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 TechNews- Intel next-gen Haswell CPU line-up leaked - tech
(hx) 05:21 PM EST - Dec,17 2012
  • Intel next-gen Haswell CPU line-up leaked - The chaps over at VR-Zone have managed to get their hands on the line-up for Intel's upcoming 22nm Haswell desktop processors, revealing that there will be initially 14 CPUs across the Core i7 and Core i5 brands. These processors will be utilizing a brand new CPU socket LGA 1150 and are split into six standard power SKUs and eight low power SKUs.
  • Far Cry 3 Video Card Performance and IQ Review - Far Cry 3 gives games an adrenaline shot that has been needed. It supports many advanced DX11 graphics options to use the features on our shiny Radeon HD 7000 series and GeForce GTX 600 series video cards. The game looks fantastic! It gives current video cards a challenge, it pushes these, and provides a need to have the latest and greatest high-end video card, or go multi-GPU. Games like this move the video card and gaming industry forward. It is clear Far Cry 3 was tweaked for the PC, and is not just another console port. It has many PC-centric features you'd find in a game geared for the PC, like the option to select the field of view right from the graphics menu. That is an often overlooked feature on PC games, but one that is important to gamers. It also has an option to set buffered frames, again another PC specific setting. It supports DX11, Mutisampling, Alpha to Coverage, several advanced Ambient Occlusion methods, global illumination, and many other welcomed features.
  • Google is dropping Exchange ActiveSync support for Gmail - The official Google blog states that starting on January 30 "consumers won't be able to set up new devices using Google Sync" although current Google Sync accounts will continue to work. Google Sync was previously set up so people that used Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync could access Google Mail, Calendar and Contacts. Google said, "With the recent launch of CardDAV, Google now offers similar access via IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV, making it possible to build a seamless sync experience using open protocols."
  • Google vs. Apple Maps: Total Domination - Google Maps for iOS is so much better than Apple's attempt at a replacement that it will make you giggle. But you can't grasp just how much better-almost perfect-iOS Google Maps is unless you see it in action. Here it is, head-to-head with Apple Maps.
  • Police Caught an Anonymous Hacker by Googling his IRC Name - Christopher Weatherhead, who called himself "Nerdo" on the internet, was convicted of conspiracy to impair the operation of computers last week. But the DDoS attacks he instigated weren't pinned on him after weeks of covert surveillance-instead, all it took was some judicious Googling. According to The Register, police caught him after analysing IRC logs, with his main error being sticking with his "Nerdo" handle for a very long time, making it easy for cops to form an association between Weatherhead and his actions by simply looking him up on the internet.
  • The Case for Apple's Stock Price Falling to $270 - Apple has been slumping. In September, the stock hit an all-time high of $705. On Monday morning, it briefly traded below $500 in pre-market trading. (As of 11 a.m. ET, it was back up around $507.) At least one analyst predicts it has much further to fall. Since January, Edward Zabitsky of Toronto-based ACI Research has been arguing that Apple (AAPL) is headed to $270 a share. He now sees the stock reaching that level in 12 months
  • How To End An Argument On The Internet - Anyone who says "well, ban me if you want to, but…" is actually saying "in the name of a loving God, please ban me because I am losing this argument so badly that my only hope of escaping it with a shred of dignity is if I can make myself out to be some sort of martyr to free speech." You asked for it, you got it, Troll-ota.
  • The 12 Best Paranormal Sightings Of 2012 - Some of the sightings you'll see here are included for their credibility (relatively-speaking), and others are just really, really fun.
  • 3D-Printed X-Cube - The X-Cube is a product of 3D printing and could influence how we get and play traditional games in the future.
  • Samsung Smart TVs Could Allow Remote Spying - Instead of you watching TV, your TV might be watching you! :-D
  • Most Expensive Cars In The World: Top 10 List 2012-2013 - If you can afford it, you would probably invest a small fraction of that on a bevy of supercars for your garage. Here are 10 of the most expensive street legal production cars on the market (at least 2 available); concept cars are not included.
  • LRV on the Moon - Apollo 16 - HD Video Stabilized - Apollo 16's LRV rolling about the surface of the moon.
  • Chasing Ice movie reveals largest iceberg break-up ever filmed - It's like watching 'Manhattan breaking apart in front of your eyes', says filmmaker James Balog. He's describing the largest iceberg calving ever filmed, as featured in his movie, Chasing Ice. After weeks of waiting, the filmakers witnessed 7.4 cubic km of ice crashing off the Ilulissat glacier in Greenland.
  • Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review - See how the world searched with Google's 2012 Zeitgeist.
  • G.I. Joe Retaliation - Official Trailer #3 - G.I. Joe Retaliation is coming the theaters on March 29, 2013.
  • Angry Birds film to be turned into a reality - The Angry Birds franchise has indeed been so successful, that the makers, Rovio, are now planning a film based on the game! A bestselling smartphone game that quickly went viral, leaving a bunch of players worldwide addicted, the Angry Birds will now be transformed into a 3D CG-animated production. John Cohen, producer of the film "Despicable Me", will be working on the film too. And that's not all! The film has onboard David Maisel, the former chairman of Marvel Studios who has in the past lent his expertise to the "Iron Man" and "Thor" films.
  • Pacific Rim Official Trailer - In UK Cinemas July 12 - Well, so it appears Aperture's secret against Black Mesa is big robots...go figure. Seriously though, it's been a while since Hollywood tackled the classic "big monsters fighting." Looks interesting.
  • Star Trek Into Darkness - Offcial Trailer - In cinemas May 17 2013
  • Meet Porter - The World's First Driving Dog - check it out
  • NASA Johnson Style (Gangnam Style Parody) - I've seen a lot of cool things come out of NASA as they try to appeal to the next generation of scientists and engineers, but this is one of the best yet. I really appreciate the effort and talent that went into this video and hope that it encourages more kids to pursue careers in the sciences.
  • That Australian hurdler is back. Still hot! - check it out
  • Miss Poland 2012 Gangnam Style - Miss Poland 2012 contestants doing Gangnam Style.
  • Andreea Balan Shakes It Like A Bunny - I have no clue how this has 5 million views. The song is terrible but I guess the girl is worth 3 minutes of your time.
  • Victoria's Secret Models Sing Deck the Halls - These Victoria's Secret models look better than they sound, but this is clever marketing by the people at Victoria's Secret :P

last 10 comments:
Stumpus(09:11 AM EST - Dec,18 2012 )
I play Far Cry 3 with all graphical settings highest at 1920x1080p (highest my tv/monitor goes). I have MSAA and SSAO on. i think HDAO and HBAO look terrible?? I haven't tested frame rate but it's certainly in the 40+ easy. I don't get stutter or loading and i also set GPU to 5frames loading. It's a gorgeous game indeed, night times are amazing with the burnt sky reflecting on the water in patches and shining through individual cracks in leaves. Also the gunshot direction is modeled superbly as is the muffled through dense foliage/trees or within buildings.
Trouble is, when you get as good as FC3 is, it's easier to ask for more. ie; better damage model on vehicles or tracks in the sand/road or craters with explosives. Grab a hang glider and set-out from a high peak and enjoy the eagles company and it is pure visual bliss! Texture detail is amazing down to deep pitted rust on boats and jeeps in a dimensional way.
Fast travel keeps this fresh to offload a full rucksack of spoils. The interface could do with an overhaul imo. The ability to multi-select items for selling/discarding would be grateful, you can't even mouse scroll the list. A definate console attribute, but not in gameplay or graphics.. not by a far cry MILE!!

Bluerippin(06:49 PM EST - Dec,18 2012 )
Do you realise that the Star Trek "Official Trailer" that you have linked here is actually NOT the official trailer, but a fan made trailer using scenes from the first film?

Csimbi(12:17 AM EST - Dec,19 2012 )
Intel next-gen Haswell CPU line-up leaked

Interesting. I thought Intel would bring something new (i.e. increased speed), but it seems just an graphics chip update. It's good to know that Sandy Bridge was a good investment for years to come.

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