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  SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie [PSX]
Various Codes
Pause the game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2, then enter:


Unlock Goofy Goober
Pause while playing and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 then enter SQUARE, SQUARE, SQUARE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, SQUARE.

ll moves upgraded to Mach
Press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Square (2), Circle , Square , Circle (2), Square , Circle.

All locked tasks
Press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Circle, Square, Circle (2), Square, Circle, Square (2).

All moves
Press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Square (2),Circle ,Square, Circle (2), Square (2).

All six health slots
Press Start to pause game play, then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Circle (4), Square , Circle , Square , Circle.

Sonic Wave Guitar
Give 40 Goofy Goober to Mindy in the Welcome to Planktopolis Minions level.

Sponge-Bowl move
Give 20 Goofy Goober tokens to Mindy in the Now That We're Men level.

Throw move
Give 25 Goofy Goober tokens to Mindy in the Shell City Dead Ahead level.

Smash move
Give 10 Goofy Goober tokens to Mindy in the Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt level.

Cartwheel move
Give 2 Goofy Goober tokens to Mindy in the I'm Ready Depression level.

Bash move
Give 5 Goofy Goober tokens to Mindy in the Three Thousand Miles To Shell City level.

Defeating Neptune
You will play as Sponge Bob. Neptune will start by shooting streams of goo at you. Jump over them quickly while turning the tables in the spotlight by hitting them. Once in awhile, Neptune will get angry and you will go into his point of view while he is using his trident as a sniper. Turn any tables that are unturned and hide behind the frozen Mr. Krabs. The beam will reflect on the tables and daze Neptune. Then, hit him with a Sonic Wave Guitar and he will wake up. The battle remains the same until you get into the yellow part of his health, where he uses a merry-go-round like laser beam. In the red part, he will smash the floor and send out shock pulses while enemies attack you.

Defeating Plankton's statues
To defeat the giant statues, hit it on the eye with a Sonic Wave Guitar Attack when it is open. However, they can also attack. The first is easy. It will shoot big molten rocks at you. Wait until half a second after the eye closes and start the Sonic Guitar. It should be open by the time you hit it. The next one is easier. Stand on the platform to the left and its eye will try to shoot you. Jump to the right and use a guitar. The next two are the easiest. There will be enemies guarding them, but they are pushovers. Hit the missiles that they throw at you back at them (via the Macho Karate Spin). Then, one eye will open, attempting to send out more enemies. Just hit the eye. Do the same with the other one. The last one is actually a mini-Boss (although it has no health bar). It takes three hits to defeat it. First, take out the three enemies in the middle platform. then go to the closest platform and kill the enemies as you go. Next, jump on the springboard and prepare for a fight. The conveyors will start moving and the eye will open. It will shoot a laser at the front conveyor belt, and also shoot out a ball of lava. Wait until it is done, then jump to the front belt. immediately use a Sonic Guitar. Do the same thing two more times to win.

Defeating Dennis
Dennis will use Sponge Bob as a hockey stick and hit toilets at you (which means you are Patrick). If you upgraded Pat's Star Spin, use it to hit them back at him. The entire battle remains the same, except after a chunk of his health is gone enemies will appear and spin attack you. Jump on their heads. In part two of the battle, you will be Sponge Bob. Dennis wil throw daggers at you. Just dodge them. Attack him with a Bubble Bowl. Again, the fight is the same, only fish with giant crowbars will try to hit you. If you upgraded your Bubble Bowl, detonate it between Dennis and an enemy if they are close.

Defeating the frogfish
The fight starts with Patrick. The frogfish will try to ram you at first. Dodge it by cartwheeling out of the way (because Patrick is so slow). If it hits you, hit the old lady on its tongue. Once you clear the green part of its health bar, it will jump to another platform. It will dig with its tongue and try to hit you. Hit the tongue. Keep repeating this. When the fish jumps to the other platform, the tongue will do a spinning attack. Do a slam on it.

Make Patrick mad
Press R1 near something (for example, at the Goofy Goober try to pick a stool). He will try to pick it up, then he will kick it.

I'm Ready Depression level: Avoid losing more lives
At the Chocolate River challenge, when you get to the bridge if you fall off and get hurt once, do not worry. You will lose a life but will get bounced up again. Do not press the controller to the side or you will get stuck and lose more life and die, unless you grab onto the shore.

No Cheese! level: Patrick without clothes
Go to a view near the Krusty Krab where the police cars and the people are located. Stay in the view and you will hear Patrick say "Go Spongebob!". You will see Patrick without clothes, except a sign on his butt.

3000 Miles To Shell City level: Defeating the little critters
Use Patrick and upgrade your Butt Bounce. Then, use it on the people that have the Golden Spatula.

Do not move while doing cartwheel
Go to an icy location and use Patrick's cartwheel. Do not press Analog-stick Up to move forward on the ice. He will not move.

Easy moves
Sometimes when Mindy pops up saying that you need to get a certain amount of Goofy Goober tokens to learn a new move, you do not have to get that amount. Get as many as you want and bring them back to Mindy. Note: Sometimes this does not work.

Treasure Chest Items
Collect 1 treasure chest: Film Trailer 1
Collect 2 treasure chests: Mermaid-Man costume for Sponge Bob
Collect 3 treasure chests: Extra long enemy antenna
Collect 4 treasure chests: Sponge Bob Art Pack
Collect 5 treasure chests: Bad Guy Sound Pack
Collect 6 treasure chests: Film Trailer 2
Collect 7 treasure chests: New Targeting Hand
Collect 8 treasure chests: Story Movie 1
Collect 9 treasure chests: Patrick Art Pack
Collect 10 treasure chests: Movie Concept Art Pack
Collect 11 treasure chests: Emergency Sound Pack
Collect 12 treasure chests: Enemy fountain antenna
Collect 13 treasure chests: Story Movie 2
Collect 14 treasure chests: Plankton Art Pack
Collect 15 treasure chests: Story Movie 3
Collect 16 treasure chests: Fun Sound Pack
Collect 17 treasure chests: Fishhook hand
Collect 18 treasure chests: Story Movie 4
Collect 19 treasure chests: Krabby Sound Pack
Collect 20 treasure chests: Disco Patrick
Collect 21 treasure chests: Story Movie 5
Collect 22 treasure chests: Goofy Goober Art Pack
Collect 23 treasure chests: Story Movie 6
Collect 24 treasure chests: Macho Sound Pack
Collect 25 treasure chests: Tiny Foggers
Collect 26 treasure chests: Story Movie 7
Collect 27 treasure chests: Mindy Sound Pack
Collect 28 treasure chests: Thug Tug Art Pack
Collect 29 treasure chests: Story Movie 8
Collect 30 treasure chests: Mindy Art Pack
Collect 31 treasure chests: La Cucaracha Horn
Collect 32 treasure chests: Patrick Sound P

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