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 TechNews - Happy 18th Birthday, Windows 95! - tech
(hx) 05:29 AM EDT - Sep,01 2013
  • Best SSDs For The Money: August 2013 -The SSD market is never boring, is it?
  • AMD Radeon Graphics Presents: The Fixer 2 - The Fixer is back to prove he doesn't hate the players or the games!
  • Microsoft Surface Pro's $100 Price Cut is Made Permanent - Earlier this summer, Microsoft cut the price of the Surface Pro. Originally billed as a back-to-school sale, Microsoft announced a $100 price cut in early August, and the price was supposed to go back up on August 29. However, instead of climbing back up to the original price, Microsoft on Thursday confirmed that the price cut would be permanent
  • Samsung Galaxy Mega for AT&T Tested - Phonescoope takes a look at the Samsung Galaxy Mega for AT&T. People were aghast when Samsung announced the Galaxy Note in 2011 with its 5.2-inch screen. "Crazy," "Huge," "Ridiculous," some called it. The Galaxy Mega, as the name implies, dwarfs the Note with its mega proportions. It has a 6.3-inch screen and a massive 6.6 x 3.46-inch footprint. It's not that much smaller than some tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Mega, while capable and powerful, is not a phone I would ever choose to purchase or use myself. It's simply too big. Where the Note II lives on the edge, the Mega leaps right over into the land of Can't Fit My Hand. Aside from the size, the hardware is decent. It's a good looking phone, though it would be nice if the materials were of slightly higher quality.
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 goes gold; launches October 18th - In a blog post, Microsoft also confirmed that MSDN and TechNet subscribers will have to wait until October 18th to get their hands on Windows Server 2012 R2 just like everyone else, rather than allowing them to get early access to the software.
  • Need to activate Windows 8.1? Use your Windows 8 key - With Windows 8.1 RTM builds leaking out like a poorly constructed bathroom faucet, you might be wondering how you can activate your copy of Windows 8.1 and it's a lot easier than you might think. Seeing as Windows 8.1 is a free update for Windows 8, users in Neowin forums are stating you can use your Windows 8 key to activate and remove the watermarks. It's that simple and multiple users have now confirmed that this works. Windows 8 keys can't be used to install the leaked 8.1 builds though, but there is a key floating around that can be used to install, then simply change that key to your genuine 8.0 key and activate.
  • Ballmer departure reportedly more sudden than Microsoft stated - When Microsoft announced Steve Ballmer's impending departure from the company last week, it portrayed the chief executive's decision to retire as a carefully planned moment. According to a new report, however, the chief executive's departure is more sudden than originally revealed. AllThingsD, which accurately broke the news of Microsoft's restructuring in recent months, reports Ballmer's decision to leave was sped up because the executive's leadership was viewed as "becoming a very obvious lightning rod," among other reasons. The outlet cites "dozens of people inside and outside" of Microsoft as the sources of the information, with "many" of the unnamed sources being "close to the situation."
  • Skype Confirms 3D Video Calls Are Under Development - Skype has confirmed it has developed 3D video calls
  • Happy 18th Birthday, Windows 95! -  Happy 18th birthday Windows 95!!
  • LG 42-Inch 1080p LED TV for $230 Off - If you're looking to score a great deal on a new HDTV, it looks like this Labor Day weekend sale on this LG LED TV is a solid bet. What you get here is an LG 42inch Class 1080p 60Hz LED TV (model number 42LN5200) with seven picture modes: vivid, standard, cinema, sport, game, expert1 and expert2. Key features include the Triple XD Engine, Picture Wizard, virtual surround sound and USB playback of DivX HD, JPG, AC3, MPEG and all sorts of other audio and video formats. There are two HDMI ports and one component video input.  The normal price for this TV is $599.99, but it's on sale on for $399.99. That's $200 off. You can then get an extra $30 off when you enter promo code LABORDAY12 before September 2nd.
  • Aims To Connect Everyone Around The World (video) - Two-thirds of our world currently lacks an easy way to get internet access, but that is soon going to change as a number of big technology companies, including Facebook, Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm, and Samsung, have come together to create which aims to make internet available to everyone around the world via a number of initiatives.
  • Sony posts teaser video for possible Windows 8 Yoga-like Vaio hybrid - The 31 second clip, as posted on Sony's YouTube channel, shows a blank piece of white paper being folder into various shapes. Some of those shapes actually get labels such as "laptop", "tablet" and "viewer", before the piece of paper gets a written Vaio label at the end.
  • UK Prisoners Love Tiny Mobile Phones (Video) - Made in China and sold on eBay or Amazon for $60 to $80, the small devices resemble car key fobs and are coming with very low metal content which could allow them to be easily smuggled into prisons past metal detectors. In 2012, UK authorities seized over 7,000 phones and SIM cards from prisons in England and Wales, and they don't want more of the small phones to reach the hands of inmates and are therefore planning to bring about a sales ban.
  • Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans: A Pilot Study - A video of example trials from a pilot study of direct brain-to-brain communication in humans conducted by Rajesh Rao, Andrea Stocco, and colleagues at the U of Washington, Seattle
  • Volvo Concept Coupe is brand's 'next-generation P1800' - A four-cylinder gasoline engine makes up half the plug-in hybrid powertrain, and Volvo promises power levels on par with current V8 engines through the use of both a turbocharger and a supercharger. Combined output from the 2.0-liter engine that powers the front wheels and the electric motor connected to the rear wheels is around 400 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque
  • Crazy New Yorker gets a digital tattoo viewable only by a smartphone - How about a tattoo that's only visible on smartphones? Crazy it may sound but one Anthony Antonellis from New York has implanted a RFID chip between his thumb and forefinger. The tiny RFID chip is enclosed in a capsule and has an antenna. The chip with a storage space of just 1 KB has a rainbow GIF stored in it. Holding a smartphone near the implant reveals the GIF on the smartphone screen. Anthony can change the GIF to whatever he wants but a KB space is too less to store anything considerable. Personally I think it's a stupid idea just to go at such extreme lengths and make a rainbow GIF pop-up on a smartphone.
  • How to Tap a Beer Keg with Det Cord! - How to Tap a Beer Keg with Det Cord - 51,000 fps with RatedRR Slow Motion camera!
  • Polybius - Amazing! - We are submerged in a dry swimming pool. A SEGA Mega Drive, Commodore 64, floppy disk drives and hard drives sing in unison. The unusual ensemble (controlled live via MIDI) are given a last curtain call in a nostalgic farewell to forgotten friends. (thanks hoe)
  • Is This The Worst Ad Samsung's Ever Made? - The ad, for Samsung's 840 EVO Series Solid State Drive, seems to have enjoyed a very strict casting brief: please only audition those with a dependency on Xanax. The actors seem to speak with the diction of an American who is trying to explain himself to a Chechen rebel.
  • Divergent - Official First Look Trailer - Based on Veronica Roth's #1 New York Times best-selling novel, DIVERGENT is a gripping action thriller set in a futuristic world where society has been divided into five factions.
  • Riddick - Extended International TV Spot - Betrayed by his own kind and left for dead on a desolate planet, Riddick fights for survival against alien predators and becomes more powerful and dangerous than ever before. Soon bounty hunters from throughout the galaxy descend on Riddick only to find themselves pawns in his greater scheme for revenge. With his enemies right where he wants them, Riddick unleashes a vicious attack of vengeance before returning to his home planet of Furya to save it from destruction.
  • Every Tech Commercial Ever  - check it out
  • Terrifying and Beautiful Timelapse of the Yosemite Rim Fire - The massive Rim Fire spreading into Yosemite National Park has slowed down recently as the weather begins to cooperate with efforts to stop it. And now that the danger to the park has subsided a bit, officials there posted a timelapse compilation of the blaze's approach. It's simultaneously terrifying and beautiful.
  • What If You Never Went Outside Again? - Do you spend most of your time inside? What would happen if you just stopped going outside altogether?
  • Best of Web 5 - HD - Zapatou - check it out
  • 6-Second Science Experiments - GE recently held a contest via the Vine app asking how much science can you fit into six seconds? The results are pretty great.
  • Japanese man terrified by 'dinosaur' on TV show - She says "Is it real?" then she's like "Matte matte matte" (Wait wait wait!) When it leaves and comes back she's like "Noooo!" After she says "Oh my god" someone asks if she's okay, and she's like "I'm not okay! There's no reason I'd be okay!" Then she says something about her tights. That's a rough translation but you get the point.
  • World Strongest Man 2013 Brian Shaw, 442,5kg deadlift! - wow!
  • HOLY SHIT! - must wach video - I thought the boulder would roll towards the driver like Indiana Jones!
  • Sexy Motorcycle Wash Fail - A young lady's attempt to seductively wash a motorcycle doesn't go very well for her - or the bike.
  • Xenia Deli KOM swimwear 2013 - check it out
  • Edita Vilkeviciute - Victoria's Secret Swimwear 2013 - Edita Vilkeviciute hots on the beach for Victoria's Secret Swim April 2013 lookbook.  
  • Nadya Nepomnyashaya Is A Sexy Tongue Twister - Uzbekistan model Nadya Nepomnyashaya!
  • Imogen Thomas 4 Nuts Magazine - Imogen Thomas has posed for her first photoshoot since giving birth to daughter Ariana in February. Speaking to Nuts magazine, the former Big Brother star admitted that she was apprehensive about modelling again.
  • Jessica Alba Still Can Work The Camera - It may not be Maxim shoots like the old days, but Jessica's still got it. I just wish she'd show it off more.
  • Lucy Pinder's NUTS Photoshoot Is Impressive! - Once again, Lucy Pinder is proving that she is the reigning UK Boob Queen in this latest NUTS magazine photoshoot. Lucy has been in the business for many years and like a fine wine, she gets better as she ages.
  • The best pics on the Internet #37 - All pictures are carefully handpicked!

last 10 comments:
Csimbi(12:41 PM EDT - Sep,01 2013 )
Ballmer departure reportedly more sudden than Microsoft stated

Good riddance

Skype Confirms 3D Video Calls Are Under Development

Another thing nobody needs - clearly indicates that MS is still without leadership and vision, focusing on all the wrong things.

Tom(11:11 AM EDT - Sep,04 2013 )
Yep Balmer leaving is a good thing. MS needs some fresh blood in there. Get rid of the relics, bring in change, change that people want.

Csimbi(02:14 PM EDT - Sep,04 2013 )
I understand they just bought Nokia. Not fresh blood, but far better than the one MS has in their veins...

Tom(03:31 PM EDT - Sep,04 2013 )
Ya I'm not sure that buying Nokia will amount to much. Can't stand Windows phones so I doubt I'll ever have one.

Csimbi(05:06 PM EDT - Sep,04 2013 )
Tom> Can't stand Windows phones so I doubt I'll ever have one.
Likewise. Though Nokia hardware is superior, so replacing WinDOS with Linux or something might be worth exploring.

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