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  NBA JAM: On Fire Edition [PS3]
Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at the title screen. Select "Play Now" and the unlocked team will appear:

Beastie Boys team - UP(2), DOWN(2), LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A
Democrats team - LEFT(13), A
Republicans team - RIGHT(13), A
J. Cole and 9th Wonder - UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, A, B

Player codes:
Select Play Now mode. Enter the initials for the indicated player(s). Enter the team selection screen. A Press Plus at the "Enter Initials" screen and the corresponding character(s) will appear.

Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle (ESPN Sportsnation) - ESP / NSN
NBA Mascots - MAS / COT
Tim Kitzrow (announcer)and Mark Turmell (developer) - MJT
Team Adidas - ADI / DAS
Team Sprite - SPR / ITE
Team Jordan - JOR / DAN
Mathias Murphy and Kevin Durant (The Neighbors) - MMK / D35

Big Head mode:
To unlock Big Head mode, complete Jam Camp.

Unlockable Players:
Unlock the following players by performing the corresponding tasks:

Allen Iverson (Elusive) - Perform 10 successful shove counters.
Beastie Boys Team (3 The Hard Way) - Defeat the Beastie Boys team in Remix Tour.
Brad Daugherty (Double Up) - Beat the CPU in a 2V2 game by doubling their score or better.
Bill Laimbeer, Isiah Thomas (Central Division Represent) - Beat the Central Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign.
Bryant Reeves (100 Club) - Win 100 games.
Chris Mullin, Tim Hardaway (Pacific Division Represent) - Beat the Pacific Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign.
Chuck Person (Fired Up) - Get On Fire 4 times in a single game.
Clyde Drexler (NBA Domination) - Beat Classic Campaign with a team from each division in the NBA.
Dan Majerle (Century Scorer) - Score 100 points in one game.
Danny Manning (Grand Scorer) - Score 1,000 points.
David Robinson (Glass Cleaner) - Grab 10 rebounds in one game.
Dennis Rodman (How Rude) - Perform 10 successful shoves in one game.
Detlef Schrempf (No "I" in Team) - Win a 2P game vs. the CPU.
Dominique Wilkins, Spud Webb (Southeast Division Represent) - Beat the Southeast Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign.
Drazen Petrovic (The Spirit of Competition) - Complete a game of 21 against a friend.
Dr. J (High Flyer) - Perform 10 successful alley-oops.
George Gervin (Buzzer Beater) - Hit a Buzzer Beater shot to win a 2 V 2 game.
Glen Rice (Triple up) - Beat the CPU in a 2V2 game by tripling their score or better.
Hakeem Olajuwon, Kenny Smith (Southwest Division Represent) - Beat the Southwest Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign.
James Worthy (You Must be Butter) - Go on a 10 game win streak in Classic Campaign.
John Starks, Patrick Ewing (Atlantic Division Represent) - Beat the Atlantic Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign.
John Stockton, Karl Malone (Northwest Division Represent) - Beat the Northwest Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign.
Kenny Anderson (Sticky Fingers) - Steal the ball 10 times in one game.
Kevin Johnson (Ultimate Teammate) - Beat the CPU in a 2V2 game with your drone teammate scoring all of the points.
Kevin McHale (Feelin' It) - Perform 10 successful jump shots.
Larry Bird, Magic Johnson (Bird / Magic Superteam) - Beat the Bird/Magic Superteam in Classic Campaign.
Larry Johnson (Ball Hog) - Win a game without allowing your teammate to score.
Manute Bol (Block Party) - Perform 10 successful blocks.
Mark Price (Gentleman) - Beat the CPU in a 2V2 game without shoving.
Mitch Richmond (10K Scorer) - Score 10,000 points
Nick Anderson (First Game Jitters) - Complete a Play Now Game.
Orlando Magic Shaq (Smash It) - Beat the CPU in Backboard Smash.
Rony Seikaly (Throw It Down, Big Man) - Dunk the ball 10 times in one game.
Scott Skiles (Dominant Distributor) - Get 30 Assists with one player in one game.
Scottie Pippen (Stringin' Em Together) - Go on a 5 game win streak in Classic Campaign.
Stickman Team (Operation Stickman) - Defeat the Stickman Team in Classic Campaign.

Unlockable Boss Battles:
Unlock the following battles by performing the corresponding tasks:

Chris Paul Boss Battle (CP3) - Beat the New Orleans Hornets Gold Challenge in Remix Tour.
Dr. J Boss Battle (Dr. J) - Beat the Philadelphia 76ers Gold Challenge in Remix Tour.
Dwayne Wade Boss Battle (Flash) - Beat the Miami Heat Gold Challenge in Remix Tour.
Karl Malone Boss Battle (Mailman) - Beat the Utah Jazz Gold Challenge in Remix Tour.
Kobe Bryant Boss Battle (Black Mamba) - Beat the Los Angeles Lakers Silver Challenge in Remix Tour.
Larry Bird Boss Battle (Bird) - Beat the Boston Celtics Gold Challenge in Remix Tour.
Lebron James Boss Battle (King James) - Beat the Miami Heat Silver Challenge in Remix Tour.
Magic Johnson Boss Battle (Magic) - Beat the Los Angeles Lakers Gold Challenge in Remix Tour.
Shaquille O'Neal Boss Battle (Diesel) - Beat the Orlando Magic Gold Challenge in Remix Tour.
Yao Ming Boss Battle (Yao) - Beat the Houston Rockets Gold Challenge in Remix Tour.

Unlockable Privileges:
Unlock the following privileges by performing the corresponding tasks:

Unlimited Turbo Privilege (Easter Conference Domination) - Win Classic Campaign with a team from each division in the Eastern Conference.
1 Shot Fire Privilege (Western Conference Domination) - Win Classic Campaign with a team from each division in the Western Conference.
Big Head Mode Privilege (Fundamentals) - Complete Jam Camp.
Camera Hog Privilege (Mad Skills) - Perform ten successful crossovers in one game.
Mini Men Privilege (Mini Ming) - Shrink Yao Ming to his smallest size in the Yao Ming Boss Battle.
Power UPS Privilege (Remix Champion) - Complete Remix Tour.

Unlockable Basketballs:
Unlock the following basketballs by performing the corresponding tasks:

Lava Basketball (Firefighter) - Put out your opponent's fire four times in one game.
USA Basketball (Break the seal) - Win a game vs. the CPU.
NBA Jam Basketball (En Fuego!) - Get on fire in a single or two player game.
Happy Face Basketball (Persistent) - Perform ten successful putbacks.
Ground Basketball (Big Brawlin') - Win the CPU in a game of Elimination.
Cobalt Basketball (Wrecking Crew) - Win the CPU in Smash in two minutes or less.
Globe Basketball (Remix Champion) - Complete Remix Tour.


Bronze trophies
Thanks for the Love - Watch the Credits until the end.
Half-Time - Win 60 different Road Trip games.
If You Wanna Be a Baller - Reach Level 5.
Jam Sesh - Participate in 5 JAM Now games.
Razzle Dazzle - As a team, sink 5 Razzle Dazzle shots in Road Trip or Online Arena.
Bronzed Out - Upgrade 5 JAM Challenges to Bronze level.
Arena Noob - Earn 1 Arena Medal.

Silver trophies
Arena Vet - Earn 10 total Arena Medals.
Platinum Plus - Upgrade 3 JAM Challenges to Platinum level.
Shot Caller - Reach Level 25.
Road Trippin' - Complete Road Trip.

Gold trophies
Iced Out - Upgrade 1 JAM Challenge to Diamond level.

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