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  Project Gotham Racing 3 [Xbox 360]
Car values
The following is a list of the cars and their retail values:


Atom 300 Supercharged: 20,000
Aston Martin

DBR9: 290,000
DB9: 64,540

Continental GT: 62,514

Sixteen: 50,000

C7: 80,000
C12: 71,480
Sledgehammer Twin Turbo: 48,000

Corvette ZR1: 34,400
Corvette C6: 17,600

Viper SRT-10 Carbon: 82,000
Viper GTS ACR: 36,000
Viper SRT-10: 34,200

MS8: 36,000

GTS: 50,000

355 F1 GTS: 52,000
Testarossa: 60,000
F430: 76,000
Challenge Stradale: 77,569
575 M Maranello: 99,042
F40: 170,000
F50: 192,000
288 GTO Evo: 200,000
Enzo Ferrari: 261,132
F50 GT: 520,000

SVT Mustang Cobra R: 34,600
Mustang GT-R Concept: 28,000
Shelby Cobra GT-500: 22,000
GT40 MK1: 130,000
Supercar Concept: 42,000
Shelby Cobra Concept: 44,000
GT: 60,210
GT90 Concept: 80,000
Shelby GR-1 Concept: 62,000

NSX GT2: 34,000

XKR: 32,798
XJ220: 282,400

Supercar Prototype: 132,000

CCR: 188,000
CC8S: 170,000

Diablo GT: 126,000
Murcielago R-GT: 260,000
Countach 25th Anniv. (QV): 58,000
Miura P400 SV: 60,000
Gallardo: 70,800
Murcielago 6.2: 109,200
Diablo VT 6.0 DE: 117,200

Esprit: 34,000
Elise GT1: 260,000

GranSport: 39,268
MC12: 260,000

F1 LM: 500,000

SLR McLaren: 172,000
CLK-GTR Supersport: 500,000

Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nur: 32,000
GT-R Concept: 26,000
R390 GT1: 260,000

M14: 46,000
M400: 34,000

Zonda C12 S 7.3: 182,800
Palmer Sport

Palmer Jaguar JP1: 34,800

Esperante GTLM: 51,200
GTR-1 Coupe: 250,000

SR3 Turbo: 34,800

CTR "Yellow Bird": 89,200
RGT: 70,400
Supercar Concept: 158,000
CTR 2: 112,000
RTurbo: 90,000

S281E: 26,000
S7: 172,000

GT-500: 55,600

C8 Double 12 S: 100,000

GT-One: 276,000

Cerbera Speed Twelve: 160,000
Typhon: 80,000
Sagaris: 46,400

GTR: 34,000

W12 Nardo Coupe: 64,000

GT: 52,000

Concept cars
Cadillac Concept - 90,000K - C - Cadillac Sixteen
Ford Concept - 10,000K - D - Ford Mustang GT-R Concept
Ford Concept - 120,000K - A - Ford Supercar Concept Indigo
Ford Concept - 160,000K - C - Ford Shelby GR-1
Ford Concept - 300,000K - B - Ford GT90 Concept
Ford Concept - 390,000K - C - Ford Shelby Cobra
Nissan Concept - 50,000K - E - Nissan GT-R Proto
RUF Concept - 475,000K - A - RUF R50
Toyota Concept - 230,000K - A - Toyota GT-One

Easy Pro Racer badges
Complete any event on the Hardcore difficulty setting (any Speed event with the Ferrari F50 GT is pretty easy). Then, change the transmission to manual and complete the same event on the Novice difficulty setting. When done, the game will think that you have completed it with a manual transmission on the Hardcore difficulty setting, awarding you the badge.

Gamer points
Accomplish the indicated task to get the corresponding number of Gamer Points:

Arcade Player: Play the Geometry Wars 1 and 2 mini-games in the garage (15 points).

Bronze Champion: Successfully complete all championships at the Bronze level (50 points).

Exotic Car Club: Own the McLaren F1 LM, Shelby GT 500, Ford GT-40 MK 1, Corvette ZR1, TVR Cerbera Speed Twelve, RUF CTR "Yellow Bird", and Callaway Sledgehammer Twin Turbo (45 points).

Ferrari Owners Club: Own every Ferrari model (45 points).

Gold Champion: Successfully complete all championships at the Gold level (75 points).

Gotham Hero: Get featured on Gotham TV (30 points).

Gotham TV Sports Fan: Watch Gotham TV ten times and save a replay of a race (15 points).

Lamborghini Owners Club: Own every Lamborghini model (45 points).

Online Professional: Participate in fifty online races, start first, finish last, have a 3-event winning streak, have a clean race, and win each scenario (60 points).

Photographer: Save a picture in each city (10 points).

Platinum Champion: Successfully complete all championships at the Platinum level (100 points).

Pro Racer Badge: Earn the "Platinum" medal using a manual transmission (60 points).

Race Against The Clock: Set a lap time for all circuits in Race Against The Clock mode (50 points).

Rank 1: Reach Rank 1 (80 points).

Rank 5: Reach Rank 5 (50 points).

Rank 10: Reach Rank 10 (20 points).

Silver Champion: Successfully complete all championships at the Silver level (60 points).

Steel Champion: Successfully complete all championships at the Steel level (30 points).

Style Racer Badge: Get a 25m powerslide, 10x combo, 25,000 Online Kudos; 1,00 Kudos in a race, and Kudos for each maneuver (50 points).

Track Builder: Create and save ten custom routes (10 points).

Geometry Wars 1 and 2 mini-games
Go to view cars, then choose to walk around in your garage. Go in the back and you will see two games set up, called Geometry Wars 1 and 2.

Leave boundaries in Photo mode
Complete a race and save the replay. Load the replay, then select the "Restart" option at the far right side of the toolbar. Move the pointer over the "Pause" icon on the tool bar. Press LB to cycle through the different camera views and choose the "Drive Past Cam". This option is the next one after the "TV Cam", and functions similarly except you can use your controller to turn the camera in that view. The "Drive Past Cam" is often positioned outside of a track's boundary, depending on location. Wait until the replay moves the "Drive Past Cam" view out of the track boundary, then quickly select the "Pause" icon on the toolbar. If necessary, you can select the "Rewind" button for another attempt. While the replay is paused, select the "Photo mode" option on the toolbar. You should now be able to move your camera freely, outside of the track boundary. If you return within the boundaries, you will be stuck in them again. If this happens, you can return to the replay and try again. You can move through solid objects, see unfinished areas, and car locations; and take pictures of anything visible.

Smart choice
When you first start a profile on PGR3 buy the skyline, it is hands down the best starting car in the game, you can keep using this car for a long time before you need a new car, and for that I suggest the supercar prototype, (i think thats what its name is) its a faded blue car that looks somewhat like the Saleen S7, after that car you will get enough money to fund a massive collection, I already unlocked 6 garages! each with more cars than the last.

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