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  Hammer and Sickle [cheats]
Cheat mode:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "s3autoexec.cfg" file in the game folder. Add this line at the end of the file:

Then, use a text editor to edit the "s3input.cfg" file in the game folder. Locate the "gamebinds" heading and add the following line, where is what you wish to press to display the console window.

bind console = '[key]'
Press the previously defined console key during game play to display the console window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Unlimited AP cheat_ap 1
Toggle God mode for squad godmode [0 or 1]
Toggle AI game_noai [0 or 1]
Toggle transparency i_am_an_alien [0 or 1]
Set Squad member to indicated level setxplevel [number]
Toggle show all enemies cheat_showall [0 or 1]
Spawn indicated item # (1-675) getitem [1-675]

Enable console:
edit s3autoexec.cfg and add wirbelwind below last entry
edit s3input.cfg, go to gamebinds and add bind console = 'x' where x is the key you want to use for console
F12, ~ is useful here. ('F12', '~')

cheat_ap 1 = unlimited AP, you may still get interrupted
godmode 1 = God mode for squad.
godmode 0 = God mode for squad off.
game_noai 1 = Disable AI.
game_noai 0 = Enable AI.
i_am_an_alien 1 - Enable transparency.
i_am_an_alien 0 - Disable transparency.
setxplevel # - Set all Squad Members to # Level.
cheat_showall 1 - Show all Enemies.
cheat_showall 0 - Unable to show all Enemies.
getitem # - Get item number # (see the list below)

Item List
Use the following item numbers with the "getitem #" code:

1. Colt M1911
2. Luger British
3. Luger P08
4. Sauer 38X
5. Walter P38
6. TT 1933
7. Mauser K96 1926
8. Mauser K96 1912
9. Mauser M.712
10. Webley-Scott
11. Nagant 1910
12. Rifle 33-40
13. Mosin 1891-1930
14. Carbine 1938
15. Lee-Enfield MK1
16. Carbine M1 1936
17. Carbine 98k Scoped
18. Springfield M1917 Scoped
19. AVS-36
20. SVT-40
21. FG-42
22. G-41 W
23. MAS 1936
24. Mauser M98
25. Mauser M29
26. Thompson 1923
27. Thompson 1928
28. M3A1
29. Sten MKII
30. Sten MKIV
31. Sten MKV
32. Sten MKIII
34. PPSh 41
35. PPSh 41 modified
36. PPS 42
37. PPS 43
38. MP40
39. STG 43
40. MP 28 - Bergmann
41. MG 34
42. MG 42
43. DP
44. RPD
45. Bren
47. ZB 26-30
48. Chatellerault M1924/1929
49. Garand M1
50-56. - Unknown
57. Browning M1922
58-73. - Unknown
74. Colt M1911 Magazine
75. Luger P08 Magazine
76. Parabellum Magazine
77. Sauer 38X Magazine
78. Walter P38 Magazine
79. TT Magazine
80. Unknown
81. Mauser M.712 Magazine
82. Mauser 1912 Magazine
83. Speedloader for six .38 rounds
84. Nagant 1896 Cartridges
85. Mosin Magazine
86. Mauser Magazine
87. Lee-Enfield Magazine
88. M-1 Magazine
89. Springfield M1917 Magazine
90. AVS-36 Magazine
91. SVT-40 Magazine
93. FG42 Magazine
94. MAS Magazine
95-96. - Unknown
97. Thompson M1 SMG Drum Magazine
99. Thompson 1928 SMG Magazine
100. Unknown
101. M3A1 SMG Magazine
102. Sten SMG Magazine
103. PPSh/PPD SMG Drum Magazine
104. PPShm/PPS SMG Magazine
105. MP40 SMG Magazine
106. STG43 SMG Magazine
107-108. - Unknown
109. MG34 Boxed Cartridge Belt
110. DP Drum Magazine
111. RPD Boxed Cartridge Belt
112. Bren Gun Magazine
113. Browning M1922 Magazine
114. Unknown
115. ZB26/30 Magazine
116. Chatellerault Magazine
117. Garand M1 Magazine
118-121. - Unknown
122. M61
123. M-39
124-126. Unknown
127. First Aid Kit
128. Unknown
129. Mine Shovel
130-131. - Unknown
132. Vickers 12.7 Boxed Cartridge Belt
133. M-24
134-136. - Unknown
137. First Aid Kit
138-139. - Unknown
140. M-34
141. SRCM mod .35
142. Breda
143. Z-23
144. O-23
145. OF-37
146. 36M Mk I
147. RGD-33 (offensive modification)
148. RGD-33 (defensive modification)
149. F-1
150. RG-42
151. RPG-40
152. RPG-41
153. RPG-43
154. RPG-6
155-157. - Unknown
158. Beretta M1938A
159. Beretta M38-42
160. MP 38 v 161. MP 40-II
162. Suomi
163. PPD 40
164-170. - Unknown
171. G-41 W Scoped
172. Garand M1 Scoped
173. Lee-Enfield Mk1 Scoped
174. Manlicher-Carcano M38
175. Manlicher-Carcano M91/24 Scoped
176. Mosin 1891-1930 Scoped
177. SVT 40 Scoped
178-179. - Unknown
180. Panzerschrek
181. Panzerschrek rocket propelled grenade
182. Bazooka M1
183. PIAT rocket launcher
184. Bazooka rocket propelled grenade
185. PIAT rocket propelled grenade
186-189. - Unknown
190. Panzerfaust
191. Panzerfaust rocket propelled grenade
192. Dart Arrow
193-209. - Unknown
210. Mechanical Sword
211. MG FF Auto Cannon
212. MK 108 Auto Cannon
213. MG 81Z Auto Cannon
214. PZB 41 Cannon
215. MSS 41 Sniper Cannon
216. Mechanical Sabre
217. Vickers Machine gun
218. PIAT rocket launcher
219. ShKAS Machine gun
220. PTRS Sniper gun
221. PTR Boys gun
222. DshK Machine gun
223. AGS rocket launcher
224. AGS cartridge belt
225. Gatling Machine gun
226. Gatling Drum Magazine
227. LZ Energy gun
228. TG-21
229. Unknown
230. Throwing Knife
231. Shuriken
232. Chakra
233. Throwing Knife
234. Finnish Knife
235. Pukke Knife
236. Kappmesser Knife
237. SSA Dagger
238. Unknown
239. Fairbairn Sykes Knife
240. Ka-Bar Knife
241. M3 Knife
242. Combat Dagger
243. Luftwaffe Machete Knife
244. Machete Knife
245. Katana Sword
246. Billy Club
247. Black Jack Club
248. Smatchet large combat Knife
249. Khukuri Knife
250. M1917 Knife
251-297. - Unknown
298. Stunning Air-gun Silenced
299. Stunning Air-gun Silenced
300-342. - Unknown
343. MP41
344. Sten MkIII Silenced
345. Nagant 1910 Silenced
346. Mauser K96 1912 Silenced
347. MP41 Silenced
348. M3A1 Silenced
349. Welrod MkI Silenced
350. Carbine Delizl Silenced
351. Carbine 98K Scoped, Silenced
352. ''Little Joe'' Silenced
353. Beretta M38-42 Silenced
354-356. - Unknown
357. BHLG 1Z
358. PWM-1
359. Heavy Mortar Shell
360. Medium Mortar Shell
361. Light Mortar Shell
362. Medium Mortar Shell
363. LZ-System Energy Charge
364. TLG-3
365. Wood Chopping Axe
366. Mark 1
367. PMD-6M
368. Smiz-35
369. Shumi-42
370. Pmi-43
371. TMD-B
372. Manlicher-Carcano M38 Magazine
373. Manlicher-Carcano M91 Magazine
374-375. - Unknown
376. Colt M1911 BigJoe Arrow
377. Little Joe Arrow
378. Colt M1911 ''Big Joe''
379. Pistol Stunning Dart
380. Unknown
381. Sea Devil Rifle Clip
382. Sea Devil Scoped
383. DShk Boxed Cartridge Belt
384. Flak38 Magazine
385. MG34 Boxed Cartridge Belt
386. Hank of Wire
387. Mine Probe
388. Wire Cutter
389. The key
390. Advanced Picklock
391. Unknown
392. The key
393. Picklock set
394. Unknown
395. Picklock
396. Compressed Gauze Bandage
397. Bullet Extractor
398. Acetophenetidin Analgesic Tablet
399. Forceps, Abbey
400. Liquid Cardiac Stimulant
401. First Aid Kit
402. Cardiac and Respiratory Stimulant
403-404. - Unknown
405. Haemostatic Forceps
406. Adhesive Surgical Plaster
407-408. - Unknown
409. Morphine Injection
410. Fast Haemostatic Powder
411. Morphine Sulfate Analgesic pill
412. Chloroform Powerful Analgesic
413. Haemostatic powder
414. Haemostatic liquid
415-416. - Unknown
417. MG81Z Magazine
418. MG FF Magazine
419. MK 108 Magazine
420. MSS 41 Magazine
421. PTR Boys Magazine
422. PZB41 Clip
423. PTRS Magazine
424. SHKAS Clip
425-426. - Unknown
427. Dynamite Charge
428. Unknown
429. Hecsogen Charge
430. Lyddite Charge
431. Nytroglycerin Charge
432. Unknown
433. TNT Charge
434. LZS - Scoped Energy Gun
435-436. - Unknown
437. Suomi SMG Drum Magazine
438. Unknown
439-440. - Unknown
441. Beretta SMG Magazine
442-457. - Unknown
458. Panzerklein Repairing Tool
459. Panzerklein Repairing Tool
460. Unknown
461. Rifle 33-40 Scoped
462. Rifle Stunning Dart
463-466. - Unknown
467. Prototype 8M1 468. Prototype 8M1 Clip
469. LZ-System Energy Charge
470. Vickers 12.7 Boxed Cartridge Belt
471. Vickers 12.7 Boxed Cartridge Belt
472. Vickers 12.7 Boxed Cartridge Belt
473-487. - Unknown
488. Lewis MkI Magazine
489. Lewis MkI

490-Browning HP
491-Colt Detective .38 Special
493-M1941 Johnson Rifle
496-Sterling Patchett
497-Sterling Patchett Para
498-Sterling Patchett Silencer
499-Johnson Light Gun
500-M20 Bazooka
501-Cossack Shashka Blade
502-Johnson Light Gun Ammo
503-Browning HP Ammo
504-Colt Detective .38 Special Ammo
505-SKS45 Ammo
506-M1941 Johnson Rifle Ammo
507-AK47 Ammo
508-TKB408 Ammo
509-Sterling Patchett Ammo
510-M20 Bazooka Ammo
511-Volksgewehr45 (uses STG ammo)
*no 512*
*no 514*
515-Convoy ID
517-? (displays "objective completed", but does nothing really...)
518-? (displays "objective completed", but does nothing really...)
520-Weapons Brush
522-Bare Hands
*no 523*
*no 524*
525-Allied Scout Uniform (male)
*no 526*
527-Axis Grenadier Uniform (male)
*no 528*
530-Letter from Fidel
531-Diamond Necklace
533-Gold Goblet
534-Bar of Gold
535-Bank Notes
536-Gold Ring
537-Piece of the Amber Room (missing texture)
538-Ancient Sword
542-M1 Bazooka AP Round
543-M20 Bazooka AP Round
544-Panzerfaust AP Round
545-Panzershreck AP Round
546-PIAT AP Round
547-Allied Grenadier Uniform (Male)
548-Allied Sniper Uniform (Male)
549-Axis Engineer Uniform (Male)
550-Axis Medic Uniform (Male)
551-Allied Engineer Uniform (Female)
552-Allied Medic Uniform (Male)
553-Allied Soldier Uniform (Male)
554-Allied Soldier Uniform (Female)
555-Axis Engineer Uniform (Female)
556-Axis Grenadier Uniform (Female)
557-Axis Medic Uniform (Female)
558-Axis Scout Uniform (Male)
559-Axis Sniper Uniform (Male)
560-Axis Sniper Uniform (Female)
561-Axis Soldier Uniform (Male)
562-Axis Soldier Uniform (Female)
*no 563*
*no 564*
565-US Army Officer Uniform
566-US Army Uniform
567-Allied Medic Uniform (Female)
568-Allied Grenadier Uniform (Female-Sanders)
569-Axis Scout Uniform (Female)

570-Allied Scout Uniform (Female)
571-Allied Sniper Uniform (Female)
572-US Rifle M1917
573-M1941 Johnson Rifle Scoped
574-SKS45 Scoped
578-Topicgraphic Map (Convoy)
579-(Looks like a Letter, yet it says Base Damage and Critical Bouns. Maybe blank weapon slot?)
580-(Looks like a book, same as above)
581-(Letter same as above, Shows as Mine Massive Damage)
582-TT Pistol Clip (High Damage)
583-Browning HP Pistol Clip (HD)
584-Colt M1911 Pistol Clip (HD)
585-Colt Detective Spl Rounds (HD)
586-Luger Pistol Clip (HD)
587-Mauser 1912 Pistol Clip (HD)
589-Mauser M.712 Pistol Clip (HD)
590-Nagant 1896 Cartridges (HD)
591-Luger P-08 Pistol Clip (HD)
592-Sauer 38X Pistol Clip (HD)
593-Webley Cartridges (HD)
594-Walther P38 Pistol Clip (HD)
596-Beretta SMG Magazine (HD)
598-MP40 SMG Magazine (HD)
599-PPSH/PPD SMG Drum Magazine (HD)
600-PPShm/PPS SMG Magazine (HD)
601-Sten SMG Magazine (HD)
602-Sterling Patchett Clip (HD)
603-StG.44 Magazine (HD)
604-Suomi SMG Drum Magazine (HD)
607-Thompson 1928 SMG Magazine (HD)
608-Thompson 1921 SMG Magazine (HD)
612-M3A1 SMG Magazine (HD)
613-Defused TnT Charge
615-(Explosive Dart? Massive Damage Short Range)
616-(Explosive Dart? More MAssive Damage Shorter Range)
617-(Explosive Dart? Very near same to 615)
618-(Explosive Dart? Massive Damage Short Range)
620-(Explosive Dart? Long Range High Damage)
621-(Explosive Dart? Massive Damage Short Range)
622-LZ-System Energy Charge
624-Light Body Armor
625-Medium Body Armor
626-Heavy Body Armor
627-Sentinel Officer Uniform (Male)
628-Sentinel Officer Uniform (Female) OMG Perfect for Sanders Very Revealing :P
629-Sentinel Soldier Uniform (Male)
630-Sentinel Soldier Uniform (Female)
631-Coat and Suit (Male) Nice looking comparied to Civilian choices.
632-NKVD Officer Uniform (Male)
633-Civilian Suit (Male)
634-Civilian (Female)
636-Civilian (Female)
637-Civilian (Female)
638-Civilian (Female)
639-Civilian (Male)
640-Civilian (Male)
641-Civilian (Male)
642-Bussiness Suit (Male) Best looking oufit in game, well for Civilian.
643-Civilian (Male)
644-Civilian (Male)
645-Civilian (Male)
646-Civilian (Male)
647-Civilian (Male)
648-Dark Gangster Suit (Male)
649-Light Gangster Suit (Male)
650-Commando Overalls (Male)
651-Engineer Uniform (Male)
652-Civilian (Male)
653-Technician Clothes (Male)
654-Technician Clothes (Male)
655-Technician Clothes (Male)
656-German Elite Soldier Uniform (Male)
657-German Infantry Uniform (Male)
658-German Commando Uniform (Male)
659-German Officer Uniform (Male)
660-German Commando Officer Uniform (Male)
661-German General Uniform (Male)
662-UK Elite Soldier Uniform (Male)
663-UK Officer Uniform (Male)
664-UK Commando Officer Uniform (Male)
665-UK Commando Uniform (Male)
666-UK Soldier Uniform (Male)
667-Soviet Officer Uniform (Male)
668-Soviet Officer Uniform (Male)
669-FG-42-2 Assault Rifle
670-CZ M25 Assault Pistol
673-CZ M25 Magazine
674-CZ M25 Magazine (HD)
675-Colt M1911 Big Joe Arrow (AP)

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