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  Battlefield 2: Modern Combat [Xbox 360]
All weapons:
Hold LB + RB then quickly press Right(2), Down, Up, Left(2) during game play in offline single player mode.

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. For achievements that say campaign, do them in campaign mode. For achievements that say online, do them online:

Expert Sniper: Campaign (25)
Kill 10 enemies using Sniper Kit weapons without losing the multiplier.

Expert Assault: Campaign (25)
Kill 10 enemies using Assault Kit weapons without losing the multiplier.

Navy Cross: Campaign (20)
Kill 5 enemies using water based vehicles without losing the multiplier.

Medic: Campaign (20)
Heal 4 allies without dying using the Auto Injector, at least 1/3rd health must be restored.

Mechanic: Campaign (20)
Repair 5 allied vehicles in a mission using the Blowtorch, at least 1/3rd armour must be repaired.

Marksman: Campaign (20)
Kill 4 enemies with one clip of a sniper rifle.

Air Force Cross: Campaign (20)
Kill 10 enemies using air based vehicles without losing the multiplier.

Army Cross: Campaign (20)
Kill 10 enemies using land based vehicles without losing the multiplier.

Dominator (20)
Finish top in 20 games.

Conqueror (5)
Finish top in 5 games.

Coalition (50)
Complete 50 major victories.

Alliance (20)
Complete 20 major victories.

Expert Special Ops: Campaign (25)
Kill 10 enemies using Special Ops Kit weapons without losing the multiplier.

Expert Support: Campaign (25)
Kill 10 enemies using Support Kit weapons without losing the multiplier.

Grenadier: Campaign (20)
Kill 20 enemies with grenades in a single mission.

Expert Engineer: Campaign (25)
Kill 10 enemies using Engineer Kit weapons without losing the multiplier.

Commando: Campaign (20)
Kill 4 enemies in a mission using a Knife.

Sapper: Campaign (20)
Kill 20 enemies using C4 or Landmines in a single mission.

Expert Use of Mortar: Campaign (20)
Kill 3 enemies and no allies with a single Mortar Strike.

Army Cross: Online (20)
Kill 10 enemies without dying using land based vehicles.

Air Force Cross: Online (20)
Kill 10 enemies without dying using air based vehicles.

Marksman: Online (20)
Kill 4 enemies with one clip of a sniper rifle.

Medic: Online (20)
Heal 4 allies without dying using the Auto Injector, at least 1/3rd health must be restored.

Navy Cross: Online (20)
Kill 5 enemies without dying using water based vehicles.

Mechanic: Online (20)
Repair 5 allied vehicles without dying using the Blowtorch, at least 1/3rd armour must be repaired.

Expert Assault: Online (25)
Kill 10 enemies without dying using Assault Kit weapons.

Expert Sniper: Online (25)
Kill 10 enemies without dying using Sniper Kit weapons.

Expert Special Ops: Online (25)
Kill 10 enemies without dying using Special Ops Kit weapons.

Expert Engineer: Online (25)
Kill 10 enemies without dying using Engineer Kit weapons.

Expert Support: Online (25)
Kill 10 enemies without dying using Support Kit weapons.

Grenadier: Online (20)
Kill 20 enemies with grenades in a single round.

Commando: Online (20)
Kill 4 enemies without dying using a Knife.

Sapper: Online (20)
Kill 20 enemies using C4 or Landmines in a single round.

Expert Use of Mortar: Online (20)
Kill 5 enemies and no allies with a single Mortar Strike.

Almaty Veteran (5)
Complete all missions in the Almaty region.

Mangystau Veteran (10)
Complete all missions in the Mangystau region.

Qyzylorda Veteran (25)
Complete all missions in the Qyzylorda region.

Admirable (5)
Achieve the maximum star rating in 5 missions or challenges.

Meritorious (20)
Achieve the maximum star rating in 20 missions or challenges.

Exemplary (50)
Achieve the maximum star rating in all missions and challenges.

Victorious China (30)
Complete all China missions.

Victorious NATO (30)
Complete all NATO missions.

Practiced (5)
Participate in 50 game sessions.

Seasoned (20)
Participate in 200 game sessions.

Veteran (50)
Participate in 500 game sessions.

Team (5)
Complete 5 major victories.

EA formation:
After unlocking the Frag Grenade weapon challenge, complete all rounds and kill every enemy until round ten. If every enemy is killed, you will go into round eleven. In this round, the soldiers move and create the shape of first an "E", then an "A" as a reference to EA Games.

Hotswap Challenge:
When doing the Hotswap Challenge, it is easier if you move towards the marker to make more "Hotswaps" available. By doing this, you will not lose 1,000 points.

RPG Rocket Challenge:
On the RPG Rocket Challenge, the further you are away when you blow a vehicle up, the more points you get. An easy way to rack up points is to take down a vehicle's shield down at close range, hotswap to a further away RPG man, then finish the vehicle off.

Air Traffic Control: Get two helicopters easily:
When you begin the Air Traffic Control level, you will start out as a sniper. Directly behind you is a chopper. Turn around as soon as the level begins if you want a good shot. You should be able to shoot him and the chopper will fall a short distance directly in front of you. Make sure you hit the pilot, and not the chopper. Note: It may require a few attempts to hit the pilot. It will not explode. You can then get in and shoot out the turrets with the chopper. When the jeeps come by, hotswap to one and go directly past the turrets and into the helicopter inside the heliport. You have now acquired two helicopters, making this level very easy.

Multi-player: Conquest game:
In a conquest game in multi-player mode, load up a chopper to its maximum and the paradrop one person at a time over the flag. This can be done five times total, including the chopper pilot.

Multi-player: Ranks:
Achieve the indicated number of medals, points per hour (PPH), and points to earn the corresponding rank.

Brigadier General: 12 medals, 19,390 points, 85 PPH
Captain: 8 medals, 8,430 points, 65 PPH
Chief Warrant Officer: 5 medals, 3,700 points, 50 PPH
Colonel: 11 medals, 16,070 points, 80 PPH
Commanding Sergeant Major: 3 medals, 1,820 points, 40 PPH
Corporal: 0 medals, 70 points, 15 PPH
First Lieutenant: 7 medals, 6,560 points, 60 PPH
Five Star General: 15 medals, 32,000 points, 100 PH
Lieutenant Colonel: 10 medals, 13,150 points, 75 PPH
Lieutenant General: 14 medals, 27,330 points, 95 PPH
Major: 9 medals, 10,620 points, 70 PPH
Major General: 13 medals, 23,150 points, 90 PPH
Master Sergeant: 1 Medal(s), 720 points, 30 PPH
Private: 0 medals, 0 points, 0 PPH
Private First Class: 0 medals, 20 points, 10 PPH
Second Lieutenant: 6 medals, 4,900 points, 55 PPH
Sergeant: 0 medals, 190 points, 20 PPH
Sergeant First Class: 0 medals, 390 points, 25 PPH
Sergeant Major: 2 medals, 1,180 points, 35 PPH
Warrant Officer: 4 medals, 2,650 points, 45 PPH

Avoiding missiles:
When in multi-player mode and flying a helicopter, if you start to get laser targeted (not GTAM), fly as fast as possible, and at the same time get as low to the ground as you possible. By doing this, the missile will hit the ground and miss you almost all the time, if done correctly.

Easy expert shooting medal:
Go to the "Backstab" map and play as a sniper. Get to a good location and snipe. Only snipe people who are standing still. Note: This requires patience.

Limited mines and C4:
The Engineer and Special Ops have a limited number of mines and C4 they can put down. Once you put down nine, you are good. Put down ten or more and the first one you put down will disappear or explode.

Be a Special Ops and get out your C4s. Get near a vehicle and put one or two C4s on it. Keep your detonator out and go in the vehicle. When you see an enemy, get out your vehicle so that it's ghost rides into the enemy. When the enemy is near the vehicle, detonate the C4s.

Chinese restaurant reference:
When you are playing conquest at "Bridge Too Far", go to the Chinese side. When there is no extra battle sound, you can faintly hear music that would be in a Chinese restaurant. Coincidentally, there is a building that looks like a Chinese restaurant in that map.

Weapon and equipment upgrades:
Collect the indicated number of stars to unlock the corresponding upgrade in single player mode.

105mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 150): 133
120mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 150): 133
125mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 150): 133
23mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 3,000): 133
25mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 3,000): 133
30mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 750): 133
40mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 3,000): 133
70mm Rocket (Increased Ammo 150): 171
90mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 150): 133
Antitank Missile (Increased Ammo 75): 171
Assault Rifle (45-Round Clip): 32
Assault Rifle (Armor-Piercing Bullets): 253
Assault Rifle (Increased Ammo 225): 82
Assault Rifle (Increased Zoon): 152
Auto-Injector (Increased Ammo 5): 158
Blowtorch (Increased Ammo 1,500): 89
C4 Explosive (Increased Ammo 6): 101
Forward Observer (Extended Target Length): 183
Forward Observer (Increased Ammo 6): 120
Frag Grenade (Increased Ammo 5): 196
Grenade Launcher (Increased Ammo 5): 63
Grenade Launcher (Increased Ammo 90): 108
Laser Target Designator (Bunker Buster Splash Damage): 247
Laser Target Designator (Increased Zoom): 234
Laser Target Designator (Increased Ammo 2): 202
Locking Missile (Increased Ammo 6): 215
Machine Gun (150-Round Clip): 38
Machine Gun (Armor-Piercing Bullets): 266
Machine Gun (Increased Ammo 1500-3000): 57
Machine Gun (Increased Ammo 300): 139
Mine (Increased Ammo 5): 177
Mortar Strike (Carpet Bomb): 259
Mortar Strike (Increased Ammo 2): 209
Pistol (23-Round Clip): 06
Pistol (Increased Ammo 45): 25
Rocket Launcher (Homing Missle): 228
Rocket Launcher (Increased Ammo 8): 19
Rocket Launcher (Increased Zoom): 76
Shotgun (12-Round Clip): 51
Shotgun (Increased Ammo 48): 114
Smoke Grenade (Increased Ammo 5): 145
Sniper Rifle (9-Round Clip): 44
Sniper Rifle (Armor-Piercing Bullets): 221
Sniper Rifle (Increased Ammo 15): 95
Sniper Rifle (Increased Zoom): 164
Stun Grenade (Increased Ammo 5): 190
Sub-Machine Gun (45-Round Clip): 13
Sub-Machine Gun (Armor-Piercing Bullets): 240
Sub-Machine Gun (Increased Ammo 225): 70
Sub-Machine Gun (Increased Zoom): 126

Multi-player mode: Unlimited C4:
In online multi-player mode, start out with a Spec Ops. Then kill yourself. Make sure to know where you were in order to reach the weapons pack you left behind. Then, play as a Spec Ops again. Go to where your weapons pack was deposited. Switch to your C4 and throw one, but do not detonate. Then, switch weapons pack. Next, use another C4 and do not detonate. You will not run out of C4s as long as you keep switching packs. Repeat these steps and one of the weapons packs should contain as many C4s as when you switched packs. This can also lead to a large explosion if your C4s were thrown near each other. However, this glitch is only limited to the immediate area unless you wish to walk back and forth from your target or you killed yourself near your target (for example, a large explosion with a helicopter, tank, or jeep and use the mass amount of C4s as a kamikaze attack).

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