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 Gameguru Mania News - May,12 2017 -  
WannaCry ransomware used in widespread attacks - tech
(hx) 04:55 PM EDT - May,12 2017 - Post a comment / read (10)
Earlier today, Kaspersky Labs products detected and successfully blocked a large number of ransomware attacks around the world. In these attacks, data is encrypted with the extension '.WCRY' added to the filenames. My analysis indicates the attack, dubbed 'WannaCry', is initiated through an SMBv2 remote code execution in Microsoft Windows. This exploit (codenamed 'EternalBlue') has been made available on the internet through the Shadowbrokers dump on April 14th, 2017 and patched by Microsoft on March 14. Unfortunately, it appears that many organizations have not yet installed the patch. The malware used in the attacks encrypts the files and also drops and executes a decryptor tool. The request for $600 in Bitcoin is displayed along with the wallet. It’s interesting that the initial request in this sample is for $600 USD, as the first five payments to that wallet is approximately $300 USD. It suggests that the group is increasing the ransom demands. Note that the 'payment will be raised' after a specific countdown, along with another display raising urgency to pay up, threatening that the user will completely lose their files after the set timeout. Not all ransomware provides this timer countdown.

- Frankfurt Airport in Germany has now been hit with the WannaCry ransomware. Details coming.

- FedEx (FDX ) here in the United States has now been impacted by the WannaCry ransomware. FedEx has not determined exactly how it is spreading, but it is. Virtual Machines currently seem to be the most vulnerable on its network. FedEx is currently shutting down its PCs and taking its ESX servers offline as well. FedEx has instructed approximately 80,000 employees, via email, to turn off their computers till Monday while it tries to deal with the WannCry ransomware.

- Russian Ministry of the Interior (Police) network has now been taken down by WannyCry ransomware.
last 10 comments:
Csimbi(05:29 PM EDT - May,12 2017 )
That's Microsoft for you all right.

doodah(07:55 PM EDT - May,12 2017 )
The patch has been out for two months, how is this specifically Microsofts fault?

amra(08:10 PM EDT - May,12 2017 )
Not having their own update process under control, or all kind of shit going on so people still use XP or another of hundreds of reasons. ;P

El_Coyote(08:18 AM EDT - May,13 2017 )
companies specifically turn off windows update to run their own update services, which then falls into disuse because "but it works fine now".
This is not on microsoft.

Csimbi(09:29 AM EDT - May,13 2017 )
You guys did read that it's Windows, right?
As you may know, Windows is an OS built by the peeps at MS.
That's how it's MS's fault.
Should be a no-brainer, not sure why you act like complete noobz.

amra(04:09 PM EDT - May,13 2017 )
25% NSA and 50% MS and 25% Management, thats it.
Win7 "official" SP2 or 3? Anyone? Running Windows update successfully without fix on a freshly installed Win7 anyone?
Having acceptable upgrade prices and giving admins the tools to "blackmail" management would help a lot. ;)

doodah(06:31 PM EDT - May,13 2017 )
As you may know, Windows is an OS built by the peeps at MS.

Holy shit, you're right! I forgot they're the only company in the world that writes code with bugs - lolnoobz!

fs guys, come on..

Tom(06:41 PM EDT - May,14 2017 )
Why even respond? Hx posts it as bait so dumb asses like Koogle and Csimbi, can come back to prove how stupid and uninformed they are.

Anybody with their own personal PC would/should have updated with the patch. If they didn't they are dumb f_cks who shouldn't have a PC.

Businesses are most likely to take their time, they have their own release schedules and Patch management solutions. My place of business informed it's employees about the issue previous to any of these already late news items.

Anyone who will dispute the above is just a lame ass mofo who just wants to hate or promote hate.

Thudo(12:08 PM EDT - May,15 2017 )
This is on the r*tarded companies and enterprises *cough* UK Medical *cough* whose IT divisions should have lonnng seen this one coming. :x

Gawd what a bunch of super-lightweights to be impacted by randomware. :roll:

Koogle(03:51 PM EDT - May,16 2017 )
This is shitting MS fault.. the security of there OS is dogshit. there entire methodology of doing things is way past gone down the shit hole.

I would not even be the slightest bit surprised if they did collude with intelligentsia orgs on allowing backdoors to go unpatched for as long as possible, backdoors that are fucking everyone else one way or another, it will eventually get back to them though.. unfortunately trusting people who are too ignorant to see the warning signs will get screwed first.

Because MS newer OS Winshite 8/10 is also dogshit, not just on a visual and experience issues for the dumbed down generation who built it.. its dog shit all around, promoted by fking retards like simpleton tom.

If MS took making sure there customers were protected from external threats they would make better software and features, and provide users with better firewall and threat care.. not exploit. They would do a lot of fking things better actually (far too many things to even mention).. but they want idiots to trust them and to give security and privacy up in favour of forced updates from the b0rg like fking retards and pay for it in multiple ways.

good idiots who trust in that get you what support.

The whole design of organizations using M$ licensed OS is beyond stupid aswel and just asking for problems. NHS should not be using Windows at all... at least not on the level they have been forced to... by the dumb shit uk gov and parasite politicians throwing tax payers money down the drain to shit corps like MS.

Its not just a $$$ licensing issue of upgrading that MS cause, but also the way of them trying to force really incredibly fking shit design and shit improvements and shit changes with there newer shit OS updates and complete lack of transparency in the code changes of there 'patches', that puts not just users and companies off upgrading.. but there own manipulation of ignoring security updates for older OS because it doesn't allow them to fleece users and businesses.. While fking koolaid tards like tom harp on about how its so great and everyone should use it and be dumb shit like them.. its not great you dumb fking plank.. if it was so great people would be fine upgrading, instead they aren't because it is shit and not worth the time/money/effort or just plain annoyance of having to deal with dumb fking changes that don't improve shit while it also looks like shit..

shit tom you really like shit don't you.

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