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  Wizards & Warriors [tips&hints updated]

Unlimited Starting Gold
When you are in the town inn and create a party, you can pool gold to one of the characters who will then have 1200 gold pieces. It is important that you do not take this "Pooled Gold" character out of the party. It should always say "Out on Adventure" for that character. When you re-add the newly created characters to the party, you will discover that they all have 200 gold pieces again! Pool Gold on the same character that you pooled gold on before. Another 1000 gold pieces. Remove then re-add. Pool Gold. +1000! Repeat as necessary.

Alternate Method
After a little game play you should have a little bit of money. Pool this money onto one character and take him/her into the Inn and remove him from the party. Then add him back and pool the gold onto your main character and remove the same character again. You can do this for a little while say up to 50,000 or 100,000 gold pieces. I suggest at this amount take your full party outside and go to the armory and give the gold back to the same character as before. Then take your party back into the Inn and remove him again, then add him back and pool gold again this time it will increase by 50,000 or 100,000 each time instead of 1200 at a time.

Maxing Guild Rank
To easily max your guild rank in any guild you are currently a member of follow these steps: Complete a quest for the guild you want to raise your rank in. When you return to your guild to get your reward and the guild master begins to talk to you quickly click back and forth between the character who completed the quest and any other character. By doing this you can get the guild master to initiate the 'reward' dialog with your character multiple times before the game actually thinks you have recieved your 'reward' and so you can get multiple guild advancements, gold rewards, and experience rewards for the same quest this way. You can also do this with multiple characters at the same time to raise multiple characters rank at once. When you do this be prepared to wait, dont leave the guild until the guild master has stoped speaking.

Strategy Guide/FAQ
V0.5 10/2/00

Part one: Introduction

If you bought Wizards & Warriors, chances are you did so because you were
attracted to the game by it's resemblence to either Wizardry 7 (One of the
best CRPGs ever created) or Eye of the Beholder. The classic 3D dungeon romp
has evolved over the past decade, starting with Might and Magic, then moving
onto Ultima Underworld, The Wizardry games, and finally, Daggerfall. Although
Wizards & Warriors' 3D hardware accelerated graphics might lead one to believe
it's a "modern" CRPG, that assumption would be false.

Wizards & Warriors is old school right down to the core. Most of your time is
spent exploring dungeons, or interrogating NPCs for much needed information
rather then constantly reloading saves to beat a "Boss-Monster" or wandering
around aimlessly clueless as to where you should go.

If you liked Eye of the Beholder, Ultima Underworld, or even Daggerfall or
Might & Magic, then chances are you'll love Wizards & Warriors. As far as I'm
concerned, Wizards & Warriors is the only REAL Wizardry 8.

Part Two: Building a Party

My favorite thing about D.W. Bradley's Wizardry series was the class system.
It was so flexible, and so original, that I doubt anyone who played it could
resist it's charms. After all, how many RPGs let you change classes as many
times as you wanted? And how many would allow you to become a faerie Ninja or
a Feline Samurai? None that I recall.

Wizardry 7/Gold players will probably realize that the characters they created
in Wizardry game work just as well in Wizards and Warriors. So once again, if
you had a certain "party configuration" that you liked in Wizardry 7, then
make an identical party in Wizards & Warriors…and enjoy the same success in
this game as well. Remember how powerful monks and ninjas were? Same here.

However, for those of you who never played Wizardry, I'll give you an idea of
what a good party should be like:

Member #1: Dwarf Fighter. (Class Change to Paladin When Possible)
You could as easily make a human Paladin, but I like the "War Cry" skill
that the Dwarf's posses,
Since I have at times actually scared an enemy after a successful hit,
and then proceeded to beat on him until he died. However, the human's
"Leadership" skill has yet to show me any positive effects. I doubt it
even does anything. (Perhaps makes your party members attack more
often?) The Paladin makes a perfect fighter, since by the time he
reaches about level 10, you should have a fairly decent amount of Mana
Points in your Spirit skill, and he will be just as powerful a healer as
your regular priest.

Member #2: Whiskas Fighter (Class Change to Samurai When Possible)
There are many valuable weapons and armor that can only be worn by a
Samurai, and not only that, but the samurai is, without question, the
best swordsman in the game. Although he does learn some spells, you'll
rarely use them, since his powerful melee attacks will make him the very
best pure fighter in your party.

Member #3: Human Fighter. (Class Change to Barbarian when Possible)
The Barbarian may not be the most attractive class in the game, but he
makes up for it with his high hit point total. The main reason I
recommend having a Barbarian in the party is quite simply, because this
class is the first, and easiest class change that becomes available to
you. (Read the next section for details on class changes.) It's best to
start reaping the benefits of those extra hit points as early as

Member #4: Gnome Rogue. (Class Change to Ninja when Possible)
What good party doesn't have at least one thief? The rogue in Wizards
and Warriors isn't much of a fighter, but he doesn't have to be. Gnomes
are born with a natural Luck trait, so it makes sense to create a
Gnomish Thief. Until you make him (or her) a Ninja, it would be a good
idea to get your rogue's lockpick ability up to at least 4, if not 5.
Nothing is more annoying then having to reload a save ten times because
you keep setting off a fireball trap on a locked chest. After you become
a ninja, that's when the real fun starts. Equip a ninja blade in each
hand, stock up on Shurikens and watch as your weakling rogue becomes a
messenger of death. Much like my Ninja in Wizardry 7, my Black-cowled
hero in Wizards and Warriors hits hard, and hits often. No party should
be without a powerful Ninja.

Member #5: Oomphaz Priest (Class Change to Monk when Possible)
Getting your Oomphaz Priest to become a Monk will be VERY difficult. The
agility and dexterity scores needed for a Monk class change are way out
of the Oomphaz reaches, especially since you must devote most of his
level up points to furthuring his magic skills. However, it CAN be done,
and once you have completed your Oomphaz Monk, all will know the terror
of a five ton Elephant performing dropkicks on them. In all seriousness,
Oomphaz are the toughest race in the game, and even completely naked
(ie: No armor at all) they can take a licking and keep on ticking, so to
speak. This allows them to stay alive in even the toughest battles and
continue to heal wounded characters.

Member #6: Pixie Wizard (Class Change to Warlock when Possible)
Why a Pixie? Easy, because the are so hard to hit, and the armor
restrictions imposed on a Wizard have no effect on the pixie anyway,
since she cant wear any. Wizards, as the game progresses, will become
more and more valuable. It's a good idea to stick with the "Sun" Group
of magics before you change into a warlock, since the spell "Dragon
Breath" seems to be the only magic that will damage Wraiths (You'll
fight tons of those in Shurugeon Castle.) Not only that, but Illuminate
is VITAL to traveling at night, and Flamestrike is a great Long Distance
spell that you can shoot at an enemy horde to soften them up before they
reach you.

Part Three: Class Change Quests

Paladin: Find the Altar of Gael Serran. This Altar can be found in a
small clearing west of the first town. Speak to the statue and recite
the words the priest mentioned to you before the quest (Sanctus Holy, I
think) and the statue will give you a short speech about what it means
to be a Paladin. Return to your guild to complete the training.

Barbarian: Kill 20 enemies by yourself. (Make sure your Barbarian-In-
Training gets the final hits)

Warlock: Collect a Spider egg and a Skull. Skulls can be found after
killing the skeletons in the crypt, while Spider eggs can be found by
killing Any of the spiders in the forests to the west of the first town.

Monk: Spend two whole day cycles (Two days, two nights) without any
equipment on whatsoever. This is easy if your would-be Monk happens to
also be of Oomphaz descent.

Samurai: South east of The Shurugeon Castle Walls, in a small wooded
clearing, you'll see grave markers and a group of Unique "Samurai
skeletons". Kill them and their ghostly leader, then take the baton he
drops back to your dojo.

Ninja: While visiting Shurugeon Castle, approach the front of the inner
courtyard, and climb up the stairway that sits to the east of the
Drawbridge. Defeat the Wraith that lives there and pull the lever behind
him to lower the Drawbridge. Return to your Guild.

Ranger: ???

Assasin: ???

Valkyrie: ???

Zenmaster: ???

Part Four: FAQ

Crypt and the surrounding environs:

Q: How do I get the Crystal Key that is stuck behind the grate under the
A: Stand in front of the grating and "Use" The Bauble stick by clicking on the
"Use" Command and cycling through your available inventory until the Bauble
stick shows up. The key will attach itself to the stick, enabling you to get

Q: I Beat the Mummy at the top of the elevator, but can't get back to the main
crypt level!
A: The best way to get back is to get the elevator in the "Mummy Room" to go
back down by pressing the button behind it on the wall, and then, as it climbs
back up and approaches your level of the crypt, hop on top of it and ride it
all the way up to the ceiling. Don't worry, you won't get squished!! Once it
stops, quickly run off into the now revealed hidden hallway. Theres some nice
treasure waititng for you nearby.

Q:How do I get past the Gate where the statue is?
A:Look at the amulet that the mummy dropped after you beat him. Speak the
words to the statue that appear on the Mummy's amulet to open the gate.

Q: There are two urns in a room with two locked gated doors, what do I do?
A: You need to backtrack and look for a nearby room where you get ambushed by
two ghosts. One ghost is a warrior, one is a Wizard. Kill both, and take their
crystals, then return to the urns. You have to choose which path to take by
putting the corresponding crystal into the urn. The Wizard path is the gate on
the left, the Warrior path is on the right.

Q:Which one should I take?
A:Try the Warrior Path on the right, it's VERY tough, but you get a platemail
armor at the end, not to mention a lot of experience from the ghost warrior
who fights you halfway through.

Q:There is a room full of flames and a gate that won't stay open, how do I
pass it?
A:Two ways. Either back up in front of the first flame, and then RUN through
the room by holding down the shift button (This works most of the time) or
grab a treasure chest from another room and carry it in front of you as you
walk through the flames. The door will get caught on the chest you are
carrying and you can sneak under it.

Q:What does Scabban do?
A: You can kill him, after all, he is evil. It's his fault that the toad
people are fighting, and that the crypt is haunted by the walking dead.
Killing him gives you no penalty, and actually, feel pretty good. Behind him
is a lever you need to push to get to Nivius' Tomb. The lever opens up a small
grate underwater that you can swim through and on the other side is the room
behind the grate where you used the bauble staff.

Q: I see a lot of tombs, including Nivius' Tomb, how do I open the locks?
A: Remember the grate where you used the Bauble Stick to get the crystal key?
Little do you know that you ARE behind that grate! Swim underwater until you
find the grate and capture the key laying there. The key opens ALL the tombs,
so be sure to raid each of them, since one of the Tombs has a powerful Shield
in it.

Frog Village And Snake Temple:

Q:Some crazy frog man tells me to go to his village, where is it?
A: Follow the river he is standing beside to the North-East, and you'll find a
small village of houses built over the water. Make sure the "Crazy Frog Man"
tells you the word "Ukabu", which is their people's word for hero, I suppose.
Go meet the Guard Captain of the Frog Village (A Frog named Ekbu) and Speak
the name to him. He will direct you to his high priest, Shinwiki, whom you
must also speak the word "Ukabu" to. Once you do, he will open a passage to
his people's holy ground and ask that you kill the monsters who have destroyed
it. When you do, you get a VERY powerful magic spear from Shinwiki.

Q: Hey! These monsters are clones of that Scabban guy from the Crypt! I can't
beat them!
A: You might want to back away from them and fight them from a distance with
your rogue's arrows and your Wizard's Spells. (Elemental Blast works nice if
you have it) Just back up, and use the left and right arrow keys to strafe and
avoid the blasts of gas they throw at you, and launch your own distance
attacks. Hopefully you'll nail enough of them to survive a melee assault
against them, which will surely finish them off.

Q: The Oracles in the cave to the west tell me to follow the river, but theres
a wall blocking my progress! How do I get them to open it up?
A: At first, I thought this was a bug, but you have to keep talking to them,
using up all the "Keywords" they give you. After you've talked to them using
every keyword they give you, the passage should finally open. Also be sure to
equip the Mavin Signet Ring that the Ghost in the Crypt gave you.

Q: I can't open the Door to the Snake Temple….How do I get in?
A: Enter through the back. To the left of the Snake Temple is a pathway
through the woods. Follow this pathway to the west, and then the north. You
should see a back entrace concealed in a cave. This is your ticket inside.

Q: Theres a prisoner behind a door in the torture chamber, but how do I get
him out?
A: As far as I know, you don't. I have heard that you can, but after passing
through the temple and getting the Mask of Death that the Oracles told me to
get, I tried all three keys I found in the Snake Temple and none worked.
Rescuing him is part of a quest you get from Gorthius of the Hidden circle. (a
group of Thiefs who live east of the first town) but since Gorthius dies soon
after giving you the quest, theres no reason to bother with him. It's not like
he'll give you a giant vorpal sword of god-killing or anything.

Q: What do I do with these Monkey statues I keep finding?
A: When you reach the library, look closely at the floor markings. See how the
two bookshelfs against the wall have a grey line on the floor connecting them
to two other bookcases on the adjacent wall? Place each of the four Monkey
Statues in the bookcases that these gray lines lead to, and an elevator will
open up leading to the high priest's hidden chambers. Be sure to get his
Serpent Staff, you NEED it.

Q: I'm in a room with a huge wheel that lowers a metal plate…whats that do?
A: Underneath that room is a spider hatching room. Kill the spiders, steal an
egg (or two) and drop them into the area where the metal plate crashes down.
Take an empty potion flask (You can find three flasks in the Temple Kitchen)
and put one on the "Flask grill" underneath the wheel room and then operate
the wheel to send the metal plate down onto the spider eggs. It will squish
the eggs into liquid and the liquid will drain out into the flask bottle.
Retrive your flask and you'll see you now have "Spider Nectar".

Q: I got to a room with a Brazier and a golden snake altar behind it. What
does it do?
A: You must take the Spider Elixir and put it on the Brazier. A flame will
erupt. Wave the Serpent Staff over the flame and Xydusa will appear. She will
quiz your characters, trying to determine if you are for real or just out to
kill her. (she doesn't need to know yet!!) Read the Book of Servants to get
the answers to her questions. Speak them to her, and a door will open behind
her in the snake altar. Enter it, but make sure everyone is at FULL HEALTH
before you do, because you will take major falling damage.

Q: Where do I get the Book of Servants?
A: Remember the first NPC priest you found inside the temple? In the room with
the four passages, one leading east, one south, one west, one north? He should
have dropped a key when you killed him, if you don't have it, go back and grab
it. (quest items won't dissapear if you drop them somewhere!!) Use the key on
the locked doors near the back entrance and you'll see there is an underwater
passage inside. Swim under it and you'll come up inside a small underground
room with a snake statuette. Take it and go back to the Library where you
placed the monkey statues earlier. Put this snake idol into the bookcase
directly in the middle…the one directly in front of the elevator and you'll
see a passage open up leading to the book of servants.

Q: Xydusa is TOUGH! How do I beat her?
A: Does your priest have the haste spell? If so, caste it once on EVERYONE in
your party. Now, don't bother with attack spells, Xydusa can shrug them off.
Approach her quickly, and with your haste spell giving you an extra attack or
two, strike at Xydusa when her head leans back. That's when she is going to
bite you, and if you hit her during her "Attack motion" she will lose the
chance to bite you. If you are lucky enough, have magical weaponry
(Shinwicki's spear, Longswords +1, ect…) You might actually get through the
whole fight without her attacking even once. Attacking her at a distance is
suicide, since she throws green lightning bolts that can wipe you out easily.
Her bite will, 75% of the time, Paralyze whomever it strikes. At this point in
the game, you have no way to cure that, so interrupting her attacks is the
only way to avoid this. A haste enchantment will help accomplish this. She
does occasionally turn someone in your party to stone with her gaze, so the
Stone to Flesh scrolls and potions you've been finding (Or should have found)
should be ready to go at a moments notice. Xydusa has an insane amount of HP,
so build up your characters before entering the Snake Statue's Passageway!!

Q: Good Lord! Elyssia summons all those priests and I can't get past her!
A: Elyssia, by herself, is laughably weak. Unfortunately, she summons around
six priests to fight with her, and they surround you on all sides after your
conversation is over with her. This is where you can cheat an easy victory out
of her. As soon as she starts yapping , back your characters up and enter the
hallway outside. Launch an elemental blast at her (By holding down control and
attacking while she is non-hostile) and you'll see the priests appear.
However, you are in the hallway, and they will have to squeeze into it to
fight you. Hide behind one of the walls and launch spells and arrows. This
should knock a few of the priests out, and the area effect spells like
Elemental Blast and Flamestrike will wreak havoc upon her servants. Once you
softened them up, go in for the kill…but watch out for their Summon Insects
spell. Each priest can cast it once, and with 6 priests, that can be a LOT of
damage. Use the hallway's length to your advantage and outrun the swarm.
Killing her will reveal the Mask of Death she carries. Take it and begin your

Q: Anything else to do in the Snake Temple?
A: I found a "Red Hot Poker" but never figured out why it was there or what to
use it for. You can take the Serpent Staff back to The Nymph Fortune Teller
and she goes on to mention something about a curse being lifted, but I never
got an experience award for giving it to her. Go back to the Oracles and they
will inform you of your next mission: Go to Shurugeon Castle and free D'soto
from the clutches of a demon who stole his soul…and his castle.

Shurugeon Castle:

Q:On my way to the castle I get jumped by a group of Ratling bandits, but
halfway through my fight, three Giant Plants called "Amazoni Mantraps" kill me
instantly with their breath! Help!
A: This is unavoidable. No matter when, and no matter how I approached the
castle, the Amazoni Mantraps "Spawned" behind me. I figured out that the best
way to beat them was to quickly run past the bandits, turn around with my back
to the castle's west wall, and wait for the Mantraps to come into view. Then,
I would run south east to a small clearing in the woods beside the moat and
clear out the pirahna in the water before doing anything else. Once the fish
were gone, I'd lure the Giant Plants to the shoreline, and attack them with
Distance spells and arrows. Bringing Mana potions is a must, as these plants
take a LOT to bring down. However, each Mantrap gives you over 10,000
Experience a pop. Once you kill them, they are gone for good and as far as I
could tell, never respawn. (and my respawn is set to "Often".)

Q: Abriden (The little Gnomish fellow) said to meet me by the castle, and once
I did, he kept mentioning the "Evil elements" but whenever I left, told me to
come back. Did I do something wrong?
A: Whenever you talk to an important NPC, you MUST talk to them about every
subject they put on your "Talk List". If you mention "The Evil Elements" to
him, he will give you the locations of all 5 elements, and then hand you the
one he has been holding onto. Once he gives you the first element, he dies.
The other four can be found through very simple means, its not a very tough
dungeon. Plus, by now, you should be well into your new classes and quite

Q: I am going after the element that Lysandra holds, but she wants me to let
her touch my neck… this a good idea? She won't give it to me unil I do!!
A: Well, then you'll just have to kill her, won't you? If she bites you, you
get turned into a Vampire and earn the Vampire "Trait". If you like that sort
of thing, hey, go for it. But personally, I don't like having to endure severe
penalties while fighting during the day. She isn't very tough, and killing her
gives you a nice amulet. Oh, and don't forget to go up the stairs above
Lysandra's chambers and cross the wodden bridge in the tower! D'soto is
roaming around up there and guards a treasure chest with another Evil element
inside of it.

Q: I'm in the armory, one of the locations the Gnome told me to go to find the
5 Evil elements, but the treasure chest is behind a locked door!
A: See the Skeleton behind the door? Launch a meteor or dragonbreath spell at
him and when he dies, he'll pull the lever behind him, opening the door to the

Q:Does it matter what order I put the evil elements in?
A: No, but I'd advise building levels before you do. No doubt that D'soto's
demonic tormentor will be very angry you are trying to kill him…

FAQ to be continued…

Copyright 2000, FAQ by Carl Batchelor
Any copying of this FAQ without consent is…really bad.
You can reach me at if you want me to add anything. This
FAQ will be updated as I continue my trek through this incredible CRPG. Thanks
to D.W. Bradley and the folks at Heuristic Park for making a good-old
fashioned CRPG…the way it's supposed to be.

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