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 TechNews - Samsung Galaxy S 4 Tested - tech
(hx) 06:11 AM EDT - Apr,27 2013
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review - Though Samsung promised that its octa-core processor would appear in phones this year, the U.S. version of the Galaxy S 4 features a 1.9 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600. Having one quad-core processor is not a letdown because the Snapdragon is ridiculously fast, efficient, and powerful. The 2GB of RAM and excellent 3D rendering never led to moments that I thought that the phone was sluggish. Gaming capabilities are also strong. The Unreal Engine-powered Horn and racing game Riptide both play with great speed. Samsung sells the Galaxy S 4 in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB variants. Samsung's software eats up 6GB of the ROM, so only about 9.7 GB of space is actually available in the base 16GB version we're testing today. This limitation proved troublesome once I downloaded a few games and quickly ran out of space when adding a portion of my music collection. Storage can be increased with a 64GB-capable microSD slot.
  • Verizon Galaxy S4 to Cost $199, Available May 30 - Verizon Wireless announced via one of its official Twitter accounts that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be available for preorder beginning April 25. The GS4 will cost $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year agreement. According to Verizon, the Galaxy S 4 will not reach its retail stores until May 30. Verizon didn't say when it would ship devices ordered through its web site.
  • BlackBerry Makes Skype Available to Q10 - BlackBerry has announced that owners of its BlackBerry Q10 smartphone may download Skype from the BlackBerry World app store. Skype requires BlackBerry OS 10.1. The Q10 ships with BBOS 10.1 installed, and is launching in Canada and other select markets this week. The Q10 isn't expected to reach the U.S until late May. For the time being, BlackBerry Z10 owners will not be able to access or download Skype because the Z10 runs BBOS 10. BlackBerry said that it will update the Z10 to BlackBerry OS 10.1 next month. More details about the minor operating system bump will be provided by BlackBerry during its developer conference scheduled to take place the week of May 13.
  • Netflix Introduces $12 Streaming Plan, Allows 4 Simultaneous Streams - Netflix now has more than 36 million subscribers and as part of developing and improving their service they will be offering a new plan for big families who are not satisfied with their $7.99 per month plan which enables streaming to just 2 devices simultaneously.
  • White House Endorses Internet Sales Tax - Looks like the White House now says it supports the Internet Sales Tax bill.
  • Google: More Government Removal Requests Than Ever Before - This seems like one of those times where setting a record isn't necessarily a good thing.
  • Jetpack Rocket Science - The science of jet packs. If you're not interested in science, there's still jet packs.
  • Three Years of Sun in Three Minutes - In the three years since it first provided images of the sun in the spring of 2010, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has had virtually unbroken coverage of the sun's rise toward solar maximum, the peak of solar activity in its regular 11-year cycle. This video shows those three years of the sun at a pace of two images per day.
  • Bulletproof Clothing for America's Schoolkids? - The new line of clothing from Miguel Caballero, a Colombia-based company best-known for outfitting celebrities, executives, and political figures, is aimed specifically at the US market as a response to the number of mass shootings here.
  • Position Based Fluids Demonstration - Simulating the physics of water was always tricky and game engines sometimes still have to use dodgy mechanics to make it feel real. But the above demonstration of this new fluid simulation technique proves that slowly but surely we're getting there...
  • So this is a robot that can steal things out of vending machines - Never before has a roboticist been so dedicated to scoring free soda. This young Frenchman, who goes by the handle ioduremetallique on YouTube, built what is easily the most impressive and complex vending machine-raiding robot the world has ever known. Maybe the only one.
  • Thor: The Dark World - Official Trailer -  Plot: Marvel's "Thor: The Dark World" continues the big-screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself. In the aftermath of Marvel's "Thor" and "Marvel's The Avengers," Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos...but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all. Release Date: November 8, 2013
  • 'PIPE JOB' Hyundai : TV Commercial -  The decision. The tape. The pipe. The dramatic wait. The breathing, The music swelling. The disappointment. Check it out
  • Fruit Ninja Cuts Watermelon in Under 30 Seconds - Some people can shotgun water bottles and some can fit an entire fist in their mouth, then there are people who are fruit ninjas. Like this guy. Apparently taking on the "Matt Jones Cut a Watermelon in 20 Seconds Challenge," our ninja's skills and perseverance are put to the test in the back of a commercial kitchen.
  • Guy throwing rocks at dogs and their owner has a bad day - check it out
  • Amazing Jump Rope Girl - This chick sure knows how to jump rope!
  • You won't believe how fast this guy is with a gun - Wow!
  • Two Fit Chicks In Bikinis - check it out
  • Songs Every Man Should Listen To 2013 feat. Nina Agdal - Esquire - Model Nina Agdal dancing for Esquire Usa May issue 2013
  • Bikini Chicks Ski In Siberia - check it out
  • Rosie Jones Was Born To Wear Lingerie - I believe she has a long career ahead of her.
  • Irina Shayk's Sexy Beach Bunny Swimear Photoshoot - Now that supermodel super-hottie Irina Shayk has been named the face of Beach Bunny swimwear, it means we'll be seeing a lot more awesome bikini photoshoots from her this year. Like this latest set, which is just more evidence that Irina is one of the hottest models out there
  • Selena Gomez Works It For Adidas - Supposedly this photoshoot of Selena Gomez looking awesomely leggy in short shorts is for some new line of Adidas shoes.

last 10 comments:
Csimbi(03:25 PM EDT - Apr,27 2013 )
Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review

No "real" word on battery consumption. 9 hours for "office use" is not enough. It implies that gaming requires being plugged in, rendering mobility a moot point.
It's ok. I was not going to get one anyway.

BlackBerry Makes Skype Available to Q10

Loving it, thanks, I am getting my phone next week.

Netflix Introduces $12 Streaming Plan, Allows 4 Simultaneous Streams

If there were decent internet in Canada, I'd be signing up, too.

White House Endorses Internet Sales Tax

This is just stupid. Anyone could sell stuff online if they wanted to; I don't understand why tax those that actually do?
What about if I place an order over the phone?

Three Years of Sun in Three Minutes

Yeah, saw this when it was published. Cool.

Bulletproof Clothing for America's Schoolkids?

lol. How about no bullets?

Position Based Fluids Demonstration

Wow, that's real nice!

Guy throwing rocks at dogs and their owner has a bad day

Deserved it. Why'd you throw rock at anyone anyway?

Amazing Jump Rope Girl

I she advertising herself, the sport, or Hungary?
I like the music a lot!

You won't believe how fast this guy is with a gun

Wow. "Speed of light", that is.
Not a skill you pick up playing UT, huh?
It'd be nice to see it in high-res.

Selena Gomez Works It For Adidas

She's not pretty at all - just plenty of paint.
I am pretty sure that's not the reason why she was left behind like a bieberatored monkey though.

Majnun(05:10 AM EDT - Apr,28 2013 )
Actually you've always paid tax for stuff you order "over the phone" in the US. If by "over the phone" you mean from a catalog and calling in the order like some friggin caveman from the 90's.

I actually have no problem with the internet tax thing unless they go batshit with it and overdo it. It kinda makes sense. Why the hell would you magically NOT pay sales tax because it's over the internet? Get over it.

I don't think they mean individual sales like over craigslist or whatever. They mean amazon, walmart, gamestop, or whatever actual companies.

Csimbi(11:04 AM EDT - Apr,28 2013 )
I think you misunderstood. It's extra tax just because you placed the order over the internet.
- when you walk into the store, you pay price+tax.
- when you order something over the internet, you pay (price+tax) + (handling+tax) + (shipping+tag).

With the introduction of this new tax, for an internet order you'd pay:
(price+tax) + (handling+tax) + (shipping+tag) + internet tax

Just how fair is that?
There are two additional charges already!

Baconnaise(12:35 AM EDT - Apr,29 2013 )
I order stuff within the USA 99% of the time and it's rare I pay any extra handling fees and it's usually added as a shipping and handling fee anyways. Newegg does have a rush processing fee which seems sort of pointless to me but whatever (always gets shipped very quickly and to the house just as quick). Buying items from China directly also came relatively quickly within a couple weeks by airmail/DHL with no extra customs fees or holdups. Most of what I purchase is usually free shipping not to mention I have Amazon Prime which is free two day air if I order through them. The mail system here is superb as I order quite a bit of vaping gear and it all comes via mail. I get items from within the state or nearby states within a day or two and about three to four days even from packages shipped from Washington/west coast to where I'm at in the east coast. The only tax I'd have to pay is if they have locations in my state.

The freight system in the USA is most likely the best in the world though with all the freight rail/truck/air that gets done here.

Tom(09:19 AM EDT - Apr,29 2013 )
Government can always find ways to take more money from us. Internet tax.. give me a break. Thank god we elect these faggots to rape us harder.

Csimbi(01:18 PM EDT - Apr,29 2013 )
Newegg (and some others) do swallow the shipping free on some items because they gain more from you on the item you buy.
But: that does not mean that there's no cost for handling+shipping!

I'd elect a different kind of faggot.

Majnun(08:09 AM EDT - May,01 2013 )
Do you actually LIVE in america?

In America we pay fucking taxes on shit we already OWN.

Welcome to fucking America.

Wow, yer bitching about tax on shit you buy? That makes me giggle.

We BUY land and own it...then have to pay tax on that land EVERY fucking YEAR.

And some moron chooses to stand up and complain about the internet tax?


Protest property tax or quit being a silly little bitch.

Csimbi(12:13 PM EDT - May,01 2013 )
No, I do not live in America. If I did, I'd probably as blind as you are.
However, I do agree that the land tax is pathetic. The behaviour you just demonstrated above shows very well how much you care about your tax system; and I guess now you understand how exactly how you ended up with land tax (among a bunch of others).
You should realize that the government needs more and more money and will add more and more taxes - simply because nothing prevents them from doing so. You elect your government. Take a moment to think about it.
Bitching around won't rid you of the taxes.

Baconnaise(08:14 PM EDT - May,01 2013 )
Yea property tax is how local stuff gets done. They tax gas or put up tolls too. No state income tax in Florida so you just have federal. Homestead exemption in Florida is 25k off your value so your tax is lower. It's a shame though cause they lowered the millage rate on education expenses yet again which means less money. Many people aren't sure what they're doing unless it's spelled out due all the lying and smoke and mirrors.

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