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  Kinect Sports [Xbox 360]
Bowling: Work up the crowd:
Toss the ball in the wrong direction to rile up the crowd.

Bowling: Breaking the floor:
Jump as you roll the ball to sometimes break the floor.

Boxing: Knock outs:
When your opponent's life bar becomes empty, continuously hit him with swift punches. Your opponent will remain standing during the punches, then eventually fall over.

Boxing: Rapid hits:
Move your arms in a rotating position towards at your opponent to constantly hit him in the face consecutively.

Track Racing: Mad opponent:
Before running, move your arms. Your opponent will make angry comments and move away from you.

Cheering crowd:
Raising both hands in the air during most events will cause the crowd to cheer for you.

Point your hand towards the sky to have fireworks explode at that location.

Soccer: Both Feet:
Use both feet to kick shots instead of only using your lead foot.

Avatar Awards
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award:
Classic Kinect Sports cap: Get the Amateur Sports Badge.
Classic Kinect Sports t-shirt: Get the Professional Sports Badge.
I Heart Kinect Sports t-shirt: Get the Champion Sports Badge.
Kinect Sports Champ trophy: Get the Legendary Sports Badge.
Kinect Sports Star t-shirt: Get the Master Sports Badge.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:
In Training (10 points): Reach level 10 and earn the Amateur badge.
Turned Pro (20 points): Reach level 20 and earn the Professional badge.
People's Champion (30 points): Reach level 30 and earn the Champion badge.
Master Class (40 points): Reach level 40 and earn the Master badge.
Sports Star (50 points): Reach level 50 and earn the Legendary badge.
Pin Win (30 points): Win a game in Bowling.
Neon Lanes Champion (10 points): Win a game in Bowling (Champion difficulty).
Doing the Splits (15 points): Clear a split in Bowling.
Wood Chipper (15 points): Break the lane with a high ball in Bowling.
Turkey Triumph (15 points): Get a Turkey (3 strikes in a row) in Bowling.
Ball Blitz (25 points): Score 350 or more in the Pin Rush Bowling mini-game.
Clear Up! (25 points): Score 10 or more in the One Bowl Roll Bowling mini-game.
King Pin (15 points): Score more than 250 in Bowling.
And the Winner is... (30 points): Win a match in Boxing.
Tornado Gardens Champion (10 points): Win a match in Boxing (Champion difficulty).
TKO (15 points): Win a match with a technical knockout (3 knock downs in 1 round) in Boxing.
Kiss the Canvas (15 points): Knock down your opponent with an uppercut in Boxing.
Comeback Kid (15 points): Win a match after being knocked down 4 times in Boxing.
Stunning Recovery (15 points): Survive a stun sequence without being hit in Boxing (Professional or Champion difficulty).
They Think It's All Over... (30 points): Win a match in Football.
Lotus Park Champion (10 points): Win a match in Football (Champion difficulty).
Hat-trick Hero (15 points): Score a perfect hat-trick (1 header, 1 left foot and 1 right foot goal) in a match in Football.
...It Is Now! (15 points): Win a match by scoring a goal in the last 10 seconds in Football.
Beat the Gull-keeper (15 points): Scare the bird from the crossbar using the ball in Football.
Golden Gloves (25 points): Score 100 or more in the Super Saver Football mini-game.
Sharp Shooter (25 points): Score 80 or more in the Target Kick Football mini-game.
Golden Boots (15 points): Score 5 goals or more in a match in Football (Professional or Champion difficulty).
Head of the Table (30 points): Win a match in Table Tennis.
Blade Center Champion (10 points): Win a match in Table Tennis (Champion difficulty).
Roll Them Over (15 points): Force your opponent to roll 3 times in a match when reaching for the ball in Table Tennis.
To the Left, to the Right (15 points): Win 2 games, one with each hand in Table Tennis.
Have It! (15 points): Win a match with a smash in Table Tennis.
Return to Sender (25 points): Score 60 or more in the Rally Tally Table Tennis mini-game.
Paddle Perfection (25 points): Score 150 or more in the Paddle Panic Table Tennis mini-game.
Table Top Triumph (15 points): Win a match conceding no points in Table Tennis (Professional or Champion difficulty).
Points Mean Prizes (30 points): Win a full contest in Track & Field.
Flame Stadium Champion (20 points): Win a full contest in Track & Field (Champion difficulty).
Turbo Pants (20 points): Gain a boost start and boost finish in 100m.
Circuit Breaker (20 points): Break some electrical equipment within the stadium in Javelin.
Windmill Wonder (20 points): Perform a windmill manoeuvre in Long Jump.
Dire Distance (20 points): Throw the discus less than 4 meters in Discus.
Juggernaut (20 points): Win a race after knocking down every hurdle in Hurdles.
Beach Brilliance (30 points): Win a match of Volleyball.
Waveside Champion (10 points): Win a match of Volleyball (Champion difficulty).
Ultra Combo! (15 points): Score a point from a perfect bump, set & super spike in Volleyball.
Look, No Hands! (15 points): Score a point by heading or kicking the ball in open play in Volleyball.
Networking (15 points): Perform a block move (by jumping at the net) in Volleyball.
Body Brilliant (25 points): Score 85 or more in the Body Ball Volleyball mini-game.
Bump-osaurus (25 points): Score 130 or more in the Bump Bash Volleyball mini-game.
Sand Master (15 points): Win a match conceding no points in Volleyball (Professional or Champion difficulty).

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