
character to the location of the player you are viewing.
Example usage: ViewPlayer [Playername], Teleport, ViewSelf.
[Shift] – [Delete] – Will destroy any building piece and kill any NPC in front of you.
Walk – Return to walking mode from Fly or Ghost mode.
NoSprintCost – Toggles unlimited sprint mode – No stamina drain while sprinting
(Note: This is not unlimited stamina).
SpawnItem [item ID] – Quantity Gives you an item. No item ID list had been compiled
yet – You’re better off using the admin panel GUI where you
can sort and search items by their names and categories instead
of numbered ID’s.
Ghost – Enables no collision mode (ie NoClip) – Similar to fly but
you are able to pass through solid objects (including the world).
Invisibility – Makes your character model invisible.
Cloak – Toggles enemy detection – NPC’s will ignore you even if you
attack them.

Check the map:
Hit "M" to open the map. Unlike other games, the map does not change. If you're
in a bad spot, open the map before you die and study it quickly. You'll know
exactly where you are and can try and run back to recover your items.

Make a Friend, or 5:
Although you can certainly play the game alone, finding allies will make the
experience both more enjoyable, and easier. Many of the late game crafting
options requires a lot of resources. So much in fact that if you were to collect
them alone, you'd be at it for hours.

Making friends, or playing with friends will allow you to build more stuff, and
defend what you have on a much greater scale. Of course, this is a game where PvP is always an option, so sometimes, your attempts at friendship might end up with you losing your head, but you should still try!

Build a Shrine:
Once you've established yourself, you should build a shrine to your god of choice. Shrines can offer very special, and useful items. The only downside is that they take a considerable amount of resources to build. This means it's best to make one once you have a few friends playing with you, so you all can contribute towards its construction.

How to Build Circles in Conan Exiles:
As the irst step, take six triangles and put them together to make a circles
shape. In second step, around the circle shape, add the Squares to the edge of
each triangle and put triangles in the gaps to fill the gaps. In the third step,
around the previous circle shape, add the Squares to the edge of each triangle
and put triangles in the gaps to fill the gaps.
Keep repeating the process until you finish the whole area you planned to build.


This is a simple info "guide" on console commands to learn emotes in game as an Admin of the server. If you are Admin of the server, or playing on "Your own Online" or "Single player / co-op server".

Some emotes are tricky to learn because of difference in name and command name, took me few tries to figure out some.

Upper case is not needed but it still works, and is easier to see what command means. Emote names are taken from developer patch post.
Actual command names I figured on my own.

Open console in game by pressing [`] twice.
Enter one of the commands below to learn said emote in game:

LearnEmote Grovel
LearnEmote Ponder
LearnEmote ClapBig
LearnEmote ClapSmall
LearnEmote Point
LearnEmote BearHug
LearnEmote Shrug
LearnEmote Surrender
LearnEmote DanceAquilonian
LearnEmote DanceCimmerian
LearnEmote DanceKhitan
LearnEmote Dance
LearnEmote DanceBelly
LearnEmote DanceSexy
LearnEmote LayingSeductive
LearnEmote Squirming
LearnEmote ComeHere
LearnEmote Spank
LearnEmote BlowKiss
LearnEmote ShowOff
LearnEmote CombHair
LearnEmote Flirt1
LearnEmote Flirt2
LearnEmote Salute
LearnEmote Wave
LearnEmote Bow
LearnEmote Kneel
LearnEmote ByMitra
LearnEmote BySet
LearnEmote ByCrom
LearnEmote ByYog
LearnEmote PraySitting
LearnEmote PrayStanding
LearnEmote SitOnGround
LearnEmote SleepOnGround
LearnEmote ArmsCrossed
LearnEmote Submissive
LearnEmote ShiftWeight
LearnEmote Score
LearnEmote LaughSmall
LearnEmote LaughBig
LearnEmote Sigh
LearnEmote Yawn
LearnEmote Wounded
LearnEmote ShakeFist

Base Defense Tips:
* Since PvE Conflict servers allow other players to attack you, there is a great
need to properly defend your base. The first thing you need to do is enhance
the resistance of your walls with the help of Sandstone Foundation.
* Then, you need to make sure that you can survive raids. Build your base in a
remote area and fortify it. You also need to leave as few things as possible
before logging off. This means that you need to use most of your materials so
that raiders are left with nothing to steal.
* Lastly, if you still want to keep a few valuable things in safety, then
create a hidden stash away from the base, and keep your stuff there.

Combat Tips:
* If you choose a weapon, whether it’s an axe, a bow, or a sword, be sure to
learn it as well as you can. You must know the exact range and damage it
produces in various situations.
* Never attack first, but let other players come at you. When you’re in a
protective position, you have a better understanding of your situation.
* Always carry aloe potions, Yog meat, or ambrosia. These will keep you
alive. Also, you can carry at least one good shield to protect yourself.

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