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  Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 [PSX]
Cheat codes:
To enter these codes, pause the game then hold L1 and enter the code.

Cheat mode:
X, X, X, Square, Triangle, Up, Down, Left, Up, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, X, Triangle, Circle.

Special meter always full:
X, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Up, Left, Triangle, Square.

Raise stats to 10:
X, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Up, Down.

Turbo mode:
Down, Square, Triangle, Right, Up, Circle, Down, Square, Triangle, Right, Up, Circle.

Blood mode:
Right, Up, Square, Triangle.

Bigger skater:
X, X, X, X, Left, X, X, X, X, Left, X, X, X, X, Left.

Thinner skater:
X, X, X, X, Square, X, X, X, X, Square, X, X, X, X, Square.

Big heads:
Square, Circle, Up, Left, Left, Square, Right, Up, Left.


Unlock cheats:
To unlock the following cheats you have to clear every goal and collect all the cash on every level and competition with any character except Officer Dick, Tony Hawk, or Spider-Man.
The cheats are unlocked in the following order:

1st time Unlock Officer Dick
2nd time Skip to Restart
3rd time Kid Mode
4th time Perfect Balance
5th time Always Special
6th time Max stats
7th time Weight mode
8th time Wireframe mode
9th time Slow-Nic mode (slow motion tricks)
10th time Big Head mode
11th time Sim Mode (realistic physics)
12th time Smooth mode (no textures)
13th time Moon mode (low gravity)
14th time Disco mode (disco lights)
15th time Level Flip (mirrored levels)


Unlock Neversoft Bail video:
Get 3 Gold medals with Officer Dick.

Neversoft skaters:
Up, Square, Square, Triangle, Right, Up, Circle, Triangle. Then create a skater and name it like any of the members of the Neversoft development team.

Unlock Spiderman:
Beat the game with 100% with a created skater.

Unlock The Spiderman Skate video:
Get 3 Gold medals with Spiderman.

Unlock Private Carrera:
Execute all the gaps in each of the regular levels.

Unlock the Neversoft Makes video:
Get 3 Gold medals with Private Carrera.

Unlock McSqueeb:
Beating the game with 100% with Tony Hawk.

Unlock McSqueeb video:
Get 3 gold medals with McSqueeb

Unlock Chopper Drop: Hawaii level:
Get 3 Gold medals with every character.

Unlock Skate Heaven level:
To be able to skate the Heaven level you have to complete all objectives in career mode with the original characters, spider man, office dick, a custom skater.

Unlock the gym doors:
You must wall ride one bell, then grind the opensezme rail all beofre 1:40. I suggest you ride the very first bell and then head straight for the rail, the doors will remain open from then on.

Freestlyn move:
Turn auto kick off in the options menu under Player 1 controls. While playing with Rodney Mullen, do the Casper to 360 Flip special move (Down, Right, Circle) while standing still. note: ollie to finish move.

Skate in space glitch:
You can fall and skate in space on the skate heaven level. First find the ramp that goes into the volcano or "feed me" gap. Strait across from that go off the jump and you will land in space and it will not put you back where you fell off. You will need Moon Mode on for this to work.

In the California school level, when you just start, turn right and you will see a mini table top thing up against the wall(where you get the first school bell). Carry alot of speed right from the start, and hold down X all the time. Ollie(release X) off the table top and press triangle. You should do a wall ride and if you ollied high enough, you should do a grind on the awning thing after. Jump out of the grind and onto the roof. Hold down X immediatly. Keep on going straight and you should see a window, at the last second, ollie out the window, and onto the other roof, again, hold X and head straight for the box thing you will see, and ollie off the bump in the roof onto the middle if the box ( you must be in the middle of the box.) Immediatly press Triangle and you should grind over the gap, and get some moula. Jump to the next roof, and turn right, then ollie to the roof there.

Unlock the well in France:
To unlock the well in France, immediately skate to the right from the start. Then from there, jump up on the grass. You will see a pole with a stick leaning up against it. Skate over the stick to knock down the pole. It will come crashing down, and create a hole in the wall. Skate into the hole, and down the well. There is a great rail to grind down (big points for a big rail grind) and immediately do a grab trick over the fountain, and another big air trick up the wall towards the back. Big points can be taken there... (There is also cash in there. I could not complete the level and get gold until I found it. Also, note - to get out, just skate back up the ramp, and into the darkness... It will kick you out to the start point.

Open gym doors in school:
More efficient way to open the gym doors in the school. Just get the the "Opensezume" rail before the timer gets to 1:40 and grind it. You'll hear the bell ring and you can get into the gym anytime you want. Remember to save!

Secret in the French competition:
In the French competition, find the small platform with grass and trees next to one of the rails. Ollie onto the platform and find a piece of wood supporting the blue tree (behind it.) Hit the piece of wood and a secret passage way will appear on the wall next to the tree. Hint: Don't stay in there to long or you probably won't get alot of points from the judges.

Secret area in Skate Heaven:
When you get to Skate Heaven there is a half pipe bridge over towards a cool pool like thing. Go towards the pool then turn and head down the half pipe salom like object on the side of the map. Once in side follow it down to the full pipe. On one side of the pipe there is a jump if you get enough speed and head towards this jump off and head towards the roof to the right grind all of the way up the bar to the next roof and the screebn should shake then just feed the volcanoe for a cool secret area.

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