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 TechNews - Why Data Caps Suck - tech
(hx) 01:36 PM EST - Jan,16 2013
  • PaperTab Prototype merges tablet computing with flexibility of paper - Some of the big news at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week comes from the demo of PaperTab. This new type of tablet computer was on display, and was developed jointly by Queen's University, Plastic Logic, and Intel.
  • Samsung Cancels Windows RT Tablets Release in U.S. - South Korean technology giant Samsung has revealed that it has canceled plans to launch Windows RT devices in the United States. It previously announced the ATIV Tab, a 10.1-inch device that's powered by an ARM-based processor and Windows RT. However, Mike Abary, Samsung USAs senior vice president of its PC and tablet divisions, said in an interview with CNET that the firm's retail partners indicated demand for Windows 8-powered devices is modest. The executive also pointed towards the fact that it would take too much time and investment for Samsung to tell consumers about the benefits of Windows RT.
  • Microsoft's 13 Worst Missteps Of All Time - Microsoft's 13 worst missteps of all time
  • Facebook Takes on Google With New Search Tool - Facebook is trying to give Google a run for its money, with a new product called "Graph Search." It turns some of the personal information people have shared on Facebook into a powerful searchable database.
  • Kaspersky Discovers Stealth Virus 'Red October' - Called "Rocra", short for "Red October", which refers to the silent submarine at the center of Tom Clancy's 1984 novel "The Hunt for Red October", the malware is the front line of an espionage work that targeted government, research, nuclear energy, military, aerospace, oil and gas as well as trade and commerce institutions primarily in countries of the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, as well as Central Asia.
  • Adobe offering Creative Suite 2 for free - Sort of - Earlier this week Adobe made a surprise move by putting its Creative Suite 2 software, as well as individual programs like Photoshop CS2 and Illustrator CS2, up for download on its website along the corresponding serial numbers
  • Google Launched Chrome 24 - Google has launched Chrome 24. The latest version sports security fixes, updates for Flash, performance improvements and support for MathML.
  • Pokki revamps Windows 8 Start menu program; hits 1.5 million downloads - Developer SweetLabs released a Windows 8 version of its popular and free software utility Pokki in October, which adds its version of a Start menu to the desktop UI. In December, the company announced it had 500,000 Windows 8 downloads of Pokki. Today, SweetLabs made two new announcements. One is that Pokki has now seen 1.5 million Windows 8 downloads since its launch and the other is that the software program has received a major UI revamp. SweetLabs says the new interface has "improved visual clarity, discoverability, and readability in the Menu." It also has a thinner design for the Start menu that allows for more room to place Windows 8 app icons. SweetLabs also has included a new "Light" version of the UI that will be the default theme from now on, although users are free to switch to the regular theme. OK, I still prefer to use the Start Button for Windows 8 (not for me, for my customers who accidentally bought Windows 8 notebook)
  • Reuters: Oracle Corp to fix Java security flaw 'shortly' - Oracle Corp said it is preparing an update to address a flaw in its widely used Java software after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security urged computer users to disable the program in web browsers because criminal hackers are exploiting a security bug to attack PCs. "A fix will be available shortly," the company said in a statement released late on Friday. The Department of Homeland Security and computer security experts said on Thursday that hackers figured out how to exploit the bug in a version of Java used with Internet browsers to install malicious software on PCs. That has enabled them to commit crimes from identity theft to making an infected computer part of an ad-hoc computer network that can be used to attack websites.
  • Google invests $200 million in Texas wind farm - Google announced another big renewable energy deal on Wednesday, purchasing a $200 million stake in a wind farm in west Texas. The 161 megawatt Spinning Spur Wind Project in Oldham County, Texas, generates enough energy to power more than 60,000 homes, the search giant said. Its 70 turbines are located in a particularly windy section of the Texas Panhandle and began spinning full-time in the last few weeks of 2012.
  • Google offers free Wi-Fi to New York City neighbourhood - Google is offering free public Wi-Fi access in a neighbourhood of Manhattan, New York City, as part of a major redevelopment project in the area. The search giant teamed up with the Chealsea Improvement Company to provide free outdoor access to the internet in the Chelsea, Manhattan neighbourhood, resulting in it being the largest area of Wi-Fi coverage in the city. Part of the motivation for the free internet was likely the fact that Google's New York offices are in this part of the city, as are several new technology companies. Google also provides free Wi-Fi in Mountain View, California, where its headquarters is based.
  • Why Data Caps Suck - While you may know most of this stuff there are people that don't, so feel free to share!
  • Ubuntu Phone OS Demonstration by Mark Shuttleworth at CES 2013 - FYI, Galaxy Nexus would be able to run the full desktop version of Ubuntu Phone OS, but it wouldn't be optimal without at least a dual core, 1.5Ghz processor in your device.
  • The Galaxy brand raises Samsung's profits to astronomical levels  - Samsung recorded a record profit of $8.3 billion for Q4 2012, mostly thanks to the Galaxy phone and tablet models, as well as demand for the flat screens they manufacture for other rival products.
  • Maximizing Your Samsung Galaxy S3: Improving Battery Life - For some users (especially those who have had their phones for a while) some of these topics might just seem like common sense. For others some of these tips might really help them get around the UI better, improve battery life, custom the start screen and much more.
  • Samsung Announces Upgraded Version of Galaxy S2, the S2 Plus -  The biggest differences between the original S II and the S II Plus are the software.
  • Windows RT jailbreak tool released - The software creator, known as "netham45", released the batch file on the XDA Developers website. The exploit itself works by modifying a specific part of the Windows RT system kernel which then can let users change the minimum signing level to run unsigned apps on the OS. Microsoft has previously stated that while the company does "applaud the ingenuity" that it took to create the jailbreak mod in the first place, they noted that this hack must be used every time a Windows RT system starts up. This is due to the fact that the operation system's UEFI Secure Boot process currently keeps the minimum signing level from being altered on a permanent basis. Microsoft has also said that this mod "... is not a security vulnerability and does not pose a threat to Windows RT users."
  • Apple Drops to 11-Month Low - Apple Inc. declined to the lowest price in 11 months after the Nikkei newswire reported that production of the iPhone was cut on weak demand. Apple ordered about half the 65 million iPhone 5 displays it originally targeted for this quarter, Nikkei said, citing an unnamed executive at a component maker.
  • NRA Blames Video Games for Violent Crimes, Then Releases Shooter Game - Perhaps no organization is as iconic an advocate for access to guns as the National Rifle Association (NRA), a non-profit that represents gun manufacturers and gun-owners.  In recent weeks, the NRA has countered Democrats' calls for a ban on "assault weapons", calling them an affront to the Second Amendment. At a Dec. 21 press conference, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre incited controversy becoming the latest public figure to blame violence on video games.  Given that criticism it seems pretty peculiar that the NRA would release a new shooter-style game on the iTunes apps store for Apple, Inc.'s (AAPL) iPads and iPhones.  Dubbed "NRA: Practice Range" the app is rather mild in that it does not involve shooting at human targets and there is no blood.
  • LFTRs in 5 minutes - Thorium Reactors - Here's a video for some project regarding Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors, watch and enjoy!
  • R'ha - Sci-Fi short movie from Kaleb Lechowski - This was a solo project. All computer animation and design was created by Kaleb Lechowski during the first year of his studies. Thanks to Dave Masterson for voice acting and Hartmut Zeller for sound and music.
  • High Tech Building Demolition (video) - A time-elapse video shows the Taisei Ecological Reproduction method at work, bringing down the upper floors of the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka. Footage courtesy of Taisei Corp./Seibu.
  • Wrap This Goop Around Your Fingers Then Smash Them With A Hammer - A super weird, rubbery non-Newtonian fluid that could be the next great material to protect your gadgets.
  • Japanese Guy's iPhone Quick-Draw System - Here is a man who would not take missed calls anymore!
  • Super Fast Robot Cockroaches - As if real a cockroach wasn't bad enough, let's make a robot version that is really fast!
  • In-store display shows pictures of models - teamLab in cooperation with Ceno unveiled this intelligent in-store system that displays a garment selected being worn by an on-screen model. Simply put, when a user picks up a hanger with a certain piece of clothing on, the monitor displays an image of a model wearing the same, helping the user understand the design of the selected garment. The system adds a touch of amusement to the event of buying clothes at a store. In a world where online shopping is quickly catching on, driving customers to visit showrooms is getting trickier and tricks as such are required time and again to drawn in crowds.
  • How to use Asian Squat Toilets - check it out
  • Butt Workout: Bikini Models Do Butt Isolation Workout - check it out
  • Tall, Thin, and Fit Beautiful Blond Sexy Hot Swimsuit Bikini Model - Check it out
  • Don't Text And Drive !! - Check it out

last 10 comments:
Csimbi(06:24 PM EST - Jan,16 2013 )
PaperTab Prototype merges tablet computing with flexibility of paper

Looks like e-ink thinified and hence, dumbified.

Samsung Cancels Windows RT Tablets Release in U.S.

Good decision.

Microsoft's 13 Worst Missteps Of All Time

Why stop at 13? It is an endless list.
Why MS though? It could be a number of others.

Facebook Takes on Google With New Search Tool

I see a mass-exodus coming to Facebook.

Adobe offering Creative Suite 2 for free - Sort of

It's 4 generations behind. Tools that are just one generation behind are already old. They should be giving away CS4 already (if the goal was re-popularization due to market loss)...

Pokki revamps Windows 8 Start menu program; hits 1.5 million downloads

Yep, it's been said before that companies fixing the W8 mess will get rich in the process. If MS intended to create workplaces, it works.

Reuters: Oracle Corp to fix Java security flaw 'shortly'

Oracle and speed? Nah, I don't think so.

Google offers free Wi-Fi to New York City neighbourhood

I'm still waiting for the cheap fiber that they promised earlier.

Windows RT jailbreak tool released

That was quick.

Apple Drops to 11-Month Low

And it will go lower.

NRA Blames Video Games for Violent Crimes, Then Releases Shooter Game

Hypocrites. Not the first, not the last.

Stumpus(07:10 AM EST - Jan,17 2013 )
Don't Text And Drive !! - Check it out

Looks like he was ordering a big Mack! Very quick delivery too. :lol:

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