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  Just Cause 3 [Xbox One]

In-game Unlockable Items

Assault Chopper (Vehicle) - Complete the Campaign or Find all 70 Di Ravello Tapes
Capstone Hydra (Rocket Launcher) - Liberate Cava Grenade in Prospere
Cavouk U-15 (Vehicle) - Liberate Cava Grande Secunda in Prospere
CS Baltdjur (Military Car) - Liberate Cima Leon Silos in Lacos
CS Navajo (Helicopter) - Liberate Puncta Sud in Petra
CS Negotiator (Grenade Launcher) - Liberate Le Gelera in Sud Sirocco
CS-110 Archangel (Sniper Rifle) - Liberate Espia Alta in Capite Est
CS-44 Peacebringer (Dual Wield Exotic) - Collect all Vintage Parts in Insula Dracon
CS7 Thunderhawk (Plane) - Liberate Griphon in Costa Sud
Custom Geschwind (Off-Road Vehicle) - Complete all Daredevil Jumps in Insula Forte
Custom Kletter 300 (Off-Road Vehicle) - Complete all Daredevil Jumps in Insula Dracon
Fast Travel - Find and activate all Rebel Shrine locations to unlock Fast Travel.
Fire Leech (Rocket Launcher) - Liberate Cava Geminos Nord in Rocca Blauda
Handheld Mortar Weapon - Find and activate all Ancient Tomb locations to get the Handheld Mortar.
Incendario Monster Truck (Off-Road Vehicle) - Complete all Daredevil Jumps in Insula Striate
Noir Mode - Find all of the Vintage Parts to unlock the black and white color filter
Stria Facocero (Military Car) - Liberate Porto Le Gratia in Lavanda
U-24 Shotgun Bully (Dual Wield Exotic) - Collect all Vintage Parts in Insula Fonte
UPU-210 (Grenade Launcher) - Liberate Espia Bassa in Petra
Urga Fura 570 (Military Car) - Liberate Cava Geminos Est in Rocca Blauda
Urga Hroch (Sea Vehicle) - Liberate Corda Dracon | Centcom
Urga Ogar 7 V8 (Military Car) - Liberate Le Tutor in Nord Sirocco
Urga Szturm 63A (Military Car) - Liberate Cava Geminos in Sud Rocca Blauda
USV-45 Sokol (Sniper Rifle) - Liberate Vigilator Nord in Plague
UVK-13 (Rocket Launcher) - Liberate Vigilator in Sud Sirocco


(Just) Causin' Chaos - Get 1000 Chaos. - 10
...Without Bullets! - Destroy every Chaos Object in a Military Base without weapons, grenades, or planted explosives. - 20
A Real Gear-Getter - Earn at least 3 Gears in one Challenge of every type. - 20
All the Gears - Earn 5 Gears in every Challenge. - 40
Anything You Can Do... - Beat a score you were Called-Out on. - 15
Baker's Dozen - Liberate 13 Settlements. - 20
Bragging Rights - Beat another player's score in a Challenge. - 10
Can't Touch This - Call-Out another player in a Feat. - 10
Caught 'Em All! - Collect every vehicle available by bringing them to Mario's Garages. - 35
Chaos is My Middle Name - Get 100000 Chaos. - 30
Chaos Millionaire - Get 1000000 Chaos. - 45
Consummate Daredevil - Drive a land vehicle off of every Daredevil Jump in Medici. - 20
Diary of the Madman - Discover all of Di Ravello's audio tapes. - 20
Earth, Wind and Sea - Unlock Rebel Drops for at least one land vehicle, one air vehicle, and one sea vehicle. - 25
Enjoy Your Homecoming (secret) - Complete Story Mission | Welcome Home. - 10
F!#& YOU, MISSILE (secret) - Complete Story Mission | Missile Cowboy. - 20
Feat Fetish - Perform every Feat. - 20
Finally on the Offensive (secret) - Complete Story Mission | Tangled Up In Blue. - 20
First Encounter - Successfully complete an Encounter. - 10
Forgive Me, Father... - Take sanctuary in a monastery to clear Heat Level 5. - 10
Getting it in Gear - Earn at least 3 Gears in a Challenge. - 10
Heart of Stone - Completely liberate Insula Striate. - 30
Hope Springs Eternal - Completely liberate Insula Fonte. - 30
Mistakes and Triumphs (secret) - Complete Story Mission | The Shatterer of Worlds. - 20
MOD Initiate - Unlock your first GEAR MOD and activate it. - 10
MOD Specialist - Unlock every GEAR MOD in a single category. - 20
MOD Tinkerer - Have every GEAR MOD active for at least 1 minute each. - 35
My Little Rocket Man - Tether an enemy to a launched gas cannister. Adeo, amico! - 20
No Stone Unturned - Find every collectible strewn across Medici. - 35
Old School Cool - Find every vintage weapon and vehicle part. - 20
Remember the Fallen - Light a candle at every Rebel Shrine. - 20
Son of Medici (secret) - Complete Story Mission | Son of Medici. - 30
Supply and Demand - Unlock 10 Resupply Points by completing Encounters. - 15
Take That, You Pipeline Jerks - Disable the FOW in Insula Fonte. - 10
Taming the Dracon - Completely liberate Insula Dracon. - 30
The Power of Bavarium (secret) - Complete Story Mission | A Long and Dangerous Road. - 15
These Mines are the Pits (secret) - Complete Story Mission | The Great Escape. - 15
This was Supposed to be a Western - Destroy all Chaos Objects in a Base without leaving your vehicle. - 20
Three Holy Hideaways - Unlock 3 Heat-Clearing Priests by completing Encounters. - 15
Tomb Raider - Pay your respects at every Ancient Tomb. - 15
Top of the World - Stand on foot at the highest point of Medici. - 20
Unlocked and Fully Loaded - Unlock every weapon and vehicle available in the Rebel Drop menu. - 40
Vive la Revolution - Liberate a Province. - 15
What a Disaster (secret) - Complete Story Mission | A Terrible Reaction. - 15
Winner Takes All, Again - 100% Just Cause 3. - 50
You're Outta Here! - Plant a Booster Explosive on an enemy soldier. Then send them flying. - 20
You've Got Gear - Earn 5 Gears in a Challenge. - 15

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