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  Jet Moto [PSX]
"Codes Enabled" The Easy Way
To enable codes instead of beating the game.

First go to the options screen. Then put the diffulty to professional, and put the number of laps to 6. Then go back to the title
srceen. Then press circle, circle, circle, square, triangle, triangle, square, triangle. You will hear a sound and it will have a ballon
displaying "Codes Enabled".

A Fun Trip
In Suicide Swamp, on the dirt trail that has the grapple at the end, where the circle bends at the top, thre are 3 signs, 2 Nestle
& 1 Butterfinger, line yourself up with one of these signs, then hit your turbo & crash through the sign, it you've done this
correctly you will be in an area where there is nothing but water & you can take a fun trip all over the place, but be careful
about when you come back, if you aren't in the right spot, the track will send you flying & screaming.

After-Season Codes
The only codes I know of for Jet Moto can only be used *after* you've beat a season with all the tracks on the hardest setting.
But if you want them, they are:

Super Agility: down,O,left,L1,left,right,left,right. (this lets you pull tricks quick and easy)
Zero Resistance: square,L1,triangle,right,L1,down,R2,triangle
Double Stunt Points: right,up,O,L2,triangle,O,R1,R2 (the name says it all)
Show off camera enabled: triangle,down,square,triangle,L1,L1,R1,R1 (this really sucks,try it)
Air Brakes: R1,R2,right,L2,up,O,up,O (very handy avoiding air wrecks)
Rocket Racer-triangle,up,up,L2,L2,up,up,up (makes you run turbo
speed all the time,you'll be winning cypruss track by 30 seconds with the right racer,it rocks!!!)
Unlimited Turbos: triangle,O,right,R2,up,square,up,triangle
(not much use but for acceleration with rocket code)
Ice Racing: up,R2,R1,right,L1,square,right,right (makes everything slippery as ice,very hard)

To get all the tracks without beating the season, goto the options screen, set the difficulty to amateur and the trophy presenter
to male. then go back to the main screen by pressing start and enter in the following code: U, R,D,L,U,R,D,L go back to the
options screen by going left once and pressing X. set the difficulty to prof. and the trophy presenter to riders choice. then hit
start to go back to the main screen. now enter in the following: U,L,D,R,U,L,D,R you will then here a noise to signify that it

Automatic First Place
At the Options Menu press Down, Up, X, Triangle, Square.

Cliff Dive
Go to Cliff Diver Track. Near the end of the track there is a tall island with a tree on it. Ride up to the tree and turbo off the
island. If your timing is good you'll be able to do between 4 and 8 flips!

Joyride Tip
On Joyride, go to the ramp (not the broken highway). Jump off the ramp and turn around. Go towards the side of the ramp and
go to the first line that appears on the ramp. Slowly ride up to it and right when you hit it will send you flying. While in the air
you can do three backflips with three twists if you press and hold L1 or R1 and Up or Down.

Alternatively, go to the first ramp (not the broken highway) and gain as much speed as possible. Once you're on the ramp, pull
off on the side with the black line. This takes practice, but if you get it right you'll sail over the bouys and can drive around

Major Air
First, unlock CliffDiver, then go to the island that is on the straightaway to the Start checkpoint. You can get up the island by pushing down and throttle. You will slowly acsend to the top, when you get there, back up as far as you can without falling down. On the top, press turbo, you will fly off the island into the air, if you are good, you might be able to pull off three complete flips, and will get a lot of applause. happy flipping!

In the joyride track, goto the easy bridge to do stunts. after going on it turn around and go towards the backside of it. aim for
the left edge of the underside. U WILL go through it, but it shoots u up super high in the air. U can get douple flips and
corkscrews with it. with super easy stunt enabled, U can do 4/5 flips/corkscrews!! It's COOL check it out.

On the CLIFFDIVER stage, go to the big rock after you have made the dive from the cliff. Go infront of the rock and press
down, then quickly press and hold the accelerate button. When you start to climb up, press turbo and you will be on your way
to do stunts in the air for a very long time.

Smash the House Up
In the black water fall level you can go in the house by raming the door.

View "Win Race" Screen
On the options screen change the difficulty to Amateur, turn off turbos, and turn off grapples. Now select Credits while holding
L1 on the controller. You can change pictures by pressing X or cancel by pressing Triangle.

View All Endings
On the options screen change the difficulty to Amateur, turn off turbos, and turn off grapples. Now select Credits while holding
L2 on the controller.

Zero Resistance
At the "Code Enabled" screen (see Easier Tricks) press Square, L1, Triangle, Right, L1, Down, R2, Triangle.

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