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  Zoo Tycoon 2 [cheats]

Walk faster:
While in Zoo Guest mode, hold [Cursor Forward] + Left Mouse Button to walk faster (run).
Alternately, press [Up] + W in Zoo Guest mode.

To run even faster in Zoo Guest or Zookeeper mode, hold [Shift] + [Forward] (or W) + Left Mouse Button.

More starting money in challenge mode:
In challenge mode, put the pointer over the "Up" button hat increases your money, but do not click on it. Press the [Up] key on the keyboard to increase your money twice as fast.

Free trees and other stuff:
When you are in any zoo mode (campaign, challenge, and freeform) most zoos should have already existing trees(and occasionally things like flower beds, benches, etc.) at the start. All you have to do is left click the item you want and move it to where you want it.This saves money when you are on a tight budget and is really easy.

Run in Zoo Guest Mode and Photo Safari Mode: Since left-clicking the mouse makes you walk in Zoo Guest and Photo Safari Mode, and so does W or Up, you can walk twice as fast (aka run) by holding two of these.

Put a fence around the entrance to the zoo so that the entire zoo qualifies as a cage. Then, cover the whole zoo in savana grass and add plants and lakes. Place some animals then walk around as a zoo keeper/guest. To do this faster, do not get staff, food/water dishes or shelters. It will look unnatural. If you put gazelles in a pack, only put about two to six of them or some might ditch the pack. If you encounter across a dirty animal, wash it or all the animals will get sick and die. Note: Plant eaters will get eaten.

Monkey meat:
Make a small pen. Put meat eating animals in it and put a vulnerable herbivore in it. Eventually a carnivore will kill it and the herbivore will become a carcass of meat.

You do not need two animals to have a baby. Just adopt a female animal and wait for about a month. Then, adopt a male of the same species and place him in with the female. Do not do anything from the time that you adopt him until the female gets pregnant. When she does, select "Undo". That will undo the adoption of the male and your female will still be pregnant.

Jungle theme:
Complete five game challenges.

African theme:
Complete five photo safari challenges.

Mysterious Panda campaign:
Complete all scenarios in the Conservation Programs campaign.

Flower arch:
Complete all scenarios in the Troubled Zoos campaign.

Flower post:
Complete all scenarios in the Zookeeper In Training campaign.

Gilded Panda statue:
Complete all scenarios in The Mysterious Panda campaign.

Globe statue:
Complete all scenarios in The Globe campaign.

Sundial statue:
Complete all scenarios in the Prevent Animal Abuse campaign.

Make water deeper:
Choose the "Deep Water" tool, and use it as you normally would. Then, select the "Ditch" tool and use in the deep water you just created.

Successful freeform zoo:
Close your zoo when you first begin a new zoo so that no guests are unhappy while you are building it. First, put in two food stands, two drink stands, dessert stands, one restaurant, and one zoo exhibit before opening your zoo again. Guests also like donation boxes. Make sure three of your four walls are made with the hill device in the "Landscaping" section. The other wall should be made with a fence so that guests can see the animals. Set all of your prices
low, including the admission price. Do not forget benches, restrooms, and ATMs.
For entertainment, add photo souvenir stands, arches, playgrounds (make an area out of sand path and put your playground equipment on top), fountains and statues. Also put in picnic tables and gift shops. With any extra money, crate playgrounds or peacock exhibits with one male peacock. They are more beautiful and will amuse guests. Note: Make sure to fully close exhibits with natural walls. Sometimes animals can squeeze out and chase guests. Double-check the exhibits with big cats, grizzly bears, and elephants.

If you want to have a herd of horses or a pack of wolves or a pride of lions make sure you have about 2 to 5 horses in an exibit. And 2 to 5 wolves, and 3 ot 9 lions. If you put more than that some of them will ditch the group.

To go underwater go to zoo guest mode, go to a lake or deep water and face it (so you are looking at it) and click the mouse to go down, then you can actually go under water.

Extra Babies:
Ok, if you have a pregnate animal after it gives birth put the baby up for adoption after a while the mother will get pregnate again. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING ELSE THAT CAN BE UNDONE IN THE TIME PERIOD BETWEEN THE ADOPTION AND THE MOTHER GETTING PREGNATE AGAIN. NOTE: this doesn't work with twins.

Cavemen in iceburgs (it will take a while to melt):
If you have Z.T 2 Extinct animals then buy an iceburg(Buy an alpine animal or a sabre tooth tiger and its on animal enrichment) and if you are lucky, then there will be a caveman inside. It will act like any other guest!
- DONT sell the iceburg or the caveman will disappear.

Unlockable - Animals:
Unlockable - How to unlock
DOLPHIN - first get the marine version then right click the dolphin(when in exibit) then exit
then put the normal version in and name a water stand
PUMA - get every animal then type puma and the will be unlocked
ZEBRA - name a penguin,moose,lion,and kabob stand
MANTA RAY - unlock the penguin,the lion/lioness,the moose,and the zebra then buy a hot dog
stand and name it
BLUE JAY - buy a kabob stand and name it
PELICAN - get a palce near water then buy a restroom/bathroom and name it
SEAL - Go to Tundra buy a Sushi Stand name it
SEA LION - Go to Tundra and buy a restroom/bathroom name it
DODO BIRD - get the extinscint version get the dodo bird then exit and put in normal version
and name a coffee stand

More money:
When you start a game or start a scenario there will be a lot of trees. get rid of all of them then you have money...

Name the first person to come in your Zoo "DinoMan" and go to the animal adoption section. You will see a number of prehistoric creatures such as Dinosaurs, Pterasaurs, and Plesiasaurs.

Put a cage around the whole perimeter of the park and put the path at the entrance. Put a path through the door and in the cage. Put tons of animals in the cage. As long as your path doesn't end the guests will keep walking through.

Screaming Globe:
Click on the globe and move the mouse left or right really fast. Do this a few times and the globe will scream!

More Cash:
When you need more cash I find this works great,you must have the african Adventure though and a little starting money at least $60 to begin.Go to build a jeep path and make several rows next to each other(out of the way of you main zoo perferablly) then build the cheapest fence across the rows forming rows of gates instead then you bulldoze all the gates and repeat till you think you have enough cash.I have tryed other cheats for more money but this one that I discovered works. The path is $10 and the fence is $50(using the cheapest)
this all you need and keep building up from there.Dont sell your paths though just the gates! The fence cost $50 and you sell them as gates for $128!Thats a nice profit I think.

Reviving animals:
If your animal is "going to die", crate it, and hopefully it will decide to do something else instead.

Walk twice as fast:
Run in Zoo Guest Mode and Photo Safari Mode: Since left-clicking the mouse makes you walk in Zoo Guest and Photo Safari Mode, and so does W or Up, you can walk twice as fast (aka run) by holding two of these.

Few hints:
1. When placing buildings, these are the basics:
Make a little area and put buildings around the edges of it. Then put picnic tables/umbrella tables on the area, along with garbage cans/recycling bins.

The usual buildings for a small zoo are this:
1/2 areas
2/4 small restrooms
6/12 picnic tables/umbrella tables
7/16 recycling bins/garbage cans
and grow as you keep expanding your zoo.

2. When dealing with animals, 3 words- choose the cheapest.
It's good for you and hey, your guests will like it too.
Put at least 3/12 trees/plants/rocks for scenery.
To save money, put natural water instead of bowls. It saves you money and looks better, too.Only put food when absolutely needed(I.E. carnivore). Herbivores can graze, but they need the occasional pile of branches.Put a little quiet spot for your animals in the exhibits. They won't be happy if they're being stared at from every corner of the exhibit by guests.


To get 2 stars on zoo tycoon 2 put lions, thomson gazzeles, and tigers in because the guests really like theese animals.

Annoying zookeepers No More:
I found that it is very hard to get zookeepers to do what they are supposed to do. Unless, you do what I do:

-Make the exhibit so that there is atleast one corner big enough to fit a staff center in.
-Place the staff center in that corner and fence it in with a strong fence and place a gait
that leads into the rest of the exhibit.
-Place the zookeeper in there.
- If you haven't actually set up the animal exhibit do so now.

And there you go, that (or those) zookeepers can only go into the staff center and back into the exhibit. Never will you have to worry about your zookeepers being in the wrong place again.

Underwater objects:
First buy an object like lets say an ice cream cart*. Next move the cart to a pool of water, tank ect.. Now move the cursor over to the menu and click on the pick up/drop item. Finally exit the window. Voilla!! You now have an underwater icecream cart!

*-Any object will work.
Sometimes a caveman will me in yur glaciers. When that happens go to camera mode and take a pic of him to find out his name(optoinal). Mine happened to be Stone Grindstone:D. Now go to the guest list and click on him. Then click the pick up button and drop him inside your zoo.

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