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  Heavy Rain [PS3]
Alternate endings
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ending.
* Earn the "Perfect Crime" trophy for the "New Start", "Dead Heroine", "Uploaded", and "Unpunished" endings.
* In the "Killer"s Place" chapter, find the address of the warehouse on the laptop. Survive by hiding in the refrigerator. In the "Old Warehouse" chapter, have Ethan save Shaun, Madison warn Ethan of the cops, and Jayden kill Shelby. This unlocks the "New Life", "Origami Grave's", and "Case Closed" endings.
* In the "Old Warehouse" chapter, fail with all characters. Do not have Madison warn Ethan and let Shelby kill Jayden. This unlocks the "Ethan"s Grave", "Heroine", and "Unpunished" endings.
* In the "The Rat" chapter, fail the trial. Do not locate Shaun by failing the hangman. Have Jayden give up in the "Solving The Puzzle" chapter. Let Madison die in the "Killers Place" chapter. This unlocks the "Origami Blues" and "Smoking Mirror" endings.
* In the "Killer"s Place" chapter, have Madison escape but do not use the laptop to find the address of the warehouse. Note: You must wait in the secret room for two minutes for Shelby to arrive. This unlocks the "Tears In Rain" ending.
* In the "On The Loose" chapter, let Ethan get arrested the second time. Save Lauren from drowning in the "Trapped" chapter. Have Jayden give up in the "Solving The Puzzle" chapter. Have Madison escape in the "Killer's Place" chapter, but do not use the laptop to find the address of the warehouse. This unlocks the "Helpless", "Square One", and "A Mother's Revenge" endings.
* In the "Killer's Place" chapter, obtain the address from the laptop. Go to the warehouse alone. Have Madison save Shaun in the "Old Warehouse" chapter, and survive the final chase over the roof with Shelby. This unlocks the "Innocent", "Heroine", and "Resignation" endings.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Interactive Drama (Bronze): Thank you for supporting Interactive Drama.
Heavy Rain Hero (Bronze): Finish Heavy Rain.
Four Heroes (Silver): Complete the story with four characters alive.
All Endings (Gold): See all endings.
Heavy Rain Master (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.

Additionally there are fifty two secret trophies.
Agoraphobia (Bronze): Lexington Station – Knock down at least 50 by-passers.
Baby Master (Bronze): Suicide Baby – Make no mistakes taking care of the baby.
Bad Cop (Bronze): Shrink and Punches – Do not stop Blake from hitting Dupre.
Blunder (Bronze): Nathaniel – Shoot Nathaniel.
Butcher (Bronze): The Lizard – Cut your finger using a saw or scissor.
Cat & Mouse (Bronze): Covered Market – Beat Korda in the cold storage.
Clever Dad (Bronze): The Rat – Work out where Shaun is held.
Cold as Ice (Bronze): Killer's Place – Survive the explosion by hiding in the fridge.
Coward! (Bronze): The Butterfly – Give up or fail the Butterfly Trial.
Detox (Bronze): Jayden Blues – Resist Triptocaine.
Electrified (Bronze): The Butterfly – Complete the Butterfly Trial successfully.
Escape Master (Bronze): On the Loose – Escape the police at the motel.
FBI Investigator (Bronze): Crime Scene – Find all clues related to the Origami Killer in the scene.
Fugitive (Bronze): Fugitive – Manage to escape Blake in the subway station.
Gold Finger (Bronze): The Lizard – Cut off your finger using axe, knife or pliers & disinfect or cauterize the wound.
Good Cop (Bronze): Shrink and Punches – Stop Blake from hitting Dupre.
Good Driver (Bronze): The Bear – Complete the Bear Trial successfully.
Good Father (Bronze): Father and Son – Follow the schedule with Shaun and put him to bed in a good mood.
Good Friends (Bronze): The Park – Play two games with Shaun successfully and buy him candy.
Goodbye Mad Jack (Bronze): Survive the fight against Mad Jack.
Got to Remember (Bronze): Welcome, Norman! – Remember the time it was at the park and what Shaun was wearing.
Hands Up! (Bronze): Fugitive or On the Loose – Get arrested by Blake.
Happy Birthday (Bronze): Prologue – Complete the drawing + Set the table + Play with kids.
I'm a Killer…(Bronze): The Shark – Kill the Drug Dealer.
I'm not a Killer! (Bronze): The Shark – Do not kill the Drug Dealer.
I'm not Scared! (Bronze): Twins - Follow your brother without making any mistakes.
Invincible Scott (Bronze): Face to Face – Do not get shot in Kramer's villa.
Kamikaze (Bronze): The Bear – Choose the perfect path on the highway.
Kind Hearted (Bronze): Face to Face – Give Kramer his medicine.
Lover Boy (Bronze): On the Loose – Forgive Madison.
Lucky Locker (Bronze): Lexington Station – Find the correct locker on first try.
Ludwig von (Bronze): Jayden Blues – Play the piano without a wrong note.
Negotiator (Bronze): Hassan's Shop – Persuade the Robber to leave.
Nerd (Silver): Find all clues using ARI (Crime Scene + Mad Jack + Fish Tank) and find the Origami Killer.
Perfect Crime (Gold): Clean Manfred's shop of evidence + Let Lauren, Hassan and Kramer die + kill Madison and Jayden + Origami Killer free.
Pride Saved (Bronze): Sexy Girl – Take off no more than one item of clothing during the strip-tease.
Private Eye (Bronze): Sleazy Place – Lead Lauren to talk about her son.
Queen of Ropes (Bronze): The Doc – Escape before the Doc returns.
Sacrifice (Bronze): The Rat – Drink the poison.
Saved the Kid (Silver): Save Shaun.
Self Control (Bronze): Nathaniel – Do not shoot Nathaniel.
Simple Mind (Bronze): The Old Warehouse – Save the Origami Killer before he falls, with Jayden or Madison.
Smart Girl (Bronze): The Doc – Do not drink the Doc's beverage.
So Close… (Bronze): The Old Warehouse – Reach the end with all characters… and fail.
Swimming Instructor (Bronze): Trapped – Save Lauren underwater.
The Chef (Bronze): Eureka – Prepare a good omelette on time.
Tough Guy (Bronze): Kramer's Party – Defeat Gordi's bodyguard.
Trial Master (Silver): Succeeded in all Ethan's trials.
Unforgiven (Bronze): On the Loose – Do not forgive Madison.
VIP (Bronze): Paparazzi – Leave home without being spotted by the journalists.
White Knight (Bronze): Sleazy Place – Beat Troy.
Wise Guy (Bronze): Under Arrest – Switch the camera off in the surveillance room before saving Ethan.

Trophy Collection
After beating the game you can use Chapter Select menu to go back and get all the Trophies with ease.

Take it Easy
Playing the game on Easy will make it much easier and won't affect Trophy acquisition whatsoever.

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