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 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,23 2017 -  
TechNews - Merry Xmas - tech
(hx) 07:09 PM EST - Dec,23 2017 - Post a comment / read (3)
Happy Christmas Eve to all who are celebrating, and happy December 24th to those who aren't :) I hope that Santa brings you everything you've asked for but above all else, good health, good wealth - and plenty of games and gaming devices :-)! I'll be spending Christmas with my wife and two little daughters, so updates will be limited like every year. We will play a lot of games! :P
  • Bits Be Trippin' Mining on NVIDIA TITAN V - If you have a couple of hours to spend the guys a BBT run the new TITAN V against a dual GTX 1080 Ti setup configured for mining and even plays a little PUBG on it. Overclocked they got it to 77MH/s with a wattage load at the wall of 237w.
  • Lotes TR4 Socket on the ASUS ROG Strix X399-E Gaming Motherboard - How easy is it to install Threadripper into the Lotes TR4 socket on the ASUS ROG Strix X399-E Gaming Motherboard ($386)?
  • Intel Outs Unannounced 1TB BGA SSD, 64L 512Gb NAND Die - Intel released the image of a new 1TB BGA SSD with little fanfare, but while we don't know many definitive technical details, we can deduce a few things from the design. Intel will soon join Toshiba and Samsung with a multichip package (MCP) SSD sporting up to 1TB of 3D NAND capacity. A leaked roadmap earlier this year listed a BGA-mounted 1TB Intel 600p SSD, but we cannot verify that this is a 600p model.
  • Engineers Unveil First-Ever Design of Complete Quantum Computer Chip - Researchers from the University of New South Wales have figured out how to use standard semiconductors common to modern processors to perform quantum calculations. Basically, the power of quantum computing can now be unlocked using the same kinds of technology that forms the foundation of desktop computers and smartphones.
  • Apple Confirms It Slows Older iPhones To Manage Battery Performance  - Apple today confirmed what owners of older iPhones have long suspected: that new versions of iOS will slow down the performance of older iPhones. The matter has regained significant discussion in recent days due to benchmark scores shared on Reddit that appear to show a correlation between new versions of iOS and reduced performance. Apple says this is a feature, not a bug. "Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices," said Apple in a statement provided to TechCrunch. "Lithium-ion batteries become less capable of supplying peak current demands when in cold conditions, have a low battery charge or as they age over time, which can result in the device unexpectedly shutting down to protect its electronic components." Device shutdowns are problematic for a number of reasons, including safety. "Last year we released a feature for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE to smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down during these conditions. We've now extended that feature to iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2, and plan to add support for other products in the future." In short, Apple says older iPhones will in fact slow down from time to time in order to preserve battery performance and prevent the shutdowns. Apple has not previously disclosed this policy. Doing so might have helped it mitigate customer complaints. It is worth pointing out that iPhone owners have the option of having Apple install a new battery in their older iPhone (~$79), which would resolve the battery-related slow down issue.
  • Microsoft Quietly Adds Native OpenSSH Client to Windows 10 - It's a long-overdue move that's guaranteed to delight developers who use Windows as their daily driver: Microsoft is introducing a native OpenSSH client to Windows 10. This means that developers won't have to rely on third-party software (like PuTTY) whenever they log into a remote server. They can just use an officially Microsoft-supported tool, from the familiar Windows command prompt. Once you download and install the OpenSSH client using the settings app in Windows 10, you will be able to use SSH from an elevated CMD or PowerShell. Of course, users using the Windows Subsystem for Linux have already been able to use SSH in Windows 10, but the addition of the built-in OpenSSH client right in Windows 10 will be a welcome addition for those who don't need all the features that come with the entire Windows Subsystem for Linux.
  • Windows 10 Facial Recognition Feature Can Be Bypassed with a Photo - Microsoft has released updates earlier this month to patch a vulnerability in the Windows 10 Hello facial recognition system that allows an attacker to bypass the facial scan with a printed photo. The feature uses near infrared (IR) imaging to authenticate and unlock Windows devices. Researchers say that by using a laser color printout of a low-resolution (340x340 pixels) photo of the device owner's face, modified to the near IR spectrum, they were able to unlock several Windows devices where Windows Hello had been previously activated.
  • Edward Snowden Surprises With Security App - Edward Snowen's new app, Haven, turns your spare Android device into (ironically, maybe) a watchdog, monitoring for intrusions and invasions of privacy using available software and hardware features. Snowden, who exposed the National Security Agency's intrusions of privacy by spying on private phone calls, is the President of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, which released Haven in conjunction with the Guardian Project. Haven works by sensing motion, sound, vibration and light caused by "unexpected guests and unwanted intruders". It captures and saves images and sound when it senses any motion or noise, and is also able to send notifications immediately as they occur, while allowing users to access sensor and trigger logs remotely. Snowden is currently living in Russia under asylum, with his passport terminated by authorities in the United States following his whistleblowing. True to his predicament, Snowden's Haven aims and claims to protect "investigative journalists, human rights defenders, and people at risk of forced disappearance."
  • Google Releases Tool To Help iPhone Hackers - Google released a hacking tool for iOS 11.1.2 (11.2 is out now) that is says can find bugs in that release. Supposedly in can only be used on the 7, 6s, and iPod touch 6G, but can be adapted for use on others. According to Google this tool is out there to help Apple patch exploits faster and make iOS more secure. I guess we'll just have to take Google at their word on this one.
  • Top-Selling Handgun Safe Can Be Remotely Opened in Seconds without PIN  - The Vaultek VT20i, one of Amazon's top-selling electronic gun safes, contains a critical vulnerability that allows it to be opened by virtually anyone, even when they don't know the password. Researchers with security firm Two Six Labs were able to open a VT20i safe in a matter of seconds by using their MacBook Pro to send specially designed Bluetooth data while it was in range.
  • New Cryptomining Malware Spreading Through Facebook Messenger - The good folks at Trend Micro have discovered a new cryptomining bot in the wild and it spreads through Facebook Messenger. The good news is this one won't melt down your phone or tablet and the bad news is it will infect your Chrome web browser on your desktop. If you get a video file through FM, and don't know where it's from, you might have received this critter. Digmine is coded in AutoIt, and sent to would-be victims posing as a video file but is actually an AutoIt executable script. If the user's Facebook account is set to log in automatically, Digmine will manipulate Facebook Messenger in order to send a link to the file to the account's friends. The abuse of Facebook is limited to propagation for now, but it wouldn't be implausible for attackers to hijack the Facebook account itself down the line. This functionality's code is pushed from the command-and-control (C&C) server, which means it can be updated.
  • YouTube VR is now available to Steam VR users - Fans of YouTube's ever-growing 360-degree video content library may be pleased to hear that Google has finally launched a YouTube VR app on PC. The app, which was previously only officially available to Google Daydream VR and PlayStation VR users, has been a long time coming for the PC audience. While YouTube's 360-degree videos have always technically been available for viewing without any VR hardware on PC, users haven't been able to get the full experience until now. Instead, fans of the content have had to take advantage of unreliable workarounds or shell out the extra cash for a Daydream or PlayStation VR headset. At any rate, the app is now available on Steam VR as a public beta to all HTC Vive owners. That said, the initial user response to the app has been a bit frosty, with Ars Technica reporting that many users can't seem to get the app to work at all. As a result, some have taken to the app's community discussions and reviews to vent their frustrations.
  • New Chrome update lets you easily mute autoplay videos - One of the most annoying things about browsing the web is videos that autoplay with sound. For anyone that has tried to browse discretely in the back of a boring meeting or presentation, you know how loathsome these can be. The latest update for Google Chrome aims to make web browsing just less annoying overall. Chrome 64 beta allows users to easily mute autoplaying videos across an entire website. To enable this feature, click on the green lock or info section to the left of the URL. From here you will have the option to always allow audio, always block audio, or use the default setting. In addition to this new setting, the latest Chrome also comes with an improved pop-up blocker. This is aimed at preventing websites from using transparent overlays or decoy play/download buttons to open new tabs or pop-ups. Along a similar line, the update will also help prevent malicious redirects. It does this by blocking third-party content hidden in a webpage unless the user has interacted with that element.
  • Netflix subscribers are about to surpass paid TV - As the trend of cord cutting continues, Netflix is about to have more subscribers than cable providers. In a survey by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, it was found that 73 percent of respondents subscribe to Netflix and pay for TV services.  Over the last few years, cable subscribers dropped from 79 percent to 73 percent. It is almost certain that the cord cutting trend will continue while Netflix will continue to bring in new customers. After showing massive subscriber growth earlier this year, Netflix remains on track to surpass traditional TV. The main reason that consumers still pay for TV is access to live sports. An astounding 82 percent of those surveyed said they would end or reduce their TV packages if it were possible to watch sporting events live. Sports fans are likely to pay approximately $23 per month to obtain unlimited access to live sporting events.
  • Sprint to Launch 5G In 2019 Using 2.5 GHz Spectrum - Sprint today voiced its support of the recently ratified NSA 5G NR specification and revealed its own plans for deploying 5G. The specification for NSA 5G NR includes support for up to 100 MHz on a single carrier (in the 2.5 GHz band) versus today's limit of 20 MHz per carrier. Sprint holds a massive 160 MHz slice of 2.5 GHz spectrum in the top 100 markets around the U.S., which will allow Sprint to offer mid-band 5G to many Americans. The company is working with Qualcomm and SoftBank to bring 5G services and devices to market by late 2019. Sprint says it will first use Massive MIMO as a stepping stone to 5G. It will launch Massive MIMO in its 2.5 GHz spectrum in 2018. These radios contain 64 transmitters and 64 receivers each, which allow for incredibly accurate beam-forming. These radios will be software-upgradeable to 5G NR. Sprint did not say anything about plans to support mmWave-based 5G in high-band spectrum. "This is an important milestone and we're making great progress accelerating the development and commercialization of 5G NR in the 2.5 GHz band," said Dr. John Saw, Sprint CTO. "5G will spur dramatic innovation and progress around the world, and we see great opportunity in mobile 5G, massive machine type communications, and ultra-reliable and low-latency communications." AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon all have similar plans and timeframes for bringing 5G to market.
  • Elon Musk accidentally tweets his phone number to John Carmack - When Elon Musk talks, people usually listen. He has 16-plus million followers on Twitter for a reason. So when he accidentally tweeted out his phone number to Oculus VR guru John Carmack, people immediately took notice. "Do you have a sec to talk? My cell is ..." the now deleted tweet said, according to Bloomberg. What is even more interesting is that calling that number gave a pre-recorded message for the old PlayStation 2 game God of War:
  • Plumbus X Coming Soon - If you were wondering what your next big purchase might be, I think this quick video will show you some of the biggest advances ever made in Plumbus technology. The wireless feature alone likely makes it a must-have going into 2018
  • Fiat Punto Makes History with First-Ever Zero-Star Crash-Test Rating - The 2017 Fiat Punto became the first car to ever get zero stars in the European New Car Assessment Programme's crash testing, the safety organization said Wednesday. Word is: The relaunched Punto supermini is the first vehicle to score zero stars since NCAP testing began 20 years ago. A re-release of the 2005 version, the Punto's starless rating was a result of low scores for its crash performance, combined with the absence of key technologies such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Lane Support Systems, giving it an unprecedented zero-per-cent Safety Assist result.
  • The Differences Between A $5,000 Watch And An $85,000 Watch - A Patek Philippe 5170P costs a boatload more than a (still very expensive!) Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. Does it justify the difference?
  • The Ocean's 8 Trailer is Here! - Every con has its pros. Starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, with Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter. In theaters June 8th, 2018
  • SpaceX Lights Up California Sky with Last Rocket Launch of the Year? - Elon Musk's aerospace company kicked off its final mission of 2017 Friday night by launching a rocket into the sky over Southern California from the Vandenberg Air Force Base.
  • SICARIO 2: SOLDADO - Official Teaser Trailer - Witness the next chapter of the Sicario saga in theaters June 2018
  • The Punisher Renewed for Season 2 - Less than a month after the series premiered online, Netflix and Marvel Entertainment have announced that Marvel's The Punisher will return for a second season! Check out the announcement video and stream the entire first season now on Netflix.
  • Disney Reveals The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Trailer - Starring Keira Knightley as the Sugar Plum Fairy and featuring a special performance by Misty Copeland, Disney's new holiday feature film The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is directed by Lasse Hallstrom and inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann's classic tale. In theaters on Nov. 2, 2018.
  • This Guitar Orchestra Of 'The Imperial March' - This rendition of "The Imperial March" only consists of 28 orchestra parts and 70 guitar tracks!
  • YouTuber Nearly Dies in Very Dumb Head-in-Cement Microwave Stunt - An unabashedly bro-y YouTuber who makes money by posting videos of his dumb bro-y antics nearly killed himself in his latest dumb video. Jay Swingler took his experimentation to a whole new level of idiocy when he put his head in a microwave and filled the appliance with Polyfilla, a spackling paste that's supposed to fill holes in walls. Firefighters and EMS later came to chisel and cut the heap of plaster and metal in order to free his head.
  • The best pics on the Internet #243 - All pictures are carefully handpicked
  • #LOVEADVENT2017 - DAY 6: Sara Sampaio by Phil Poynter | DAY 7: Rita Ora by Rankin | DAY 8: Madison Beer by Phil Poynter | DAY 9: Doutzen Kroes by Phil Poynter | DAY 10: Taylor Hill by Phil Poynter | DAY 12: Barbara Palvin by Phil Poynter | DAY 13: Hailey Baldwin by Phil Poynter | DAY 16: Stella Maxwell | DAY17: Alexis Ren by Phil Poynter | DAY 18: Bella Hadid by Phil Poynter | DAY 20 Irina Shayk by Doug Inglish | DAY 21: Alessandra Ambrosio by Doug Inglish | DAY 22: Teyana Taylor by Phil Poynter | DAY 23: Romee Strijd by Phil Poynter
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Have a good Christmas and New Year

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Happy holidays to you all!

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Hope you and your family have a great Christmas Hx and a great and healthy and peaceful New Year! and the same to everyone else.

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