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  All-Pro Football 2K8 [Xbox 360]
Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Create a Team (5 points): Create a Team.

Gift of Grab (10 points): Catch 10 Passes with a Bronze WR.

Create a Player (5 points): Create a Player.

Edit any part of your team (5 points): Edit Team.

Return a Fumble for a Touchdown (15 points): Return a Fumble for a Touchdown.

Game Record Forced Fumbles (15 points): Set the single game record for forced fumbles.

Game Record Defensive INT (20 points): Set the single game record for INTs.

Game Record Passing yards (15 points): Set the single game record for Passing yards.

Game Record Receiving yards (20 points): Set the single game record for Receiving yards.

Game Record Rushing yards (10 points): Set the single game record for Rushing yards.

Game Record for Defensive Sacks (20 points): Set the single game record for Defensive Sacks.

Game Record Touchdowns (10 points): Set the single game record for Touchdowns.

Stride Gum long lasting drive (20 points): Near end of the 2nd quarter or later, score an 80 yard TD.

Return an INT for a Touchdown (15 points): Return an INT for a Touchdown.

Win 10 Games Online (15 points): Win 10 Online Games.

Win 20 Online Games (20 points): Win 20 Online Games.

Half a Century (50 points): Win 50 Online Games.

3 Online Wins in a Row (15 points): 3 Online Wins in a Row.

5 Online Wins in a Row (20 points): 5 Online Wins in a Row.

It's fun to play together (5 points): Join an Online League.

Get Connected (5 points): Play an Online Game.

League Participation (20 points): Play an Online League or Tournament Game.

We are the Champions (50 points): Win an Online League or Tournament.

Golden Arm (20 points): Throw for 500 yards with a Gold QB in a Single Game.

Run & Gun (15 points): Pass for 200 yards & Rush for 50 yards with a Silver QB in a single game.

Six for 6 (10 points): Throw 6 Touchdown Passes with a Bronze QB.

Two for One (20 points): Gain 150 Rec yards each with a Bronze and a Gold WR.

Over the top (15 points): Gain 200 Rec yards with a Bronze WR.

Pound it out (10 points): Gain 250 Rushing yards with a Bronze Running Back in a single game.

You want me to do what? (20 points): Gain 200 Rushing+100 Receiving yards with a Gold Running Back in a single game.

Ground Game (15 points): Score 4 Rushing Touchdowns with a Silver Running Back in a single game.

Sack Master (10 points): Get 5 sacks in a single game with a Bronze Defender.

2 Points (10 points): Get a Safety.

Butter fingers (30 points): Set the Record for Forced Fumbles in a Single Season.

Covered like a blanket (35 points): Break the single season record for INTs.

Spread the wealth (30 points): Finish the Season with 5084+ Passing yards with a single player.

Take it to the house (35 points): Finish the Season with 1848+ Receiving yards with a single player.

Single Season Rushing Record (20 points): Finish the Season with 2105+ Rushing yards with a single player.

Single Season Sack Record (35 points): Set the Single Season Sack Record.

Punch it in there (20 points): Set the Single Season TD Record.

Win the Season Mode Championship (40 points): Become the Season Mode Champion.

Mission Accomplished (25 points): Complete Season.

Play a Season Game (10 points): Complete a game in Season Game.

Mission Impossible (100 points): Complete Season Mode Undefeated and win the League Championship.

All - Pro (15 points): Shut Out the A.I. on All-Pro Difficulty.

Legend (20 points): Shut Out the A.I. on Legend Difficulty.

Shut'em Down (25 points): Shut out the A.I. on Pro Difficulty.

Bring'em down (15 points): Record 15 Tackles with a Silver Player.

The first one is the hardest (10 points): Win a game.

2 INTs with a Gold defender (5 points): Get 2 INTs with a Gold defender in a single game.

Custom uniforms:
Enter the editor screen for your created team then press Y to display the code entry prompt. Enter one of the following codes to get the corresponding uniform.

Enter sDZUEpqsPeJpP8weh5AuqxbsKjCuqBuWXKN9ktjcDyJKdTS8ab HYWTJxGhGsQjeied as a code.

Enter Eg6GrXJH2x3jsWkCkbamjMY9rQWJxWeSTo58QVqM2QU6eKAGJ7aphb2zinBVkrttrc as a code.

Enter cztFTjng7q3F9dZfFWumKSuNLgVorbUB4F6eGrNpoPohF6Mc6HnuPePV7WL9xK8Vec as a code.

Enter 2xMJPf9tmZX8FJ99777qph2EdmHiNXvoUisSno2MB7jzDrtGxdrhQQDsUxgjLWtkrc as a code.

Enter igwKkStreWhCkjSEiy20jPSo2tkdffzWbaqwAXrNJb7wzuLVtABwmC94eVhiCWorBd as a code.

Enter SUwN9tEswaY3j6fvLDXRVzxvtxSrHd5BDLCeoNV9frYFbnakFFGuZMGCuWnSPtSufd as a code.

Enter egx4ZWgtEmXaiAzxkQDWhd2JDxgC7KjZv7NPCPrcC7Zee44ge2rXowGJZ6bsNPW6rc as a code.

Enter EadEXFQGSQC9BjVtGCxafGeTba5XYQopiPW4cgXuqDCsBd3KVz DRm79ebF4byaRQcd as a code.

Enter v4nbB4bCKhEKWM4SKn6TtNTauQNgH895SYnsD4Kagk3EgAdgDNWEgk7nS2pRfWRned as a code.

Enter crw99zZQuqdkv2VdQc6CSPDCSWp5MHoXKyidTXLAkCey4cihJG29QLVtTRNtjK6frd as a code.

Enter dwLnnd7wrU45ADsAWHn42M5FQcjHdnxEun99UcDHxk95rj2XTpMH6MLLkWQsJB93qd as a code.

Enter C5GGtipzBgKvpSwHQPyHig3P5HFweVGpAAsrBJRcHAqbAsjtG54hhDW6mbhrBd as a code.

Enter 5ou7k6gZy9UgD3k2iHYfHDQZdcn6Ab5wEVE2qUX9KK7D3i45C53GzNnAux3CcsSpEc as a code.

Enter REPXj5iLhuVc7gFajYEQYWqdP6chyVzAmDm7sMYtSzppZWKshsiz8eHnoBKXUXJbc as a code.

Enter UbVCB5UidqVNDgHMGhQrBdE9E9yskG5bgyfqbXeonYhUAfM4q4znxnEFzXgWiSajQd as a code.

Enter fnTvCtTpypv7mvkPneGTri4BsGHrSWKXYLTZwibn9oLmwWebUF48esNFfFpNMMTx8d as a code.

Enter f5cPbHDryc5WY7oHW7YcQvbFxWN2gGnq3wrxvjXbUgERAQTGSLDNmZQaaBVwZfZwWc as a code.

Enter tqSWFJAuB7ytFJxynKhxTvyKsskjvUjPVmTYPiB8mePUZhyCaHgazVLGVyCgxAJTEc as a code.

Enter iqh8cMLeKSSDY3AwLY9bUfu7GNt4bX7ZUteg7j2nsgj8znqAT6ztHL2hqSb38P7Eec as a code.

Enter pVVJm2RfspdBbvK98qjENLetYBQnmroEZ5pRDZYrC24vQNwcwhQuE9d7ZacyufSK8d as a code.

Enter mBaYQvsKxs7as4XQuFEhcoSntiXjiBpZPQ9DTAoXAQPonFh8fUFsKasz7gzTHRVwyc as a code with the Fuel logo.

Enter LRewreM5YRi86hYxzVtms8VB4APenMbfSQHiT8nPqaRJGd3dt4duMdoLVdCrubq7gd as a code.

Extra abilities for created player:
Unlock all achievements to be able to create a gold star football player with five abilities instead of three.

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