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  The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena [Xbox 360]
Quick Reload for Scar
The Scar gun reloads really slowly after every shot. To cut that time in half, after shooting the first mine, perform a melee attack and you'll be able to shoot it again quickly after the melee. There will be no sound because it didn't actually reload. So if your second shot is silent you did it right. Use this to unload all five mines in quick succession. This is very useful against Alpha Drones.

Throw corpses
While dragging a corpse, press [Attack] to toss it ahead.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Medium Security Jail Break (30 points): Complete the Escape from Butcher Bay campaign on normal difficulty.
High Security Jail Break (50 points): Complete the Escape from Butcher Bay campaign on hard difficulty.
Chain Smoker (20 points): Collect all cigarette packages.
Bell Boy (20 points): Complete all side missions in Butcher Bay.
Master of Athena (30 points): Complete the Assault on Dark Athena campaign on normal difficulty.
Champion of Athena (50 points): Complete the Assault on Dark Athena campaign on hard difficulty.
Stealth Master (20 points): Get through the Cargo Bay without being noticed.
Master of Drones (20 points): Complete the Main Decks using only two drones.
Margo's Locker (10 points): Find and open Margo's Locker.
Miles Letter (10 points): Help Miles and transmit his message.
Bounty Hunter (30 points): Collect all bounty cards.
Winner level 1 (15 points): Win 10 matches.
Winner level 2 (30 points): Win 100 matches.
Winner level 3 (50 points): Win 1000 matches.
Basic Weapon Handling level 1 (10 points): Kill 10 people.
Basic Weapon Handling level 2 (20 points): Kill 1000 people.
Basic Weapon Handling level 3 (30 points): Kill 10,000 people.
Advanced Weapon Handling (15 points): Prove that you can use your weapon under difficult circumstances.
Killer (10 points): Get a 4 kill long kill streak. Get a double kill. Get the first kill in a match.
Murderer (20 points): Get a 8 kill long kill streak. Get a triple kill. Get the last kill in a match.
Dominator (40 points): Get a 12 kill long kill streak. Get a quadruple kill. Get the first and last kill in a match.
Hero (20 points): Capture a flag. Capture a powercell. Win a round alone against at least 3 enemies.
Juggernaut (20 points): Keep on going no matter what.
Underdog (20 points): Never give up.
Sniper Master (20 points): They'll never see it coming.
Explosive Master (20 points): BOOM!
Trigger Happy! (20 points): Don't stop firing until you are sure you are out of ammo.
Melee Expert (20 points): Close and personal.
Funwrecker (20 points): Ruin someone's day.

Additionally there are 21 secret achievements.

Kill Rust (10 points): Find Rust and kill him.
Main Frame Hack (10 points): Find the Butcher Bay main frame and input your DNA.
Eye Shine (10 points): Find Pope Joe and let him perform the eye shine surgery.
Ring Fight Champion (10 points): Beat all competition in the Tower 17 ring.
Kill Abbott (10 points): Get the opportunity to kill Abbott.
Control a Riot Guard (10 points): Find and control a Riot Guard.
Kill a Heavy Guard (10 points): Find and kill a Heavy Guard.
Control a Heavy Guard (10 points): Find and control a Heavy Guard.
Ulaks (10 points): Find and equip yourself with a pair of Ulaks.
Open the Vents (10 points): Get a Dark Athena vent tool.
Melee Master (25 points): Find and beat Iron Lord.
Kill Spinner (25 points): Find and kill Spinner.
Honest Fighting (25 points): Find and kill Jaylor in a fair fist fight.
SCAR gun (10 points): Find and equip yourself with a SCAR gun.
Rebel (20 points): Start a Riot on the Athena.
Control a Mech (20 points): Find and control a Mech on the Dark Athena.
Escape the Athena (30 points): Find a way out of the Athena.
Kill an Alpha Drone (25 points): Find and kill an Alpha Drone.
Control an Alpha Drone (10 points): Find and control an Alpha Drone.
Sniper Rifle (10 points): Find and equip yourself with a sniper rifle.
Gabril (10 points): Find and help Gabril.

Iron Lord Accolade (Dark Athena)
When hunting down Margo aboard the Dark Athena, Riddick will come across a tattooed strongman named Iron Lord. Murder him to get this accolade.

Bug Eating (Butcher Bay)
This is for when you are low on health, when you see one of the bugs flying around press X near it to eat it and it will restore low health meters.

Fair Fight Accolade (Dark Athena)
After Jaylor kills Silverman, he will challenge Riddick to a fair fight. Select the Bare Hands weapon and punch out Jaylor for this accolade.

Drag or Throw Bodies
While dragging corpses, you can throw them forwards by pressing [Attack].
To easily take out the riot guards, simply give the BLACK panel on their backs a couple of shot-gun blasts.

The Missing Blueskin (Butcher Bay)
If you already talked to the guy about killing all the Blueskins, forget it, it's too late you won't be able to complete this mission. This mission actually starts before you talk to him. After you kill Rust back in the single security level, on your way back to the courtyard, there is a Blueskin standing there. If you talk to him, he'll congratulate you on killing rust. When a guard isn't nearby, kill him.

The blue skin located in the Single Max section is not on the blueskin kill list, he dies in the cell block riot. The last blueskin needed to complete the mission is located in the upper mines. He gives you information about a keycard carrying guard you need to kill, but you do not need him to say it to do it. So you can just kill him right away or listen to his rambling. He attacks you after you kill the guard in the other room anyway.

Gas the Guards (Butcher Bay)
Turn on all valves you come across in the game. If a guard stands near a valve that's on, they will pass out. Even works on the riot guards.

Where's the Snitch List? (Butcher Bay)
There are two parts to the snitch list. One is hidden in the work pass room where there are the two guards and the mechanic. Search for a loose panel behind the crates. After you give the package to Jagger Valance and you get the mission to get the bomb, head back to the second floor (like you're heading back to the upper mines). On you're way back you're going to see 2 miners standing around. Take them out. One of them has the snitch list plus a little axe-like club I think you'll really like.

Extra Duster (Butcher Bay)
In Double Max where you have to fight Bam, fight him and if you time it right, you can pick up his knuckleduster as soon as he dies. If you come back after you kill Abbott, it won't be there.

Final Battle (Butcher Bay)
To easily take out the robot guards use the minigun, and try to line the bots up. The force of the gun will push the bots, so if they are in line with one-another they will both be helpless.

Kill Abbot (Butcher Bay)
His attack pattern is as follows: left to right swing, over head smash. After he does this, go in and give about two or three strikes with the shiv. Repeat as necessary to kill him.

Cognitive Subtitling
If your sound is turned down or the game's voices too hard to hear, activate the subtitles for casual and combat dialogue. This way, you can read if an enemy is suspicious about Riddick or has sighted him (the subtitles will not display the incoherent shrieks of the Ghost Drones).

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