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 TechNews - Internet Explorer on Xbox One Info - tech
(hx) 04:28 AM EST - Nov,16 2013
  • AMD now says only 'some' 9-series cards will come with Battlefield 4 - AMD's claim that any R9 series card purchased after November 11 will come with a copy of Battlefield 4 doesn't appear to be true.
  • Intel SSD 530 (240GB) Review - Ultimately there is one crucial thing that the SSD 530 provides over the SSD 520: price. The SSD 520 has been rather expensive and it hasn't really been able to compete, in price or performance, with the newer SSDs with smaller lithography NAND. As a result, I haven't been able to recommend the SSD 520 for ages as it simply hasn't provided any value for the extra cost. With the SSD 530 Intel's pricing is more reasonable and closer to other high-end SSDs. In fact, Intel's pricing is very competitive if you compare the SSD 530 to OCZ Vector 150 or SanDisk Extreme II, although those two also outperform the SSD 530 by a fairly big margin.
  • Western Digital My Cloud EX4 Tested - The chaps over at PC Perspective have posted a review of the Western Digital's My Cloud EX4. It offers many storage options at a very reasonable cost, as well as a plethora of way to access that storage. USB devices and other networked targets can all be consolidated through the EX4's excellent interface and then easily accessed in a variety of methods and by a variety of mobile devices. Speeds were noted to be average for a typical consumer NAS device, but the strengths of the EX4 are clearly in the features and app capability.
  • Brand-new Dell XPS 11 convertible and upgraded XPS 13 ultrabook start selling, cost north of $1,000 -  Dell has started accepting pre-orders for the first ever XPS 11 convertible and the follow-up to the more conventional 2012 XPS 13 ultrabook.
  • Acer refreshes Chromebook line with another C720 model, this one costing $200 - When Acer unveiled its first 2013 Chromebook, the $250 C720-2800, it was hard to imagine things could get any cheaper than that with similar specs. And yet the Taiwanese have just outdone themselves, taking the wraps off the $200 C720-2848.  Like its sibling, the new C720 Chromebook is built on Intel's sizzling hot Haswell micro-architecture, so it packs decent punch all things considered, as well as making the most of an otherwise lackluster battery. Mind you though, were not looking at a laptop powered by an Intel processor part of the Core i family, but instead a more modest Celeron clocked at 1.4 GHz. Also, and this is important, the C720-2848
  • HP Chromebook 11 review - The Chromebook 11, a smaller (as in 11 inches) ARM-powered follow up to the larger Chromebook 14 from earlier this year, is yet another inexpensive Chromebook from HP and Google that builds on the same strategy as the devices before it. Put together a small and portable form factor, fill it with inexpensive components and sell it on the cheap - it's a recipe for topping the sales charts for a laptop on Amazon, but is it really a product to get excited about? No matter where you stand on the merits of using a Chrome OS device, there are more than a few things the $279 Chromebook 11 has going for it.
  • NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 Review - The Tegra Note 7 (formerly Tegra Tab) story starts with platform, which consists of a Tegra 4 SoC clocked at a maximum single core clock of 1.8 GHz (slightly lower than the 1.9 GHz maximum for Shield, with its active cooling), 7-inch 1280x800 IPS display, front-facing stereo speakers, a stylus for inking, and of course a close-to-stock version of Android running on top of it all. There's also a 5 MP camera on the back with autofocus, and VGA front facing camera. The best part however is price - NVIDIA's partners will bring the Tegra Note 7 to market at just $199. Coming in at the price of the original Nexus 7 makes it obvious that NVIDIA envisions the Tegra Note 7 as the true successor to the original Nexus 7. Of course the obvious comparison is the $30 more expensive refreshed Nexus 7 (2013) with much higher resolution display.
  • Flipboard app for Windows 8.1 finally released - As with the previously released iOS and Android versions, the Flipboard app offers users a way to read their favorite news web sites and social media outlets in a magazine style format. Flipboard has stated they made an extra effort on the Windows 8.1 version, including a way to pin pages from the app to the Start screen so that users can see updated stories via Live tiles. The video above has a good tutorial on the new app. Keep in mind that the app is just for Windows 8.1 and won't work with the older Windows 8 OS.
  • Internet Explorer on Xbox One detailed -
    While it took Microsoft seven years to add Internet Explorer to its Xbox 360 console, the upcoming Xbox One will have a version of the company's web browser ready to go for the launch on November 22nd. Today, the official IE blog has more information on IE for Xbox One. The Kinect add-on can be used with IE so people can view, for example, the New York Times website simply by saying, Browse to New York Times". You can also say "Click on" and then the name of any link on a web page to have IE surf to that page. Microsoft says IE can head to the page just by hearing a few of the words in the link.
  • Best Buy to sell 32GB Surface for $199.99 on Black Friday - Best Buy revealed their 2013 Black Friday sales items and, as reported by, the 32GB Surface tablet, previously known as Surface RT, will be priced at just $199.99. This is the lowest price we have seen for a Surface tablet that is going to be made available to the general public. Microsoft did sell a 64GB Surface RT tablet to TechEd attendees earlier this year for $99. Even though the sales period is called "Black Friday", many retailers in the U.S. will actually begin their sales period on Thanksgiving Day, November 28th. That includes Best Buy, which will have most of its stores open. Well, if this were the original price last year, these things would have been popular. Personally I will wait till the new surface goes down to $200 :-)
  • Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target reveal Black Friday sales  - Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy have revealed their respective Black Friday sales ads that offer savings on consoles and games. While next-gen is all but upon us, these three retailers don't include any PS4 or Xbox One deals in their sales and instead stick to current-gen hardware and titles. Additionally many of retailers start the following Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving rather than the day after, so be sure to scan them and scope out the deals and make your plans beforehand. The console deals include a 4GB Xbox 360 for $100, a PS3 250GB bundled with The Last of Us and Batman: Arkham Origins for $199. As far as game deals we have some pretty awesome price slashes on newly released current-gen titles like Call of Duty: Ghosts for $40 and award-winning yesteryear classes like Tomb Raider and Far Cry 3 for a pittance of $15. Target will be offering a nice deal on a Nintendo 3DS XL for $150, but on average they offer many of the same savings as the others. For gamers who opt in for Nintendo's new 2DS handheld, Wal-Mart has them for $99-but of course remember that the 2DS doesn't have the clamshell closing mechanism and is more like a tablet that can't easily drop in your pocket.
  • Adobe leaks 150 million passwords; Facebook and others impacted - The fallout from the recent Adobe breach keeps growing. At first it was thought that "only" a few million passwords were leaked when the company's servers were attacked by a sophisticated hacker. While that number is already higher than it should be, the scope turned out to be at least 50x larger, with new estimates putting the number of leaked credentials at over 150 million. Not only is this news extremely bad for Adobe, but it's also having a big impact on other websites across the Internet due to the fact that people frequently use the same password on multiple sites. From large sites like Facebook to smaller sites like and, companies are examining the stolen data and sending out warnings to customers that they suspect may have the same passwords. According to Krebs on Security, Adobe made the mistake of encrypting all of the passwords with a single key, so if it's brute forced or stolen, the entire trove of data can be unlocked.  Adobe need to drop subscription plan because it sucks and they can't protect their user base!!
  • Over 70,000 unencrypted credit card and CCV numbers stolen - According to the Irish Times, the credit card information of over 70,000 people has been stolen from a company called (ironically) Loyaltybuild. Not only were the credit card numbers themselves stolen, but the related CCV numbers were as well. To add insult to injury, the data was sitting on the systems in an unencrypted format, meaning whoever took the data can start using it immediately. In addition to the direct credit card data, roughly 1.5 million people had their personal information stolen -- including names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses
  • Your Phone's Camera and Microphone Can Reveal Your PIN - Cambridge security researchers have been hacking smartphone passwords using the devices' own cameras and microphones. Laurent Simon and Ross Anderson at the University of Cambridge used an app they called "PIN Skimmer" to capture passwords as they were entered into a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Google Nexus S, both of which use number-only soft keyboards.
  • CyanogenMod Installer hits the Play Store to help you flash your smartphone - In its push to make installing its custom firmware easier for the average user, CyanogenMod has just launched its installer app in the Play Store. You'll need more than just the app to get through the process, however. After installing and going through a few basic instructions related to turning on USB debugging and the like, you'll be pointed to its website to download the desktop software to initiate the install. You'll still need a Windows PC (running Vista or later) and a good USB cable to get your phone flashed with CyanogenMod, which adds another wrinkle of complication to the process. The combination of apps on your phone and computer should make it pretty simple though, provided your phone is on the list of compatible devices.
  • Nokia 3310 vs today's Smartphones - Released way back in 2000, the Nokia 3310 is one of the most successful phones of all times selling close to 126 million units. Several variants and many years later the phone has achieved a cult status and has been extensively used as a meme on popular social websites like 9Gag, Reddit, etc. So how does the phone which had a dot matrix display, the iconic snake game, and the legendary sturdiness stack with the phones of today, check out the chart!
  • ISIS Mobile Wallet now available for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile - ISIS Mobile Wallet, a competing service to Google Wallet backed by three major carriers, has finally made its official launch in the U.S. Customers with compatible phones and specific SIM cards on Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile can now download the ISIS Mobile Wallet app and get started with mobile payments.
  • Throw the Panono Ball Camera, Take 72MP Photospheres via 36 Lenses - Enter Panono. The company is offering a ball camera that you literally throw in order to take pictures with its 36 tiny lenses. All of that then get stitched together to produce a 72-megapixel photosphere. The spherical scene is far more immersive than any single panorama could even create, even if it was 360 degrees.
  • Hands-on with the Moto G! - So many thoughts to be thunk about the Moto G. Relatively unimpressive specs - save for that price. Not quite a Moto X, but will that matter to most folks in this target market? And will such a low cost to consumers - under $200, off contract and unlocked - finally spur some sort of change in the industry?
  • Netflix On TV Gets A Major Makeover - Netflix has a radically new look on TVs that makes streaming from Netflix a much richer and more immersive experience. The new Netflix for TVs is delivered to game consoles, Smart TVs, set top boxes and Blu-ray players. The rollout begins today across all Netflix enabled devices.
  • Nanodots GYRO video -  Nanodots GYRO is the latest release from the Labs of Nano Magnetics. Each golf-ball sized orb features an internal mechanism that holds a set of four high-powered Neodymium magnets. The magnet mechanism decouples the motion of the magnets from the GYRO's surface so that the GYROs can function like perfect spherical-gears. The transparent housing lets you see the internal mechanics of the GYRO as it reacts to magnetic fields, ferrous objects and other GYROs up to 12 inches (30 cm) away. Comes in sets of two plus two additional magnetic proxies for experimentation and a black wooden base for display on a desk.
  • inFORM - Interacting With a Dynamic Shape Display - inFORM is a Dynamic Shape Display that can render 3D content physically, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible way. inFORM can also interact with the physical world around it, for example moving objects on the table's surface. Remote participants in a video conference can be displayed physically, allowing for a strong sense of presence and the ability to interact physically at a distance.
  • XBox vs C4 Filmed At 10 Million FPS - Blowing up consoles with C4 and filming it at ten million frames per second? Why not! :P
  • Sony PS4 vs .50 cal - Slow Mo Destruction at 50,000 FPS - Well, we all knew this was coming....
  • Some People Are Smashing Their PS4s Right After Purchase - Sony's PS4 just launched at midnight last night, and a lot of people waited in line to make sure they got a console on day one. While poking around on YouTube for launch night videos, we came across multiple clips of people smashing their PS4's right outside the store that sold them their new console. If you didn't manage to get one, don't watch these videos . It's not worth the rage. Heck, even if you did get one or don't want one, you might not want to watch them. Unless you find wastefulness and buckets of crazy really appealing
  • Lesbians React to Sex Scenes in "Blue is the Warmest Color" - Are these girls? Some of these people look like dudes :
  • YouTube is a Completely Functional Site Programmed by Competent - There are totally no broken or missing features like a lack of buttons to press or anything.
  • Logan Paul Vine Compilation #1 - Like Logan Paul's hilarious Vines? I have them all in one place in this epic compilation!
  • What Does the Inside of Your Fridge Say About You? - If we all are indeed what we eat, then surely our refrigerators are a kind of canvas of selfhood - a place where we reveal ourselves by the kind of food we keep. That was the idea, anyway, when Mark Menjivar started photographing these spaces for his series "You Are What You Eat" in 2007. Menjivar spent almost four years on the project, traveling to 20 communities throughout the United States and peeking in the refrigerators of 60 people in an effort to explore the intersection between eating habits and identity.
  • The Happy Hooker: Confessions of a Satisfied Sex Worker - Former Playboy model Valerie Baber was an elite escort for the Emperors Club until she got swept up in the FBI sting that brought down Eliot Spitzer. From stripper to adult star to prostitute, she tells the whole story for the first time. Pretty interesting reading.
  • Xenia Deli Is Still Hottest Thing Ever! - Here are a couple of new swimsuit photos of one of my favorite supermodels, the exotic Xenia Deli.
  • Helen Flanagan Busts Out Big Time! - check it out
  • Amanda Cerny's Booty Is Refreshing - Everyday when I check my emails, I'm hoping to see a money transfer of sorts from this fake water company 138 because over the last few months, I have given them so much free publicity ;-)
  • Hottest Babes on the Internet #5 - Which one is hottest? ;-)
  • The best pics on the Internet #49 - All pictures are carefully handpicked!

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Your Phone's Camera and Microphone Can Reveal Your PIN

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