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 Gameguru Mania News - May,21 2007 -  
Unreal Engine 3 vs. CryEngine 2 comparison - media
(hx) 09:18 AM CEST - May,21 2007 - Post a comment / read (18) has some screenshots that compares the graphics of Epic's Unreal Engine 3 with Crytek's CryEngine 2. Well, I don't think comparing two engines like that is entirely fair. The visual quality of a game tells you much more about the artists who created the models/textures than the engine's capabilities. Plus, most next-gen engines have a very similar feature set and it's really what you make of it that really matters. Personally, I'm excited about both games, but the one game I'm really excited about is Clive Barker Jericho :-)
last 10 comments:
hairball2(11:12 AM CEST - May,21 2007 )
I dont beleve none of those pictures can be compared, becouse none of the are INGAME. They are "render/action" shots that are maxt out, and do "not" represent what you get ingame

Stumpus(11:30 AM CEST - May,21 2007 )
Both of them look bloody good regardless!
With the price of 8800's dropping all the time it's not exactly out of reach too.

Smiley_ie(06:57 PM CEST - May,21 2007 )
Bought look cool, I think Crytek's look more natural and organic, Close up look gool with Unreal Engine 3 but of the screens id go with Crytek's

Badmagic(09:22 PM CEST - May,21 2007 )
From the example shots I can’t help but feel CryEngine2 has the edge with the shown environments but its six or half a dozen on the character models/textures.

I also can’t help but agree with hairball2’s statement, I seriously doubt we will be seeing any games that look that good for quite some time and even when they appear an 8800 with 768 memory can be considered first gen when you will need something like fifth gen vid card and an 16 core cpu to get anything above 15 fps or something equally obscene is rig specs.

Maybe a pessimistic view but it’s fuelled from how it’s gone in the past. :?

Jarhad(09:57 PM CEST - May,21 2007 )
It's all real-time, in-game, and not even close to as good as it will be when it's released.

Not to mention that the most popular Crysis video is an actual tech demo that a person controls and plays while talking about it.

(10:04 PM CEST - May,21 2007 )
Badmagic> I also can’t help but agree with hairball2’s statement, I seriously doubt we will be seeing any games that look that good for quite some time

Yeah. people expect too much from the first generation of DirectX 10 games.

djRom(01:26 AM CEST - May,22 2007 )
And Microsoft expects too much from us to go and upgrade to vista just to play this.. lol.

Anyone else notice the absence of XXXX? I mean, even though I think he is a bit of a jerk for some of his comments and attacks. He does offer some insightful thoughts and comments, between the bashings.

nb411(01:48 AM CEST - May,22 2007 )
He mother must have put his rent up too much and now he's out on the street with nowhere to plug his comp in.

Genoism(02:07 AM CEST - May,22 2007 )
nb411> He mother must have put his rent up too much and now he's out on the street with nowhere to plug his comp in.

funny - i was thinking the same.

djRom(03:51 AM CEST - May,22 2007 )
ROFL! It seems like a lot more people have been posting ever since he sorta disappeared, though. Which is always a good thing. For a while it was just a small hand full of us posting regularly. :)

Badmagic(04:01 AM CEST - May,22 2007 )
To be honest there were times I wanted to post my comments about articles or headlines; I just couldn’t be bothered with the diatribe that was going on.

Nosferatu(03:56 PM CEST - May,22 2007 )
The comparison screen with characters' faces made me drool! Those are awesome visuals. Too bad you'll have to own a NASA comp to play the game on those settings :)
It's so much enjoyable to read comments with xxxx banned. Thnx, HX, you've made ggmania a better place.

djRom(05:03 PM CEST - May,22 2007 )
Oh he did ban him?? Yes, thank you HX, you've done a great service to this site. It's great to see all of these great posts. :)

(05:11 PM CEST - May,22 2007 )
djRom> Oh he did ban him??

Yes I did :rambo:

djRom(05:41 PM CEST - May,22 2007 )

Safer(09:16 PM CEST - May,22 2007 )
*crawls out form under a rock* ... XXXX is gone? I'll say as much this: I won't shead a tear. :)

djRom(09:38 PM CEST - May,22 2007 )
Welcome... To the outside world. :)

Safer(10:56 PM CEST - May,22 2007 )
Thank you ^^

All comments
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