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 The next Xbox: Always online, no second-hand games - console
(hx) 12:00 PM EST - Feb,06 2013
Edge Online reports that the next iteration of the Xbox will be online only and no longer support second hand games.
Sources with first-hand experience of Microsoft's next generation console have told us that although the next Xbox will be absolutely committed to online functionality, games will still be made available to purchase in physical form. Next Xbox games will be manufactured on 50GB-capacity Blu-ray discs, Microsoft having conceded defeat to Sony following its ill-fated backing of the HD-DVD format. It is believed that games purchased on disc will ship with activation codes, and will have no value beyond the initial user.

Our source has also confirmed that the next Xboxs recently rumoured specs are entirely accurate. That means an AMD eight-core x64 1.6GHz CPU, a D3D11.x 800MHz graphics solution and 8GB of DDR3 RAM. As of now, the consoles hard drive capacity is said to be undecided, but Microsofts extended commitment to online delivery suggests that it will be the largest unit it has put inside a console to date.

Though the architectures of the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation both resemble that of PCs, several development sources have told us that Sonys solution is preferable when it comes to leveraging power. Studios working with the next-gen Xbox are currently being forced to work with only approved development libraries, while Sony is encouraging coders to get closer to the metal of its box. Furthermore, the operating system overhead of Microsofts next console is more oppressive than Sonys equivalent, giving the PlayStation-badged unit another advantage.

last 10 comments:
gx-x(12:06 PM EST - Feb,06 2013 )
finally, m$ started to promote PC gaming XD

tride(01:26 PM EST - Feb,06 2013 )
lol gx-x, i second that! :lol:

Stumpus(01:38 PM EST - Feb,06 2013 )
Trouble is we've had drm on pc gaming for years. With consoles it's a different issue. Most of the sales of console gaming is from rental (try before you buy) or trade ins on secondhand games or even borrow a friends. Remove all of this and console gaming will suffer massively. I own loads of pre-owned games and bought loads of new games after trying rental.
With the pc I will only buy dead cert quality games and only buy uncertain titles when they are in the bargain bin.
steam being a fav for budget titles.
The whole industry will get shafted by doing this. Pc has already had several big name companies go under end and beginning of this year. It hasn't and won't stop either.
I would like to know if Sony and M$ are for this personally? Remember, if this goes tits up, they can't exactly say 'ok, tomorrow you can buy secondhand games'. This is going to be the biggest test in gaming history, seeing as not everyone has high speed Internet or even adequate speed. Consoles will also have to be 'tied' to the owner for gaming accounts ala STEAM.
I thought Nintendo proved what a big fail this was with 'Resident evil the mercenaries' when game saves couldn't be deleted.
Obviously short bloody memories.....

tride(01:57 PM EST - Feb,06 2013 )
Dont worry Stumpus, if they fail they can aways blame piracy and put ACTA on the table again :o

gx-x(03:20 PM EST - Feb,06 2013 )
oh cmon, you people really believe in this news? I think it's BS, I read somewhere that m$ denied it already and said that they have no intention on limiting the "used" games, they leave that to publishers...This "leak" sounds more like he is from $ony PR xD

-=WolverinE=-(03:24 PM EST - Feb,06 2013 )
If that ain't a massive self pwn (or in the M$ case - rape) I don't know what is.

Thudo(07:02 PM EST - Feb,06 2013 )
Great.. another fcuking device that ALWAYS NEEDS TO BE ONLINE thus having to be in contact with the FatherLand thus sucking bandwidth.. and further locked down.

Stumpus(08:37 AM EST - Feb,07 2013 )
Thudo> Great.. another fcuking device that ALWAYS NEEDS TO BE ONLINE thus having to be in contact with the FatherLand thus sucking bandwidth.. and further locked down.

Exactly. I hope people realise, that when the consoles no longer ship 1 million+ games per game, this loss will be passed onto reduced pc game development.
What a shit state. As you said, another locked-down-do-what-we-want-or-else. Sure, plebs will accept the digital revolution, they've done it since Apple fucked over music. Then Steam screwed physical games. But I still buy physical when I can and to he'll with downloading gigs of games tied to your account cause they don't do physical anymore. Consoles were the only thing that played games like the good old days. Didn't have to be online.
If steam goes down or your net goes you can't play NOTHING unless you've been online first to steam. Well we'll see how this pans out, whether it even happens is the biggest step.
I can just about handle the pc with digital downloads but not another gaming device along with streaming movies on Lovefilm and all other devices......

Thudo(08:42 AM EST - Feb,07 2013 )
Except all devices in the last many years are always asking for Inet connectivity. Gawd help civilization if it ever does go down as we're all like BORG now: cut the cord and we become like mindless unfocused drones.. oh wait...

Baconnaise(05:09 PM EST - Feb,07 2013 )
I know quite a chunk of the world has bandwidth caps (stupid I know) so if you game and you accidentally watch a couple netflix movies or download a linux iso for example and go over cap you can't play shit.

It makes no sense to punish customers to get at gamestop or similar businesses. Since the economy tanked here in the states I still have a couple friends that can't always keep the internet going every month and try to piggy off someone elses wireless if possible. Xbox users both so they'd be screwed and MS and the publishers would have to be thought over carefully.

I have comcast extreme 105 and it's great but the only choice besides a slower fiber option. I cut the cord in December so all I require is an internet connection (okay I lied one cord) most of our content is streamed by my NAS locally coupled with netflix and other streams. Wife still has her shows and we aren't tied down to certain days of the week or anything like that for shows. Kids picked up netflix really quick even the four year old. I do have a digital antenna for locals and whatever else but I've never used it passed hooking it up and making sure it works. RSS feeds and alerts show up on my screen if it's important.

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