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 TechNews - Windows 8 adoption at 2.79% - tech
(hx) 02:51 PM EST - Mar,03 2013
  • Intel: ARM Chips Are Propellers, We Build Jet Engines - Intel currently trails ARM Holdings Plc's coalition of chipmakers in the mobile chip market, with the ARM alliance owning over 95 percent of smartphone and tablet processor sales by volume.  At the 2013 Mobile World Congress, Intel is trying different strategies to lure buyers away from ARM.  It has scored some design wins with its new Lexington chip, the Intel Atom Z2420, which is popping up in Android tablets as cheap as $250 USD. That aggressive pricing could help Intel.  At a 2013 Consumer Electronics Show press event, an Intel executive told us that his company is finding itself in a foreign position in which it has faster hardware, but is being rejected by some OEMs because of (alleged) backdoor dealings with ARM.  On paper one disadvantage that Intel's Atom smartphone processor carry is a lower core count.  While ARM chips like Qualcomm Inc.'s Snapdragon 600 or NVIDIA Corp.'s Tegra 4 typically have a quad-core layout, Intel's current smartphone chips are single-core. And yet Intel still manages to beat many multi-core ARM chips in benchmarks due to its strong single-threaded performance, indicating that core-count may be a misleading metric.
  • Epic Citadel for Android: Intel Atom Processor Z2580 (Clover Trail+) - As demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2013, Epic Citadel runs at full frame rate on Intel's Dual-Core Atom Processor Z2580 (Clover Trail+).
  • Seagate to Discontinue 7200rpm 2.5inch Drives - Seagate will stop the production of their 7200RPM 2.5" drives by the end of this year and I just got a confirmation from Seagate that this is really the case. Seagate currently offers four 7200RPM 2.5" lineups: Momentus 7200.4, 7200.2, Momentus Thin 7200, and Momentus XT. The latter is Seagate's hybrid drive, which couples the spinning platters with 8GB of SLC NAND for caching purposes. The move makes sense when looking at the market's state. 7200RPM mobile hard drives have always been a premium product and are mostly found in high-end laptops or built-to-order configurations. Due to the decline in SSD prices over the last few years, the market for faster hard drives has quickly faded away because users seeking for performance have opted for SSDs instead of 7200RPM hard drives. While 7200RPM 2.5" hard drives are still significantly cheaper per GB than SSDs, even a small (32-128GB) SSD will provide better overall performance when used as an OS and applications drive, and high-end laptops can often be configured with dual-drives to overcome the capacity issue (especially with mSATA around or by removing the optical drive).
  • HGST doubles HDD capacities by combining self-assembling molecules, nanoimprinting - Self-assembling co-polymers aren't exactly new, but according to HGST, forming them into concentric rings usable by mechanical disk drives is an industry first. The result is a drive substrate peppered with twice the magnetic elements found on typical drives, effectively doubling its potential storage capacity. However, HGST believes its processes can be refined to produce even denser storage, more than doubling their capacity in the future.
  • Windows 8 adoption at 2.79% - Windows 8 continued its slow but steady growth in February grabbing 2.26 percent of the operating system market share, up from 1.72 percent in December and 1.09 percent in November according to Net Applications.
  • Adobe Patches Flash Bugs, Attackers Targeted Firefox Users - If you are a Firefox user and missed the update released  a couple days ago, Adobe has patched three security flaws that specifically targeted the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Cablevision Disconnects Persistent Pirates for 24 Hours - Cablevision / Optimum Online has revealed how it will respond to serial copyright infringers under the six strikes system. The Internet provider says it will temporarily disconnect customers from the Internet after they have received multiple copyright alerts. The disconnection will last for 24 hours but will be lifted when the customer calls a Cablevision hotline.
  • China shuts down 225 websites - China has shut down 225 websites, including gaming sites, and more than 4,000 micro blogging sites and 30,000 accounts.
  • Firefox OS phones to debut in 2013, no US launch until 2014 - Mozilla's press release reveals that Alcatel, LG and ZTE will all launch smartphones that will use Firefox OS - Huawei is also coming, but sometime later - and it has secured 17 wireless operators around the world to sell those phones. Deutsche Telekom will be the first out of the gate, selling the Alcatel One Touch Fire in Poland later this summer
  • Hacker Reveals Facebook Flaw That Exposed Private Information - Up until recently, Nir Goldshlager had access to anyone's Facebook page. On Thursday, the security hacker took to his personal blog to detail how he was able to exploit a flaw in the Facebook OAuth, a service used by developers to get permission from subscribers of the social networks in order to properly run their applications on the platform.
  • Ford cars to receive Spotify music streaming service via AppLink - Music is streamed more often these days from cars, rather than resort to cumbersome physical media and the dying popularity of the radio. This has been identified by Ford Motors who are making Spotify's music streaming available to owners of their sync-enabled cars.
  • Game of Thrones Ascent Comes to Facebook - The blockbuster HBO series has now made its way to Facebook. Game of Thrones Ascent is based on the award winning book series by George R.R. Martin brought to Facebook by Disruptor Beam, a gaming development team specializing in developing games from books and TV series.
  • Bill Gates and an all-star cast of devs create a video - The video is worth your time to watch and paints a picture that the team hopes will encourage you to learn how to code. While we could write a thousand words about this video, its engaging content and high profile individuals make this an easy, and fantastic promotional video. Starring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg,, Chris Bosh, Jack Dorsey, Tony Hsieh, Drew Houston, Gabe Newell, Ruchi Sanghvi, Elena Silenok, Vanessa Hurst, and Hadi Partovi. Directed by Lesley Chilcott.
  • Invisibility Cloak Demoed at TED2013 - While this isn't an invisibility cloak as the title of the video suggests, it is still kinda cool.
  • BigDog Robot Now Throws Cinder Blocks - BigDog handles heavy objects. The goal is to use the strength of the legs and torso to help power motions of the arm.
  • The Law of Averageness - Why do Burger King and McDonald's offer indistinguishable chicken salads-often right across the street from each other?
  • Scientist Make The Matrix For Rats - Dr. Miguel Nicolelis Explains Brain to Brain Interface Study Published in Scientific Reports, February 28, 2013
  • Scientists Uncover Invisible Motion in Video - A 30-second video of a newborn baby shows the infant silently snoozing in its crib, his breathing barely perceptible.
  • Scientific Sculptures of the Evolution of Human Faces - Do you still believe in evolution?
  • Synesthesia Simulatio Video - Synesthesia is a neurological disorder (and/or gift depending on worldview) in which your five senses sometimes seem to have their wires crossed - you can hear color, see sound, so on and so forth. Oscar Lopez Rocha's animation Synesthetic Locked, is a glitchy, screechy, 3D-ish stereoscopic simulation thereof, a dizzying RGB web of weird associations. No idea if it's anything like real synesthesia, but it's definitely hypnotic.
  • 2013 Audi RS 4 Avant - Ultimate Paintball Duel - Two brand new 2013 RS 4 Avants with bonnet mounted paintball guns take over a military aircraft hangar and go head to head in the ultimate paintball duel.
  • Should Coke and Pepsi Be Worried About SodaStream? - SodaStream sells countertop soda makers powered by small tanks of compressed air. The cheapest machine costs around eighty dollars. You fill a small bottle with tap water and attach it to your SodaStream; when you push a button, air is injected into the bottle, creating sparkling water.
  • The Cubli: A Reaction Wheel Based 3D Inverted Pendulum - check it out
  • OREO Separator Machine #1 - Creator: Physicist David Neevel - It's a basic human desire to separate an OREO cookie. Humans love either cookie or creme. And sometimes a man just needs to invent a machine to do the hard work of separating the two. Today, that man is physicist and cookie-part preferrer David Neevel. Watch him operate the machine he created that separates OREO cookies.
  • The Science of Porn Addiction - Well this is an interesting scientific take on Pornography
  • Alexei Volkov is The Punisher - Alexei Volkov is a bus driver from Zelenograd, Russia and he's not keen on some of the bad driving that goes on daily in Mother Russia. He simply let's you know if you've fucked up by giving your vehicle a little nudge with his bus.
  • Alice Goodwin Naked Teaser - Here is my favorite busty British cam girl Alice Goodwin showing off her amazing body in a sexy lingerie shoot :P
  • How To Get A Bubble Butt - check it out
  • Irina Shayk 4 Beach Bunny - check it out!
  • The best pics on the Internet #5 - All pictures are carefully handpicked, you'll find lots of amusing silliness here!

last 10 comments:
tride(03:05 PM EST - Mar,03 2013 )
I have a friends that installed pirated Win 8 and then switched back to 7...
Its that bad and come to think about it they will slowly force it upon people...... Games and soft :roll:

heretic(03:08 PM EST - Mar,03 2013 )
tride> I have a friends that installed pirated Win 8 and then switched back to 7...
Its that bad and come to think about it they will slowly force it upon people...... Games and soft :roll:

Sadly people have no choice. All new computers here have Windows 8 preinstalled :-(

Csimbi(03:23 PM EST - Mar,03 2013 )
Seagate to Discontinue 7200rpm 2.5inch Drives

No surprise here. SSDs are superior is speed and they're not that expensive anymore -> slow HDDs will remain the main platform for massive storage however. SSDs are unlikely to grow into 4TBs any soon.

heretic> tride> I have a friends that installed pirated Win 8 and then switched back to 7...
Its that bad and come to think about it they will slowly force it upon people...... Games and soft :roll:

Sadly people have no choice. All new computers here have Windows 8 preinstalled :-(

Wrong: Don't buy crap. Without demand, it will just wither and die.

Anyone I talked to switched from 8 back to 7. People don't want it even if it was free. 8 is a sad PoS attempt to bring desktop and mobile together. I can only hope MS learns a lesson here.

Cablevision Disconnects Persistent Pirates for 24 Hours

What's a persistent pirate, lol
The neighbour kid comes over to play with my kids and when noone is watching he changes the WiFi config so he could pirate stuff via my internet connection? Or would that be me?

China shuts down 225 websites

Only 225? A drop in the sea. By the time they get to the next 250, 500 will have opened.

Firefox OS phones to debut in 2013, no US launch until 2014

I don't see the point in these devices - they won't be competitive. They might hit a sweet spot but for a small market however.

Hacker Reveals Facebook Flaw That Exposed Private Information

Is there anyone left on Facebook? I guess people don't read or they're not concerned about their privacy until the s**t hits the fan.

Invisibility Cloak Demoed at TED2013

Change the background (or move the camera) and I'll believe you, lol

Baconnaise(06:44 PM EST - Mar,03 2013 )
Windows 8 forcing me to use a rainlender theme from years ago is insulting. Tiles/shitty desktop aside it really doesn't offer anything over 7 anyways. They've removed some things from win8 which is confusing. Will they go a modular route and sell them like mce? Reduced bloat for specific systems? Unlikely but who cares. I'm close to throwing my parents on an expensive tablet or linux/android in general with an arm/atom based cheap solution.

I don't use facebook personally but the wife does still. She uses it mostly for chatting through messenger if at all. I think I have a google+ profile or something though by accident but haven't checked since I don't use gmail except for the play store login/youtube.

Tom(11:05 AM EST - Mar,04 2013 )
Said Windows 8 would be shit and it is shit. Touch screen on a home PC? Fucking stupid. On a laptop even that we have around that have touch screens, I don't even use. As for screens supporting touch, I can't even get a LCD in town here that is greater than 1920x1080 much less a fucking touch screen. I plan to stay with Win7 for a long time still and I really don't see games saying Win8. Essentially they are the same OS so whatever works on Win8 should work on Win7.

@Firefox phones, I said that in their thread when it first appeared and said, be prepared to lose money. Firefox phone wont compete with Android much less iPhone and I doubt it will even scratch BB sales. It's a desperate move by Firefox imo.

@Facebook, have never touched that crap. If I got a profile it's from my wife who made it to cheat farmville or something. I use Google+ at the very least.

Baconnaise(12:10 PM EST - Mar,04 2013 )
I'm not sure what mozilla is doing but they've been around since netscape. The whole netbook chromeOS thing died awhile back. The mobile market if it changes will likely be because of something like ubuntu or windows phone. If google can take motorola and offer up a unified experience as sort of a standard while keeping the open ended nature I think they'll stay on top. They're just all over the place like always.

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