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  Quest for Infamy [cheats]
Steam Achievements

Achievement How to unlock

A Paladin loves you You freed all the prisoners from Rayford's dungeon and they helped you during the siege of Tyr.
A Regular Wilberforce You killed the slave trader in his bed.
Act 1 You've finished Act 1 of Quest for Infamy. Hooray!
Act 2 No more working for Rayford!
Act 3 You Win!
An Arrow through your heart You rescued the Tyr's Arrow's during the siege of Tyr, making you job of getting to Rayford a bit easier.
Basher You're a Brigand.
Beast Master You killed the beast. Her name was Johanna if you wanted to know.
Blackbird No Longer Singing You stole the bird while travelling the path of the Rogue.
Break, Rattle and Roll You destroyed the moonshiners equipment. He should pay his accounts, even if it is to a bastard like Rayford.
Burn Baby Burn You burnt down the oak tree in the grasslands just to get an owl feather. We approve.
Clock Watcher You waited the full 15 minutes just lazing around Volksville and the valley before you went to the execution.
Collector of Useless Crap You bought the Diamond Tipped Crowbar and the Holy Symbol even though there was no use for them in the game.
Don't mess with a fat man Showing mercy to Rayford after your final confrontation with him didn't really matter, because Jan raced in and finished him off anyway.
Expert Thief You broke into all the houses you could.
Friends in high places You rescued the council of Tyr and they helped you to retake the city from Rayford and his lackeys.
Good Old Stories You met Japsworth and listened to his stories about the Killington family.
Green is the new white Using your dyed green cloak, you managed to get into the Morroi compound.
He Deserved It You executed Gorth after your fight with him.
He dropped the moonshine! You killed the moonshiner's assistant, probably because he dropped some moonshine.
Hocus Pocus You're a Sorcerer.
Horse Lover You found and delivered mastadon to Kurdt, your first real task on the path of the Brigand.
I know the way You escorted Big D to his destination, as part of your journey on the Brigand's path.
It's not easy being green You completed the necromancer quest, gathering the body parts to help her create her ultimate lover.
Jan loves you You convinced Jan to help you get into Tyr and overthrow Rayford.
Kick-Ass Sorcerer You maxed out your spells! You really kick some ass.
Kraken Good Times You defeated the Kraken in the dwarven mines.
Let there be Light Using your brains for a change, as well as some firefly's and a jar, you created light in the swamp.
Min / Maxed You raised all your skills to 100. That took a lot of effort so, really, well done you.
Over an apple? You killed the farmer just to get an apple from his orchard.
Paying for information You paid the hunter to give you information on the moonshiner's whereabouts.
Paying with food You gave food to the hunter to give you information on the moonshiner's whereabouts.
Perfect! You achieved a perfect score in archery.
Pisshead You pissed on the carpet AND the beast! We love you.
Pitched Your Tent You stopped sleeping under the stars and bought a tent to sleep in.
Poor Paw You drained Markus' head of it's blood, then came back and stole his brain!
Pretty Good Sorcerer You mastered your spells to a pretty good level. At least they're more powerful now.
Puzzles are Hard! You defeated the puzzle board.
Reading is fundamental You read the books in the library of Tyr and discovered the legacy of the Killingtons.
Reuniting the Seal You gathered the four parts of the Killington seal and locked them together.
Sewer Rat You reached the Morroi compound by trekking through the sewers in the swamp.
Simply the Best You defeated every random monster in the Valley of Krasna.
Sir Chat-A-Lot You talked with everyone in Volksville you needed to speak with to progress to the execution.
Smoked! You used the green smoke bombs you obtained from Jerrod to help get into Tyr.
Staked Your Claim You attempted to woo Voleris by giving her a really nice dagger.
Stop Shaking Me You roughed up the moonshiner so he would pay Rayford his due.
Thankfully there's a healer nearby You thought you were dead for a moment there, but you woke up in Jerrod's feeling much better.
That bastard deserved worse! You killed Rayford after you final confrontation with him. He did deserve it after all.
That's a lot of stuff You found and created all the magic spells for Prospero while travelling the Sorcerer's path.
The Great Unpicker You opened the lock. It really wasn't that hard was it?
Toast of the Town You showed Gorth some mercy, deciding that killing him was too much.
What's his name again? You killed the leader of the Morroi, Uotarragh in hand to multiple hand combat.
Working for the Man You helped out around the docks of Tyr. For Money.
You Found It You found the thieves den while travelling the Rogue's path.
You Got Coned You passed out from drinking and woke up with a traffic cone in your inventory.
You look like a dwarf You looted every available container, drum and stash in the mines.
You picked ... the easy way You took out the caravan while travelling the Brigand's path, but you did it the easy way.
You picked ... the hard way You took out the caravan while travelling the Brigand's path, and you did it the hard way.
You Sneaky Bastard You're a Rogue.

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