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  Pokemon Red [GBC]
Duplicate Pokemon:
If you need to duplacate a pokemon all you got to do is trade that pokemon and right before it says trade sucsess full 1 of the 2 peeps shut off the Game Boy. If this is not performed correctly the pokemon that is trying to be duplicated will be set free into the wild

Golden Ekans:
Go down to Violet City, just to the south there's a passing into the cave, in that grass I found a golden Ekans and when I evolved it it was a golden Arbok.

Gold Magikarp:
Breed a Gold Gyarados with a regular Gyarados. Get an egg it will be a Gold Magikarp.

Gold Gyarados:
Do you know where the fourth gym is? Surf right where the Heracross are keep surfing untill you find it.

Colored Pokemons:
(Look for three stars to determine whether you've caught a colored Pokemon.)
Red Gyarados,

Pokeball trick:
First go to item pack (this works with poke&great balls) press up and A. Your pokeball will become a greatball!

Duplicate items:
You can duplicate items like masterballs and rare candies by making one pokemon hold that item and then you duplicate it in your p.c. by duplicating in the p.c. you put the pokemon in one box then you change box and when it says "saving dont turn" you turn it off well you dont have to do that but just dont turn it off when it says power

To catch a Pokemon:
Get a gastly/haunter/gengar then get a scyther/scizzorbattle any pokemon use gastly's mean look then use his hypnotism. Then get scyther and use his false wipe until the wild Pokemon has only 1 hp. Then throw a pokeball and you got it see the false swipe never kills the Pokemon it leaves only at 1hp

Get an egg:
Get a pokmon girl and a boy that is the same one. Then go to Golden Road City and there is a house where a man and a womans keeps your Pokmon in the garden for them to be more powerfull. You give the boy to the man and the girl to the woman. Later you go get your Pokmons and they give you an egg.

Duplicate pokemon:
Want to get another pokemon such as Togepi from the same game, its easy simply take your rare pokemon to the daycare centre give it to one of the people and give a Ditto to the other, this will make an egg containing your desired pokemon

Clear a path through the grass:
First you must have a pokemon that knows the move, cut. Once you have it, go to the edge of the grassy area that you want to cut. All you have to do is have the pokemon use cut there. You will see that your pokemon has cut a section out of the grass for you. Do this as many times as you want. It's that simple!

Catch Pokemon easier:
To catch pokemon easier when you've thrown use the A button by pressing it or the arrow buttons following the movement of the Pokeball.

Colored Pokemon:
Did you know that any Pokemon in the wild can be colored? I've seen a purple Nidoran Female.

Duplicate a Pokemon:
To duplicate pokemon by trading between any 2 pokemon games you get a good pokemon that you wanna duplicate on one of the game boys and a crappy pokemon on the other. Go to the trading center, and let the person with the pokemon to be duplicated talk to the lady first. Do the trade and when EACH GameBoy says waiting, turn off the GameBoy that had the good pokemon. Then wait a few seconds until the other GameBoy says "trade completed" then you shut that one off. If "trade completed" doesnt show up then you did it wrong.

Catch ledgendary birds easy:
Make sure you have a pokemon that can put others to sleep then put it to sleep and throw a poke ball and you will catch it easy.

How to get baby forms of some Pokemon:
First get a regular ditto then get one of the following Pokemon:

Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, or Hitmontop

then get the ditto and one of the pokemon at the top and put them in the daycare and you"ll get an egg then hatch it and theres your baby form. The following are their names:

Jinx= Smuch
Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, or Hitmontop=tyroug

Catch pokemon easily:
This trick allows you to fight and catch pokemon easily with any kind of pokeball:
1. Get in to a fight with any pokemon.

2. Use a ball on them.any kind of ball will work.if you have a dificulty using normal pokeballs,try more powerful ones to increase your chances even more.

3. As soon as you see the ball explode press and hold the B button .the timing for this is very must press B just as the pokeball explodes,which can be difficult.

4. After the ball wobbles for the second time,release the B button and you have them.

Note: this trick will not work every time, but it will increase your chances of catching them. It is not necessary to do any damage to them, but some pokemon, like mewtwo and zapdos will have to be put to sleep before the ball will hit them.

To get Tyrogue, breed an egg with Hitmonchan, Hitmontop, or Hitmonlee with a Ditto at the daycare center. Or you can go beat Blackbelt Kyo in Mt. Mortar to get one at L:10. Once Tyrogue is at L:20...
He will evolve into a Hitmontop if his Attack and Defense are the same.
He will evolve into a Hitmonchan if his Defense is higher than its Attack.
He will evolve into a Hitmonlee if his Attack is higher than its Defense.

Male and Female Pokemon:
You know how some Pokemon are male and some are female? Well, it seems that female Pokemon have stats that are more even. Male Pokemon don't have stats as even as females.

Easy High-Level Pokemon:
If you want to get a Pokemon to a certain level without fighting other Pokemon, you can just copy Rare Cnady and give it to the Pokemon you want to raise. Make sure you never run completely out of Rare Candy. You always need at least one to copy it again. (WARNING: Rare Candied Pokemon are much weaker than regularly raised Pokemon)

If you go up to a statue in one of the gyms and use a fishing rod you should be able to catch a pokemon.

Easy level 100 Mewtwo:
When you catch Mewtwo in the unknown dungeon, battle the elite four with Mewtwo as your first pokemon and every time you beat them your Mewtwo will grow 1 or 2 levels higher.

Fighting tip:
To have a better chance, use false swipe. It leaves the opponent with only 1HP left then put it to sleep and start throwing ultra balls at it!

Lugia and Ho-Oh:
To get an Ho-Oh in Pokmon silver and a Lugia in Pokmon gold you go to the village wher is the Badge Rock! In this village ther is an old man, and he says to you that when he was young he came from Johto and he will give you an item to get Ho-Oh in silver and Lugia in gold.


Go to the daycare center south of Goldenrod city. When you are at the daycare center, can put any two Pokemon in there that you want to grow levels, but it costs 100 credits plus 100 more for each level it grows. One good thing about this daycare center is that if you put a male and female Pokemon of the same species, eventually you will get an egg. The egg will be the Pokemon of the lowest evolution. For example, a Raichu female and a Raichu male will get you a Pichu, (random gender), at L:5, since it is the lowest of the evolution chain. (Note: All hatched Pokemon are at L:5.) You can also put any Pokemon in the daycare with a Ditto and get a Pokemon of the lowest evolution of the Pokemon other than Ditto. These Pokemon cannot produce eggs:

1. Unown
2. Igglybuff
3. Togepi
4. Cleffa
5. Tyrogue
6. Smoochum
7. Elekid
8. Magby
9. Articuno
10. Zapdos
11. Moltres
12. Mewtwo
13. Mew
14. Raikou
15. Entei
16. Suicine
17. Nidorina
18. Nidoqueen
19. Pichu
20. Lugia
21. Ho-oh

These Pokemon are always female:
1. Nidoran Female
2. Nidorina
3. Nidoqueen
4. Jynx
5. Smoochum
6. Kangaskhan
7. Miltank
8. Chansey
9. Blissey

These Pokemon are always male:
1. Tauros
2. Hitmonlee
3. Hitmonchan
4. Hitmontop
5. Tyrogue
6. Nidoran Male
7. Nidorino
8. Nidoking

These Pokemon don't have a gender:
1. Magnemite
2. Magneton
3. Ditto
4. Voltorb
5. Electrode
6. Staryu
7. Starmie

You can still produce eggs with these Pokemon if you pair them with a Ditto. These Pokemon are different Pokemon you can still make eggs with:
1. Slowpoke male + Kangaskhan female = Kangaskhan
2. Tauros male + Snubbull female = Snubbull

If you want to find out yourself, or if you deny anything above and thing they will/won't instead of what is said above, you can check the message of the Pokemon. These messages show an egg is on the way:
1. It shows interest in the other Pokemon.
2. It appears to care for other Pokemon.
3. It's friendly with the other Pokemon.

These messages show an egg isn't coming:
1. It's brimming with energy.
2. It has no interest in the other Pokemon.

Once you do have an egg, keep it in your party. Check the message once in a while. Once the egg hatches, it will stop you in your tracks and the message box will say, "Huh?". Then it shows the Pokemon hatch. These are Pokemon called pre-evolutions:
1. Pichu from Raichu or Pikachu.
2. Smoochum from Jynx.
3. Igglybuff from Jigglypuff or Wigglytuff.
4. Cleffa from Clefairy or Clefable.
5. Elekid from Electabuzz.
6. Magby from Magmar.
7. Tyrogue from Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, or Hitmonlee.

Easy kill:
If you have a game shark and you wanna majorly kill someone, you can put in the cheats to get a certain pokemon into the game shark and go to the 2nd city, talk to that guy who just had his coffe and say that you have time, fly to Cinibar island and put a rare candy into your 6th slot in your items then you go surfing on the east coast line untill you find you desired pokemon and you catch it, if you feed that pokemon rare candys untill it is up to level 255 it will be as strong as it gets keep doing this with champion fighting pokemon. (note as soon as you fight with level 255 pokemon the will "grow" to level 100. so all you have to do is just not fight with them until you wanna kill your friend!)

165 level Snorlax:
First thing you have to do is the Missigno code, cacth Missigno. After you have cought him go battle a Snorlax. Kill the Snorlax, then go to the guy in virdian city that asks you if you want to know how to cacth a Pokemon. When he asks you if your in a hurry say no. Then fly to Cinnibar and surf up an down on the side. Then a Golbat at 100 and something will appear. If you keep on surfing up and down for awhile a 165 level Snorlax will appear. So then use your duplicated rare candys to raise it up to 255. Only use it when you battle your friends.

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