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  Superpower [cheats]
Cheat mode:
Press [Ctrl] + C during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Set player country g_player [country code]
Player controls indicated country if "on"; otherwise releases control g_conquer [country code] [on or off]
Set regime of selected country to the one specified g_regime [country code] [anarchy, dictator, monarchy, totaldemo, or demo]
Set the goal number to true or false g_goal [goal number] [on or off]
Set number of turns in the game g_time [number]
Indicated country will do the indicated action on next pass c_action [country code] [action code]
Block EHE from doing actions c_halt [on or off]
Log consequences of the actions of indicated country c_logEHEeffects [country code] [on or off]
Reset AI behavior data c_resetbehavior
Does the indication action on all countries and log the results c_testaction [action code]
Quit game Quit_To_Desktop
Logs all data modifications of controlled countries in the end turn sequence to a text file. You only have detailed logs for the controlled countries. c_logHistory [on or off]
Override new logistics code and enable free troop movement c_teleport [on or off]

Country codes:
Use one of the following values for any code that requires a . For example, enter the g_conquer 108 code to have Russia under your control.
Information in this section was contributed by Jake Small.
Afghanistan: 1
Albania: 2
Algeria: 3
Angola: 4
Argentina: 5
Australia: 6
Austria: 7
Bahamas: 8
Bangladesh: 9
Belgium: 10
Belize: 11
Benin: 12
Bhutan: 13
Bolivia: 14
Botswana: 15
Brazil: 16
Bulgaria: 17
Burkina Faso: 18
Burma: 19
Burundi: 20
Cambodia: 21
Cameroon: 22
Canada: 23
Central African Republic: 24
Chad: 25
Chile: 26
China: 27
Colombia: 28
Congo: 29
Costa Rica: 30
Cuba: 31
Cyprus: 32
Czech Republic: 33
Denmark: 34
Dominican Republic: 35
Ecuador: 36
Egypt: 37
El Salvador: 38
Equatorial Guinea: 39
Estonia: 40
Ethiopia: 41
Finland: 42
France: 43
French Guiana: 44
Gabon: 45
Gambia: 46
Germany: 47
Ghana: 48
Greece: 49
Greenland: 50
Guatemala: 51
Guinea: 52
Guinea-Bissau: 53
Guyana: 54
Haiti: 55
Honduras: 56
Hungary: 57
Iceland: 58
India: 59
Indonesia: 60
Iran: 61
Iraq: 62
Ireland: 63
Israel: 64
Italy: 65
Ivory Coast: 66
Jamaica: 67
Japan: 68
Jordan: 69
Kenya: 70
Korea, North: 71
Korea, South: 72
Kuwait: 73
Laos: 74
Latvia: 75
Lebanon: 76
Lesotho: 77
Liberia: 78
Libya: 79
Lithuania: 80
Madagascar: 81
Malawi: 82
Malaysia: 83
Mali: 84
Mauritania: 85
Mexico: 86
Mongolia: 87
Morocco: 88
Mozambique: 89
Namibia: 90
Nepal: 91
Netherlands: 92
New Zealand: 93
Nicaragua: 94
Niger: 95
Nigeria: 96
Norway: 97
Oman: 98
Pakistan: 99
Panama: 100
Papua New Guinea: 101
Paraguay: 102
Peru: 103
Philippines: 104
Poland: 105
Portugal: 106
Romania: 107
Russia: 108
Rwanda: 109
Saudi Arabia: 110
Senegal: 111
Sierra Leone: 112
Somalia: 113
South Africa: 114
Spain: 115
Sri Lanka: 116
Sudan: 117
Suriname: 118
Sweden: 119
Switzerland: 120
Syria: 121
Taiwan: 122
Tanzania: 123
Thailand: 124
Togo: 125
Tunisia: 126
Turkey: 127
Uganda: 128
Ukraine: 129
United Arab Emirates: 130
United Kingdom: 131
United States: 132
Uruguay: 133
Venezuela: 134
Vietnam: 135
Yemen: 136
Yugoslavia: 137
Zaire: 138
Zambia: 139
Zimbabwe: 140

Action codes:
Use one of the following values for any code that requires a [action code]. For example, enter the c_action 108 4 code to have Russia allied with you.

Do nothing: 1
Raise Status: 2
Lower Status: 3
Alliance: 4
Conquest: 5
Buy energy: 6
Sell energy: 7
Buy iron: 8
Sell iron: 9
Buy cereal: 10
Sell cereal: 11
Buy meat: 12
Sell meat: 13
Buy gold: 14
Sell gold: 15
Ask money: 16
Buy tech: 17
Sell tech: 18
Trade tech: 19
Sell unit: 20
Give unit: 21
Cultural exchange: 22
Share tech treaty: 23
Park unit: 24
Park base: 25
Ask independence: 26
Grant independence: 27
Money government: 28
Money rebels: 29
Declare war: 30
Break politic treaty: 31
Break economic treaty: 32
Break military treaty: 33
Raise taxes res.: 34
Raise taxes com.: 35
Raise taxes ind.: 36
Lower taxes res.: 37
Lower taxes com.: 38
Lower taxes ind.: 39
Build small units: 40
Build large units: 41
Build nuclear missiles: 42
Build airport: 43
Build port: 44
Build nuke center: 45
Build city: 46
Build base: 47
Prod ress.: 48
Prod rech.: 49
Prod prod.: 50
Prod demo.: 51
Raise pression: 52
Lower pression: 53
Revolt: 54
Sabotage: 55
Coup: 56
Covert strike: 57
Spy: 58
Assassinate politic: 59
Assassinate economic: 60
Assassinate military: 61
Rig election: 62
Terrorism: 63
Revolt w/frame: 64
Sabotage w/frame: 65
Coup w/frame: 66
Covert strike w/frame: 67
Spy w/frame: 68
Assassinate political w/frame: 69
Assassinate economic w/frame: 70
Assassinate military w/frame: 71
Rig election w/frame: 72
Terrorism w/frame: 73
Raise regime: 74
Lower regime: 75
Raise International fund: 76
Lower International fund: 77
Ask military help: 78
Move troops defense: 79
Move troops offense: 80
Attack home rebels: 81
Attack foreign rebels: 82
Launch nuke: 83
Demo research: 84
Move capital: 85
Abandon base: 86

Build elite units quickly:
Invent a new soldier, airplane, tank, etc. Make sure you do not put any stats on them; just give them a name. Depending on what country you are playing, you should be able to produce a large amount. Keep producing until you are ready for military action. Then, upgrade and they will instantly have all the stats, even though you created them with bad stats.

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