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  Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends [PSX]
In-game reset:
Press Select + Start during game play.

Expert difficulty enemies only as powerful as beginner difficulty enemies:
Begin a battle under the expert difficulty setting. Save the game and quit immediately. Then, change the difficulty setting to the beginner setting and play any Legend. Defeat five or more troops then press Start + Select to reset and continue the old Legend. It will count as expert mode, but the troops and generals will have 20% less defense and will be easier to defeat. This trick is very useful for unlocking level 11 weapons, especially for Lu Bu.

Easy weapon experience:
Complete Zhang Fei's Legend once, then play it again with any desired character under the hard difficulty setting. Quit and save the game, then set the game back to the beginner difficulty setting and start any legend. Press Select + Start during game play to reset, then resume Zhang Fei's legend. Most of the officers will give you about 1024 experience and a +8 attack item.

Choose Xiao Qiao's mission and play it under the hard or expert difficulty setting. Defeat Cao Cao, then defeat the other four generals as well. When they appear again, defeat them again. When you finish, you will get about 10,000 weapon experience. If you face Cao Cao in a duel and win or use combos on generals, you can get even more.

Play Xiao Qiao's mission and defeat all of the officers when they are on the map. When you finish, you will get about 3,500 experience points under the beginner and easy difficulty settings, about 4,700 experience points under the normal difficulty setting, and much more under the hard and expert difficulty settings. It will give you more experience than Zhang Fei's mission.

For fast weapon, attack, and defense level up for any character, start Zhuge Liang's legend with any character under the normal difficulty setting. You will have to fight Yu Ying a total of eight times. Each time you kill her, you will gain 812 experience points towards your weapon. Also, each time you kill her you will get either a golden sword (+ 4 attack), or a golden shield (+ 4 Defense). There will also be three other officers wanting Yu Ying. You will fight them and they will each give you 204 experience points towards your weapon. They will also give you either a silver sword (+ 2 Attack), or silver shield (+ 2 Defense.) The final time you fight Yu Ying, there will be Juggernauts. The easy way to defeat them is to use arrows, jump and attack, or attack from the side as fast as you can.

Cao Cao: Level 10 weapon:
Defeat every officer except for Guan Yu before Xu Huang arrives. You will have about ten minutes.

Cao Cao: Level 11 weapon:
Defeat every officer except for Guan Yu before Xu Huang arrives and get 200 K.O.s after Guan Yu lets you go.

Cao Ren: Level 11 weapon:
To get Cao Ren's level 11 weapon, play his Legend mode under the expert difficulty setting. Get 300 or more KOs and kill all enemy officers. After you kill Zhou Yu, you will get the message that you have obtained his final weapon, Kai.

Da Qiao: Level 11 weapon:
Play Da Qiao's Legend under the expert difficulty setting. Get 300 K.O.s and defeat each loyalist within a minute of their appearance. Surprisingly, the difficult part is completing the level. Save the game after getting the level 11 weapon message.

Dian Wei: Level 11 weapon:
Play Dian Wei's Legend under the expert difficulty setting. Kill Hu Che Er and Xia Ju and you should get the message that you got his weapon, Bull Rampage. You must then survive the rest of the battle. If you do not get it, you might need at least fifty kills. This battle is extremely difficult with one player; it is recommended that it is attempted with two players. Make sure you kill any archers and bombardiers as quickly as possible, as they can quickly drain your life with just one bomb or three arrows.

Diao Chan: Level 11 weapon:
Play Diao Chan's legend under the expert difficulty setting. You must get to Dong Zhuo without being detected by the enemy. The best way is to use "Hit-and-run" on the gate guard. Once inside, kill Dong Zhuo and defeat the officers that get in your path toward the entrance. Once Hua Xiong is defeated, the message "Diao Chan has earned Muse" will appear. The Muse's stats are as follows: Dragon Amulet level 12, Seven Star Sash level 15, Elixir level 20, and Herbal Remedy level 14. Note: If spotted, defeating every officer on the right and left sides of the map may also unlock the weapon.

Dong Zhuo: Level 11 weapon:
Play Dong Zhuo's Legend mode under the expert difficulty setting. Get at least 100 kills and defeat all seven of the Eunuchs. You then receive Dong Zhuo's Level 11 weapon, Pandemonium. Its effects are Horned Helm level 20, Tiger Amulet level 17, Cavalry Armor level 16, and Wing Boots level 14.

Guan Yu: Level 11 weapon:
To get Guan Yu's level 11 weapon, Divine Dragon, start off by leaving your bodyguards by the carriage. Then go to the left gate and the bottom gate each time they open. When they do, let about four groups of soldiers in then shut the gate. Kill the troops then go to the other gate. Do not leave the castle. After awhile a message will appear, telling you to shut both of the gates. Do so. Make sure you get into the river before the carriage does, because there will be an ambush. Kill everyone. Once everyone is dead, follow the carriage and when it stops, leave your bodyguards by it again. Yu Jin will appear to the east of the castle. Do not exit yet. Instead, go back and forth from the top and right side of the castle until Li Dain appears. Then, exit the castle and kill Yu Jin. Li Dain will retreat and a message will tell you to shut the gates. Do so. When the carriage starts to move again, follow it and get into the river before it. Another ambush will appear. Kill everyone again. Stay close to the carriage when exiting out of the north/west gate. Li Dain will ambush you. Kill him, then exit the level. Make sure that you also have at least 300 kills and the two Generals that help you live. A second player can help with that. The Divine Dragon's stats are: Peacock Urn level 17, Speed Scroll level 17, Huang's Bow level 13, and Horned Helm level 20.

Huang Zhong: Level 10 weapon:
Get 100 K.O.s in under 6:35.

Huang Zhong: Level 11 weapon:
Shoot Guan Yu off his horse before he taunts you. Then, when Wei Yan kills Han Xuan, ignore Zhou Cang and run directly to Guan Yu. Defeat Zhou Cang and Guan Ping. Zhang Fei will appear after you defeat one of them, and Zhao Yun will appear after you defeat the other one. Defeat Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei. Get 100 kills, then kill Guan Yu to unlock his level 11 weapon, Venerable Master.

Liu Bei: Level 11 weapon:
In order to get Liu Bei's level 11 weapon (King of Shu) change the difficulty to the expert setting and get an "S: rank on his Legend. To do this, kill all of the enemy officers without killing any of the peasants. The first few will charge directly to you. Otherwise, lure them as far away from the peasants as possible (Shadow Harness recommended). The last one is difficult because there are always peasants around him. Using the third charge to push him away from the peasants seems to work well. Note: Time may have an effect on your rank; make sure you do this as quickly and carefully as you can.

Lu Bu: Level 11 weapon:
In order to get Lu Bu's level 11 weapon you must get 2,000 KOs. Its useful to have a second player to help get the weapon. Kill enemy officers that stand in your way, including sub officers if desired. Ave the other player be a decoy for enemy officers. It is best when Liu Bei and his brothers kill Guan Yu and Zhang Fei first, leaving Liu Bei alive. While standing by a gate captain, you can get an incredible amount of kills when major pains are gone.

Lu Meng: Level 11 weapon:
Play Lu Meng's Legend mode under the expert difficulty setting. As soon as the mission starts, defeat Zhou Cang and Liao Hua to open the castle gate. Then, kill the Gate Captain to the north inside. Defeat Guan Ping. Then, kill the remaining Gate Captain to the west. Get at least 50 kills and make sure all friendly officers survive. You will then get his level 11 weapon, Mystic Hunter. Kill Guan Yu to end the level. Mystic Hunter's effects are Herbal Remedy level 20, Tortoise Amulet level 19, Speed Scroll level 15, and Huang's Bow level 10.

Ma Chao: Easy kills:
In Legends mode, play as Ma Chao in Ma Chao's legend. When you start, run north of your area. You will see a man with a horse. Knock him off and take his horse. Stay on the horse and do charged attacks (Triangle). This will either stun or kill all enemy soldiers. On the beginner difficulty setting, you can get over 1,100 KOs.

Ma Chao: Level 11 weapon:
Under the expert difficulty setting in Legend mode, kill 500 or more soldiers and one of the officers. The weapon's stats are as follows: Horned Helm level 20, Cavalry Armor level 20, Elixir level 15, Tiger Amulet level 12. It is a very good weapon to use when mounted on Shadow Runner.

Meng Huo: Level 11 weapon:
Play Meng Huo's Legend under the expert difficulty setting. Kill the general near each of your units to save them. If they die afterwards, it does not matter. The best order to kill them in is Xiahou He, Xiahou Hui, Xiahou Wei, Zhong Hui, then Deng Ai. Zhu Rong should have appeared by now. To save her, kill the gate captain that is near to her. The weapon message should appear. Then, kill Sima Zhao to win. The King of Nanman's stats are: Tortoise Amulet level 17, Speed Scroll level 15, Speed Boots level 16, and Herbal Remedy level 20.

Gan Ning: Level 10 weapon:
Play Gan Ning's Legend under the hard difficulty setting. In the first five minutes, get 80 kills to unlock his level 10 weapon, Sea Master.

Gan Ning: Level 11 weapon:
Play Gan Ning's Legend under the expert difficulty setting. Kill Li Dian immediately. Close the bottom left gate. Kill Yue Jin before he regroups his men. This happens at about eight minutes remaining. Keep killing until Cao Xiu ambushes. Try to have about 90 kills. This will bring up the "Damage has been dealt to Wei" message a second time. Cao Xiu arrives at about 4:25 remaining. Kill him immediately. Keep killing until Zhang Liao appears. He will appear at about 2:30 remaining. You will get a message to find an exit. Do not do this yet. Keep killing until reaching about 140 to 150 kills. You will get a third "Damage has been dealt to Wei" message and the weapon acquired message. You will have little time to find the exit. Save the game just in case you cannot find the exit fast enough. Finish the stage to get Gan Ning's level 11 weapon, Leviathan. Its added effects are level 20 Speed Scroll, level 11 Horned Helm, level 16 Seven Star Sash, and level 19 Herbal Remedy

Pang Tong: Level 11 weapon:
Play Pang Tong's legend under the expert difficulty setting. Make all of Pang Tong's strategies be successful. To get the Arbalests, do not harm the bombardier or he will blow everything up. Make sure that you choose a siege ramp and defend it with your life. Too many being destroyed will hurt your "evaluation". After you go into the castle, talk to Zhuge Liang. After a small intermission sequence, you must get 450 k.O's. The "Pang Tong has earned Great Phoenix" message will appear. Kill Zhuge Liang and finish the level. The Great Phoenix's stats are as follows: Dragon Amulet level 14, Nanman Armor level 20, Cavalry Armor level 20, Seven Star Sash level 7.

Sun Ce: Level 10 weapon:
To get the Overlord weapon, defeat the real Yu Ji that drops the +4 Defense Shield. You must do this under 3:00 minutes.

Sun Ce: Level 11 weapon:
In order to get Sun Ce's level 11 weapon (Hierophant), change the difficulty to the expert setting and get an "S" rank on his Legend. To do this, kill the real version of the enemy officer as fast as you can while taking as few hits as possible. After you finish him off for the last time, you should see a message stating that you got the weapon.

To get the level 11 weapon Hierophant, defeat the real Yu Ji, the last one you have to kill in the stage.

Sun Quan: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Retreat In He Fei level. Retreat and kill the gate guard and Yu Jin. Then, kill about fifty enemies and try to escape through the bridge. Li Dian will appear and break the bridge. A message stating that you got the Master Wolf will appear.

Sun Quan: Level 11 weapon:
Do the same thing as done for Sun Quan's level 10 weapon, but you must keep killing Ziao Liang until a message stating that there is a supply unit carrying the valuable item appears. Then, take his horse and go across the bridge. After reaching the bridge, a message will appear, stating that you have the Legacy weapon. Note: You will probably need about 500 kills before you can claim it.

Sun Shang Xiang: Level 11 weapon:
To get the Astral Chakram, play Sun Shang Xiang's legend on under the expert difficulty setting. First, get 150 K.O.s around the first gate guard. Then, destroy the two generals guarding the exit of the fortress that you are in. When that is done, the doors will open. Proceed to the right side of the map (away from the two generals) and rescue the female bodyguard. Get 50 more K.O.s as well. Next, rescue the female bodyguard at the bottom of the map. With three female bodyguards and 200 K.O's, you are ready to attack the two generals on the left side of the map. Do not bother with the peons. . Kill the generals and run into the area that they were guarding. The "Female warrior spotted" message will appear. Save her first, then kill Zhou Tai and the general accompanying him. Note: Do not kill the gate guard in the area or Zhou Tai will run away and you will not get the Astral Chakram. The message stating that you have earned this weapon will either appear when you cross the bridge to the escape point, or when Liu Bei and Sun Shang Xiang make it to the escape point. The Astral Chakram's stats are as follows: Tortoise Amulet level 14, Speed Scroll level 19, Wing Boots level 12, and Haung's Bow level 16.

Taishi Ci: Level 10 weapon:
Kill Yu Mi or Chen Heng and have at least six troops surviving.

Taishi Ci: Level 11 weapon:
Kill Yue Li and Fan Neng and have nine or more troops by the time you rescue Hua Yin. Get twelve or more troops and 500 K.O.s

Wei Yan: Level 11 weapon:
Start Wei Yan Legend in extreme mode. Kill the three officers in the north castle before Sima Yi tells his troops not to attack you (two minutes into the level). The best order is Xaihou Hui, Wei, then He. He is the strongest of the three. Killing every one else first depletes his morale. After you kill these three, you will get the weapon. After Zhuge says to take the castle, go to the northeast section of it and find the ambush. Kill the general to win. The Meteor Strike's effects are: Peacock Urn level 18, Nanman Armor level 14, Cavalry Armor level 16, and Herbal Remedy level 19.

Xiahou Dun: Level 11 weapon:
To get Xiahou Dun's level 11 weapon, play his Legend mode under the expert difficulty setting. As soon as the battle starts, kill Cao Xing before he retreats. Then, head up the stream and kill Cao Xing when he appears again before Yuan Shu's reinforcements arrive and Xiahou Yuan weakens the flow of the stream. Get 100 KOs and you will get the message that you obtained his final weapon, Kirin Blaze.

Xiao Qiao: Level 11 weapon:
Play Xiao Qiao's Legend mode under the expert difficulty setting. When the mission starts, defeat Cao Cao. He retreats after this and returns shortly thereafter. You have to defeat him four times in this manner. Then, defeat Cao Ren, Dian Wei, Xiahou Dun and Xu Zhu. Cao Cao appears again with Xiahou Yuan, who has Da Qiao with him. Defeat Xiahou Yuan. Get at least 100 kills and she will get her level 11 weapon, Fatal Grace. Kill Cao Cao and end the mission. Fatal Grace's effects are Elixir level 19, Dragon Amulet level 17, Speed Scroll level 14, and Herbal Remedy level 10. You cannot use items in this mission; having some help from another character (preferably from one that has his or her level 11 weapon) is strongly advised.

Xu Huang: Level 11 weapon:
To get Xu Huang's level 11 weapon, play his Legend mode under the expert difficulty setting. Destroy both the catapults and siege ramps when the level begins. Then, kill all enemy generals and officers except for Guan Yu. Then, get 200 KOs and you will receive the message stating you have unlocked his final weapon, Annihilator.

Yue Ying: Level 11 weapon:
To get the Nether Realm, do her Legend under the expert difficulty setting. Defeat the five tiger generals and 150 to 200 soldiers without losing any of your Juggernauts. The Nether Realm has the following abilities: Tiger Amulet level 18, Haung's Bow level 13, Horned Helm level 14, Herbal Remedy level 18.

Zhang He: Level 11 weapon:
Play Zhang He's Legend. As soon as the level starts, follow Wei Yan until you see a way down the mountain (the one where if you go down, there will be Guan Ping's ambush). As soon as you see the way, hit Wei Yan with your C4 to the way down. Then, go fetch him. As soon as you do, Guan Ping will activate the rock slide. After that happens, Wei Yan will remain still, not moving. Finish him off. After you defeat him, Zhang He will say something, and the message ''Zhang He has gained the final weapon Infernal Talon!'' will appear.

Zhang Liao: Level 11 weapon:
To get Zhang Liao's level 11 weapon, play his Legend mode under the expert difficulty setting. When the battle starts, kill Xu Sheng and Ling Tong to keep your morale up and make sure Sun Quan does not break into He Fei Castle. Then, get 350 KOs and you will get the message stating that you have obtained his final weapon, Celestial Wyvern.

Zhen Ji: Level 10 weapon:
To unlock the Dark Moon Flute, be on Yuan Xi's side in hard mode. When Cao Pi says "Do not worry, the troops will not harm you. Now come and enter our camp", kill three of Cao Pi's soldiers. He will then say "Blast! So you refuse to be mine do you? Well then, all troops advance!" Kill all the officers.

Zhen Ji: Level 11 weapon:
To unlock the Twilight Flute, play the Yi Ling map, renamed to Ji Province. Note: Have no bodyguards. Join Cao Pi's army by exiting the castle at the beginning of the stage. After converting to the Wei army, immediately go back into the castle. The castle will close, and a message stating that Zhen Ji will be isolated will appear. Defeat all enemy officers and sub-officers except for Yuan Xi. Get 150 KOs and the level 11 message will appear.

To get the level 11 rapier (Fengshen Rapier), start Zhen Ji's Legend under the extreme difficulty setting. Do is the exact same thing to get Zhen Ji's weapon, but you must seal all of the gates. Then, just exit the castle and go into Cao Pi's camp, However, do not attack anyone. Then, wait until you switch sides. Enter the castle so that you are trapped inside alone and kill all of the sub-generals, generals, and gate captains. You also need 150 kills. You will then get the level 11 weapon message. The Fengshen Rapier's stats are: Dragon Amulet level 14, Wing Boots level 17, Huang's Bow level 13, and Seven Star Sash level 18.

Zhou Tai: Level 10 weapon:
Play Zhou Tai's Legend under the hard difficulty setting. Go directly to Sun Quan and ignore his bodyguard's request for help. When you get there, Sun Quan will talk to you. When he finishes, a message stating that you now have Zhou Tai's Level 10 weapon, Dusk, will appear.

Zhou Tai: Level 11 weapon:
Rescue Sun Quan, then rescue his four officers. An ambush party appears by Sun Quan. Defeat them all , kill Taici Ci, then Liu Gong. You will get your final weapon. If you battle on land, you will get a weapon with Life Up. If you battle on Shadow Runner and never get off, you will get a sword made for horse riding (Musou Up).

Zhao Yun: Level 11 weapon:
Play Zhao Yun's Legend mode under the expert difficulty setting. First, find Liu Bei's son Liu Chan within the first two minutes of the start of the mission. After that, kill Cao Ren and Xu Huang. Exit though the North Gate and run to Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei to assist them. Then, kill all enemy officers that go after them, in any order.. Get at least 300 kills then escape across the bridge. You must complete the map in at most thirteen minutes. You will get a message that you obtained Zhao Yun's level 11 weapon, Raging Dragon. Its effects are Dragon Amulet level 18, Cavalry Armor level 14, Elixir level 20, and Herbal Remedy level 13.

Zhou Yu: Level 11 weapon:
To get the Scion Sword, play Zhou Yu's legend under the expert difficulty setting. You must get at least 50 K.O.'s and defeat all of the officers. Note: You must defeat either Guan Yu or Zhang Fei in a duel. The Scion Sword's stats is as follows: Tortoise Amulet level 16, Wing Boots level 18, Seven Star Sash level 13, and Elixir level 17.

Zhuge Liang: Level 10 weapon:
Kill Yue Ying all six times very quickly. Do not bother killing the other officers after her.

Zhuge Liang: Level 11 weapon:
Kill everyone every quickly.

Edit Officer: Level 11 spear:
Play Zhao Yun's legend on under the expert difficulty setting with your Edit Officer that has the level 10 spear. Play through the level as if you are trying to get Zhao Yun's level 11 weapon. The only difference is that you also have to seal all of the strongholds/gates.

Edit Officer: Level 11 pike:
This is the same procedure as unlocking Lu Meng's level 11 weapon. Play Lu Meng's Legend mode under the expert difficulty setting. As soon as the mission starts, defeat Zhou Cang and Liao Hua to open the castle gate. Then, kill the Gate Captain to the north inside. Defeat Guan Ping. Then, kill the remaining Gate Captain to the west. Get at least 50 kills and make sure all friendly officers survive. You will get the level 11 weapon Obliteration. Its effects are Tiger Amulet level 20, Cavalry Armor level 19, Seven Star Sash level 17, and Huang's Bow level 10.

Level 10 Great Sword:
Have a mount (Shadow Hare recommended) and go directly to Sun Quan. Allow his four generals to be killed and await the forces that killed them in the castle (so Taishi Ci will not appear yet). After you have destroyed them, go straight to where Taishi Ci appears. He may have already done so. Defeat him before Lu Yang appears then return to guard Sun Quan as soon as possible, who should be fighting at the top right gate.

Bodyguard Manual:
Play as Cao Ren in Legends mode. At the beginning of the stage, when Niu Jin request assistance, get there as fast as possible (some type of saddle helps). Defeat Gan Ning as quickly as possible. A message will tell you that the item has been discovered. The Bodyguard Manual makes your bodyguards more powerful.

Charge Bracer:
Play as Gan Ning in Legends mode under the hard difficulty setting. Kill all the confused officers when Zhang Liao comes. The message "A valuable item has been discovered" will appear. It will be located next to Zhang Liao's top left gates.

Code of Chivalry:
Beat Lu Bu's record in Arena (challenge mode) to obtain it. This item removes the no time limits during duels.
kellan frank.

Fire Arrows:
Play as Huang Zhong in Legends mode. Kill Guan Ping and Zhou Cang. The item will appear at the far western side of the level.

Helm Of Might:
Play as Zhang Fei in Legends mode. Stay around the Chang Ban bridge and do not go past the wooden gate. Get 300 KOs in seven minutes, without letting a single soldier across the bridge. Supply troops running fast will enter from the bottom left to top right.

Hex Mark Saddle:
Play as Liu Bei in Legends mode. Kill all the officers except one without letting the Liu Bei killing peasants intermission sequence happen. The saddle will appear. Claim it and finish the level. The Hex Mark raises your luck.

Master Of Musou:
Play as Lu Bu in Legends mode. Get 1,300 KOs before Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei appear. Supply troops will appear. Defeat the supply troops.

Musuo Armor:
Play as Sun Quan in Legends mode. Kill Zhang Liao four times. A supply team will appear on the left-hand side and run for the northwest gate. Kill the Captain and claim your item. Finish the level and you will have Musuo Armor, which prevents you from being stunned or knocked off your horse by arrow attacks.

Choose Ma Chao (recommend with third weapon). Do not go to any missions described as "There is currently little information on this area". Other than that, play the missions as usual and make your kingdom in Xu Chang. When you get to mission 20 or 21, there should be a kingdom defense mission described as "Meng Huo has led many troops into Ma Chao's territory". Select it, then prepare your equipment. Recommend items include Peacock Urn level 10, Tortoise Amulet level 11, Tiger Amulet level 10 to 11, and Speed Scroll level 9. As soon as you start, Meng Huo will say, "Your power has become greater than I have ever imagined... therefore I must deal with you now." While he is saying this, go to your left and defeat Lu Xun. After this, the message "A supply unit carrying a valuable item has appeared" will occur. The supply unit will stop next to Meng Huo for about a minute. Run to and defeat him to get the item. Note: After that mission, select the mission in the He Fei area and do the same thing to get the Helm Of Might.

Power Rune:
Play as Zhuge Liang in Legends mode. Do exactly as instructed by the game. Every time it tells you to kill Yue Ying, do it immediately. Just before you kill her for the last time, a secret item message will appear. Retrieve your item and complete the level. You will now have Power Rune, which increases attack and decreases defense.

Red Hare Saddle:
Play as Guan Yu in Legends mode. Protect the carriage. When Yu Jin appears, kill him . The item will appear in the southwest corner of the map. Red Hare is the fastest horse on the game.

Shadow Runner:
Play as Cao Cao in Legends mode. Kill all the Wu generals. The item will appear in the northeastern part of the map. Shadow Runner is the best harness in the game, as it allows you to never be knocked off any horse.

Storm Harness:
Play as Dong Zhuo in Legends mode. Kill Yuan Shao as soon as he appears. The item will appear in the northeastern corner of the map. Storm Harness increases your mounted attack.

The Art Of War:
Play as Sun Jian in Legends mode. Do nothing until Lu Bu arrives. Kill Lu Bu. The item appears in the fortress where the ambush is located. The Art Of War has all ability boost items (armor, Imperial Seal, etc.) last for double the time.

Easy life and Musou:
Play Zhang Fei in Legends mode with any character. Go to the Vaces at the top right and left corner. You will find Musuo Wine (+10 Musuo) and +10 Life.

You can get a Musou Life by going to Lu Bu's level. Go to the top and bottom strongholds.

Powerful horseman:
Go to edit officer and create an officer that uses the second spear style (Ma Chao). When you go to a level, add the Peacock Urn and Tortoise Amulet. Then, after a few rank increases, put on the Tiger Amulet, then Horned Helm, then the Wind Scroll. Also give this character the Shadow Saddle (where the general cannot get knocked off). Getting these items to a high level helps this character greatly. Note: Musou is not a big deal to have. This character will not rely on Musou as much as other characters. Also, if you prefer Ma Chao's look to the edit officers, give him everything besides the Wind Scroll. This character kills easily, and fast due to the horse.

Two Sun Ces:
There must be two players for this to work. On Da Qiao's legend mode have the first player choose Da while the second player chooses Sun Ce. While choosing Sun Ce, select one of his second pair of costumes. Then, start the game. In the battle there will be two Sun Ces on Da Qiao's legend mode.

Saving items in Xtreme mode:
In order to save the items you collected in Xtreme mode, you must quit the game. If your officer is defeated in battle, then it will not save the items that you have collected.

Rare items:
When you are playing the Xtreme Legends, every five levels there is a kingdom creation or a kingdom defense level. When it is a kingdom defense mission, wait a few minutes and a message stating that a supply captain has appeared will show up. He will run towards the main person that is attacking you (for example, Zhou Yu, etc.)/ The main commander will then advance toward you. Run or preferably ride a horse before the captain gets to the leader. The captain will stay with the leader for a short while. When running towards the captain, do not fight any generals. The supply captain will disappear into a gate if lose sight of him. Quickly defeat him and get the item. The item you get is a random special item. After you collect all of them, you will start getting the collection again. You will get about 1,000 gold for each that you already have. Note: You will not get saddles for some odd reason.

Xtreme mode prices:
Each time you buy an item, its price will increase. If you only buy Meat Buns, it will become a very expensive item. Rather than relying upon buying healing items, try to avoid taking damage as much as possible.
Leded with excerpt from instruction manual.

Edit character motions:
Sword 1: Zhou Yu
Sword 2: Cao Cao
Sword 3: Liu Bei
Sword 4: Sun Jian
Sword 5: Sun Quan
Sword 6: Dong Zhou
Sword 7: Yuan Shao
Sword 8: Huang Zhong
Sword 9: Gang Ning
Sword 10: Xiahou Yuan
Spear 1: Zhao Yun
Spear 2: Ma Chao
Spear 3: Jang Wei
Pike 1: Zhang Liao
Pike 2: Lu Meng

Easier expert mode game:
Save the game under the expert difficulty setting. Change the difficulty setting to the novice level. Start a new game, then use the "In-game reset" code. Choose to resume the previously saved expert difficulty game and it will continue under the novice difficulty setting.

Two Zhuge Liangs:
This trick requires two players. Choose Wei Yan's Legend stage. Have player one choose Wei Yan and player two choose Zhuge Liang. When you begin the stage, instead of the second player taking the place of Zhuge Liang there will be two

Missing elephant:
Get the elephant harness and go to Sunshang Xiangs' level (as her). Go on the elephant all the way to the end. The usual intermission sequence of Sunshang and Lui Bui will be seen. However, She will not be on her elephant but will instead be on a white horse.

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if you cannot download trainer then go to Chrome/Firefox's settings, specifically to the Privacy settings and simply unchecking the "Enable phishing and malware protection" option.

Some Game Trainers are sometimes reported to be a Virus or Trojan, the most common is a keylogger called HotKeysHook or the file has been packed/protected with VMProtect or Themida and is recognized as Win32/Packed.VMProtect or Win32/Packed.Themida. In ALL cases this is a FALSE ALARM as NONE of the Game Trainers @ GGMANIA contain known malicious code!!