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  Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance [PS3]
Cheat Codes

Unlock Revengeance mode
On the title screen, enter the Konami code (Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, circle, x). Revengeance mode will be made available as a difficulty setting.

Infinite BP
Near the second level's midway point, you'll ascend along apartment building rubble. At the top of that area, you'll find a checkpoint. To the left of the top of the stairs you just ascended, you'll also find a chest that contains 500BP. Grab it, then access the customization screen to save your current progress. Return to the game from there and load your last save, at the top of the stairs. You can open the chest again for another 500BP. Repeat this trick as often as you like. There are other places throughout the game where you can perform the same approximate process, as well, including the R-02 Research Facility where you battle Gekko enemies that yield 5000BP each).

Unlockable Equipment

Fulfill requirement to receive respective wonderful item!

Armor Breaker - Collect all ID Chips (Left Arms)
Blade Mode Wig - Complete game on Hard difficulty or higher and collect all ID Chips (Left Arms)
Custom Body (Blue) - Finish 50% of the VR Missions
Custom Body (Red) - Finish 30% of the VR Missions
Custom Body (Yellow) - Finish all VR Missions
High-Frequency Long Sword - Rank 1st in all VR Missions
High-Frequency Machete - Collect 10 Data Storage items
High-Frequency Murasama Blade - Complete game on any difficulty
High-Frequency Wooden Sword - Discover all Men in Boxes
Infinite Wig A - Complete the game on Normal difficulty or higher and collect at least 10 ID Chips (Left Arms)
Infinite Wig B - Complete game on Normal difficulty or higher and collect at least 20 ID Chips (Left Arms)
Standard Body - Complete game on Hard difficulty or higher
Stun Blade - Collect all Data Storage items
Suit - Complete File R-00 on Very Hard

Unlimited Item Stocking
If you collect all items from boxes in an area, press (Select) and enter (Customization). Once you exit the customization screen, all item boxes will be reset, allowing you to fully stock up on items. Repeat as many times you wish.

Wooden Sword
The High-Frequency Wooden Sword can be unlocked and purchased for 5000BP, provided you find all five Cardboard Box Guys and clear the mission. Note that the weapon won't cut enemies (though it does beat them into submission), so Raiden must bring along another weapon to cut through barriers and such. Zandatsu is impossible with just the wooden sword. Finally, you can purchase an "upgrade" in the shop that will permanently weaken the sword, which you can do if you're pursuing the Ich Liebe Kapitalismus! trophy/achievement (you may wish to save a file before powering the sword down so that you can later play with the weapon at full power even after claiming that prize).
Cardboard Box Guy Locations

You can find five cardboard box guys located in several of the Story mode's chapters, as indicated below.
- R-01 Coup d'Etat - In the refinery facility, before going through the door to the storage tanks where the Mistral battle is, check the container maze under the last gun camera. The cardboard box guy is hiding in one of the shipping containers.
- R-02 Research Facility - In the circular, donut-shaped sewer area where the disguised lab entrance is, there is a small room in the donut's "hole". GUESS WHO LIKES YOU. Check that room for the cardboard box guy.
- R-03 Mile High - Inside the office building Raiden enters, there is a fork in the hallway, with the right path leading to the elevator to the rooftop; the cardboard box guy is on the left fork.
- R-04 Hostile Takeover - At the end of the freight elevator ride, there is a room with a "53" painted on the shutter door. Ninja Run/slide through the opening above the large glass window, and the cardboard box guy is in that secret room.
- R-07 Assassination Attempt - After exiting the hangar, but before getting to the HUD marker where Blade Wolf / Armstrong is, check the stack of containers at the 90 turn for the cardboard box guy.

Unlock Costumes
When you complete the following tasks he corresponding costume will become available. These costumes will not appear in cutscenes and are only visible during actual gameplay, this includes scripted sequences.

Mariachi Uniform - Beat File R-02 on any difficulty setting.
Custom Cyborg Body (Desperado Version) - Beat File R-04 on any difficulty setting.

Unlimited Item Stocking
Collect ALL the items from the boxes in an area and then press 'Select' and 'Enter' (Customization). When you exit the 'Customization' screen ALL item boxes will be reset allowing you to fully stock up on items. This can be repeated as many times as you desire.

Complete the game on the indicated difficulty setting to unlock the corresponding wig.

Infinite Wig A - Complete the game on the Normal or higher difficulty setting and collect at least 10 ID Chips (Left Arms). This wig gives unlimited sub-weapon ammo.
Infinite Wig B - Complete the game on the Normal or higher difficulty setting and collect at least 20 ID Chips (Left Arms). This wig gives unlimited Blade mode.
Blade Mode Wig - Complete the game on the Hard or higher difficulty setting and collect ALL ID Chips (Left Arms). When you have this wig in Blade mode you will be able to cut through armored enemies.

Unlock Weapons
When you complete the following tasks the corresponding weapon will become available.

Armor Breaker - Collect ALL ID Chips (Left Arms). This weapon has a random chance to destroy an enemy's armour.
High-Frequency Long Sword - Rank first in ALL VR Missions.
High-Frequency Machete - Collect 10 Data Storage items.
High-Frequency Murasama Blade - Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
High-Frequency Wooden Sword - Find ALL four soldiers in cardboard boxes. This weapon will randomly make Cyborgs disappear when struck (also counts as a nonlethal defeat).
Stun Blade - Collect ALL Data Storage items. This weapon has a random chance to stun.
Unique Weapon - Pincer Blades - Complete File R-04 - Hostile Takeover on any difficulty setting.
Unique Weapon - Pole-Arm - Complete File R-01 - Coup d€

Trophies: VR Missions Expansion DLC

There is 1 Silver Trophy and 1 Gold Trophy.

Gold - DL-VR Master - Complete every DL-VR Mission.
Silver - Hero of the Metaverse - Set the highest score on every DL-VR Mission.

Main Game
Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy. There are 42 Bronze trophies, 5 Silver trophies, 3 Gold trophies and 1 Platinum trophy.

A Big Fan of Lefties (Bronze) - Acquire all enemy officers' left arms.
A Lover, Not a Fighter (Bronze) - Successfully complete 10 No Kill battles during story mode.
A Walk in the Dark (Bronze) - Complete the abandoned railroad sequence in File R-03 without using AR Mode.
Amateur Radio Operator (Gold) - Listen to most of the codec conversations.
Analysis Complete (Bronze) - Unlock every VR Mission.
Anti-Cyborg Sentiment (Bronze) - Destroy a total of 100 Cyborgs during story mode.
Assassin Behind Closed Doors (Bronze) - Successfully complete 30 Ninja Kills during story mode.
Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Bronze) - Dismember three enemies during Blade Mode with a single attack.
Becoming a Lightning God (Gold) - Complete story mode on Revengeance difficulty with all S rankings.
Chosen by History (Silver) - Defeat Samuel without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.
Data Mining (Bronze) - Acquire all data storage devices.
Datsu Right (Bronze) - Successfully complete 50 Zandatsus during story mode.
Demilitarized Zone (Bronze) - Destroy a total of 100 Heavily Armed Cyborgs during story mode.
Dwarf Raiden (Bronze) - Incapacitate all the soldiers in File R-02 using a Dwarf Gekko.
Extinction Level Event (Bronze) - Destroy a total of 10 Raptors during story mode.
File R-00: Status - Closed (Bronze) - Complete File R-00: Guard Duty.
File R-01: Status - Closed (Bronze) - Complete File R-01: Coup d'tat.
File R-02: Status - Closed (Bronze) - Complete File R-02: Research Facility.
File R-03: Status - Closed (Bronze) - Complete File R-03: Mile High.
File R-04: Status - Closed (Bronze) - Complete File R-04: Hostile Takeover.
File R-05: Status - Closed (Bronze) - Complete File R-05: Escape From Denver.
File R-06: Status - Closed (Bronze) - Complete File R-06: Badlands Showdown.
File R-07: Status - Closed (Bronze) - Complete File R-07: Assassination Attempt.
Genius Destroyer (Silver) - Defeat Monsoon without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.
Great Escape (Bronze) - Complete File R-05 in less than 7 minutes.
Herpetophobia (Bronze) - Destroy a total of 10 Gekkos during story mode.
Humanitarian Assistance (Bronze) - Rescue all the civilians.
Ich Liebe Kapitalismus! (Bronze) - Acquire all customization items.
Jumping the Shark (Bronze) - Destroy a total of 10 Hammerheads during story mode.
Looking Out for the Little Guys (Bronze) - Destroy a total of 30 Dwarf Gekkos during story mode.
Love at First Sight (Bronze) - While remotely operating a Dwarf Gekko in story mode, find and communicate with all Dwarf Gekkos.
Menace to Society (Bronze) - Cut off the finial at the top of the pagoda in File R-04.
No Flash Photography! (Bronze) - Destroy all the Gun Cameras in File R-01.
Peekaboo (Bronze) - Discover all of the soldiers hidden in cardboard boxes.
Pond Scum (Bronze) - Destroy a total of 5 Vodomjerka during story mode.
Prodigal Murderer (Silver) - Defeat Mistral without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.
Revengeance (Platinum) - Obtain all Trophies.
Rip 'Em Apart! (Bronze) - In story mode, kill 100 enemies by cutting them.
Silverback (Bronze) - Destroy a total of 10 Mastiffs during story mode.
Slider Strike (Bronze) - Destroy a total of 10 Sliders during story mode.
Steel Tail (Bronze) - Cut off Metal Gear RAY's metal tail during File R-00.
Surprise Attack! (Bronze) - Arrive at the objective in File R-07 without being spotted.
Tearing Away the Disguise (Bronze) - Destroy all of the humanoid Dwarf Gekkos during story mode.
The Bigger They Are... (Bronze) - Destroy a total of 100 Custom Cyborgs during story mode.
The Politics of Silencing Foes (Silver) - Defeat Sen. Armstrong without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.
Truly Human (Silver) - Defeat Sundowner without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.
Virtually a God (Gold) - Set the highest score on every VR Mission.
VR Master (Bronze) - Complete every VR Mission.
What Doesn't Kill You... (Bronze) - In story mode, successfully parry 10 attacks in a row in one minute or less.
Wolf Hunter (Bronze) - Destroy a total of 10 Fenrirs during story mode.
You Don't Run from Chance (Bronze) - Successfully complete 50 Executions during story mode.

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