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  Bandfuse: Rock Legends [PS3]

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation trophy rewards.

Rock Legend (Platinum): Obtain all trophies.
All Rigged Up! (Bronze): Complete the initial setup.
RTFM (Bronze): Complete every item and watch every video in Shred U: Introduction.
Getting Started (Bronze): Complete every item and watch every video in Shred U: Easy Skills.
Apt Pupil (Bronze): Complete every item and watch every video in Shred U: Medium Skills.
Skilled Guitarist (Silver): Complete every item and watch every video in Shred U: Hard Skills.
Path to Mastery (Gold): Complete every item and watch every video in Shred U: Expert Skills.
Zealous (Bronze): Complete a Shred U Lick Lab phrase at 110% or 5x.
Mastered (Bronze): Complete all phrases to at least 100% for any song in Lick Lab.
Anger Eighteen (Bronze): As a guitarist, complete all phrases for "Hangar 18" at 5X setting in Lick Lab.
Aim for the Stars (Bronze): As a guitarist, score 5 Stars on any song at any difficulty.
Lucky Star (Bronze): As a bassist, score 5 stars on any song at any difficulty.
Stars in Your Eyes (Bronze): As a vocalist, score 5 stars on any song at any difficulty.
I'm a 1 Man Band! (Bronze): Score 5 stars on any same song as a guitarist, bassist, and vocalist.
Star Struck Guitarist (Bronze): As a guitarist, score 5 stars on any song at Difficulty Level 5.
Star Struck Bassist (Bronze): As a bassist, score 5 stars on any song at Difficulty Level 5.
Star Struck Vocalist (Bronze): As a vocalist, score 5 stars on any song at Difficulty Level 5.
It's More Fun with a Friend (Bronze): Score 5 stars on any difficulty while playing with at least one other player.
It's Way More Fun in a Band (Bronze): Score 5 stars on any song at any difficulty with 3 other players.
Going Pro (Silver): Complete a song on PRO mode with at least 80% accuracy.
This is the Good One (Bronze): Save a Playback.
Your Sound (Bronze): Create and save a custom tone.
Playing Along (Bronze): Play along with a backing track.
Session Hesher (Bronze): Play along with 25 backing tracks.
Streaker (Bronze): Get a 100 note streak on any instrument.
Streak Freak! (Bronze): Get a 200 note streak on any instrument.
Streak Monster!! (Bronze): Get a 300 note streak on any instrument.
Get in Tune (Bronze): Play songs in 3 different tunings.
Multitude Multitune (Bronze): Play songs in 5 different tunings.
I Know Rock Fu (Silver): Play 55 unique songs at any difficulty.
Light Up The Sky (Gold): Score 5 stars on 55 unique songs on difficulty level 5.
Where's the Van? (Bronze): Complete a Concert.
We're Gonna Be RICH! (Bronze): Complete the "Opening Act" Tour.
Melting Like a Boss (Bronze): Complete the "Air Pollution" Tour.
Down With the Establishment (Bronze): Complete the "Punk's Not Dead" Tour.
Native (Bronze): Complete the "Alter Native" Tour.
Blood from a Stone (Bronze): Complete the "Bleeding Fingers" Tour.
Let Me Hear Your Battle Cry (Bronze): Complete the "Face Melters" Tour.
Smokin'! (Bronze): Complete the "Smokin' Riffs" Tour.
Horns Held High (Bronze): Complete the "Metal Havoc" Tour.
Shred Master (Bronze): Complete the "Behemoths of Rock" Tour.
Viper Vroom (Bronze): Complete the "Venomous Licks" Tour.
Back from Bombay (Gold): Complete 10 Tours on any difficulty.
Got a Fan Club? (Bronze): Get 1,000 Fans to unlock the Silver Fan Trophy.
Worth Your Weight in Gold (Bronze): Get 10,000 Fans to unlock the Gold Fan Trophy.
Racking the Awards (Bronze): Get 100,000 Fans to unlock the Platinum Fan Trophy.
Diamond Artist (Silver): Get 500,000 Fans to unlock the Diamond Fan Trophy.
Money in the Bank (Bronze): Earn $5,000,000 in your career.
New Challenger (Bronze): Complete a Challenge in the game.
Challenge Accepted (Bronze): Complete 10 Challenges in the game.
You Call That a Challenge? (Silver): Complete 25 Challenges in the game.

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