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TechNews - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 - tech
(hx) 05:25 PM CET - Jan,01 2019 - Post a comment / read (8)
I can't believe I'm saying 2019 already! Happy New Year to all of you who make this website possible. I hope next year will be a happy and healthy one for everyone!
  • Intel Coffee Lake Refresh Enthusiast Core i9 CPUs With 8 And 6-Core Variants Break Cover - The products in question are the eight-core Core i9-9900KF and Core i7-9700KF, as well as the six-core Core i5-9600KF and Core i5-9400F. These devices have been listed by retailers Data-Systems.Fi, Newegg, and distributor Synnex (see screenshots below). According to Intel’s existing nomenclature, the CPUs with model numbers ending with F, like 9400F lack integrated graphics, so we suspect the new processors will primarily target higher-end systems featuring discrete graphics. This will mark the first time that Intel has launched integrated graphics-free processors in its mainstream family at the high-end for many, many years. The higher-end Core i9-9900KF, Core i7-9700KF, and Core i5-9600KF look set to run at the same frequencies and feature the same cache configurations as their non-F colleagues. As for the Core i5-9400F, this six-core chip runs at 2.9/4.1 GHz, well below the clocks of the i5-9600K, but will have a TDP of 65 W. All of these parts, according to the listings, will be able to be used in current 300-series motherboards.
  • G.SKILL Trident Z Royal DDR4-3200 16GB Memory Kit Review - G.SKILL was one of the first companies to come out with RGB DDR4 modules and they were quite a hit. Their Trident Z RGB kits are still some of the best RGB kits available today and have a sleek and sexy look that you can’t help but admire. How could G.SKILL possibly top their Trident Z RGB kits? Well they showed everyone just how they were going to do that at Computex this year with the introduction of the Trident Z Royal DDR4 memory. This new memory features the same heatspreader design, but the heatspreaders are made of polished aluminum that just looks amazing. Topping off the heatspreaders is a crystalline light bar that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Today we are checking out the F4-3200C16D-16GTRS kit which is a 16GB (2 x 8GB) kit running at 3200 MHz, with timings of 16-18-18-38 at 1.35v. Is this going to be the must-have RGB memory for 2018?
  • Vega II, Navi and Ryzen 2 at CES? - Speculating on what we might see at CES from AMD, and also the first Ryzen 3000 engineering sample is spotted.
  • The RetroArch Emulator Is in Development for the XBOX One - Libretro has announced that it has committed to releasing a port of RetroArch to the Xbox One in early 2019. The Xbox One platform has a built in Developer Mode that grants users the ability to develop and test software on the system. This should forgo having to jailbreak the console. According to the FAQ, users can switch between Developer Mode and Retail Mode. Access to Developer Mode costs $19. All Xbox One users should benefit from DX11, DX12 and FreeSync on the platform, but Xbox One X users will have access to a more powerful GPU than the standard Xbox One.
  • Google Chrome Dark Mode Confirmed For Windows 10 - Google Chrome comes with a default light theme and lacks dark on Windows, the incognito window sports a dark theme and looks beautiful and less straining to eyes at night, but it is limited to private browsing only. While Windows 10 already supports dark mode for apps which Microsoft Edge and Firefox already support, but Google hasn't yet added support for the Windows 10 dark mode to Chrome browser, don't worry! it's coming! The company is working on that.
  • Got A New Chromebook? 10 Things You Need To Know - Getting started with a new device and a new operating system can be a lot, so hopefully this helps make the process less stressful for you or someone you know. Without further ado, here are 10 things you need to know if you are new to Chromebooks!
  • Microsoft Edge Is Still More Power Efficient than Chrome and Firefox - According to a browser efficiency comparison for Windows 10 version 1809 (which Microsoft posted on GitHub but never advertised), Edge remains the best browser for battery life: measuring the time it took identical Surface Book laptops to run fully through their batteries while streaming HTML5 video in fullscreen, Edge lasted 24% longer than Chrome and 94% longer than Firefox. Despite the browser's adoption of Chromium, Thurrott believes Edge will retain this strength due to "underlying integration with the operating system."
  • Apple Fails To Release AirPower Wireless Charger Missing Its Own 2018 Deadline - Apple never launched AirPower, a product it said would arrive in 2018. If you're not familiar, Apple announced a product at its September 2017 iPhone event called "AirPower" that was supposed to let iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods owners wirelessly charge all three devices at the same time. Apple said it would launch in 2018, but it never did. It's a rare miss for Apple, which typically has a good track record of following through on product announcements. CNBC even tried asking Apple at the iPhone launch this September if it planned to talk about AirPower publicly, but a representative said that the day's events were only focused on the products discussed on stage - the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR - and not other devices.
  • Essential Phone 'Sold Out' and a New Device Is In the Works - Essential Products confirmed that its first mobile device, the Essential Phone, is no longer available. "We are sold out of Essential Phone on and won't be adding any new inventory," said Essential in a statement provided to Droid-Life. "We are now hard at work on our next mobile product and will continue to sell accessories and provide speedy software updates and customer support to our existing community." The Essential Phone went on sale in the summer months of 2017. The high-end Android device failed to resonate with consumers. In recent months the phone has been offered at a deep discount. Essential had a tough year. Executive Andy Rubin was forced to step aside for a short time after he was said to have received a $90 million severance package from Google despite claims of sexual harassment made against him. Rubin later rejoined Essential, but the company shifted gears and laid off staff amid the changes. Essential has not expounded on what its "next mobile product" will be.
  • Nokia 9 PureView promotional video reveals specs and features - That now appears to have been confirmed by a promotional video along with many of the device's specifications that include (in order of appearance)
  • A.I. Powered Self-Checkout System Identifies the Food on Your Plate - A team at the Jiao Tong University in Shanghai has developed a self-checkout system at canteens, that will tell customers the cost of their food, but also the amount of calories in them. The AI-enhanced system is operational at several universities in Shanghai, and has attracted international investors.
  • How Much of the Internet Is Fake? Turns Out, a Lot of It, Actually - While the internet seems very much alive and authentic with never-ending updates to social feeds and ballooning view counts on streaming sites, studies claim that "less than 60 percent of web traffic is human."
  • Trump May Declare a 'National Emergency' to Block Huawei, ZTE - President Donald Trump is weighing new action against Chinese telecommunications equipment makers Huawei and ZTE, says Reuters. The President might issue an executive order that would bar U.S. companies from buying telecom gear from either. Some in the U.S. government insist Huawei and ZTE have deep ties to the Chinese government. That relationship could give China the power to spy on the U.S., a claim Huawei has denied many times. Trump has been considering the executive order for more than eight months. The order would rely on the Department of Commerce to block  equipment purchases from "foreign telecommunications makers that pose significant national security risks," say Reuters' sources. Huawei and ZTE themselves may not actually be named in the order. Such an order would hinge on the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, which gives the President power to govern commerce directly when a national emergency threatens the U.S. Trump has already barred the U.S. government itself from purchasing equipment from Huawei and ZTE. The four largest carriers mostly rely on equipment from Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung, but smaller, rural operators do use gear from Huawei and ZTE. They are worried the Trump administration will force them to rip out existing Chinese-made gear at their own expense. Reuters says Trump may issue the order as soon as January.
  • Brian May - New Horizons (Ultima Thule Mix) - Celebrating the whole 12-year Journey of New Horizons probe. This is Brian's personal tribute to the on-going NASA New Horizons mission, which on New Years Day 2019 will achieve the most distant spacecraft flyby in history.
  • Black Mirror Film Bandersnatch Gets a Surprise Trailer - In 1984, a young programmer begins to question reality as he adapts a sprawling fantasy novel into a video game and soon faces a mind-mangling challenge. Welcome back.
  • Australian Fireworks Barge Explodes on New Years Eve - Two men were injured and thousands were forced to evacuate after a barge carrying New Year's Eve fireworks caught fire and exploded, local media reported. Footage shared on social media showed the fireworks at Terrigal Beach in New South Wales going out of control after a big bang, scaring onlookers nearby. The two injured were transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment, according to local media.
  • Prerogative - Britney Spears Perfume Ad [Short Version] - check it out
  • The best pics on the Internet #264 - All pictures are carefully handpicked
last 10 comments:
Koogle(07:49 PM CET - Jan,01 2019 )
Happy new year

-Google Chrome Dark Mode Confirmed For Windows 10 -

or just use a better browser like and have dark theme right now, its basically chrome but less shit and not developed by morons who can't add any decent built in browser features.

- Microsoft Edge Is Still More Power Efficient than Chrome and Firefox

I'm sure notepad uses less power than word but that's not the point of using software where you want actual features that are useful.

- How Much of the Internet Is Fake

Just about everything mainstream no?

gx-x(08:26 PM CET - Jan,01 2019 )
So, morons develop Chrome, then someone takes their moronic product and makes it moronic in a different way with moronic engine behind it and you use that version of the moronic browser and say that that one is ok? How moronic is that Koogle? I am starting to see where Tom comes from in regards to you.

Koogle(11:02 PM CET - Jan,01 2019 )
Not sure I should respond that moronic rhetoric gx...

The part of Chrome that isn't total rubbish is backend responsible for page rendering etc ... that is open source and probably the only reason Chrome isn't a complete bug and spyware riddled pile of garbage (apart from all the addition tracking shit Google add for Chrome)

While the actual Chrome frontend is newb garbage, barely customizable, with generally lame 'web' addons limited to a crippled web extension api that pales in comparison to what Firefox addon developers could achieve in doing for Firefox.

And now that Mozilla no longer make a web browser worth a damn, because they gutted out XUL and broke the vast majority of addons that actually made using Firefox even useful over something like Chrome. Now it's just a chrome clone that doesn't use the chromium backend and while still not really being any better in browser performance benchmarks or having much in options.

And every other chrome clone that does use the chromium backend is no where near as good as the effort Vivaldi has put into making a better frontend with more customization...It's not like I haven't tried to find the best suitable replacement for Firefox and the 70+ extensions I used to have (still do but the Firefox pre quantum is becoming increasingly outdated for modern sites). The best I've found is Vivaldi and they are doing a great job so far, same cannot be said for the rest of the browsers..

At least MS have realized they can't make a decent web browser or browser engine anymore, and they are switching to using the chromium source. I doubt they will do much to improve the frontend or improved extensions api's that can be developed for the frontend that might allow other developers to provide improvements where they can't be bothered.

gx-x(11:47 PM CET - Jan,01 2019 )
that part, taking your words, is made by morons. You know, google guys...Morons that make money you can't even dream about.
Mozilla has a very good browser. It's just you who thinks that gimped inferior product is better. But that's your choice. Vivaldi, lol. It's like that PaleMoon browser joke that once was all the rage, couldn't handle anything modern because it was risky and dangerous. It took me 10 seconds to ditch that garbage. But I bet you loved it.

Vivaldi browser...based on sole work of other people. If they are that good - why didn't they make their own engine? Oh yea, chromium remix takes a shit load of skill. But just enough not to get sued over copyrighted shit. And that's how good that browser is. Up until it needs to do something that it cant, it's good. Unless you are one of the billion people that need that other stuff.

PS. You don't know how to make Chrome BLACK? Seriously?

Tom(01:49 PM CET - Jan,02 2019 )

PS. You don't know how to make Chrome BLACK? Seriously?

Honestly, he probably doesn't. The brain train is at a dead stop there.

Koogle(02:42 AM CET - Jan,03 2019 )
gx-x> that part, taking your words, is made by morons. You know, google guys...Morons that make money you can't even dream about.
Mozilla has a very good browser. It's just you who thinks that gimped inferior product is better. But that's your choice. Vivaldi, lol. It's like that PaleMoon browser joke that once was all the rage, couldn't handle anything modern because it was risky and dangerous. It took me 10 seconds to ditch that garbage. But I bet you loved it.

Vivaldi browser...based on sole work of other people. If they are that good - why didn't they make their own engine? Oh yea, chromium remix takes a shit load of skill. But just enough not to get sued over copyrighted shit. And that's how good that browser is. Up until it needs to do something that it cant, it's good. Unless you are one of the billion people that need that other stuff.

PS. You don't know how to make Chrome BLACK? Seriously?

you're clearly fucking retarded old man

google chrome themes are fucking shit, hardly what I would call customizable.

comparing palemoon to vivaldi? are you that stupid?

"If they are that good - why didn't they make their own engine?"

Because they aren't retarded like you, why would they waste money, the time and effort when they can just use the chromium engine and spend actual time working on useful features for the browser that actually help end users... Do I need to explain basics to you idiot? unlike google that makes money from abusing privacy and being the worlds biggest ad money laundering and data gathering network for the creepstate while buying up other companies to prop up its own pathetic product efforts. You think they actually make products worth buying? gtfo, the biggest product they have is data and tracking as much as they can and who do you think that useful for? go figure idiot, this was never a company that didn't have an agenda in the products pushed onto the consumer. But you glorify them as making money for something good? you are an idiot.

And MS is a billion dollar company that has finally realized they should just do the same in using the chromium backend, you talk shit about Vivaldi for making a browser that isn't complete garbage like IE, google chrome, and sadly now what might aswel be called shitfox etc.. you must live on planet ignoramus fucktard gx.

"You know, google guys...Morons that make money you can't even dream about."

most the people who 'work'? there are SJW morons actually, Alphabet Inc was always a creepstate funded project using stock market funny money, they bought up other companies for products they didn't have the talent to develop anything better because they are 99% shit and do evil. With the biggest one that really drove success in ads and peddling the shitty chrome browser early on was youtube that they bought up and turned into crap. Where the fuck have you been on the internet for the last 20 years asleep? wake up retard.

And dipshit next time you think you're smart for comparing palemoon (worked on by a handful of people to keep firefox XUL extensions working with maintenance on the rendering engine for web compatibility now that mozilla have gone full retard) is not at all on the same level as Vivaldi in actually improving a web browsers features while being smart about using an open sourced chromium engine for the backend.

"Mozilla has a very good browser"

yeh used to be (in 2017)... now it is a gimped and inferior product since the quantum retardation awhere you might aswel use a chromium based browser like Vivaldi, where you can use all the same web extensions. While Firefox is now ad infested data tracking pile of shit like google chrome, that will continue to lose market share because mozilla corporation has become rot and run by retards... is that your shitty browser of choice or is google chrome then?

ether way please don't make me laugh, like google chrome customization options and features and pathetic frontend design.. and whatever shit you call a black theme.. it will look pathetic because google won't let designers use css for customizing the frontend, it is literately limited and gimped thus shit like you gx ... that is a browser designed for noobs like you and simpleton tom really. Luckily goolag have a lot of idiots out there who think they actually do anything good and don't mind shit simple design and ugly looking interfaces.

And fyi if chromium wasn't open sourced then goolag chrome would be an even bigger pile of bug infested garbage that never would have become as widely used as it is now.

devilhood(10:47 PM CET - Jan,03 2019 )
Chrome isn't shit.

But I do like Vivalid. A lot. Since version 2 it has become my primary desktop browser.

The UI customisation is a fucking dream. Every tiny detail, even the border radius can be adjusted. It also consumes on average about 500-600 MB less in a typical session and generally behaves in a zippier way.

I use the shit out of my browser for local environment development testing, so this isn't an opinion formed based on casual or general use.

Most people I talk to are like "Oh god not another browser, fuck that I'm not changing from Chrome. Chrome is my daddy". So I just install it on their machine and then they thank me afterwards :lol:

Koogle(01:56 AM CET - Jan,04 2019 )
"Chrome isn't shit."

I would say otherwise, given the resources behind it, every release features absolute sweet piss all on end user feature improvements really.

Anyway I agree switch newbies to Vivaldi (in the past it would be like switching them to Firefox + 20 or so addons to get all the same features that they've just built in... shame that can't be said for Mozilla.. they keep adding crap no one wants nor asked for as 'features' while breaking every addon that ever made that browser even good)

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