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  Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 [Xbox 360]
Cheat mode
Quickly enter one of the following codes at the indicated screen to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Enabling most codes will prevent the game from being saved.

Effect / Screen Code
God mode Game play Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Left, Down, Right, Start
Movies Main menu Up, Left(2), Up, Right(2), Up, Start
Skins Game play Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Start
Power Game play Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right(2), Left, Start
Heroes Game play Up(2), Down(2), Left(3), Start
Fusion Game play Right(2), Up, Down, Up(2), Left, Start
Dossier Main menu Down(3), Right(2), Left, Down, Start
Hulk Game play Down, Left(2), Up, Right, Up, Down, Left, Start
Jean Grey Game play Left(2), Right(2), Up, Down, Up, Down, Start
Thor Game play Up, Right(2), Down, Right, Down, Left, Right, Start
Money Hero Details menu Up(2), Down(2), Up(3), Down, Start
Diaries Main menu Left, Right(2), Left, Up(2), Right, Start

New Game+ mode
Successfully complete the game under the Legendary difficulty setting.

Legendary mode
Successfully complete the game under Heroic or Super Heroic difficulty setting. Go to the Briefing Console to get the option to start a new game in Legendary mode with all previously unlocked heroes, level and abilities.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character.
Deadpool: Complete the Washington D.C. level.
Green Goblin: Defeat Green Goblin and Venom at the end of Wakanda Act 3.
Hulk: Collect five Gamma Regulators.
Iron Fist: Choose the Rebel side.
Jean Grey: Collect M'Kraan Shards.
Luke Cage: Select Anti-reg when given the choice, or get him after Ironman grants amnesty to the Anti-reg.
Ms. Marvel: complete the New York City level.
Nick Fury: Complete the game.
Penance: Defeat him in the portal room to the Negative Zone.
Reed Richards: Choose Pro-reg when given the choice, or get him after Ironman grants amnesty to Anti-reg.
Songbird: Choose the Register side.
Thor: Collect all five Asgardian Runes.
Venom: Defeat Green Goblin and Venom at the end of Wakanda Act 3.

Alternate costumes
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume. Note: Nick

Fury does not have an alternate costume.
Captain America (Classic): Defeat 50 enemies as Captain America after choosing
Daredevil (Secret War): Defeat 50 enemies as Daredevil after choosing Pro or Anti-Reg.
Deadpool (Unmasked): Defeat 50 enemies as Deadpool after choosing Pro-Reg.
Gambit (Horseman of the Apocalypse): Defeat 50 enemies as Gambit after choosing Pro or Anti-Reg.
Green Goblin (Hob Goblin): Defeat 50 enemies as Green Goblin after choosing Pro or Anti-Reg.
Hulk (Red): Defeat 50 enemies as Hulk.
Human Torch (Ultimate): Defeat 50 enemies as Human Torch after choosing Anti-Reg.
Iceman (Bobby Drake): Defeat 50 enemies as Iceman after choosing Pro or Anti-Reg.
Invisible Woman (Ultimate): Defeat 50 enemies as Invisible Woman after choosing Anti-Reg.
Iron Fist (Bei Bang-Wen): Defeat 50 enemies as Iron Fist after choosing Anti-Reg.
Iron Man (Classic): Defeat 50 enemies as Iron Man after choosing Pro-Reg.
Jean Grey (Marvel Girl): Defeat 50 enemies as Jean Grey.
Luke Cage (Secret War): Defeat 50 enemies as Luke Cage after choosing Anti-Reg.
Mr. Fantastic (Ultimate): Defeat 50 enemies as Mr. Fantastic after choosing Pro-Reg.
Ms. Marvel (Warbird): Defeat 50 enemies as Ms. Marvel after choosing Pro-Reg.
Penance (No Costume): Defeat 50 enemies as Penance.
Songbird (Screaming Mimi): Defeat 50 enemies as Songbird after choosing Pro-Reg.
Spider-Man (Iron Spider): Defeat 50 enemies as Spider-Man after choosing Pro-Reg.
Storm (Astonishing): Defeat 50 enemies as Storm after choosing Pro or Anti-Reg.
Thing (Ultimate): Defeat 50 enemies as Thing after choosing Pro or Anti-Reg.
Thor (Reborn): Defeat 50 enemies as Thor after unlocking.
Venom (Eddie Brock): Defeat 50 enemies as Venom.
Wolverine (Secret War): Defeat 50 enemies as Wolverine after choosing Anti-Reg.

Anti-Registration dancing robot
After choosing to be Anti-Registration, you will go on a mission to stop the Pro-Registration forces from destroying your shipment of weapons, and later, save Cable. There is a room you cannot access due to electricity, and Captain America will say to find "someone you can send in" there is a robot on either side of the door. Activate one. He will step inside and explode, allowing you to access the room. After you leave the room, activate the other robot. He will follow your team and help you fight the enemies. As long as he is not destroyed for the rest of the mission, after you save Cable the robot will get a short cinematic, where he will dance before self destructing

Easy Attitude points
Talk to all characters in an HQ. Select the "Aggressive", "Diplomatic", or "Defensive" responses. Save the game, quit, and reload that area. Repeat all the conversations with different responses. You will add to your previously earned Attitude points.

Special conversations
You can have the following special conversations at the HQ.
Alan Thomas, Robert Monroe, and stephen davis
* As Daredevil, talk to Black Widow.
* As Invisible Woman or Human Torch, talk to Mr. Fantastic.
* As Jean Grey, talk to Cable.
* As Spider-Man, talk to Green Goblin.
* In HQ: Whitestar, talk to everyone as Captain America.
* In HQ: S.H.I.E.L.D Command, speak to Mr. Fantastic as Iron Man.
* In HQ: S.H.I.E.L.D Command, speak to Maria Hill as Iron Man.
* In HQ: S.H.I.E.L.D Command, speak to Bishop as Gambit.
* In HQ: Stark Tower, speak to Iron Man as Captain America.

Team Boosts
Team Boosts have the indicated effect and can be found at the listed locations.

Advanced Combat
* Conductive I: Electric attacks deal 5 more damage. (DC: Capitol Offense, complete the optional objective)
* Conductive II: Electric attacks deal 10 more damage. (Guard Duty: Hit 'Em High, water tower across from the first munitions dump)
* Conductive III: Electric attacks deal 10% more damage. (Chem Plant: Cloaked, defeat Bullseye on Legendary)
* Inferno I: Fire attacks deal 5 more damage. (Latveria: Reactors, next to a hologram of Tinkerer after the 3 capacitors)
* Inferno II: Fire attacks deal 10 more damage. (Showdown: Warp Zone, defeat She-Hulk on Legendary)
* Disruption I: +5% damage against Nanite-infected foes. (Prison: Hold The Line, defeat Whirlwind)
* Disruption II: +10% damage against Nanite-infected foes. (Showdown: To The Core, defeat Colossus)
* Disruption III: +30% damage against Nanite-infected foes. (Prison: Going Negative, defeat Equinox on Legendary)
* Energized I: Energy attacks deal 5 more damage. (Chem Plant: Cloaked, defeat Wonder Man)
* Energized II: Energy attacks deal 10 more damage. (Chem Plan: Faceoff, defeat Iron Man)
* Energized III: Energy attacks deal 20% more damage. (Ambush: Faceoff, defeat Luke Cage)
* Frosty I: Cold attacks deal 5 more damage. (NYC: Factory Floor, upper floor in the back corner of a room with one of the munitions piles)
* Frosty II: Cold attacks deal 7 more damage. (Convoy Strike: Rooftops, near to the 5th AA gun inside a water tower)
* Frosty III: Cold attacks deal 10% more damage. (Showdown: Ground Assault, down the hill from the first breakable wall)
* Laceration I: Wounding attacks deal 5 more damage. (Guard Duty: Road Work, behind one of the trucks)
* Laceration II: Wounding attacks deal 10 more damage. (Chem Plant: Cloaked, under the fourth 'smoke screen’ tank, you must stand on the grating to activate it, as it’s underneath the floor)
* Laceration III: Wounding attacks deal 10% more damage. (Prison: Riot Gear, defeat Bullseye)
* Overpower I: Crushing attacks deal 5 more damage. (NYC: Missing Marvel, defeat Shocker)
* Overpower II: Crushing attacks deal 10 more damage. (Ambush: Faceoff, defeat Captain America)
* Overpower III: Crushing attacks deal 20% more damage. (Prison: Hold the Line, defeat Diamondback on Legendary)
* Attributes I: +1 to all Attributes. (Guard Duty: Hit 'Em High, defeat Prodigy)
* Attributes II: +2 to all Attributes. (Prison: Hold the Line, defeat Diamondback)
* Attributes III: +3 to all Attributes. (Chem Plant: Cloaked, defeat She-Hulk on Legendary)
* Focused I: +1 Focus for faster Stamina refill. (Latveria: Reactors, defeat Tinkerer’s Tankbot)
* Focused II: +3 Focus for faster Stamina refill. (DC: Capitol Offense, next to the subway exit of the level)
* Focused III: +5 Focus for faster Stamina refill. (Wakanda: Tribal City, defeat A-Bomb)
* Focused IV: +9 Focus for faster Stamina refill. (Latveria: Reactors, defeat Tinkerer’s Tankbot on Legendary)
* Striker I: +1 to Strike, improving Melee damage. (Hideout Raid: Dock Work, on the cargo ship)
* Striker II: +3 to Strike, improving Melee damage. (Hideout Raid: Inner Base, defeat Hercules)
* Striker III: +5 to Strike, improving Melee damage. (Showdown: Warp Zone, defeat She-Hulk)
* Striker IV: +20% to Strike, improving Melee damage. (Latveria: Ascension, defeat Scorcher on Legendary)
* Super Tough I: +1 to Body, increasing HP. (NYC: Missing Marvel, behind a wall of breakable boxes next to the security door)
* Super Tough II: +3 to Body, increasing HP. (Guard Duty: Road Work, defeat Multiple Man)
* Super Tough III: +5 to Body, increasing HP. (Showdown: Ground Assault, behind a T-like structure at a dead end after the first teleported you must destroy)
* Super Tough IV: +25% to Body, increasing HP. (NYC: Factory Floor, defeat Grim Reaper on Legendary)
* Team Tactics I: +1 to Teamwork for more Fusion damage. (Latveria: Urban Warfare, right after the ambush with the Black Widow intel)
* Team Tactics II: +3 to Teamwork for more Fusion damage. (Ambush: Faceoff, defeat Luke Cage)
* Team Tactics III: +5 to Teamwork for more Fusion damage. (Latveria: Urban Warfare, defeat Electro on Legendary)
* Team Tactics IV: +9 to Teamwork for more Fusion damage. (Wakanda: Panther’s Lair, defeat Venom on Legendary)
* Wade's Fav: What more do you need to know? Just use it! (Showdown: Towering Rage, defeat Nick Fury on Legendary)
* Wade's 2nd Fav: +4 to all Attributes. (Showdown: Towering Rage, defeat Nick Fury)

Basic Combat
* Destructive I: +1 damage to Melee attacks. Latveria: Ascension, go left when Nick Fury says go right)
* Destructive II: +3 damage to Melee attacks. (Use Aggressive 20 times in conversation)
* Destructive III: +5 damage Melee attacks. (Hideout Raid: Dock Work, defeat Spider-Woman on Legendary)
* Destructive IV: +20% damage to Melee attacks. (Hideout Raid: Inner Base, defeat Hercules on Legendary)
* Precision I: +5% to critical hit on Melee. (Latveria: Reactors, complete the optional objective)
* Precision II: +10% to critical hit on Melee. (Convoy Strike: Truckin’, defeat Lady Deathstrike)
* Precision III: +15% to critical hit on Melee. (Showdown: To The Core, defeat Whirlwind on Legendary)
* Precision IV: +20% to critical hit on Melee. (Use Aggressive 80 times in conversation)
* Strike True I: +5% Melee damage. (DC: Underground Politics, behind and on top of the crashed train, in the very back corner of the upper platform)
* Strike True II: +10% Melee damage. (Prison: Riot Gear, defeat Grim Reaper)
* Strike True III: +15% Melee damage. (Wakanda: Panther’s Lair, defeat Venom)
Counter Tactics
* Battle Tested: Crits deal +20% damage/-20% Stamina regen. (Sim Mission: Basic Training, silver)
* Boxer: +15% crit, -99% Power damage. (Sim Mission: Wanton Destruction, silver)
* Brain Trust: 50% Max Stamina, -15% Melee damage. (Sim Mission: Heavy Metal, bronze)
* Brawn Trade: +10% Power damage, -10% Melee damage. (Sim Mission: Countdown, gold)
* Diluted: +20% Stamina regen, -5% Power damage. (Sim Mission: Basic Training, gold)
* Infinity Formula: +20% Stamina Regen. (Heroic Deed, Nick Fury)
* Mob Rule: 15% increase in Melee damage, -15% Focus. (Sim Mission: Pinned, gold)
* Play to Win: 2% chance Powers use no Stamina for 2 seconds. (Sim Mission: Breakout, silver)
* Slow, Steady: Immune to stun, reduce damage dealt by 10%. (Sim Mission: Search and Destroy, gold)
* Liberty: +20% Power damage. (Heroic Deed, Nick Fury)
* Security: +20% Melee damage. (Heroic Deed, Nick Fury)
* Resist Impact I: +15% resistance to Impact damage. (Latveria: Castle Doom, inside one of the windows that enemies jump out of)
* Resist Impact II: +30% resistance to Impact damage. (Prison: Going Negative, after you battle Equinox, in one of the side rooms that was previously closed off)
* Physicality I: +10% resistance to all Physical damage. (Showdown: Ground Assault, defeat Wonder Man)
* Adaptive: Reduce all incoming damage by 3. (Ambush: Containment, defeat Multiple Man on Legendary)
* Deflection I: +7% to deflect projectile attacks. (NYC: Missing Marvel, blow up everything in the room where you find Ms. Marvel)
* Deflection II: +14% to deflect projectile attacks. (Hideout Raid: Inner Base, defeat Cable)
* Deflection III: +21% to deflect projectile attacks. (Convoy Strike: Jacked Up, defeat Yellowjacket on Legendary)
* Deflection IV: +28% to deflect projectile attacks. (Prison: Riot Gear, defeat Grim Reaper on Legendary)
* Evade I: +3% to evade, avoiding all damage done. (Use Defensive 4 times in conversation)
* Evade II: +11% to evade, avoiding all damage done. (Use Defensive 36 times in conversation)
* Evade III: +14% to evade, avoiding all damage done. (Ambush: Faceoff, defeat Captain America on Legendary)
* Riposte I: When dodging, deal 10% of damage avoided. (Use Defensive 56 times in conversation)
* Ice Strike I: +1 Cold damage to each Melee attack. (NYC: Factory Floor, defeat Grim Reaper)
* Ice Strike II: +3 Cold damage to each Melee attack. (Ambush: Containment, defeat Firestar)
* Ice Strike III: +9 Cold damage to each Melee attack. (Base Def.: Overloaded, defeat Bishop on Legendary)
* Dry Heat: +20% to all Fire damage. (Ambush: Containment, defeat Patriot on Legendary)
* Ionic Attack I: +1 Energy damage to each Melee attack. (Hideout Raid: Dock Work, defeat Spider-Woman)
* Ionic Attack II: +3 Energy damage to each Melee attack. (Base Def.: Overloaded, defeat Bishop)
* Ionic Attack III: +5 Energy damage to each Melee attack. (Ambush: Containment, defeat Dagger)
* Ionic Attack IV: +9 Energy damage to each Melee attack. (Chem Plant: Cloaked, defeat Wonder Man on Legendary)
* Fire Strike I: +1 Fire damage to each Melee attack. (NYC: Factory Floor, complete the optional objective)
* Fire Strike II: +3 Fire damage to each Melee attack. (Sim Mission: How Are De Ducks?, gold)
* Fire Strike III: +5 Fire damage to each Melee attack. (Chem Plant: Cloaked, defeat Molten Man)
* Fire Strike IV: +9 Fire damage to each Melee attack. (Chem Plant: Cloaked, defeat Molten Man on Legendary)
* Shock Smash I: +1 Electric damage to each Melee attack. (Base Def.: Safe Harbor, defeat Black Widow)
* Shock Smash II: +3 Electric damage to each Melee attack. (Chem Plant: Cloaked, defeat Bullseye)
* Shock Smash III: +5 Electric damage to each Melee attack. (Showdown: Warp Zone, defeat Firestar)
* Shock Smash IV: +9 Electric damage to each Melee attack. (NYC: Missing Marvel, defeat Shocker on Legendary)
* Cape Killer I: +50% more Fusion after hitting a boss. (Chem Plant: Cloaked, defeat War Machine on Legendary)
* Cape Killer II: +100% more Fusion after hitting a boss. (Use Aggressive 56 times in conversation)
* Fusion Star: An addition Fusion Star. (DC: Underground Politics, straight forward from the entrance past the intersection where Deadpool turns to go fight)
* Fusion Combo I: Raise Fusion on pop-up, trip, stun by 1. (Use Diplomatic 80 times in conversation)
* Fusion Combo II: Raise Fusion on pop-up, trip, stun by 2. (Guard Duty: Hit 'Em High, defeat Prodigy on Legendary)
* Fusion Combo III: Raise Fusion on pop-up, trip, stun by 3. (Chem Plant: Cloaked, defeat Mr. Fantastic on Legendary)
* Hands On I: Raise Fusion on grappling by 1. (Base Def.: Safe Harbor, behind the building the helicopter crashes into)
* Hands On II: Raise Fusion on grappling by 2. (Chem Plant: Cloaked, defeat Iron Man on Legendary)
* Kinetic Melee: +3 Energy Melee, +1 Fusion on throws. (Heroic Deed: Gambit)
* Momentum I: +50% more Fusion on destruction, KOs. (Use Diplomatic 20 times in conversation)
* Momentum II: +100% more Fusion on destruction, KOs. (Sim Mission: Heavier Metal, gold)
* No Mercy: +2 to Teamwork. (Heroic Deed: Iron Man)
* No Surrender: +3% Energy resist, +3% to crit. (Heroic Deed: Captain America)
* Play Rough: +3 to Teamwork, +1 Fusion on grabs. (Heroic Deed: Daredevil)
* Rebel Yell: +10% resistance to Mental damage. (Hideout Raid: Inner Base, defeat Cable on Legendary)
* Synchronized I: +50% more Fusion on double Powers hit. (Use Diplomatic 36 times in conversation)
* Synchronized II: +100% more Fusion on double Powers hit. (Use Diplomatic 56 times in conversation)
* Vay-Yay: +2 to Teamwork, +25% Energy damage. (Heroic Deed: Gambit)
* Draining I: Absorb 10% of Melee damage as Stamina. (Latveria: Castle Doom, in plain sight after the area where enemies jump out of windows)
* Draining II: Absorb 15% of Melee damage as Stamina. (Convoy Strike: Rooftops, defeat Songbird)
* Draining III: Absorb 20% of Melee damage as Stamina. (Ambush: Showdown, defeat Iron Fist
* Powerful I: +1 to Powers damage. (Hideout Raid: Going Deep, inside the second garage on a fly-only walkway)
* Powerful II: +3 to Powers damage. (Wakanda: Jungle, after the 4th mercenary cannon, immediately to the right in the shrubs after the barrier)
* Powerful III: +5 to Powers damage. (Prison: Riot Gear, defeat Bullseye on Legendary)
* Powerful IV: +9 to Powers damage. (Latveria: Ascension, defeat Wizard on Legendary)
* Power Up I: +5% damage with Powers. (Use Aggressive 4 times in conversation)
* Power Up II: +10% damage with Powers. (Use Aggressive 36 times in conversation)
* Power Up III: +15% damage with Powers. (Ambush: Containment, defeat Iron Fist on Legendary)
* Power Up IV: +20% damage with Powers. (Prison: Hold the Line, defeat Molten Man on Legendary)
* Reserves I: +18 max Stamina. (DC: Hallowed Ground, defeat Titanium Man)
* Reserves II: +32 max Stamina. (Ambush: Containment, defeat Multiple Man)
* Reserves III: +46 max Stamina. (Chem Plant: Faceoff, defeat Mr. Fantastic)
* Reserves IV: +100% max Stamina. (DC: Hallowed Ground, defeat Titanium Man on Legendary)
* Fire Proof I: Resist 15% of Fire damage. (Latveria: Ascension, blow up everything in a circular area to uncover it)
* Fire Proof II: Resist 30% of Fire damage. (Prison: Hold the Line, defeat Molten Man)
* Resist Cold I: Resist 15% of Cold damage. (Prison: Going Negative, defeat Equinox)
* Resist Cold II: Resist 30% of Cold damage. (Ambush: Containment, defeat Firestar on Legendary)
* Resist Crush I: Resist 15% of Crush damage. (Latveria: Urban Warfare, after the Black Widow intel, go up the ramp after you drop onto the electric wire covered street)
* Resist Crush II: Resist 30% of Crush damage. (Showdown: Warp Zone, defeat Colossus)
* Resist Electric I: Resist 15% of Electric damage. (Latveria: Urban Warfare, Under the Doom statue that gives you the achievement)
* Resist Electric II: Resist 30% of Electric damage. (Base Def.: Push Back, defeat War Machine)
* Resist Energy I: +15% resistance to Energy damage. (Chem Plant: Faceoff, defeat She-Hulk)
* Resist Energy II: 30% resistance to Energy damage. (Base Def.: Push Back, defeat War Machine on Legendary)
* Elementalist II: Reduce incoming Elemental damage by 20%. (Showdown: Ground Assault, defeat Spider-Woman on Legendary)
* Physicality II: +20% resistance to all Physical damage. (Ambush: Containment, defeat Dagger on Legendary)
* Special Combat
* Critical Pain I: +10% to critical damage. (Guard Duty: Road Work, behind the transport Thing throws)
* Critical Pain II: +25% to critical damage. (Guard Duty: Road Work, defeat Multiple Man on Legendary)
* Critical Pain III: +40% to critical damage. (Convoy Strike: Rooftops, Defeat Songbird on Legendary)
* Critical Pain IV: +55% to critical damage. (Guard Duty: Traffic Jam, defeat Goliath on Legendary)
* Devouring I: +1 hot point after knocking out a foe. (Prison: Jail Break-In, Second room past the teleporter room when chasing Cmdr. Hill)
* Devouring II: +5 HP after stunning a foe. (Wakanda: Panther’s Lair, defeat Green Goblin)
* Devouring III: +5 HP after a pop-up. (Showdown: Warp Zone, behind a breakable object in the hallway Colossus throws things at you in)
* Devouring IV: +5 HP after tripping a foe. (Ambush: Containment, defeat Colossus on Legendary)
* Elementalist I: Reduce incoming Elemental damage by 10%. (Wakanda: Jungle, defeat Havok)
* Personal Space: Immune to grapple. (Sim Mission: Heavy Metal, gold)
* Second Wind: While blocking, regenerate small % of HP. (Showdown: Ground Assault, defeat Wonder Man on Legendary)
* Untouchable I: While blocking, attackers take 1 damage. (Use Defensive 20 times in conversation)
* Untouchable II: While blocking, attackers take 3 damage. (Wakanda: Tribal City, behind the large circular pond, hidden among some crates and a tree)
* Untouchable III: While blocking, attackers take 5 damage. (Showdown: Ground Assault, defeat Spider-Woman)
* Untouchable IV: While blocking, attackers take 9 damage. (Use Defensive 80 times in conversation)
* Vampiric Melee: +4 HP with every Melee attack. (Showdown: To The Core, defeat Colossus on Legendary)
Status Effects
* Deep Cold I: 10% to freeze a chilled target. (Showdown: To The Core, defeat Whirlwind)
* Deep Cold II: 25% to freeze a chilled target. (Convoy Strike: Truckin’, defeat Lady Deathstrike on Legendary)
* Killer Instinct I: +10% to critical damage on Melee. (Wakanda: Tribal City, defeat Justice)
* Killer Instinct II: +25% to critical damage on Melee. (Base Def.: Safe Harbor, defeat Black Widow on Legendary)
* Overload I: 125% more Fusion on trip, stun, pop-ups. (Hideout Raid: Detour, next to a White Star before the generators)
* Overload II: 200% more Fusion on trip, stun, pop-ups. (Base Def.: Overloaded, in the very first room you fight Bishop in)
* Precise Daze: 50% to stun foe on critical. (Convoy Strike: Jacked Up, defeat Yellowjacket)
* Precise Force: 50% to knockback foe on critical. (Guard Duty: Traffic Jam, defeat Goliath)
* Stunning Finish I: Stunned targets take 150% damage. (Wakanda: Tribal City, defeat Justice on Legendary)
* Stunning Finish II: Stunned targets take 200% damage. (Wakanda: Panther’s Lair, defeat Green Goblin on Legendary)
Superior Training
* Aggressive Hits: +1 HP per KO, +3 Focus. (Heroic Deed: Songbird)
* Chaotic Melee: +5% to dodge, +1 Strike. (Heroic Deed: Deadpool)
* Combat Trained: +3% to critical, +3% dodge. (Heroic Deed: Ms. Marvel)
* Dense Skin: Reduce all damage taken by 3, +3 Body. (Heroic Deed: Luke Cage)
* Focused ChI: +5% to critical, +5% max Stamina. (Heroic Deed: Iron Fist)
* Fueled By Pain: +3 HP per KO, +7% max Stamina. (Heroic Deed: Penance)
* Hard To Hit: +3% to dodge, +1 Body. (Heroic Deed: Spider-Man)
* Hot Head: Resist 5% of Fire damage, +1 Body. (Heroic Deed: Human Torch)
* Icy Precision: +3% to critical, +5 Focus. (Heroic Deed: Iceman)
* Insight: Raise Power damage by 3%, +1 Focus. (Heroic Deed: Mr. Fantastic)
* Oppressor: +1 Strike, Melee deals 5 Crushing damage. (Heroic Deed: Hulk)
* Phoenix Force: +5% Powers damage, +5% Fire damage. (Heroic Deed: Jean Grey)
* Practiced: Raise max Stamina by 3%, +1 Focus. (Heroic Deed: Invisible Woman)
* Radiated Touch: +5 Focus, Melee deals 5 Radiation damage. (Heroic Deed: Green Goblin)
* Rock Skin: Melee deals 1 Crushing damage, +1 Body. (Heroic Deed: Thing)
* Savagery: Melee deals 3 Wounding damage, +5 Strike. (Heroic Deed: Venom)
* Storm Rager: +1 Teamwork, stunned foes take Electric damage. (Heroic Deed: Storm)
* Super Soldier: Resist 5% of Impact damage, +1 to Melee. (Heroic Deed: Captain America)
* Thunder God: Melee deals 3 Electric damage, +3 Strike. (Heroic Deed: Thor)
Tactical Advantage
* Active Learner: Resist 5% of Impact damage, +3 Focus. (Heroic Deed: Iron Fist)
* Alien Hunger: +5 HP per KO, +7 Body. (Heroic Deed: Venom)
* Asgardian Vigor: Resist 5% of all damage, +3 Body. (Heroic Deed: Thor)
* Channel Agony: +7% of Energy damage dealt, +5 Focus. (Heroic Deed: Penance)
* Clever Fighter: +1 Teamwork. (Heroic Deed: Spider-Man)
* Cosmic Battery: +3% to Energy attacks, +5% vs Energy. (Heroic Deed: Ms. Marvel)
* Fantastic Team: Raise Fusion gain by 3%, +1 Teamwork. (Heroic Deed: Invisible Woman)
* Feral Rage: Power deal 3% more damage, +1 Strike. (Heroic Deed: Wolverine)
* Frost Strikes: +5% Powers damage, +5% to critical. (Heroic Deed: Iceman)
* Gamma Energy: +1 Body, +1% to rage during Melee. (Heroic Deed: Hulk)
* Good Memory: +3% XP, +3% max Stamina. (Heroic Deed: Iron Man)
* Hot Foot: Melee deals 1 Fire damage, +1 Focus. (Heroic Deed: Human Torch)
* Hungry Melee: +4 to Strike, Melee attacks drain 3 HP. (Heroic Deed: Green Goblin)
* Lethal Tactics: +5% to damage, +5% to critical. (Heroic Deed: Wolverine)
* Living Weapon: +1 to Body, Melee deals 1 Wounding damage. (Heroic Deed: Deadpool)
* Malleable: Raise Power damage by 3%, +1 Body. (Heroic Deed: Mr. Fantastic)
* Quick Learner: Raise XP gained by 5%, +3 Focus. (Heroic Deed: Daredevil)
* Strategist: Raise max Stamina by 5%, +3 Focus. (Heroic Deed: Songbird)
* Street Scrapper: +5% to stun on Melee, +3 Body. (Heroic Deed: Luke Cage)
* Thick As A Brick: Resist 3% of Impact damage, +1 Body. (Heroic Deed: Thing)
* Weather Mind: +3% Electric damage, +1 Focus. (Heroic Deed: Storm)
* Experienced I: Raise experience points earned by 5%. (Base Def.: Push Back, in the 'main hub’, around the back past where Bishop blows a hole in the blast door)
* Experienced II: Raise experience points earned by 10%. (Convoy Strike: Jacked Up, inside the crumbled building before you encounter Yellowjacket)
* Experienced III: Raise experience points earned by 15%. (Prison: Jail Break-In, the first corridor past the teleporter room when chasing Cmdr. Hill)
* Mighty I: Grants Might to the team. (Ambush: Containment, defeat Colossus)
* Mighty II: Grants Super Might to the team. (Chem Plant: Faceoff, defeat War Machine)
* Patriotic: +10% to all damage. (Ambush: Containment, defeat Patriot)
* Run Speed I: Run 5% faster. (Prison: Hold the Line, defeat Whirlwind on Legendary)
* Resist Recent: Resist 20% of last damage type. (Wakanda: Jungle, defeat Havok on Legendary)
* Run Speed II: Run 12% faster. (Wakanda: Tribal City, defeat A-Bomb on Legendary)
* Jackpot II: 5% chance orbs are multiplied by 20. (Use Diplomatic 4 times in conversation)
* Jackpot I: 5% chance orbs are multiplied by 10. (Convoy Strike: Truckin’, under a van in the area you fight Lady Deathstrike)
Trivia answers
Questions Answers
Act 1 150 XP max per correct answer
Stark Tower
Captain America's civilian name is? Steve Rogers
Which hero has never been an X-Man? Daredevil
Electro's real name is? Max Dillon
Gambit's exploding cards are? Kinetically charged
The super-villain named Grim Reaper is? Wonder Man's brother
The Hulk was created in? A gamma ray explosion
The Hulk cannot? Fly
Johnny Storm cannot? Breathe in space
The Human Torch is a blood relative of? Susan Storm
Soldiers in the Latverian army do not use? Jetpacks
Luke Cage gained his power from? An experiment
Which of these villains is a former chemist? Scorcher
The Tinkerer's real name is? Phineas Mason
Whose powers are NOT derived from technology? Whirlwind
In his civilian life, Iron Man is? A rich industrialist
Iron Man's real name is? Anthony Edward Stark
Black Widow's abilities include? Espionage experience
In the 1940s Captain America was? Frozen in ice
By day, Daredevil is? A lawyer
Gambit's real name is? Remy LeBeau
Iceman's powers first manifested in? A schoolyard fight
The Invisible Woman can? Create force fields
Tony Stark is a recovering? Alcoholic
Natasha Romanoff is the civilian name of? Black Widow
Nick Fury's secondary strike team in Latveria? Bravo Team
Provides electrical power to Doomstadt? Electro
Cleans up after superhuman-related disasters? Damage Control
What gave Captain America his abilities? Super Soldier Serum
Peter Parker's deceased uncle was named? Ben
Spider-Man is well known for his? Wisecracks
Wolverine's birth name is? James
Wolverine's retractable claws are made out of? Adamantium
Mr. Fantastic gained his abilities from? Cosmic Radiation
Who first taught Storm to control her powers? Tribal elder
Storm's parents were killed in a? Plane crash

Act 2 200 XP max per correct answer
Deadpool's power are derived from? Genetic experiments
Nitro's explosion was? Seen live on TV
The Deaths at Stamford were caused by? Nitro
Shocker attacks his foes with? Vibrating air blasts
Spider-Man's reputation is often debased in? The Daily Bugle
Storm was revered as a Goddess? In a region of Kenya
The Thing grew up on? Yancy Street
The Wizard has fought which team many times? Fantastic Four
Rachel Leighton is whose real name? Diamondback
Captain America's shield contains? Vibranium
As a child, Matt Murdock lost his sense of? Sight
Bobby Drake has what sort of powers? Ice
Sue Storm first manifested her powers after? A spaceship flight
Prior to ruling Latveria, Lucia Von Bardas was? An educator
Luke Cage's "home turf" is? Harlem
Danny Rand was formerly a member of? Heroes for Hire
Capekillers try taking Captain America out with? Tranquilizer darts
The site of Cap's planned rally against the SRA? Lincoln Memorial
S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who've defected to Cap are? The White Star
Invisible Woman is married to which super hero? Mr. Fantastic
Human Torch gained his powers when he was? 16
Johnny Storm is known for his? Short temper
Cable's real name is? Nathan Summers
Who helped Cloak master his powers? Tandy Bowen
Colossus discovered his powers when he saved? His sister
Cyborg Lucia Von Bardas attacked which city? New York
Dagger has had previous experience as a? Ballet dancer
Diamondback relies on what in combat? Advanced devices
Grim Reaper's real name is? Eric Williams
Hercules wields which weapon? Golden Mace
Who formed the X-Factor investigations company? Multiple Man
Namorita was a found member of? The New Warriors
The Shocker's real name is? Herman Shultz
The person wearing the Titanium Man armor is? Unknown
Deadpool often believes that? He's in a comic book?

Reed Richards is known for his? Scientific acumen
After Nick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new leader is? Maria Hill
Before gaining her powers, Ms. Marvel was? An Air Force pilot
In life, Namorita was? Atlantean royalty
Nitro's ability to explode comes from? Kree Technology
Peter Parker does not have any skills in? Metallurgy
Where is Stamford located? Connecticut
Storm's real name is? Ororo Munroe
The Thing? is a trained pilot
The Tinkerer's advanced technology derives from? His natural genius
Human Torch and Iceman are? Not related
Lucia Von Bardas strikes New York City from? A barge
Wonder Man's "Ionic Body" is thanks to? Baron Zemo
Before the Stamford blast, Speedball fights? Coldheart
Ms. Marvel finds the Latverian terror operation? On Roosevelt Island
Who heals more rapidly than an normal human? Wolverine
The Hulk has greater self-control thanks to? Gamma regulators
Bruce Banner has a PHD in? Nuclear physics
Thor is the son of the Earth-spirit Gaea and? Odin
Biologically Thor is half-Asgardian, half? Elder God
Jean Grey is a founding member of the? X-Men
Jean Grey is occasionally host to the? Phoenix Force
Songbird use to be a? Super-villain
Deadpool's nickname is the? Merc with a Mouth
Many question Deadpool's? Sanity
Ms. Marvel once was a? Published novelist
Ms. Marvel's real name is? Carol Danvers
Luke Cage had a long-running partnership with? Iron Fist
Luke Cage has a child with? Jessica Jones
Luke Cage once had a business called? Heroes for Hire
Iceman is a member of which group? X-Men
Most frequently patrols Hell's Kitchen in NYC? Daredevil
Which super hero is of Cajun descent? Gambit
Gambit has spent time as a? Professional thief
Bishop is from? An alternate future

Act 3 200 XP max per correct answer
Secret Bunker
LMD stands for? A Life Model Decoy
Nick Fury's LMDs are? Robotic duplicates
Hank Pym is able to change size thanks to? Pym particles
Hydra's first leader was named? Wolfgang von Strucker
"Rhodey" is a nickname for? James Rhodes
Who was not seen being "nanite controlled"? Shocker
Who knows Bullseye's real name? Nobody
Cable possesses the power of? Telekinesis
Colossus was born in? Russia
Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson are? Cloak and Dagger
When fighting enemies, dagger makes use of? "Light knives"
"Mark Raxton" is the civilian name of? Molten Man
Multiple Man's duplicates are? Organic doubles
Who discovered the Negative Zone? Reed Richards
Elijah Bradley is the young avenger known as? Patriot
Prison 42 is located? In the Negative Zone
Spider-Woman joined Anti-Reg forces despite? Being ex-S.H.I.E.L.D.
In the past, Spider-Woman was a member of? HYDRA
Goliath is? A scientist
Before he was a super hero, Prodigy was? A high school student
Bishop's powers derive from? Latent mutation
Lady Deathstrike has how many adamantium claws? Ten
"War Machine" is the name of a? Starktech armor suit
Stark sets up an ambush at what chemical plant? Geffen-Meyer
The helicarrier has what radio code name? Skybird One
Number of spikes inside Penance's armor? 612
The hideout invaded by S.H.I.E.L.D. was once a? HYDRA base
Bullseye believes doctors injected him with? A sedative
After Stamford, Speedball's body was found in? Western New York
Derisive term used by some for super heroes? Capes
Iron Fist was raised in the hidden city of? K'un - L'un
Bullseye recently had adamantium bonded to? His skeleton
S.H.I.E.L.D.'s first target at Geffen-Meyer? Cloak
Initially wouldn't take a side in the Civil War? The Thing
Who was recently stationed at Ryker's Island? Robbie Baldwin

Wakandan Palace 350 XP max per correct answer
Nick Fury once led a group called the? Howling Commandos
Venom's costume is? An alien organism
Who gained their powers from an earthly source? Hulk
Iron Fist's powers derive from? Chi energy
Real name of the hero currently called Goliath? Bill Foster
Years ago, Songbird was? A pro wrestler
Songbird's powers are based on? High-intensity sonics
Black Panther gained his powers from? A rare herb
Equinox has the ability to? Project ice and fire
Firestar's mutant ability is to project? Microwave energy
Havok's real name is? Alex Summers
Never used the word "Marvel" in their codename? Rick Jones
Which mutant is related to Havok? Cyclops
Justice's real name is? Vance Astrovik
Who has never been a parent? Angelica Jones
Before her criminal career, Moonstone was? A psychiatrist
Penance was formerly known as? Speedball
Penance is powered by? Pain
Wakanda is located in? Africa
As a child, Cable was raised by? Jean Grey and Cyclops
Thor wields the mystical hammer called? Mjolnir
Jean Grey's powers include? Telekinesis
The name of the main nanite control officer is? Swanson
Who kills nanite control officer Swanson? Venom
Minimum Prison 42 self-destruct delay? Thirty Seconds
Access to prison 42 is possible only via? Portal
LMD controlled signals will not cross over to? The Negative Zone
The profession of Robbie Baldwin's father? District Attorney
Who arranges a plea bargain for Speedball? Jenifer Walters
Not considered a critical hub in Prison 42? Engineering
Currently bonded with the Venom symbiote? Mac Gargan
Nick Fury's middle name is? Joseph
Nick Fury lost his left eye in a fight with? His brother
Nick Fury's father was a? Decorated WWI pilot
She-Hulk has a successful career as a? Lawyer

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
Mission Accomplished (5 points): Topple a dictator.
Coalition of the Willing (20 points): Crash a castle.
Oceans No Longer Protect Us (20 points): Protect a city.
A House Divided (20 points): Defend your leaders.
If You're Not With Us (10 points): Choose a side.
Freedom Isn't Free (20 points): Raid a hideout.
Defending Our Way of Life (20 points): Rescue a hideout.
All Options on the Table (20 points): Defend a convoy.
Collateral Damage (20 points): Stop a convoy.
Fallen Star (20 points): Ambush your opponents.
Iron and Blood (20 points): Fight back an ambush.
Knowns and Unknowns (10 points): Repay a favor.
Alliance Reborn (20 points): Break and enter.
Grave and Growing (20 points): Free a country.
A More Perfect Union (10 points): Finish what you started.
I'm With Iron Man (30 points): Defeat all Act II and III missions as a Pro-Registration team.
I'm With Captain America (30 points): Defeat all Act II and III missions as an Anti-Registration team.
Legendary Schism (20 points): Defeat all Act I missions on Legendary Difficulty.
Legendary War (30 points): Defeat all Act II missions on Legendary Difficulty.
Legendary Alliance (30 points): Defeat all Act III missions on Legendary Difficulty.
Rookie Squad (10 points): Complete a map in Co-Op.
Experienced Allies (15 points): Complete 8 maps in Co-Op.
Decorated Veterans (30 points): Complete 24 maps in Co-Op.
Seek and Destroy (15 points): Complete all optional mission objectives.
Uncontained Aggression (15 points): You or other players on your team must destroy 250 health containers.
Undefeated Heroes (30 points): Defeat 12 mission bosses on Super Heroic or Legendary Difficulty without revival or map reload.
Immortal Heroics (50 points): Defeat 25 maps on Super Heroic or Legendary Difficulty without revival or map reload.
Back in Action (10 points): Perform 10 revivals.
Tactical Training (10 points): Perform all 5 recommended training Fusions in Latveria.
Heroes Unite (10 points): Perform 10 Fusions with another player-controlled hero in a Co-Op game.
United We Stand (30 points): Earn 20 high scores for each type of Fusion: Targeted, Guided, and Clearing.
Powers of Two (50 points): Perform all Fusions by combining every available pairing of 24 heroes.
Old Friends (10 points): Have 10 special conversations between characters with a history while in an HQ map.
Costume Collector (10 points): Unlock 23 alternate costumes.
Distinguished Service (10 points): Collect 50 Team Boosts.
Extraordinary Heroism (30 points): Collect 125 Team Boosts.
Above and Beyond (50 points): Collect 200 Team Boosts.
Listening In (20 points): Collect 30 Audio Logs.
Superior Intel (20 points): Collect 125 Dossiers.
Potential Evidence (10 points): Collect 10 Concept Art Bundles in HQ maps.
Trivia Buff (10 points): Correctly answer 15 Trivia questions.
Trivia Team-Up (15 points): Score 30 Trivia Fusions.
Trivia Genius (30 points): Earn all Trivia rewards.
Sim Team-Up (5 points): Earn Mission Succeeded on a Simulator Mission in Co-Op and return to the Simulator menu.
Sim Amateur (10 points): Earn 4 Bronze Medals from Simulator Missions.
Sim Expert (15 points): Earn 8 Silver Medals from Simulator Missions.
Sim Champion (30 points): Earn 12 Gold Medals from Simulator Missions.
Melee Training (10 points): Complete all melee training goals listed on the Stats page.
Power Training (15 points): Complete all Power training goals listed on the Stats page.
Every Trick in the Book (30 points): Complete all combat mastery goals listed on the Stats page.
Additionally the following achievements require the bonus downloadable content.
Walk It Off (35 points): Progress through "Insidious Alliance" without breaking any Health Containers.
Low Deductible (20 points): Complete "Escort Duty" without destroying any turrets.
Perfect Balance (50 points): Defeat 75 foes in "Balance."
Old Foes (20 points): Defeat "Overload" with the X-Men.
Blows Up Real Nice (40 points): Throw all the proximity mines in "Balance."
No One Left Behind (30 points): Complete "Insidious Alliance" with all four heroes alive.
Blitz (20 points): Defeat 2 foes within 10 seconds in "Insidious Alliance."
Hotfoot (35 points): Complete "Escort Duty" without disabling any floor hazards.

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