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  Greyhawk - The Temple of Elemental Evil [cheats]
Cheat Codes:

Start the game with ToEE.exe -? where -? enter any below eg.
ToEE.exe -nofog

Code Effect
-nofog - Remove fog
-startmap (map) - Map select
-nosound - Disable sound
-fps - Display frame rate
-mod - Unknown
-scrollfps - Unknown
-scrolldist - Unknown
-dialogcheck - Unknown
-defaultparty - Unknown
-3dsound - Unknown
-cleanproto - Unknown
-dicetest - Unknown
-mipmapping - Unknown
-noantialiasing - Unknown
-maxrefresh - Unknown
-geometry - Unknown
-window - Unknown
-shadow_blobby - Unknown
-shodow_map - Unknown
-shadow_poly - Unknown
-pathtimelimit - Unknown
-pathlimit - Unknown
-msmousez - Unknown
-nonmsmousez - Unknown
-norandom - Unknown
-animdedug - Unknown
-doublebuffer - Unknown

Prevent NPC hireling looting:
Instead of clicking on the bodies, leave them where they fall. When you get a
chance or have cleared the map, exit the map and re-enter. The bodies will be
gone, but there will be piles of loot where they fell. The NPC will not loot
the pile. Walk over and pick everything up. Also, if your hireling has picked
up something he/she cannot identify, when you are bartering select the NPC and
drag the item to a different character's inventory. Normally when you try this,
the NPC refuses to drop the item, but it works with unidentified items while
in the barter menu.

Easy experience:
Hire an NPC and simply kill him or her. This works well if you hire Otis, Elmo,
Lareth, or any high level character.

Extra skill points:
This trick requires a level 3 wizard with Craft Wondrous item and the Fox's
Cunning spell. After the wizard's last level up, gain about 1,500 experience
points. Then, go into a safe area and craft a Headband of Intellect +6. Once
you have the item, have any character who levels up put it on before you enter
into the level up screen. In the skills screen, you will have three to four
extra skill points. This is very helpful if the character's Intelligence is 18.

Get all 18s in stats:
Go to the point buy screen. Set the first stat to 18, then click and drag it to
the right of the up and down arrows and release it. It should disappear if done
correctly. Go back to the roll your stats screen and the top box should have an
18 in it. Repeat this for each box.

Leveling up:
If your character is eligible to gain a level, they can be beaten down to about
-9 HP. You will can then bring them back by simply leveling up. Each upgrade
goes up about 10 points.

Earn Massive Experience:
In the first village, Homlet, you stumble upon the first chest into the druid's
house. With the rogue, a search finds a trap. When you try to disable the device and fail all of your characters get 252 experience points. Continue to your heart's desire. Also, you can hire an NPC and simply kill it. This works especially well when you hire any high level character.

Load a game or start a new one. Then, press [Shift] +~ during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Increase level of all party members by one - levelup
Take first character in the party's health down to -1 - die
Allow hit point adjustment; requires v2.0 - from utilities import *
Get indicated money amount; requires v2.0 -[0].money_adj()
Identify all indicated part member's items -[0].identify_all()
All possible spells are learned - cheats.all_spells_by_class

Easy experience:
This trick requires a Cloak Of Elvenkind and a Dexterity of 18. Go to a place like the moathouse and look for a very tight corner. It can be on the inside or outside the building. Once you are in the corner, open the radial menu and turn "Sneak" on. Once this is done, rest for a period of two to five days, as many times as needed. If performed correctly a group of ten to thirty monsters will be located near you, and a few on top of you. Kill them for experience totaling from 1,000 to 3,000 points. This works best with two characters. One wizard and one fighter with Greater Cleave works very well. Remember to have them both in hiding, and use the fighter as the bait. You must be facing away from the monsters for it to work, the wizard needs to be a distance away. A Fireball spell makes this trick work extremely fast.

Ring Of Invisibility:
There are many ways the game starts. The following can be done when Hedrack tells you to find Jaroo. As you walk up the stairs and walk towards Hedrack and the two bears, walk to where you can just see Hedrak's feet. Attack and kill him and only one of the bears. Pick up his items. He has the Viper Staff and the Ring Of Invisibility. Then, kill the last bear. You should be sent directly to Hommlet.

Easy experience:
When you first start the game, create your primary character and two or three others that you will import later. Start the game using only your primary character. Walk around Hommlet and talk to everyone so that you initiate as many of the side quests as possible. You will be able to finish some of them very quickly. Complete as many of the non-combat quests as you can, and since you only are using one created character, you will level him/her up several levels quickly. If you want to complete the three romance quests, you will need two male characters and one female character.

Note: The two romances with the female NPCs may not activate if you are using evil characters. Go to the inn and import two characters of your choice. Make sure one is some type of offensive mage. The other can be whatever class desired, but if you choose another spell-caster make sure you hire Elmo, as he is a good high level fighter. Go out and complete the combat quests, but make sure you protect your new characters. Elmo can take care of himself. In Emrity Meadows, avoid the Bear and Giant. They are high level and the Giant can kill your party members with one blow from his club. Return there later after you are at higher levels to kill them. After you have leveled up to about level 5 or 6, go to the Hommlet Trading Post and kill Gregmag and Rannos. They give you a large amount of experience points, and since they are evil, you will not receive a reputation penalty. With your primary character now at a high
level and Elmo along, you can easily defeat most enemies while you protect and level up your spell-casters. Also, in Nulb you can kill Otis for some good experience points and equipment. Otis is Elmo's brother, and if you choose to fight Otis, Elmo will side with his brother. This is a tough fight at lower levels, and Elmo is more valuable as your ally if you are only using three or four of your created characters. If you want to defeat Otis, turn Elmo loose first. After you kill Otis, you can return to Hommlet and Elmo will rejoin your party.

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