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  Sonic Adventure [DC]
A Clone of Knuckles
Play through the game (with all the characters) until you get Super Sonic. In Super Sonics Adventure, go to the crashed island. There you see Knuckles and Eggman (Robotnik). After the clip, press A+B+X+Y+Start. Then choose Knuckles. Go to the same place, and there are two Knuckles! This works with other characters, too, but it's not as funny.

Change View in Twinkle Park Race
To change the view in Twinkle Park Race, press UP to toggle between inside, outside, and far out view. This also works when playing the first bumper car portion of the level.

Character Chao
Sonic Chao-
Start with a NORMAL chao in the STATION SQUARE garden. Give that chao 20 pink animals.

Tails Chao-
Start with an ORANGE chao in the STATION SQUARE garden. Give that chao 20 pink animals.

Knuckles Chao-
Start with a RED chao in the STATION SQUARE garden. Give that chao 20 pink animals.

Amy Chao-
Start with a PINK chao in the STATION SQUARE garden. Give that chao 20 pink animals.

Big Chao-
Start with a PURPLE chao in the STATION SQUARE garden. Give that chao 20 pink animals.

E-102 Chao-
Start with a BLACK chao in the STATION SQUARE garden. Give that chao 20 pink animals.

Chaos 1 Chao-
Have a light speed chao.

Zero Chao-
Start with a GRAY chao in the STATION SQUARE garden. Give that chao 20 pink animals.

Dr. Robotnik(aka Eggman) Chao-Start with a NORMAL chao in the STATION SQUARE garden. Give that chao an animal to have a jewel on its head.

Clean Pause
To remove the pause menu, press X and Y together at the pause menu. This is good if you want to take screenshots.

Easy Emblems as Knuckles
If you are having trouble getting the 1 minute emlems as Knuckles, here is a trick that will make it much easier. Find the first emerald shard, but don't touch it! Instead, pause the game and restart the level. Now run to it as fast as you can. Since the shards act as save-points, find the next one and repeat. Do this until you have all three.

Free Rings
As Tails, go to any place with grass and look for a dark green weed. Wack it with your tail. If you are lucky, a ring or extra life will appear.

Golden Chao Baby
1.)After you beat the game as Sonic and get the Metallic (Silver) Chao Baby, head towards where you faught Chaos 0 (At the beginning of the game.)

2.)When you enter the park where you fought him, go left.

3.)You will find a stone egg - it doesn't even hatch in a sanctuary.

4.)Pick it up and go out of the park and onto the street.

5.)Go left and forward until you find heavy metal doors.

6.)Go in and put the egg down. Pick up the golden egg and put down away from the platform. The doors will lock.

7.)Put the stone egg on the platform where the other egg was and the doors will unlock.

8.) Bring the gold egg to the nearest sanctuary and throw it to hatch it. A Golden Chao Baby will emerge!

An easy way to get into the Casino as Sonic is to hit the ball above the Casino doors.

How to Speak Chao 101
In the chao gardens, a green symbol will appear above a chao's head. Here is a simple guide to what they mean (most of them are obvious, though).

A Heart- He's happy.
A Swirl- He's upset. Make him happy.
A ?- He is busy deciding what to do next.
An !- surprised. could be good or bad.
X-ed eyes- very ticked!
Almost closed eyes- Very happy!
Halfed closed eyes- sleepy
waving arms- hug it!
flinging arms- temper temper

Metallic Chao Baby
To get the one-of-a-kind metallic chao baby, go to the waterfall near the subway and look to the right of it. You will see a sort of platform. Go to it and push it. A metallic egg will fall down the waterfall and into the pond. When it reaches the land pick t up and bring it to the nearest Chao sanctuary. Throw it and it will hatch.

One-and-a-Half Play
When you are playing Sonic's action stages and Tails is on the screen, a second player can control Tails with a second controller. Any rings Tails collects will be added to Sonic's totals. Be careful to not make Tails break open any shields, invincibilities or One Up item boxes as those will not be added to Sonic and will be wasted.

This feature may seem trivial to most people, but you'd be surprised how much fun it can be trying to outrun player one (who's playing Sonic) when you're controlling Tails.

PC Wallpaper
If you insert your Sonic Adventure game disc into a PC CDROM drive, you will have access to a directory called "extras". Inside you'll find a number of Sonic Adventure desktop wallpapers you can decorate your PC's desktop with.

Play as Super Sonic
Play through the game with every character and the 7th character "Super Sonic" will be opened. This is the only real way to fight Perfect Chaos, the final boss.

Secret Chao Puzzle Game
After you start up the Sonic Adventure game, place a controller into the D port on your Dreamcast and have a VMS in the controller. A hidden Chao Puzzle game will appear on the VMS screen. It is a tile based puzzle game where you have to use the Dreamcast's controller to move the pieces of a moving picture around to win. After every five puzzles you solve, a little animation will play on the VMS screen.

Sonic Tokens
You can get 5 Sonic Tokens from Chao Race. Just raise a chao then go to the Chao Race chose the first choice and then the place where your chao is. Then chose a crystal and win each one then a 5th one will appear and chose it. If you have trouble finding levels you have beat and want the tokens go to the main options at the chose the second option. You can go to any level you have beaten with out running around for it. This is good if you need to collect more tokens and it tells you which ones you have gotten and where. There are Tokens hidden around the world which shouldn't be to hard to find. I have 114 tokens and missing 6 with Sonic.

Sonic's Snowboard Select
Just before entering the snowboarding part of the ice stage, press X to get Sonic's blue snowboard (previously seen in Sonic 3 and Sonic Triple Trouble). Press B to get Sonic's yellow board (only seen in Sonic Adventure.)

Super Speed with Sonic
If you have trouble beating time trial with Sonic constantly click X or B and you will spin real fast. In some levels you have to do this to beat time trial.

The Black Chao
First, pick a character. I suggest you use Amy, since her jump doesn't hurt chao, but it doesn't matter. Go to the Egg Carrier. Go up near the entrance to the Sky Deck. On the ground you should see a little floating 'elevator'. Jump on it and go below deck. You could also use the monorail if it is running at the time you do this. Once you get below deck, hop down to where the maintenance robots are working. You should see three door. Hop on the button farthest to the right do go in the right door. You should see where Amy plays Hedgehog Hammer. Go past that and enter the 'dungeon'. In the first cell you should see a black speckled egg. That's your chao! Open the cell and take it back to the Egg Carrier Chao Garden.

Twinkle Circuit
After you beat every character's adventure, they will all be able to play in the mini-game called Twinkle Circuit (located right next to Twinke Park, of course), everyone with the exception of Super Sonic. Here is the ranking in who drives best in this race:

1) Knuckles
2) Sonic
3) Tails
4) E-102 Gamma
5) Big the Cat
6) Amy

Unlimited gold eggs
Do the golden chaa egg code in the cheats at this site. Put the gold choa egg in Station Square's chao garden.Turn off Sonic Adventure then turn the game on again. Do the code again. The golden chao egg should be there again. Do this over and over to get more golden chao eggs.You can do this with any character.

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