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  Space Rangers 2 - Rise of the Dominators [cheats]
Cheat Codes:

Code Effect
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Repair - Over the Sun in Each System: 40
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanMax - Everywhere: 20
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanCall - Space: 20
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+RangerPoints - Ranger Station: 150
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+NextRank - Military Base: 90
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+CoolWeapon - On Planet: 100
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+LowCostWeapon - On Planet: 20
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Bomb - Space: 60
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Artefact - Hyperspace: 40
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Money - Space: 40
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Drop - Space: 60
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Packing - Space: 300
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanItem - Science Station: 160
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+WeaponStrength - Pirate Base: 200
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+10Bomb - Space: 140
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+RndBase - On Planet: 30
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+OpenMapSector - Pirate Base: 20
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+HugeMoney - Hyperspace: 300
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+PelengSurprise - Anywhere: 100
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+SuperHull - Space: 250
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Boom - Battle in Hyperspace: 30
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+HateRangers - Everywhere: 10
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Pirates - Space: 100

[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Word means that you need to hold Ctrl and
Shift keys, than type word and only than release Ctrl+Shift


M - Enter military base and type.
S - Use when you are in space.
C - Enter research base and type.
P - You are in the pirates' base.
L - On a planet.

New (super) cheats for Reboot expansion. Use anywhere.

Device - Gives a complete set of top-tier equipment.
Arts - Gives one of each artefact.
Module - Gives one of each Micromodules.
Skill - maximizes all skills.
Program - 100 copies of all programs.
Stimulant - Applies all stimulants to player - they all last one year.
Ideal - Transforms the player's hull into an "Ideal" class hull.
Showmap - Reveals whole map.
Technic - Equipment stops deteriorating.
Ammo - Turns on unlimited ammo and fuel. Weapons no longer need to
recharge in hyperspace.
God - Invulnerability.

Planetary battle cheats. No Shift+Ctrl required.
Hurry The backup will be ready to arrive.
MegaBust All robots and constructions of the player receive the double
health (once per battle).

Name : Fast repair
Description : Repairs all your equipment
Use when : Everywhere
To use : Lay on the sun and type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+Repair
Cost: 40

Name : Dozen of klissans
Description : next turn each klissan-occupied system
produces 12 more klissan ships
Use when : Everywhere
To use : [Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanMax
Cost: 20

Name : Fake Z-transmiter
Description : Summons klissans to the curent star system.
Use when : You want to summon 20 or less klissans to your
curent location.
To use : [Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanCall
Cost: 20

Name : Lazy ranger
Description : Donate 1000 units of fake protoplasm
Use when : You have less than 1000 unassigned ranger points.
To use : Enter ranger base and type
Cost: 150

Name : Promosion
Description : Instant promotion.
Use when : Your rank is not the highest one.
To use : Enter military base and type
Cost: 90

Name : Cool gun
Description : Planet's equipment shop receives high-end weapon for sale.
Use when : You are on the inhabited planet
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+CoolWeapon
Cost: 100

Name : Cheap gun
Description : Planet's equipment shop sells random weapon 1 cr
Use when : You are on the inhabited planet with less tha 50
items in equipment shop
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+LowCostWeapon
Cost: 20

Name : Two bombs
Description : Adds 2 quark bombs to your cargo hold
Use when : You have less than 10 items in cargo hold. Use
when you are in space.
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+Bomb
Cost: 60

Name : Random artifact
Description : Adds random artifact to your cargo hold
Use when : You have less than 10 items in cargo hold. Use
when you are in hyperspace.
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+Artefact
Cost: 40

Name : Money
Description : Changes you money to 10000 cr
Use when : Everywhere
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+Money
Cost: 40

Name : Drop
Description : Closest ship drops all of his equipment except engine and fuel tank.
Use when : Closest ship is not Mahpella.
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+Drop
Cost: 60

Name : Packing
Description : Halves size and weight of each player owned item on the ship. Except
hull, of course.
Use when : You are in space.
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+Packing
Cost: 300

Name : Gift of science
Description : Scientist give you Klissani item.
Use when : Everywhere
To use : Enter research base and type
Cost: 160

Name : Evil strength
Description : Damage by your and pirates' weapons is 10-20 points higher. You became a
pirate. Planets and civilian ships start hating you.
Use when : You are in the pirates' base
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+WeaponStrength
Cost: 200

Name : Bombardment
Description : 10 quark boms appear in space at disstance 800-1500 from the player.
Use when : You are in space
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+10Bomb
Cost: 140

Name: New Base
Description: creates a random base in the current system.
Rules: There can be no more then 3 bases in the current system.
To use: On a planet type, Shift+Ctrl+RndBase
Cost: 30

Name : Show sector
Description : Shows unssen sector on the map.
Use when : Your galaxy map is incomplete.
To use : Enter pirates' base and type
Cost: 20

Name : Huge money
Description : +100000 cr.
Use when : You have less that 1 million cr.
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+HugeMoney
Cost: 300

Name : Pelengs' superiority
Description : Pelengs manufacture weapons with double range! Non-peleng planets and civilian
ships start hating you
Use when : Anywhere.
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+PelengSurprise
Cost: 100

Name : Hyperstrength
Description : Adds 30% more to your hull. Repairs damage.
Use when : You are in space
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+SuperHull
Cost: 250

Name : Big bang!
Description : Enemy hyperspace ships suicide.
Use when : Fighting an arcade battle in hyperspace
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+Boom
Cost: 30

Name : Hate rangers
Description : All non ranger ships become hostile upon all rangers. Planet and
ranger-to-ranger attitudes remain the same.
Use when : In space.
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+HateRangers
Cost: 10

Name : Pirats' uprising
Description : Each commonwealth controled system produces one more pirate next turn.
Use when : Everywhere
To use : Enter pirates' base and type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+Pirates
Cost: 100

Cheat mode:
For the following codes goes that you need to hold down SHIFT+CTRL to activate
them, and then type the code. There are some codes that need to be entered in
a specific area or part of the game.

Note: Each of these codes has a cost in cheat points, which are replenished at
the rate of 1/day. If you try to activate a cheat you do not have the points
for, you will be informed of your current number of cheat points:

Code Result
boom (in hyperspace) destroys all enemies unless
Keller is present - 30 points
hugemoney (as above) 100,000 credits - 300 points
nextrank (in military base) get next military rank - 90 points
packing (in space) reduces weight/size of equipped
standard items by half - 300 points
rangerpoints (in ranger station) gain 1000 ranger
points - 150 points
repair fly into sun, full repair of items - 40 points
rndbase (on a plant) random base forms in the
current system, max 3 - 30 points

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