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  Madden NFL 2001 [cheats updated]
Enter one of the following codes to activate the hidden teams. The codes are entered at the "Secret Codes" option under "Settings":

Code Result
Lionpower '57 Lions
Goldrush '57 49ers
Jollygreen '58 Giants
Stables '58 Colts
Greenwings '60 Eagles
Getem '62 Texans
Therewasaman '62 Oilers
Getem '62 Texans
Outdoors '63 Bears
Littlepeople '65 Browns
Megiveyou '66 Chiefs
Champs '66 Packers
Whoshotjr '66 Cowboys
Blitzer '67 Rams
Snowplow '67 Packers
Tundra '67 Cowboys
Grayandblack '67 Raiders
Heidi '68 Raiders
Shocker '68 Colts
Tvtimeout '68 Jets
Nofluke '69 Chiefs
Allfluke '69 Vikings
MNF '70 Browns
Geedyup '70 Colts
Rideon '70 Cowboys
Damnyankees '70 Jets
Courage '70 Lions
Marchon '70 Saints
Peopleeater '70 Vikings
Overtime '71 Cheifs
Longestgame '71 Dolphins
Stars '71 Cowboys
Lucky '72 Steelers
Perfect '72 Dolphins
Airshow '72 Colts
Airtime '72 Jets
Sour '72 Raiders
Redwithenvy '72 Redskins
Orangejuice '73 Bills
Junglecats '73 Bengals
83to55 '73 Dolphins
Longlive '73 Vikings
Defenders '74 Dolphins
Struggle '74 Raiders
Steelcurtain '74 Steelers
Tark '74 Vikings
Baseballteam '75 Cardinals
Allaboutmadden '75 Raiders
Angelcity '75 Rams
Miracleleap '75 Steelers
Purple '75 Vikings
Hailmary '75 Cowboys
Patgames '76 Patriots
Madteam '76 Raiders
Powerofpurple '76 Vikings
Itscoldinhere '77 Bears
Onemilehigh '77 Broncos
Ghosttothepost '77 Colts
Usateam '77 Cowboys
Theghost '77 Raiders
Roller '78 Chargers
Recordnight '78 Cowboys
Cannedtuna '78 Dolphins
Dynasty '78 Steelers
Holy '78 Raiders
Roller '78 Chargers
Earl '78 Oilers
Comeback '79 Cowboys
Pirates '79 Bucaneers
Ramitdown '79 Rams
Aheadatthehalf '79 Redskins
Upupup '80 Falcons
Lionheart '80 Lions
Dirtyrich '80 Oilers
Raidacrossbay '80 Raiders
Greenboys '80 Eagles
Blockedkick '81 Dolphins
Ironman '81 Chargers
Thecatch '81 49ers
Tigers '81 Bengals
Nochance '81 Cowboys
Beforetheman '82 Dolphins
Jetsjetsjets '82 Jets
Dcsbest '82 Redskins
Homesick '83 Raiders
Nomatterwho '83 Redskins
Dantheman '84 Dolphins
Inthehills '84 Rams
Themanslayer '84 49ers
Raingoaway '84 Seahawks
Giantslayer '85 Dolphins
Upset '85 Bears
Blowout '85 Patriots
Flyaway '85 Falcons
Opendome '85 Cowboys
Awayfromhome '85 Raiders
Airliner '85 Jets
Thedrive '86 Broncos
Nonstop '86 Browns
Peas '86 Giants
Hitter '87 Broncos
Fumbleruski '87 Browns
Manoman '87 Saints
Redman '87 Redskins
Nohope '88 Bengals
Bengalkiller '88 49ers
Neversleep '88 Bears
Moonball '88 Oilers
Crushed '89 Broncos
Garnetandgold '89 49ers
Wideright '90 Bills
Oneeye '90 Raiders
Ilovekickers '90 Giants
Visionquest '90 Chiefs
Cuttingham '90 Eagles
Yearinyearout '90 49ers
Neonlights '91 Falcons
Toomuch '91 Lions
Stillproud '91 Bills
Givemearungame '91 Broncos
Skinme '91 Redskins
Comebackkid '92 Bills
Weakdefense '92 Oilers
Howboutem '92 Cowboys
Sackman '92 Packers
Headbag '92 Saints
Stillyoung '92 49ers
Notagain '93 Bills
Whoisbetter '93 Cowboys
Charge '94 Chargers
Ouch '94 Broncos
Olejoe '94 Chiefs
Bythebay '94 49ers
Ropin '94 Cowboys
Bluesilver '95 Cowboys
Newcomeback '95 Colts
Onemanmatters '95 Chiefs
Jumpintheriver '95 Steelers
Defense '96 Panthers
Almost '96 Packers
Notquitethere '96 Broncos
Takeemdown '96 Jaguars
Tunaisgood '96 Patriots
Overdue '97 Broncos
Nopackattack '97 Packers
2isnice '98 Broncos
Giftball '98 Falcons
Missedchance '98 Vikings
Noluck '98 Packers
The catchtwo '98 49ers
Miracleplay '99 Titans
Nowhereman '99 Rams
Buyme Ecko Team
Inthesun Tiburon Team
Scareme Monsters Team
Sugarplease Sugar Buzz Team
Handsup Marshalls Team
Inthegame EA Sports
Kingtut Mummies Team
Maddenmen Millenium Team
Supermadden Superbowl Team
madden84 1984 All Madden Team
mad1985 1985 All Madden Team
86madden 1986 All Madden Team
1987mad 1987 All Madden Team
madden88 1988 All Madden Team
mad1989 1989 All Madden Team
90madden 1990 All Madden Team
1991mad 1991 All Madden Team
madden92 1992 All Madden Team
mad1993 1993 All Madden Team
94madden 1994 All Madden Team
1995mad 1995 All Madden Team
madden96 1996 All Madden Team
mad1997 1997 All Madden Team
98madden 1998 All Madden Team
1999mad 1999 All Madden Team
Brownbear All Bears
Orangetiger All Bengals
Bluebills All Bills
Buckingbronco All Broncos
Littlebrowns All Browns
Mightybucks All Buccaneers
Flyingcards All Cardinals
Bluechargers All Chargers
Redchiefs All Chiefs
Whitecolts All Colts
Bluecowboys All Cowboys
Aquafins All Dolphins
Greeneagles All Eagles
Blackfalcons All Falcons
Goldniners All 49ers
Biggiants All Giants
Jagsroar All Jaguars
Greenjets All Jets
Silverlions All Lions
Yellowpack All Packers
Bigcats All All Panthers
Redpats All Patriots
Silverraid All Raiders
Goldrams All Rams
Darkbird All Ravens
Redindians All Redskins
Marchingin All Saints
Highbirds All Seahawks
Blacksteel All Steelers
Towerover All Titans
Conquer All Vikings

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