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  Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough / FAQ [PS3]]
_______________________________________________________________________________ -and- Blitz Knight Stunt Present:

`. ____...-----------------------------------------------------...____ ,'
| | ____ _ ____ _____ _ _ ____ _____ _ __ | |
| | | _ | | / __ / ____| | | | | / __ / ____| | |/ / | |
| | | |_) | | | | | | | | (___ | |__| | | | | | | | | ' / | |
| | | _ < | | | | | | ___ | __ | | | | | | | | < | |
/ / | |_) | | | | |__| | ____) | | | | | | |__| | | |____ | .
| | |____/ |_| ____/ |_____/ |_| |_| ____/ _____| |_|_ | |
| | ______________________ | |
`. ,' `. ,' /
`. `--..___ `. __ ___ _ ,' __..--' ,'
`--..____``---.._______| || ||_ || || | |_ |_______..---''___..--'
``---...______| || || || || | |_ |______...---''
| |
|`-._ _,-'|
| | `-..______,.-' | |
| | | | | | | |
|,'|.'-|. | | | .'|,'|
' ' |`.'. |'.' ,' '
` ` `- ` '

Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt.

That was the deal.

The details elude me now...

but the details wouldn't change a god-damned thing.

― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ―
Platform: Playstation 3
Version: 1.20
Last Updated: 4/29/2013

Email: FAQs @ bkstunt .com
Web Site:
Facebook Page:

This document is best viewed using a FIXED-WIDTH font, such as Courier New.
If the ASCII above/below and the charts used throughout the guide look
strange, please change your settings to display text in a FIXED-WIDTH font.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

___ ___
| _ ) |_ _|
| _ I O S H O C K | | N F I N I T E
O==< Table of Contents >==O

Note: Press Ctrl+F and enter in the code to skip to that section.


- Introduction......................................................[BSI-INT]
- Controls..........................................................[BSI-CON]
- Vigor Guide.......................................................[BSI-VIG]
- Weapon Guide......................................................[BSI-WPN]
- Tips and Tricks...................................................[BSI-TIP]


o ACT I: Bring us the Girl..........................................[ACT-01]

- Chapter 01: The Lighthouse...............................[BSI-01]
- Chapter 02: Welcome Center...............................[BSI-02]
- Chapter 03: Raffle Square................................[BSI-03]
- Chapter 04: Comstock Center Rooftops.....................[BSI-04]
- Chapter 05: Monument Island Gateway......................[BSI-05]
- Chapter 06: Monument Tower...............................[BSI-06]

o ACT II: To the First Lady!........................................[ACT-02]

- Chapter 07: Battleship Bay...............................[BSI-07]
- Chapter 08: Soldier's Field..............................[BSI-08]
- Chapter 09: The Hall of Heroes...........................[BSI-09]
- Chapter 10: Inside the Hall of Heroes....................[BSI-10]
- Chapter 11: Hall of Heroes Gift Shop.....................[BSI-11]
- Chapter 12: Return to Hall of Hero's Plaza...............[BSI-12]

o ACT III: Together Again (The Story of Chen Lin)...................[ACT-03]

- Chapter 13: Finkton Docks................................[BSI-13]
- Chapter 14: Beggar's Wharf...............................[BSI-14]
- Chapter 15: Fort Franklin Pier...........................[BSI-15]
- Chapter 16: Worker Induction Center......................[BSI-16]
- Chapter 17: The Plaza of Zeal............................[BSI-17]
- Chapter 18: The Good Time Club...........................[BSI-18]
- Chapter 19: The Plaza of Zeal 2..........................[BSI-19]
- Chapter 20: The Gunsmith Shop............................[BSI-20]

o ACT IV: Industrial Revolution.....................................[ACT-04]

- Chapter 21: Shantytown...................................[BSI-21]
- Chapter 22: The Bull House Impound.......................[BSI-22]
- Chapter 23: The Bull Yard................................[BSI-23]
- Chapter 24: Finkton Proper...............................[BSI-24]
- Chapter 25: On to the Factory............................[BSI-25]
- Chapter 26: The Factory Courtyard........................[BSI-26]
- Chapter 27: The Factory..................................[BSI-27]

o ACT V: Learning of the Past.......................................[ACT-05]

- Chapter 28: Emporia......................................[BSI-28]
- Chapter 29: Port Prosperity..............................[BSI-29]
- Chapter 30: Downtown Emporia.............................[BSI-30]
- Chapter 31: Memorial Gardens.............................[BSI-31]

o ACT VI: Fearing the Future........................................[ACT-06]

- Chapter 32: Comstock House...............................[BSI-32]
- Chapter 33: The Atrium...................................[BSI-33]
- Chapter 34: Warden's Office..............................[BSI-34]
- Chapter 35: The Operating Theater........................[BSI-35]

o ACT VII: Wipe away the Debt.......................................[ACT-07]

- Chapter 36: The Hand of the Prophet......................[BSI-36]
- Chapter 37: Hangar Deck..................................[BSI-37]
- Chapter 38: Engineering Deck.............................[BSI-38]
- Chapter 39: Command Deck.................................[BSI-39]
- Chapter 40: The Sea of Doors.............................[BSI-40]


- Gear Inventory....................................................[BSI-GEA]
- Voxophone Transcripts.............................................[BSI-VOX]
- Trophies..........................................................[BSI-TPH]
- Version History...................................................[BSI-HIS]
- Credits...........................................................[BSI-CRE]

___ ___
| _ ) |_ _|
| _ I O S H O C K | | N F I N I T E
O==< Introduction >==O

Hey everybody, Bkstunt here with a guide for Bioshock Infinite.

The original Bioshock is PROBABLY my favorite first-person shooter game
of all time. I've played a LOT of FPS games in my time and very rarely do
any of them grab me and become more than mindless slaughter. What fun is

This is what made Bioshock different. It was not only more engrossing than
your average shooter but it made you THINK. With that fond memory firmly
implanted, I decided to take on this challenge.

Hopefully you have your own fond memories and not only want to play
through Bioshock Infinite, but really EXPERIENCE it. That's where I come in
to help my friend. We'll go through the floating city together, and discover
everything we possibly can out of it. I'll make sure you are ready to get
through Columbia PHYSICALLY... so you can enjoy it even more MENTALLY.

To those who have decided to join me again... welcome back. Good to have
you here with me once more.

To all those who are new... good to meet you. Hopefully this guide is all
your looking for and more.

Enjoy the guide everyone!

~ Bkstunt


Want to talk about some games!? Maybe throw out some ideas for what YOU want
to see me write about next? I made a facebook account for just that reason!

You can 'Like' me at:


I also have a website you can visit to see what other guides I've written,
as well as see upcoming projects. I've also written a TON of reviews that will
go up there (You want to play GOOD games, right?!).


So between those two sites, come on over and say 'Hi!' sometime.


First of all, let me say that my primary motivation for writing guides is,
and always will be, for the gamer. However, as I've learned by writing just
a few guides on new games, it can hit your pocket book! I wish they'd give me
these games so I could crank out great guides, but they don't! Ah, maybe one

Until then, if you've found this guide helpful please consider donating to
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Paypal ID:

Gregorio31 @ Gmail . Com

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is kick-ass. All you do is visit my webpage's donation page below:


Once you are there, you can click on the AMAZON link at the top and shop as
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Please be sure to send me an email so I can thank you personally as well! Or
just send me an email to say "Thanks!" Every one of those I read makes my day!

~ Bk

___ ___
| _ ) |_ _|
| _ I O S H O C K | | N F I N I T E
O==< Controls >==O

Here are the controls for Bioshock Infinite:

_,.--.,_ _,.--.,_
| _____ | | _____ |
|-' `'.__________________________,'` `-|
,' __ `. ,' .,. `.
/ | | SONY / (/_)
! __ / __ | ! ,-. `-' ,-. |
| |__ > < __| !__SELECT START__| ([ ]) ( O ) !
! / ___`-. ,-' `-' ,-. `-' |
| |__| ,' `. / ,' `. ( X ) /|
| `. / | | / `-' ,' |
| `-.____,-. / |____| / ,-.____,-' |
| ,' `.___,' / `.___,' /`. |
| / `-.___,-' `-.___,-' |
/ /
/ /
`.__,-' `-.__,'

| |
| Right Analog: Look Around. |
| |
| Left Analog: Movement. |
| |
| X Button: Jump / Sky-Line Attach. |
| |
| Square: Use / Reload. |
| |
| Hold: Open Tear. |
| |
| Triangle: Melee. Hold to Execute. |
| |
| Circle: Crouch. |
| |
| R1: Fire Weapon. |
| |
| L1: Fire Vigor. |
| |
| R2: Switch Weapon. |
| |
| L2: Switch Vigor. |
| |
| Hold: Open Radial Vigor Menu. |
| |
| R3: Toggle Iron Sights. |
| |
| L3: Sprint. |
| |
| UP Button: Display NAV Aid. |
| |
| DOWN Button: Replay Voxophone. |
| |

___ ___
| _ ) |_ _|
| _ I O S H O C K | | N F I N I T E
O==< Vigor Guide >==O

Like Bioshock and Bioshock 2, Infinite has Plasmi.. er, I mean Vigors.
These powers are EXTREMELY handy and you'd be a fool not to take advantage
of them. Here we'll review what you can look forward to from EACH of the
eight (8) individual Vigors.


The first thing you should know (which the game doesn't really point out) is
that you can COMBINE Vigors to produce awesome effects. There are a total of
EIGHT combinations you can do:

1. Possession + Devil's Kiss
2. Possession + Shock Jockey
3. Murder of Crows + Devil's Kiss
4. Murder of Crows + Shock Jockey
5. Devil's Kiss + Charge
6. Bucking Bronco + Devil's Kiss
7. Bucking Bronco + Charge
8. Undertow + Shock Jockey

They are powerful, so be sure to try them out when you can!

(-NOTE-) Doing one of each will also net you the 'Combination Shock' Silver
trophy as well. Motivation!


The enemy of my enemy...

The first Vigor you will obtain, Possession only initially allows you to
take control of machines (such as turrets) and make them fight for you.

Once you buy "Possession Aid" (the first Possession upgrade, which you get
really early in the game), you'll be able to possess humans and lay possession
traps. The second Possession upgrade, "Possession For Less", lowers the cost
of using Possession significantly.

- Upgrades:

Name: Possession Aid
Cost: $50
Effect: "Adds ability to possess humans who suicide when the effect expires."

Name: Possession For Less
Cost: $1653
Effect: "Decreases the Salts necessary to use Possession."

- Special Combinations

1. Possession + Devil's Kiss

Turns the target into a walking pillar of fire, all while fighting for you.

2. Possession + Shock Jockey

Turns the target into a walking Tesla Coil, shocking nearby enemies, all
while fighting for you.

- Special Notes

1. Possessing machines only temporarily allows them to become you allies as,
after awhile, they will revert back to being your enemy.

2. Possessing regular foes (Police, Soldiers) again only turns them into
your allies temporarily. However, after your control is done they will
realize what they've done and will kill themselves (out of regret).

3. Possessing stronger foes (Motorized Patriots, etc) will result in them
fighting for you but for a VERY short time. Once the effect is done they
will just resume being hostile to you.

4. You can possess vending machines to have them spit out Silver Eagles for
you. The amount varies but it's never a lot.

Devil's Kiss
The power of fire, in your hands!

The second Vigor you will obtain. Devil's Kiss allows you to throw fiery
grenades and create grenade traps. Most normal, human enemies are vulnerable
to fire.

The first upgrade, "Devil's Kiss Aid", allows you to create a cluster of
grenades in the area you throw at which obviously increases your killing range.
The second upgrade, "Devil's Kiss Boost", ups your damage potential with the

- Upgrades

Name: Devil's Kiss Aid
Cost: $1241
Effect: "Adds mini clusters for greater area of effect range and damage."

Name: Devil's Kiss Boost
Cost: $666
Effect: "Increases damage."

- Special Combinations

1. Possession + Devil's Kiss

Turns the target into a walking pillar of fire, all while fighting for you.

2. Murder of Crows + Devil's Kiss

Sets the summoned crows alight, turning them into fiery crows of death while
increasing damage done.

3. Bucking Bronco + Devil's Kiss

While enemies are floating in the air, toss in a fiery grenade to cause
grenades to bombard the area.

4. Devil's Kiss + Charge

This combo makes the target EXPLODE. I haven't used this one as much, but
definitly try it out at least once to see what you think.

- Special Notes

1. Remember that your shots ricochet if you aim them right.

2. You need this Vigor to obtain some Gear in Memorial Gardens.

Murder of Crows
Summon feathery friends to fight for you!

Murder of Crows is the third Vigor you'll obtain. It is particularly
effective in stun-locking standard enemies as you summon a group (murder)
of crows to pick at your foe's flesh.

The first upgrade, "Crows Trap Aid", causes any enemy that dies to the
Vigor turn into an instant Crow trap. Since Crows don't do a TON of damage
this makes timing important on your part but with good timing you can often
wind up with free traps. The second upgrade increases the stun duration,
which helps you kill while enemies are busy fending off the murderous birds.

- Upgrades

Name: Crows Trap Aid
Cost: $1485
Effect: "Causes the corpses of Muerder of Crows victims to become crow

Name: Crows Boost
Cost: $545
Effect: "Increases stun duration."

- Special Combinations

1. Murder of Crows + Devil's Kiss

Sets the summoned crows alight, turning them into fiery crows of death
while increasing damage done.

2. Murder of Crows + Shock Jockey

Turns the summoned crows into electrified crows, increasing damage done.

- Special Notes


Bucking Bronco
You're in for a ride...

Bucking Bronco is a fairly unique Vigor. When used, it will levitate
everything in the area it is used at. This alone doesn't damage your foe,
but enemies caught up in the levitation are extremely vulnerable and take
25% more damage than normal.

The first upgrade adds the ability to chain the floating effect from one
enemy to others. The second upgrade here, "Bronco Boost", DOUBLES the
duration that Bucking Bronco effects enemies for. Holy crap!

- Upgrades

Name: Bronco Aid
Cost: $777
Effect: "Adds ability to chain floating effect from one enemy to others."

Name: Bronco Boost
Cost: $421
Effect: "Increases duration of the enemy's float time (2x)."

- Special Combinations

1. Bucking Bronco + Devil's Kiss

While enemies are floating in the air, toss in a fiery grenade to cause
grenades to bombard the area.

2. Bucking Bronco + Charge

Get out of here! Using Bucking Bronco followed by a Charge attack results
in Booker decking an enemy so hard they fly off. VERY useful for knocking
enemies off of Columbia and letting them fall to their death.

- Special Notes

1. Bucking Bronco is one of the cheapest Vigors you can use.

2. You CANNOT make BIG enemies float, but you can do more damage to them
after using the Vigor.

Shock Jockey
Electric Nightmare.

Ugh. You go through a LOT just to get this Vigor. But in the end its worth
it. Not only do you need it to power up various machines and doors but it can
also shock (and stun) regular enemies while providing good damage to mechanical

The first upgrade you can buy is "Shock Chain Aid". It allows Shock Jockey
to become a chain-lightning attack, which as you can imagine is incredibly
useful. The second upgrade increases the shock / stun time, which is also
very nice.

- Upgrades

Name: Shock Chain Aid
Cost: $1265
Effect: "Adds ability to chain lightning strikes from one enemy to others."

Name: Shock Duration Aid
Cost: $575
Effect: "Increases stun duration"

- Special Combinations

1. Possession + Shock Jockey

Turns the target into a walking Tesla Coil, shocking nearby enemies, all
while fighting for you.

2. Murder of Crows + Shock Jockey

Turns the summoned crows into electrified crows, increasing damage done.

3. Undertow + Shock Jockey

Oh man. This one may very well be my favorite. After using Undertow to
encase and trap an enemy in water use Shock Jockey on them to amplify the
damage. This often results in complete enemy disintegration.

- Special Notes

1. Bodies that die due to Shock Jockey disintigrate. This isn't a big deal
whatsoever, unless you have an enemy that can bring bodies back from
the dead....

Up close and personal!

The Charge vigor may very well change the way you play the game, as it allows
you to quickly close the gap between you and a targeted enemy so Booker can
punch them in the face. This can be easily coupled with, say, a shotgun and
used to deadly effect. Don't get TOO cocky!

The upgrades for it help out immensely. The first one adds some
invulnerability time to your attack and recharges your shield. The second
one adds explosive damage to the punch. Wow!

- Upgrades

Name: Charge Aid
Cost: $1614
Effect: "Adds brief invulnerability on attack and recharges shield."

Name: Charge Boost
Cost: $555
Effect: "Adds explosive damage."

- Special Combinations

1. Devil's Kiss + Charge

This combo makes the target EXPLODE. I haven't used this one as much, but
definitly try it out at least once to see what you think.

2. Bucking Bronco + Charge

Get out of here! Using Bucking Bronco followed by a Charge attack results in
Booker decking an enemy so hard they fly off. VERY useful for knocking enemies
off of Columbia and letting them fall to their death.

- Special Notes

1. As mentioned before, Charge pairs up fantastically well with a Shotgun
or some other close-quarters Vigor.

2. Charge is considered a melee strike, and as such pairs up well with
whatever melee Gear you may have on.

Introducing the giant killer!

Undertow is great. It's just... great. With it you can basically either push
people away or pull them to you, which gives you a lot of tactical options.
Use it to push someone off of Columbia? Use it to hold them in place next to
you while you shoot their face? The choice is yours!

The upgrades to Undertow focus on either drawing in more enemies or by doing
it from further away, both of which help with your game play options.

- Upgrades

Name: Undertow Aid
Cost: $306
Effect: "Increases number of enemies you can pull at one time."

Name: Undertow Boost
Cost: $1143
Effect: "Increases effective range (2x)."

- Special Combinations

1. Undertow + Shock Jockey

Oh man. This one may very well be my favorite. After using Undertow to
encase and trap an enemy in water use Shock Jockey on them to amplify the
damage. This often results in complete enemy disintegration.

- Special Notes

1. Undertow is especially effective at pushing enemies off of ledges, which
can help a ton with the "Bon Voyage" trophy. It also makes certain parts
of the game (like the Zeppelin fight) very easy.

2. Undertow wreaks havoc on mechanical foes and can be used to easily bring
down things like Motorized Patriots.

Return to Sender
Thanks, but I don't want these.

Return to Sender is the last Vigor you'll get in the game, but it can
definitely pull you out of a tight spot. It has two unique functions. If
you just use the Vigor as normal, a magnetic shield will protect you from
enemy fire for a limited time. If you HOLD the shield in front of you (Hold
L1), you will collect bullets (while draining Salt) and can then release
the bullets back to the enemy! As you can imagine, having an extra shield
can do wonders for your health.

The first upgrade for it (Send for Less) gives you more bang for your Salt
when it comes to using the Vigor. The second is more unique as it lets you
absorb and collect incoming ammunition. Wow...

- Upgrades

Name: Send for Less
Cost: $898
Effect: "Increases shield duration (press) and decreases Salts cost (hold)."

Name: Sender Aid
Cost: $1287
Effect: "Adds ability to absorb and collect incoming ammunition."

- Special Combinations

N/A. Return to Sender is the only Vigor without a special combination.

- Special Notes

1. The shield is very effective at extending your life and can be VERY
useful in certain situations. Pop it up before taking on some snipers
and see how much it can help. It's also very useful for when your main
shield breaks and you need to retreat.

___ ___
| _ ) |_ _|
| _ I O S H O C K | | N F I N I T E
O==< Weapon Guide >==O

Here you can get a glance of the game's weapons. Each weapon in the game
has four upgrades you can buy for it. I'll post the weapons here along with
their upgrades and my thoughts on them.

Just a warning: I am a huge fan of the Founder Weapons vs. the Vox weapons.
This is mainly due to their (much better) weapon selection and the fact that
you get to play with and upgrade Founder weapons MUCH earlier than Vox

FYI: This is the order they are listed in the game's menu.

A powerful, single-shot weapon that you'll encounter fairly early in
the game. The carbine is a fantastic weapon. It's got great stopping power
and is second only to the Sniper Rifle in the long-range game. It holds a
decent clip and magazine. I didn't think I would like this weapon at first
but it's more than won me over.

o UPGRADE 1: Damage Boost 1

Increases CARBINE damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 2: Clip Increase

Increases CARBINE clip size by 50%

o UPGRADE 3: Recoil Decrease

Decreases CARBINE recoil by 60%

o UPGRADE 4: Damage Boost 2

Increases CARBINE damage by 25%

Talk about power. The Volley Gun is pretty much a grenade launcher and as
such it can cause massive damage. Not RPG massive, but massive. It does
exceptionally well taking out grouped up enemies.

o UPGRADE 1: Damage Boost 1

Increases VOLLEY GUN damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 2: Radius Increase

Increases VOLLEY GUN explosion radius by 50%

o UPGRADE 3: Damage Boost 2

Increases VOLLEY GUN damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 4: Clip Increase

Increases VOLLEY GUN clip size by 100%

A weapon so good, I can tell you exactly where you pick your first Hand
Cannon up at (The Plaza of Zeal). This revolver means business. 1-2 shots
from this thing can down just about anything. It's power is fantastic, but
its clip size and ammo limit holds it back a bit. Still, one of my very
favorite weapons. Think mid-range shotgun.

o UPGRADE 1: Reload Increase

Increases HAND CANNON reload speed by 50%

o UPGRADE 2: Damage Boost 1

Increases HAND CANNON damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 3: Damage Boost 2

Increases HAND CANNON damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 4: Recoil Decrease

Decreases HAND CANNON recoil by 20%

Ol' Faithful. This is the second weapon you'll get in the game. It's your
average machine gun. Low power, high fire rate... good accuracy can toast
most enemies you run across. You'll probably outgrow it at some point but
you can always rely on it (especially with the damage boosts!).

o UPGRADE 1: Damage Boost 1

Increases MACHINE GUN damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 2: Clip Increase

Increases MACHINE GUN clip size by 100%

o UPGRADE 3: Damage Boost 2

Increases MACHINE GUN damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 4: Accuracy Boost

Reduces MACHINE GUN weapon spread by 75%

Your first weapon. Pretty standard. You'll likely dump this thing in favor
of better weaponry as soon as you can, but it holds up well enough in the
beginning chapters of the game.

o UPGRADE 1: Clip Increase

Increases PISTOL clip size by 50%

o UPGRADE 2: Damage Boost 1

Increases PISTOL damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 3: Ammo Increase

Increases PISTOL reserve ammo by 50%

o UPGRADE 4: Damage Boost 2

Increases PISTOL damabe by 25%

The king of power. Too bad it's slow as hell and requires a lengthy reload
after each shot. The drawbacks to the weapon are so bad that I found myself
not even using the damn thing on my 2nd-4th play-throughs. Still, give it a
try and see what you think.

o UPGRADE 1: Damage Boost 1

Increases RPG damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 2: Clip Increase

Increases RPG clip size by 50%

o UPGRADE 3: Damage Boost 2

Increases RPG damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 4: RPG Speed Boost

Increases RPG projectile speed by 100%

My main man. Seriously, I love this damned thing. It is so very powerful.
Plus it pairs well with certain Gear and the Charge Vigor. It can only hold
a limited amount of shots and needs cocked each time though. Still, it will
serve you well throughout the game.

(-NOTE-) Certain pre-orders came with the "Comstock's Broom" perk, which
I'm fairly sure is just a beefed-up "Damage Boost 1" that you get
for free. Just FYI.

o UPGRADE 1: Comstock's Broom

Increases SHOTGUN damage by 35%

o UPGRADE 2: Reload Increase

Decreases SHOTGUN reload time by 50%

o UPGRADE 3: Damage Boost 2

Increases SHOTGUN damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 4: Spread Boost

Increases SHOTGUN cone width by 20%

Have long-range trouble? Look no further. Seriously... this is the only
Sniper Rifle in the game, so look no further. Despite the lack of options,
this gun works well. It's got a good clip and nice standard zoom (nothing
fancy, mind you). It should take care of your long-range killing desires.

o UPGRADE 1: Damage Boost 1

Increases SNIPER RIFLE damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 2: Damage Boost 2

Increases SNIPER RIFLE damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 3: Fire-Rate Boost

Increases SNIPER RIFLE fire rate by 100%

o UPGRADE 4: Recoil Decrease

Reduces SNIPER RIFLE recoil by 50%

The Vox equivalent of the Carbine. Like I mentioned earlier, I prefer the
Founder weapons due to being able to power them up earlier, but this gun
still works just fine (even if the sights are a bit different). Try it out
for yourself.

o UPGRADE 1: Damage Boost 1

Increases BURSTGUN damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 2: Recoil Decrease

Decreases BURSTGUN recoil by 50%

o UPGRADE 3: Damage Boost 2

Increases BURSTGUN damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 4: Ammo Increase

Increases BURSTGUN reserve ammo by 50%

The Vox equivalent of the Volley Gun. This one I'll use if I want some
explosive fire power. I've read (not seen) that the main differences here
are that the Hail Fire can bounce its projectiles off of walls and can fire
faster. I never had the need for those things, but hey, good for you Hail

o UPGRADE 1: Damage Boost 1

Increases HAIL FIRE damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 2: Radius Increase

Increases HAIL FIRE explosion radius by 100%

o UPGRADE 3: Damage Boost 2

Increases HAIL FIRE damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 4: Clip Increase

Increases HAIL FIRE clip size by 60%

The Vox version of the Machine Gun. I've read (not seen) that it is more
powerful. Still, by the time this comes around I'm usually not playing with
machine guns. Handy in a pinch. Try it out and see what you think.

o UPGRADE 1: Recoil Decrease

Decreases REPEATER recoil by 50%

o UPGRADE 2: Damage Boost 1

Increases REPEATER damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 3: Damage Boost 2

Increases REPEATER damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 4: Clip Increase

Increases REPEATER clip size by 100%

The Vox version of the Shotgun. Ok, now you have my attention. The Heater
is aptly named as it can set enemies on fire (and has a wider damage radius).
However, it only holds 2 shots. How crappy is that? Gear can make that better
but C'MON!

o UPGRADE 1: Damage Boost 1

Increases HEATER damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 2: Reload Increase

Decreases HEATER reload time by 50%

o UPGRADE 3: Damage Boost 2

Increases HEATER damage by 25%

o UPGRADE 4: Spread Boost

Increases HEATER cone width by 20%

This gun isn't officially listed under your weapon list in the game, but
it's a handy weapon nonetheless. This is the Crank Gun, the gun that you can
use after killing a Motorized Patriot or, sometimes, find in certain tears.
It has no upgrades, but it's LARGE clip and high fire rate makes it a beast
nonetheless. When you can, be sure to grab it and use it to mow down 4-8
soldiers all while saving your own ammo.

___ ___
| _ ) |_ _|
| _ I O S H O C K | | N F I N I T E
O==< Tips and Tricks >==O

Here's some basic tips and tricks to the game.

(-NOTE-) This guide is still very new, so if you have something that you
think belongs in here let me know!

o IMPORTANT NOTE: I haven't done this myself but apparently you can enter
in the KONAMI CODE while highlighting the "Play Game" option to IMMEDIATELY
unlock 1999 Mode (Very Hard Mode).

I feel like I shouldn't need to tell you, but the code is:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, X, Start.

o Want to understand the story better? Find and listen to all the Voxophones
in the game! This seriously helps a ton and the guide shows you where they
all are.

o IMPORTANT NOTE: The GEAR you receive is randomized. You will (very likely)
get a different piece of gear than I do. Keep that in mind. However, SOME
of the gear you find will be the same as some of the gear is always found
at the same place.

o SEARCH EVERYWHERE! You can get rich by looking in every crate and container
for Silver Eagles. They scale up as you progress through the game as well,
so it is ALWAYS a good idea to thoroughly explore.

o Do the sidequests as soon as you can. The guide does them as soon as you
can, and you should as well. You can miss them entirely if you don't!

o Learn the enemies weaknesses! Some enemies have weak spots (The Handyman's
exposed heart, the Motorized Patriot's gears) but enemies also have Vigors
that they are weak against. Humans are generally weak against things like
Devil's Kiss, Murder of Crows, Bucking Bronco, etc. Machines are generally
weak against things like Undertow and Shock Jockey.

o Learn your Vigor Combinations! The game doesn't expressly tell you this,
but you can combine Vigors to devastating (and satisfying) results. Check
out the following Vigor combinations and be sure to try them for yourself:

1. Possession + Devil's Kiss
2. Possession + Shock Jockey
3. Murder of Crows + Devil's Kiss
4. Murder of Crows + Shock Jockey
5. Devil's Kiss + Charge
6. Bucking Bronco + Devil's Kiss
7. Bucking Bronco + Charge
8. Undertow + Shock Jockey

Check out the Vigor section for more info on Vigors in general and what you
can expect out of them.

o You can POSSESS Vending Machines to make them spit out money for you.

o Be sure to stop and review your GEAR choices every once in awhile. It is
really easy to forget about and you could be helping yourself out a ton
by remembering to simply review your gear.

o The game DOES NOT give you enough INFUSIONS to let you max everything, so
you will be forced to choose between SHIELDS, HEALTH and SALT. In the end
it is your choice, but I strongly recommend shields given their regenerative

o Similarly, you won't have enough money to upgrade EVERY weapon and Vigor,
so prioritize upgrading the weapons and Vigors you personally use and avoid
wasting money on something you'll rarely use. That money can be better spent

___ ___
| _ ) |_ _|
| _ I O S H O C K | | N F I N I T E
O==< ACT I: Bring us the Girl >==O

Chapter 01: The Lighthouse [BSI-01]
Infusions: 0 Telescopes 0 Voxophones: 0 Kinetoscopes: 0 /

We'll start out in a rowboat listening to the two characters in front of us
have an interesting conversation. The lady will also hand you a box containing
some useful items. Hmm, experiment, huh? Interesting. Soon we'll be at a dock
and you can climb the ladder on the left (try sitting there for a bit to hear
them make a remark about you).

When you get out they'll leave you without so much as telling you when they'll
be back. Examine the shed to the left for [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] on the floor,
which is this game's currency. Head forward now and make your way up to the
lighthouse. When you reach the door go check out the path on the left to find
another [_SILVER EAGLE_] and a searchable [_BARREL_] in the corner. This barrel
is a "container" and will contain some useful items. There's a lot of these
types of containers throughout the game, much like previous Bioshock games.

Head back on the door and knock. Booker will open it. You can check out the
note on the door as well. Once inside, ignore the basin in front of you and
check the dresser behind it. Here pick up the [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] and eat the
food if you wish. There's a [_BARREL_] back here too.

Go use the basin if you wish (you get Booker to say a comment) and then head
up a flight of stairs.

Up here search the [_CABINET_] to your left. Under the bed in this room is
a [_WALLET_] you should also grab for a nice cash infusion. You can also use
the radio and sink in here if you wish, although it's really not necessary.
Above the radio is some food and salt as well (neither of which we need yet).
Head on up the next set of stairs.

Well, up here it looks like someone's been tortured. A message, perhaps?
On the table to the right are [_SILVER EAGLE x3_]. You can also loot another
[_BARREL_] in here before heading up once more.

You'll climb for a ways now but soon you'll be at the top of the lighthouse.
Once you see the bells, head past them to find a [_BARREL_], then go back and
use them. Here Booker will pull out a card:


KEY x2


This is the order which you're supposed to ring the bells in. Pretty simple,
right. Go ahead and ring them (Left to Right) and watch the scene. Soon the
door will open. Once it does go sit down. Sit back! Enjoy the ride!

(-NOTE-) You should get the 'Written in the Clouds' Bronze trophy here.

Chapter 02: Welcome Center [BSI-02]
Infusions: 0 Telescopes 1 Voxophones: 4 Kinetoscopes: 3 /

Well, here we are in Columbia. What a view! Once you are free you'll be
given an objective and also taught how to navigate to it by pressing the up
arrow. Handy! Of course you guys have me... what!? I'm handy too!

o OBJECTIVE: Find a way into the City

Search underneath the stained-glass window in front of you for some
[_SILVER EAGLE x2_] and then head left. You'll be in a circular room soon.
Head right here into a chapel area. In the right cubby is a [_BASKET_] to
search and [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] on the table with the candles. The center
area has [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] as well as a [_GIFT_] to search. Finally, the
left cubby has a [_HATBOX_] and [_FIDDLE CASE_] to search.

Head back out to the central area and head to the other chapel area on the
other side. If you head right to get there Booker will talk to the man
standing nearby. Over in the other chapel area you can search a [_BAG_] in
the pews. In the right cubby is your first [_VOXOPHONE_], which are just like
the audio logs in previous games. Good stuff! The center area has [_SILVER
EAGLE x5_] while the left cubby has a [_GIFT_] and lone [_SILVER EAGLE_].

Head back out to the center area and head down the stairs past the man.
Keep heading forward here as the preacher carry's on (they have a tendency to
do that, I hear). Soon you'll see the throng of people. Head forward and enter
the circle.

Here you really have no choice but to "Accept Baptism". Go ahead and do it.
After the second plunge you'll wake up to someone banging on a door. Take a
look around for a peek at Booker's life and answer the door to see a scene.

New Garden of Eden

Once you come to, take a look at the statues. Key, Sword, Scroll. Makes sense,
given what our founder's did. We need to make our way to a landmark.

o OBJECTIVE: Locate the statue of Columbia

Climb the stairs and check the benches for [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] and some food,
which you actually need now. Head forward while listening to the disciples.
When you see the pond on the left jump in for [_SILVER EAGLE x4_] and some
more food. As you go on you can check a gazebo on the left for another piece
of food. Open the doors you find to continue on.

New Eden Square

Here you can find a [_TRASHCAN_] on the left to search. The popcorn stand
also has some food if you want it. You apparently don't have to pay for it
either (you thief you).

Wow, the statue out here is just... spectacular. To the right you can reach
a shop. To the right of the shop (outside) are [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] and some
food down on the ground near a bench. Inside the shop you can listen to a man
bellyache for awhile. More importantly there is a [_KINETOSCOPE_] in here,
which when used is similar to watching a black and white movie. Cool! Behind
the counter is a [_VOXOPHONE_] as well. There's a RADIO you can use in here as
well but it doesn't do much. Too bad we can't buy stuff!

Head back outside and follow the objective marker. In the cafe on the right
is some food on one of the tables if you still need it. Head down the street.
On the first steps to the right is some salt (not that we need it). Up the
street on the left is some more food on a table and a [_TRASHCAN_], so be on
the lookout for them. The mechanical horse here is pretty cool. At the end of
the street you'll have to wait a bit for a mini-parade to go by, which helps
to sum up how Comstock sees the future. Interesting.

The road will open up once it passes. In the grassy area past the bridge is
some food (Mmm, Cotton Candy!). Head up the stairs. In this general area, you
can find [_BARREL x3_] (one by the stairs, two by the store), a [_TRASHCAN_]
(by the stairs on the left) and a [_KINETOSCOPE_] to the left of the store.

In the Grocery Store, you can rob the "Honor System" of [_SILVER EAGLE x3_]
if you wish. There is a [_BARREL_] here as well as food and salt items,
including some BOOZE (which naturally makes you a bit tipsy). There is a box
of [_CULTERY_] here as well to search. The [_FIRST AID KIT_] here doesn't do
anything for you if your health is full.

Outside you'll have to choose to go left or right. The game wants us to go
right so head left up the stairs. A barbershop quartet will rise as you do so
and began to serenade you. And yes, that is the Beach Boys. And yes, this is
supposedly 1912. Yeah... good tune though.

Past the bridge check the bench on the left for a [_PURSE_]. The lady here
will try to sell you a bouquet, which Booker will turn down. To the right is
a [_TRASHCAN_], and past that is a garden area. There is a [_TOOLBOX_] you can
search here and further in a [_VOXOPHONE_] on a table. The table also has some
food and a [_WALLET_].

Head back now and take the right path. The left area by the fireworks has
a [_BARREL_], some food and some salt. Up ahead by the right hand wall there
are some kids playing. Behind them is a treasure trove of apples which means
tons of food if you want it. There is a [_BARREL_] nearby too. You should be
well over 100 bucks by now!

Head up the next set of stairs and you'll see the statue. A kid will hand
you a telegram here as well. #77 huh? That's like ASKING us to pick it! Heh.

o OBJECTIVE: Go to Monument Island and find the Girl

Here, head to the left. You'll find a [_TELESCOPE_] here with a [_SILVER
EAGLE_] nearby. It really doesn't show anything useful though. Nearby is a
[_TRASHCAN_] with food and salt on top of it. Head back and take the other
direction now. Down the road to the left (below where you were) is another
[_TRASHCAN_] with more food and salt nearby.

After grabbing that, head back and up the stairs (the street to the left has
nothing interesting, but you're welcome to explore it). Up another set of
stairs will be a salesman preaching the wonders of VIGOR to everyone nearby,
with two assistants to demonstrate some powers. Feel free to check it out to
get a glimpse of what you'll be able to do in the future. The wall opposite
the salesman has a [_KINETOSCOPE_] by it. Hah, the video here is, well...
we know a lot more than we did a year ago...

The Fairgrounds

Wow, this is a spectacle.

The cart on the right has some food in in. Let's explore this right street
first, shall we? Keep an eye on the right to find the SKY-LINE VOX tent. Here
you can interact with the AIR SHOTGUN to play the game.

| This mini-game is pretty easy. You have an Air Shotgun and need to
| blast moving Vox targets to bits. They come in on three separate rails
| but you can blast whatever you see: there are no bad targets. Focus on
| shooting them as soon as they show up and get in place for your next
| shot while you reload. With a little practice First Place will be
| yours easily enough!

Behind the Vox booth is a juggler. Search the [_TRASHCAN_] behind him. To
his left is the HIGH STRIKER, a traditional fair game. Booker will win this
every time you try it and there are no prizes. Further down the street is a
mechanical horse display. Search the right wall for a [_TRASHCAN_] and a
[_CRATE_]. There's some kids smoking! Heh.

Let's head back down the street to the entrance and play the "Cast Out the
Devil" game (the one with all the flames).

| This mini-game is VERY easy. You are basically looking for wherever the
| "Devil" is hiding and then using the vigor to lift him up! He'll always
| be hiding behind one of the chairs and is very easy to see. Just be sure
| to shoot at him when the woman IS NOT in the way.
| The game is so easy that you only get a single prize: SILVER EAGLE PURSE.

Well, that was easy. Behind you is a skyline display. To its left is a
[_CRATE_] you can search. There is a VENDING MACHINE nearby as well, but it's
only got "Bucking Bronco" in it for $375... a little too rich for us right now!

To the left of that is a game called "Hunt Down the Vox", a chance to
practice our marksmanship some more!

| This mini-game is more challenging than the other two. We have a rifle
| here and need to take down the Vox that pop up. They only pop up in
| three places though, so it's easy to get into a groove. However, the BEST
| tip I can give you is to use R3 and AIM down the scope. Doing this you
| should be able to hit your targets much more effectively!
| At some point during the mini-game, "Daisy Fitzroy" will appear and
| move in the FAR background. Go ahead and try to shoot him. You don't
| NEED to to win, but it can't hurt.

(-NOTE-) I'm pretty sure shooting "Daisy Fitzroy" here just ups your points
or something. If you know better, send me an email.

Well, that was fun. You can head up the stairs nearby to see a Voxophone
display (and try out a demo if you wish for some Booker dialog). Past the
rifle mini-game is a band and a Handyman on display. You just KNOW you are
going to have to fight one of these things! Ha!

Go check out the nearby green both now. This is the POSSESSION both. Here,
grab a free sample of [_POSSESSION_] from the girl to get your first Vigor!
You'll see a sample movie of someone turning a machine into an ally once you
use it!

POSSESSION: With Possession equipped, press L1 to make a machine friendly
to you.

(-NOTE-) Try POSSESSING the Vigor Vending Machine (and any vending machine)
when you can to make it spit out money for you.

Well, this can certainly come in handy. The booth also has a supply of [_SALT
KIT x3_] in it but you should be full. Nearby is a TICKET BOOTH we need to use
POSSESSION on. Do so and open the way forward. You can turn around and fill
up your Salt with a nearby [_SALT MACHINE_] by the right stairs. There's also
some food up there on a table if you want to explore this little cubby but its
hardly necessary. Enter the gate past the ticket booth once you are ready.

Here you'll have to flip a coin for an odd couple. Head or tails!? Booker
will pick tails here on his own and of course he is wrong. Look at the man's
billboard. Hmm...

Path of the Scroll

Here, check the left wall for the [_BARREL x2_]. There is a vending machine
in this area as well that sells Food and Salt, though we hardly need it:

VENDING MACHINE - Path of the Scroll

o Health Kit [80%] $36

o Health Kit [20%] $14

o Salt [100%] $67

o Salt [25%] $19

Head up the stairs and in the center area the women will comment on you.
Heh! Search the [_BASKET_] here and eat the food if you wish. There are
three doors up here as well. The middle one has [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] by it.

Head down the road now and stick to the upper right. You can find a [_BARREL_]
and a [_TRASHCAN_] by the right-hand wall as you go. Head back and go down the
stairs now. There's a couple talking in a corner. They are actually leaning
against a [_TRASHCAN_] that you can search if you try (this one is hard to get
but if you duck and move slowly you can get it). Continue on and you'll see
some police officers with a skyhook. Looks fun.

Continue down the road. You can hold square to look at a distant statue if
you wish, but grab the [_TRASHCAN_] on the right. To the right of the kids is
a [_PICNIC BASKET_] as well. Go search the bench below the statue for some
[_FOOD_] and a [_VOXOPHONE_].

Further on look to the right for a [_TRASHCAN_] and then look by the cart on
the right for a [_BARREL_] and go up the left stairs to find some [_BARREL x2_]
near the wall. Head back down and the game will teach you how to sprint by
pressing L3. We may need that soon as a sign says the "False Shepherd" will
have the mark "AD" on his hand. Booker takes a second to notice that he has
that mark... where the hell did that come from!? This makes this entire
mission seem fishy...

Chapter 03: Raffle Square [BSI-03]
Infusions: 0 Telescopes 0 Voxophones: 1 Kinetoscopes: 0 /

Past the big gate, go search near the far bench for a [_PURSE_]. Head up the
stairs now and notice the street to the left. You can find a [_BARREL_], a
[_MAILBOX_] and a [_PURSE_] by sticking to the left hand wall here. The wagon
at the end has a [_CULTERY BOX_] in the back of it as well. One of the benches
on the right-hand side has some food, salt and a [_BASKET_].

Head up another set of stairs. You'll see some people in a line. There's a
cart to the right with a [_BARREL_] near it. There's also another vending
machine up here, although again we don't need it.


o Health Kit [80%] $36

o Health Kit [20%] $14

o Salt [100%] $67

o Salt [25%] $19

Head up the stairs to a fountain area now. There's some food and a
[_TRASHCAN_] here. Grab them and carry on. You'll enter the main area soon
and will get trapped by people. Here a woman will yell over to you and offer
you a ball. We have no choice here but to talk to the woman (similar to the
baptism thing...). Go ahead and take a ball. You'll win, of course.
Go figure. Your prize? First throw!

At this point a couple will come out on stage. A white man and a black
woman. Well, nothing screams party like good ol-fashioned racism. We have
a choice here:



(-NOTE-) Your choice here doesn't matter in the end. You'll get a random
piece of GEAR as your reward no matter what you do. I personally
still like to throw the ball at Fink.

Let's throw it at the announcer here. As you try a policeman will grab your
hand and notice the AD on it. Watch the scene here as Booker demonstrates his
awesomeness and gets free. The game will also teach you to melee now by
pressing TRIANGLE, so go ahead and try it to kill the other policeman.

o OBJECTIVE: Fight your way to Monument Island

Two more policemen will come down, so take them out with melee attacks. The
game will teach you to HOLD triangle down on enemies with a skull over their
heads to finish them off. Keep that in mind as these finishing moves look
awesome. Once they are dead loot the corpses (ALWAYS try to loot the corpses!)
and continue.

Up the stairs are two more policemen. Take them out. To the left is a
[_TRASHCAN_]. Up ahead the bridge will raise up and protect the civilians.
Some more police will come in now, and one has a pistol. Wait until he is
reloading to charge him by using the obstacles in the way to stand behind.
Once you take him out you will have a [_PISTOL_] of your own!

The center stall has a [_FIRST AID KIT_] in it in case you took any damage,
and the nearby cart has a [_SALT KIT_] and a [_CRATE_] in it. Keep on going.
Down the stairs is a [_BARREL_] to the left. Also check between the cages
down here for a [_VOXOPHONE_]. There's some Rotten Apples here too that will
actually hurt your health, so don't eat them.

Nearby is a Vending Machine but by it is a [_SILVER EAGLE BAG_]. This
vending machine is actually different!


o Possession Aid $50

This little aid adds the ability to possess humans who suicide when the
effect expires, making it a MUST BUY. Especially if you've been following the
guide since you are rolling in cash!

POSSESSION AID 1: Press L1 to turn machines OR PEOPLE into allies!

Hole and release L1 to create a Possession trap.

Man, that is sweet. We can create traps now. Grab the [_BARREL_] by the
ramp and then head up it. Search the [_CRATE_] right in front of you. Head
forward and a policeman will show up. I tried out my possession vigor here
and he beat himself to death with a club. Oh man!

There's some [_TOOLBOX x2_] here to the left and to the right. Play with the
fireworks if you wish. Up ahead to the left is [_BARREL x2_] and to the right
is a[_SALT KIT_] and [_PISTOL AMMO_]. Now, use Possession on the machine up
ahead. This will make the machine gun down some policemen that show up, saving
you time and ammo! Ha! Jump down and help it mop up as you'll kill six all

You are now back in the first part of Raffle Park and need to head right.
You can use the first vending machine if you wish. It HAS changed its stock
and has now added pistol ammo in case you need it:


o Health Kit [80%] $36

o Health Kit [20%] $14

o Salt [100%] $67

o Salt [25%] $19

o Pistol Ammo [12] $8

Wow, that's some cheap ammo. Now, up ahead overlooking the street below
is another turret. Go ahead and use Possession on it as there are four
policemen down below. Be careful of it turning back though. I ended up taking
the turret out after it helped me by going over to the left of the vending
machine and shooting it, then ducking to the left when it fires, then waiting
for it to forget about me and shooting it some more.

Down on the street you can loot corpses and approach the gate. To the left
of it is a blue police box with a [_SALT KIT_] and [_PISTOL AMMO_]. Past the
gate kill two more policeman. Search the left wall for a [_BARREL_]. There's a
small store here too that you can raid for a [_BARREL_] in a corner and the
[_COIN PURSE_] and [_CASH REGISTER_] on the counter. The doors in here open up
as well when you approach them to reveal [_SILVER EAGLE x3_], some booze, a
Pistol and [_PISTOL AMMO_].

Outside to the left (past the shop) is another [_BARREL_]. Down the street
in a cart is some [_SALT KIT_] and a [_FIRST AID KIT_] in the front and a
[_CUTLERY BOX_] in the back. When you're ready, open the gate!

Here you will fight a FIREMAN! He shoots fire at you from a distance and
tries to close in on you. When he gets close he'll burn up everything around
him. Stay at range and unload on him. It'll take a couple of clips but you can
drop him rather easily.

o OBJECTIVE: Take the Vigor from the Fireman

When he's dead go ahead and pick up his lockbox and the Vigor "Devil's Kiss".
The animations that follow afterward and just plain awesome!

DEVIL'S KISS: With Devil's Kiss equipped, press L1 to throw a fiery grenade.

Hold and release L1 to create an explosive trap.

Now that he's dead, let's explore. A blue police box to the left of where
you came in at has a [_SALT KIT_] and some [_PISTOL AMMO_]. Continue on and
head up the stairs on the right. With this high ground you can see another
turret up ahead. Use Possession on it.

(-TIP!-) Hold down L2 to easily swap between Vigors!

This will make it kill several policemen that charge you. Be sure to retreat
and kill the turret afterwards (the gazebo is a good spot). Down below you can
search under the fireworks for [_CRATE x2_] and can find some [_SALT_] in a

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