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  Pikmin 2 [Wii]
In-game reset
Hold X + B + Start during game play.

Challenge mode
Defeat Beady Long Legs at the bottom of the Spider Citadle and collect the key. Take the key the "recon drone".

Cinemas and credits option
Collect 10,000 Pocos.

Treasure completion FMV sequence
Collect all the treasure pieces and rescue Louie.

Louie's Dark Secret FMV sequence
Successfully complete all challenge mode arenas with a "Pink flower" rank.

Awakening Wood level
Get the Sphere Map in the Emergence Cave level.

Perplexing Pool level
Get the Exploration Map in the Awakening Wood level.

Wistful Wild level
Collect 10,000 Pocos and save Hokotate Intergalactic Delivery.

Play as Shacho
Collect 10,000 Pocos and save Hokotate Intergalactic Delivery.

Louie's Cooking Notes
Rescue Louie from Titan Dweevil at Dream Den.

Control title screen
Press Y at the title screen to make a Chappie appear. Press C-stick Left or C-stick Right to move it around. When it is close to the Pikmin in the logo, press Z to make it eat them. Press L to make the Chappie disappear.

Press X at the title screen to make a beetle appear. Press C-stick Left or C-stick Right to move it around. When the beetle is close to the Pikmin in the logo, they will also begin moving. Press L to make the beetle disappear.

Press R at the title screen to make the Pikmin that make up the title text to
change into a "Nintendo" pattern.

Defeating Beady Longlegs
This Boss is found in the Hole of Heroes and Citadel of Spiders. To defeat it, throw Pikmin at its belly when it roars, and dips.

Defeating Burrowing Snagret
This Boss is found in the White Flower Garden, Snagret Hole (x2), Hole of Heroes, and Dream Den. Defeat by throwing Pikmin at its heat, and not the body. Call the Pikmin back if it flinches a lot.

Defeating Careening Dirigibugs
Careening Dirigibugs are the bugs that float around suspended from balloons and drop explosives on you and your Pikmin. If you sneak up behind them before they take out an explosive, then knock it out of the air by throwing a Pikmin at it. There will be no explosives on the ground to kill your Pikmin, so you do not have to call them away before the Dirigibug has been defeated. If it has already gotten out an explosive, wait for it to drop it, then immediately knock it out of the air by tossing a Pikmin at it. Use the C-stick to make the rest of your Pikmin swarm around it. While your Pikmin are attacking the Dirigubug, charge towards the bomb (use X to release any Pikmin not attacking first to keep them out of harm's way), and use A to punch it away from your Pikmin.

Defeating Emperor Bulblax
Take about ten Purple Pikmin and use the Ultra-Spicy Spray on them. Throw them all on the giant Bulblax. The Boss should be defeated in just a few seconds.

You must be willing to sacrifice a few Yellow Pikmin for this trick. In the Final Trial area, once you are ready and have cleared a path leading to the Emperor Bulblax, get about 10 to 15 Yellow Pikmin. Then, head up the path straight to the round-shaped arena. Sneak past the Emperor Bulblax and you will see a hill leading to the top of the arena. Go left and right, searching for as many bomb-rocks as possible. Then, go back to the bottom of the arena and wake up the Emperor Bulblax with Captain Olimar. Once he has awakened, get directly in front of him. He will open his mouth with his huge tongue and will slurp them up. After that, right inside his stomach, a huge explosion will happen inside his body and a huge chunk of his health will be wiped out. Repeat this until you are out of Pikmin, and he will probably be dead by then. Note: On your way up the hill in the arena, there will be a gate.

This Boss is found in the Cavern of Chaos, Bulblax Kingdom, Hole of Heroes (x2), and Dream Den. Defeat it by throwing Pikmin at its face. Do not attack it head on, as it will eat a lot of Pikmin. Call the Pikmin back when it flinches. It may stomp on you. In the Cavern of Chaos, make it lick bomb rocks by luring it by them. In the Hole of Heroes, defeat the one that swallowed the treasure. One will be guarding the hole to the next floor. Avoid it by making the president take all the Pikmin, and put him in a safe location. Then, use Olimar to go to the floor's hole, and you will be unharmed.

At the Cavern Of Chaos, dismiss your Pikmin when you see the Emperor Bulblax. Wake Emperor Bulblax and put him near the bombs. He should lick them then he should gobble them up. He will then lose a chunk of HP.

Use the following trick to defeat Emperor Bulblax in "Hole Of Heroes" without losing Pikmin. In a sublevel in the Hole Of Heroes with a lot of Emperor Bulblax and bombs laying everywhere, place your Pikmin in a safe spot. Venture off to wake up all of the Bulblax without touching the bombs. Stand next to a bomb or two and let the Emperor eat them. This will take out a large amount of his HP. Do with all Emperors and you will not lose any Pikmin.

Defeating Empress Bulblax
Take about three to five Red Pikmin and go into the corner directly next to Empress Bulblax. Start to throw all the Red Pikmin on it. When it is about to shake them off, whistle your Pikmin back and go into the corner, pressing the C-stick Down, so they will be behind you and therefore will not be crushed. Keep repeating those steps until you defeat Empress Bulblax. This is a good strategy to use to keep most of your Pikmin alive.

This Boss is found in the Frontier Cavern (with larva), Hole of Beasts (without larva), Hole of Heroes (with larva), and Dream Den(without larva). Defeat her by throwing Pikmin at her head. Call your Pikmin back when she flinches.

Defeating Fiery and Watery Blowhogs
If you do not want to risk having your Pikmin drown or be burnt to death, you can punch these Blowhogs to death as just Olimar, Louie, or the President of Hocotate Freight. Stand facing the Blowhog's eye, at about a 45 degree angle to its snout, and repeatedly press A to punch it. Stand back a bit, and not directly against it, and you will not be hit by its stream of fire or water, or its lunging attack.

Defeating Giant Breadbug
This Boss is found in Glutton's Kitchen. Throw Purple Pikmin at its back.

If there are treasures in the area of the Giant Breadbug, do not collect them. Instead, wait for the Breadbug to try to grab them, then use the C-stick to swarm your Pikmin around the treasure. Only do this if you have more than enough Pikmin to carry the treasure. They will drag the treasure along with the Breadbug back to the ship. The ship will beam up the treasure, dropping the Breadbug to the ground and doing quite a bit of damage to it. If the Breadbug is winning the tug-of-war for the treasure, whistle to call your Pikmin back to you, or they will be dragged into its hole and get killed. This will also work with corpses of other enemies as a substitute for treasure, and with the smaller Breadbugs.

Defeating Louie's spider Boss
Go head on to the Boss with only Yellow Pikmin.

Defeating Man-At-Legs
This Boss is found in the Subterranean Complex, Hole of Heroes, and Dream Den. Defeat it by throwing Pikmin at its main body. Flee from the laser by hiding behind short walls in the arena.

Defeating Pilated Snagret
This Boss is found in the Snagret Hole, Dream Den, and Hole of Heroes. Defeat it the same way as the Burrowing Snagret.

Defeating Puffy and Withering Blowhogs
Stand under the Blowhog, keeping your Pikmin under it as well, and throw them at its belly. This will keep your Pikmin safe from its breath so they will not be blown away or have their flowers wilted. Use the C-stick to move your Pikmin under it. Yellow Pikmin work best.

Defeating Raging Bloyster
This Boss is found in the Shower Room, Hole of Heroes, and Dream Den. Defeat it by separating your Pikmin into two groups; one with Louie (or president), and Olimar. The Bloyster will then go after the pilot you are controlling. When the other pilot has an easy target at the tail, throw Pikmin at it. Note: Yellows do not work well.

Defeating Raging Longlegs
This Boss is found in the Hole of Heroes. Defeat the spider by throwing Purple Pikmin at its huge belly. Then, call the Pikmin back when it flinches.

Defeating Segmented Crawbster
This Boss is found in the Cavern of Chaos. Throw Pikmin at its soft belly. Call them back when it starts to roll. Avoid the falling rocks.

Defeating Sheargrubs
Either throw Pikmin on top of them, or make them drown in nearby water and they will instantly die.

Defeating Sleeping Bulborbs
Take a few Purple Pikmin (about 10 to 20) and slowly sneak up behind the sleeping Bulborb. Take into consideration the fact that Orange Bulborbs wake up much easier than Hairy and Red Bulborbs. Throw all of your Purple Pikmin onto it quickly, which should stun it before it has time to attack. They will quickly defeat it before you lose any Pikmin. Do not attempt this with the Fiery Bulblax, as the Purple Pikmin will be burnt.

Defeating Spotty Bulbear
On sublevel 3 of the Dream Den , take one Pikmin to lure the Spotty Bulbear down. Note: You need Pikmin to lure it down. Run past a pit. The Spotty Bulbear will follow you. It will climb over the wall and fall into the pit. The treasure that it ate, the Glee Spinner, will appear beside the pit that it fell into.

Defeating Titan Dweevil (Master)
This Boss is found in the Dream Den. Split into groups. Put the non-attacking group in a safe location, far away. First, destroy its Hydro Cannon with Yellow Pikmin. The Water Cannon can reach farther than any other weapon. Next, destroy the Plasmatic weapon with more Yellow Pikmin; then the Flare Cannon with Red Pikmin; and finally the Poison Exhauster. Once that is destroyed, destroy the spider with any color Pikmin. It will not attack.

The Titan Dweevil is located on the Final Floor of the Dream Den. Bring 25 each of Red, Yellow, Blue, and White Pikmin. You do not need the Purple Pikmin, as you will just end up losing them. When you first get there, you will see Louie sitting on a lump of "treasure". Take your Yellow Pikmin down to where he is located. Leave the rest of your Pikmin with the President. The Research Pod will comment on the situation. As soon as he is done talking, the creature will appear from the ground. Use your Yellow Pikmin to hit the yellow "cannon" by its head. Because the electricity will not harm the Yellow Pikmin, you do not have to frantically call back your Pikmin. If the Boss uses its flamethrower (the creature will turn red), take your Pikmin to the back of the battlefield. When it uses its hydro-pump, switch to the President and continuously use whistle on your Pikmin. This will prevent them from getting damaged. Do not worry about Olimar and his Pikmin, as they will move about by themselves to dodge the water. After the electric cannon is destroyed, get your Pikmin back up to the President, gather up your Blue Pikmin, and destroy the hydro-cannon. You must wait until the creature roars and stoops low enough for them to reach. When the cannon starts to smoke and it uses it, the shots will fire rapidly. Switch to the President and call your Pikmin with the whistle as done earlier. When you knock off the water cannon, you never have to switch to the President again (unless you want to get a different group of Pikmin). Gather up your Red Pikmin and destroy the flame-thrower. Once that is gone, the only weapon that remains is the poison thing. Take all your White Pikmin this time. Once the poison cannon is knocked off, the spider's metal skin will shed, revealing a softer Titan Dweevil. All the Dweevil can do at this point is shake off the Pikmin that you throw on it. Just call all your Pikmin and throw them all like you would with Purple Pikmin on a Spotty Bulborb. It cannot do anything about it. You will now see the pie graph-like life bar. Once it dies, you need to take Louie back to the Research Pod. He is worth 10 Pokos. The cannons are actually treasures worth that are worth 1,000 Pokos each.

Defeating Waterwraith
This Boss is found in Submerged Castle. If you encounter the Boss in another sub-level than the final one, it is invincible -- flee immediately. When at the final floor, throw Purple Pikmin to hurt him. When he is off his rollers, you need to do the same thing. Note: He will come on any floor he desires. To avoid this, do not spent a lot of time there.

Defeating Bosses whose attack involves eating Pikmin
If you have a good number of White Pikmin when you get to the Boss of the hole you are in (15+), take a few of them into the arena with you, and nothing else. Get the Boss to eat the Pikmin. It will lose a very large amount, if not all, of its health.

Defeating enemies quicker
Have an army of Purple Pikmin. Keep throwing them on top of an enemy (place the pointer directly underneath the enemy). In most cases, this will paralyze enemies and kill them in just a few seconds. Note: This does not work on all enemies.

Carry items quicker
Use White Pikmin to carry items. They can do it much faster than any other type of Pikmin. However, for items which have a weight value of 100 or more, use a combination of White and Purple Pikmin.

Escape Bumbling Snitchbugs
Bumbling Snitchbugs will swoop down and grab you, then throw you down, doing some damage. When you are grabbed, your Pikmin will be released from your control until you are freed and whistle for them. If you are captured, quickly rotate the Analog-stick to free yourself from the Snitchbug's grasp and avoid any damage.

Protecting Pikmin from explosives
On Sublevels, when you notice there are a lot of explosives about, drop your Pikmin off in a safe area with X. Then, run through the level punching all the explosives on the ground to set them off. Run into pipes and corners to upset Volatile Dweevils so that they explode, and so any explosives set to fall from the ceiling will do so and detonate without harming your Pikmin

Non-Blue Pikmin and water
If you have non-Blue Pikmin in the water and you have Blue Pikmin with you, toss the Blue Pikmin in the water with them close by. They will go to the other Pikmin and toss them out of the water themselves This saves time and pikmin.

These little creatures are parasitic Pikmin that infect and control Bulborbs (see Olimar's Notes in the Piklopedia for more details). They can be found underground (for example, at Green Hole). You will see a Bulborb with a leaf coming out of its back, just like the ones on your Pikmins' heads. Following it around will be a few smaller versions of the parent. Note: There will not be any if you have 100 Pikmin. There are only a few available, and only enough to make up the difference to give you 100 Pikmin/Bulbmin following you around. For example, if you have a party of 97 Pikmin in an area with Bulbmin available, there will be 3. However, if you only have a few Pikmin, there will not be a large quantity to make up the difference and give you a total of 100. When you defeat the parent Bulbmin, the little ones will run around and obey you if you whistle for them. They are immune to fire, water, poison, and electricity, can carry things, and will fight for you. However, they will not come above ground with you. They are only temporary allies that will remain with you only when you are underground.

Small Bulborbs
When you see a small Bulborb (for example, small red Bulborbs, etc.), look at its entry in the Piklopedia. It will mention that small Bulborbs are actually members of the Breadbug family, and actually use camouflage to disguise themselves as larger Bulborbs.

Ravenous Whiskerpilliar larvae
In the Wistful Wild, there are a group of what appears to be Ravenous Whiskerpilliar larvae. They will drop sprays, nectar, do nothing, or poison non-white Pikmin. They drop lots of sprays They only appear on days 31 through 39, 61 through 69, and 91 through 99, etc. When you land in the Wistful Wild, get 20 Purple and about 50 Blue Pikmin. First, kill the Dwarf Red Bulborbs, then go left to the area where the Cavern of Chaos is located. Do not go in it. Next, go up the ramp to the area where the three eggs are found. Break them open if you need nectar. If you are out of Ultra-Bitter Spray and an egg drops some, save it for later. Go up to the next area and kill the small Bulborbs. Next, go into the water and kill the Yellow Wollywog. Go up to dry land and look around for the Gatling Groink. Lure it towards you, then freeze it with Ultra-Bitter Spray. Toss your Pikmin on it as fast as possible; if you defeat it while it is petrified, you will not have to take it back to an Onion to stop it from regenerating. Next, go back to the rolled up bridge and kill the Cloaking Burrow-Nit. Do not worry about the Fiery Blowhog unless it is close to the bridge, because you can just bring your Purple Pikmin across the bridge to kill it fast. Go to the area with the three Creeping Chrysanthemums and the two Withering Blowhogs. Kill them all. Then, look for a small spot with little yellow dots swarming around. The dots are the larvae. Purple Pikmin to kill them, but call them back if they are poisoned.

Singing Waterwraith
When you defeat the Waterwraith, go to your Piklopidia. Go to his entry and listen for awhile. You will hear it singing.

When in the submerged castle, dodge the Waterwraith until you get to the final sub-level 5. You will have to get the Purple Pikmin and take only them to the eggs to power them up. Then, break down the door to the big circle area. Let him fall. Wait until he moves then put Olimar in a safe area. Use the President to fight. When it is moving, throw the Purple Pikmin on him and he will freeze. Then, just keep throwing them. When he falls off his wheels you will have to chase him and make him tired. Then, throw the Pikmin again. Keep doing this to defeat him.

Swooping Snitchbug gets flower
When the Swooping Snitchbug picks up one of your flower or blossom Pikmin, it will lose its flower.

Getting the desired color Pellets
The Pellets in some Pellet Posies will flash different colors, and will often change from the color you want by the time your Pikmin have destroyed the Posey. Instated of swarming your Pikmin around the stem, stand in front of the Pellet Posey until the Pellet changes to the color you want. Then, throw a Pikmin at the Pellet itself. This will automatically destroy the Posey. This trick works best with Yellow Pikmin.

Decorated Cannon Beetles as weapons
Decorated Cannon Beetles resemble fat caterpillars and spit rocks at you and your Pikmin that will lock on to you and chase you around. These rocks will automatically kill any Pikmin they roll over. If there is a Decorated Cannon Beetle near other enemies on the ground, press X to drop off your Pikmin in a safe area, then stand in front of the Beetle to get it to shoot a rock at you. When it does, run behind another enemy so the rock will hit it trying to get to you. The rock will damage or kill the other enemy and leave you unharmed. This trick can be used to get Decorated Cannon Beetles to kill themselves as well, but this is more difficult and requires more open space. Wait for it to spit a rock at you, then run out and around in a circle, stopping behind it.

Escape floors without worrying about losing Pikmin
When you land on a floor you have either already cleared, one you know is very difficult, or just want to skip, separate your characters and have one of your them (Olimar, Louie, President) have control of all the Pikmin. Then, switch to the character with no Pikmin and find the hole to escape with all your Pikmin. If the hole is sealed, then you need your Pikmin. However if it is open, then enter it and all your Pikmin will appear in the plunging scene; the ones who were with your other character, even though they were somewhere else. You must have all your Pikmin called upon by the character who stayed behind or not all of your Pikmin will make it to the next floor. If it states you do not have all your Pikmin, just switch characters. Then find the stranded Pikmin and switch back to escape. Check your numbers at the bottom of the screen so you do not have to worry about it. This should also work with spouts.

Turn enemies to stone
Open your Piklopedia and go to the entry for an enemy. While viewing the entry, press Z to turn it to stone.

Deflect enemy attacks
If the Armored Cannon Beetle larva or the Decorated Cannon Beetle fires a rock, wait for it to break then try to aim its target at a wall that the rock will bounce off. It will rebound and hit itself. Also, if there is an enemy or the poison thing or thunder thing near it, try to hit one of those with the rock first.

1 Red Bulborb 7
2 Hairy Bulborb 7
3 Orange Bulborb 7
4 Dwarf Red Bulborb 2
5 Snow Bulborb 2
6 Dwarf Orange Bulborb 2
7 Spotty Bulbear 10
8 Dwarf Bulbear 2
9 Bulborb Larva n/a
10 Fiery Bulblax 10
11 Water Dumple 3
12 Bulbmin 3
13 Fiery Blowhog 4
14 Watery Blowhog 4
15 Armored Cannon Beetle Larva 4
16 Decorated Cannon Beetle 4
17 Puffy Blowhog n/a
18 Withering Blowhog n/a
19 Gatling Groink 7
20 Iridescent Flint Beetle n/a
21 Iridescent Glint Beetle n/a
22 Doodlebug n/a
23 Female Sheargrub 1
24 Male Sheargrub 2
25 Shearwig 2
26 Cloaking Burrow-nit 3
27 Ravenous Whiskerpillar 1
28 Anode Beetle 3
29 Mitite 1
30 Hermit Crawmad 3
31 Swooping Snitchbug 4
32 Bumbling Snitchbug 4
33 Careening Dirigibug 4
34 Antenna Beetle 5
35 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat n/a
36 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat n/a
37 Fiery Dweevil 2
38 Anode Dweevil 2
39 Caustic Dweevil 2
40 Munge Dweevil 2
41 Volatile Dweevil n/a
42 Toady Bloyster 10
43 Yellow Wollywog 5
44 Wollywog 7
45 Wogpole 1
46 Lapis Lazuli Candypop Bud(Turns Pikmin Blue) n/a
47 Crimson Candypop Bud(Turns Pikmin Red) n/a
48 Golden Candypop Bud(Turns Pikmin Yellow) n/a
49 Violet Candypop Bud(Turns Pikmin Purple) n/a
50 Ivory Candypop Bud(Turns Pikmin White) n/a
51 Queen Candypop Bud(Turns Pikmin Colour of Dots) n/a
52 Creeping Chrysanthemum 7
53 Skitter Leaf 1
54 Unmarked Spectralids 1
55 Honeywisp n/a
56 Mamuta 3
57 Breadbug 3
58 Pellet Posy (Plant) n/a
59 Common Glowcap (Plant) n/a
60 Clover (Plant) n/a
61 Figwort (Plant) n/a
62 Dandelion (Plant) n/a
63 Seeding Dandelion (Plant) n/a
64 Horsetail (Plant) n/a
65 Foxtail (Plant) n/a
66 Glowstem (Plant) n/a
67 Margaret (Plant) n/a
68 Fiddlehead (Plant) n/a
69 Shoot (Plant) n/a
70 Empress Bulblax (Boss) 15
71 Burrowing Snagret (Boss) 10
72 Bendy Long Legs (Boss) n/a
73 Emperor Blublax (Boss) 15
74 Giant Breadbug (Boss) 10
75 Pileated Snagret (Boss) 15
76 Man-at-Legs (Boss) n/a
77 Raging Bloyster (Boss) 15
78 Waterwraith (Boss) n/a
79 Segmented Crawbster (Boss) 15
80 Raging Long Legs (Boss) n/a
81 Titan Dweevil (Boss) n/a

"n/a" indicates that either it is a plant that cannot be brought to the ship and sold, or the body of an enemy that cannot be collected because it disintegrates, explodes, disappears, or goes flying off into oblivion.

Bowser reference
Whenever you get a treasure called "Flame Of Tomorrow" (matchbox), on top of it is a picture of Bowser from the Mario game series.

Pikmin reference
Get twenty of each of the five different Pikmin colors into one group. They will hum the theme song from the original Pikmin.

Luigi's Mansion reference
Get a group of mostly Red Pikmin. Listen to them closely to hear them hum the theme song from Luigi's Mansion.

Mario ' series reference
Defeat the Beady Long Legs in the final sub-level of the Citadel of Spiders. The key it leaves behind resembles the secret exit keys from Super Mario World.

When you obtain the blue Pikmin there will be a treasure by the pond. It is called "Mario Paints".

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