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 Gameguru Mania News - May,21 2018 -  
TechNews - Google Accused Of Faking Duplex AI - tech
(hx) 12:27 AM CEST - May,21 2018 - Post a comment / read (2)
  • Digital Foundry: PC has an HDR support problem - and Nvidia wants to fix it - Are extreme spec 4K displays the answer? The Digital Foundry at Eurogamer has the story.
  • NVIDIA's first 4K G-Sync HDR Monitor Is Available to Preorder for - Acer's Predator X27 has finally gone up for preorder at Newegg. The display will be one of the first to grant gamers the privilege of 4K at 144Hz, with 1,000 nits of peak brightness and NVIDIA's G-Sync technology
  • IBM Warns of Instant Breaking of Encryption by Quantum Computers - The head of IBM Research thinks that security-minded individuals should start looking into alternate forms of encryption and move their data today, as quantum computing is on the horizon. Some believe that quantum computers, capable of instantly breaking today's strongest security, could debut in as little as five years. Quantum computers can solve some types of problems near-instantaneously compared with billions of years of processing using conventional computers. Moler said people might feel safe because they have done everything they are supposed to do to secure their existing data -- but quantum computing will break it. "I do think that's scary," she said.
  • Google Accused Of Faking Duplex AI Speech Demo - It's safe to say that the most impressive thing shown off at Google I/O this year was the awesome demo of Google Duplex and the Google Assistant interacting with humans to book hair appointments and dinner reservations. Despite the potential of such a mind-blowing demo, some complained that the AI hadn't identified itself and that it was unethical to have humans in the dark about the computer on the other end of the phone. It's safe to say that the most impressive thing shown off at Google I/O this year was the awesome demo of Google Duplex and the Google Assistant interacting with humans to book hair appointments and dinner reservations. Despite the potential of such a mind-blowing demo, some complained that the AI hadn't identified itself and that it was unethical to have humans in the dark about the computer on the other end of the phone. What some are finding incredibly suspicious about the interactions is that the people who answer the calls never identify the business that is being called. Typically when you call a business the person answering the phone will say the business name and their own name; nothing of that sort was said by the people answering these calls. When the hair salon demo call was answered, the woman simply says "Hello, how can I help you?" and when the restaurant call is answered the woman says "Hi, may I help you?" Another thing that detractors are citing is that the calls have no ambient noise in the recordings as you would typically expect in a busy hair salon or restaurant. In addition, neither business in the demos asked for the customer's phone number or contact information. Google has declined to comment
  • Google Home Now Lets You Control Play Movies Via Voice -As promised, Google has added voice control support to its own video service, Google Play Movies & TV, to Google Home. People who own Google Home products can now speak voice commands to access movies and television shows purchased or rented through the Google Play Store and have that content play on Chromecast-connected television sets. Google says people won't have to change any settings or reconfigure their device to access this feature, as it has been added automatically on the backend. Google Home has for some time allowed people to use voice commands to access Netflix and other third-party streaming video content. The tool lets people start movies and shows, fast-forward, rewind, pause, and more.
  • Google Wifi Lets You Check Network Connections for Each Device - Google is rolling out a new tool to its wifi product that will let people gain more insight with respect to the performance of their home network. The Google Wifi Network Check function lets people measure how each individual device is performing on their wifi network. "Knowing wifi coverage is poor in an area of your home can help you pinpoint the exact bottleneck when you notice a connectivity slowdown. Then, you'll know to move your Google Wifi point closer to that device or even move the device itself for a stronger connection," explained Google. Google says most users of Google Wifi have an average of 18 devices connected. The new tool means people can explore how each is connecting to the network and then make adjustments to improve performance as needed. The new feature in Network Check will be available in the Google Wifi app in the next few weeks.
  • Qualcomm to Add WPA3 to Mobile Devices This Summer - Qualcomm this week laid out its plan to adopt the latest wifi security protocol in future products. The company said it will apply the Wifi Alliance's Wifi Protected Access (WPA3) across its portfolio of mobile and networking products starting this summer. The core feature of WPA3 is stronger protection when users choose weak passwords. WPA3 also simplifies the process of securing access points that don't have a display or interface. The standard provides individualized data encryption to protect data as it moves from computers, tablets, and phones to access points. Further, it includes a 192-bit security suite to help businesses and governments adopt the highest levels of protection. Qualcomm says it has already added WPA3 to its WCN3998 wifi radio and IPQ807x AP platform. The company says phons based on the Snapdragon 845 mobile application processor will be the first to support WPA3. The chip and phones that rely on it will gain WPA3 this summer, with Qualcomm's portfolio of networking devices to follow soon thereafter.
  • ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M1 Revealed - If you're in the market for a new smartphone you might want to hold out a bit and take in the specs of the new ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M1. This bad boy has 6" of screen real estate running with a resolution of 1800X2160. It's using the new Snapdragon 636 and comes with a massive 5,000 mAh battery. Also, it has a dual-lens camera system for those of you that take a lot of pictures.
  • OnePlus 6 Moves Up the Ladder with All-Glass Design and Top Specs - The OnePlus 6 drops the metal chassis of previous phones and adopts a metal-and-glass design common to today's top devices. The 6 will be offered in white with pearl powder, matte black, and glossy black, all with unique finishes on the curved Gorilla Glass 5 surfaces. OnePlus says the phone can withstand splashes and similar exposure to water, but the phone stops short of being waterproof. The OnePlus 6 adopts a notched screen design. The AMOLED display measures 6.28 inches across the diagonal with 2,280 by 1,080 pixels at a 19:9 aspect ratio
  • Mozilla to Display Ads in Firefox - In a move laced with irony, Mozilla would soon be putting paid advertisements into its popular browser Firefox. These advertisements would come in the form of sponsored links shown when one opens a new browser tab.
  • Senate Vote Passes to Save Net Neutrality - Democrats in the Senate forced a vote on net neutrality today and walked away victorious. Members of the Senate voted 52-47 to retain the net neutrality regulations put in place by the Obama administration that were later nixed by the FCC. The margin of victory was large than expected, with three Republicans, two independents, and 47 Democrats all voting in favor of keeping the rules. Though the bill has passed the Senate, it still has to get through the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and, if it succeeds there, President Trump. Obama's FCC established firm rules governing broadband service as a utility under Title II. As such, paid prioritization, fast lanes, blocking, and throttling were strictly prohibited. The Republican-led FCC has largely scaled back those rules, preferring to let the industry govern itself with "light regulation" from the FTC rather than the FCC. For the moment, the FCC's repeal of net neutrality will go into effect on June 11.
  • Porsche says - Tesla Who? - History is written by those who start in pole position. Strictly speaking, Porsche E-Performance was set in motion 120 years ago when Ferdinand Porsche took a leading role in the design of the Egger-Lohner C.2 Phaeton electric car and development of the Semper Vivus. Around one hundred years later, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG reprised this visionary concept for use in production-based GT racing. See all the milestones of our hybrid and electric engine history and take a look what the future will bring in this video.
  • Guy Destroys A Round Of Beat Saber - If you like "Guitar Hero" and you find the idea of swinging lightsabers around appealing... this game looks like a good fit.
  • COSMOS: Possible Worlds in 2019 - Watch the official trailer for FOX's new show, Cosmos: Possible Worlds.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody - Teaser Trailer - Bohemian Rhapsody is a foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury. Freddie defied stereotypes and shattered convention to become one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet. The film traces the meteoric rise of the band through their iconic songs and revolutionary sound. They reach unparalleled success, but in an unexpected turn Freddie, surrounded by darker influences, shuns Queen in pursuit of his solo career. Having suffered greatly without the collaboration of Queen, Freddie manages to reunite with his bandmates just in time for Live Aid. Facing a life-threatening illness, Freddie leads the band in one of the greatest performances in the history of rock music. Queen cements a legacy that continues to inspire outsiders, dreamers and music lovers to this day. In Theaters November 2, 2018
  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) - Official Trailer - Some missions are not a choice. Watch the official trailer for Mission: Impossible - Fallout starring Tom Cruise. In theatres 7.27.18.
  • Honest Trailers - Black Panther - After 17 movies the MCU brings us a superhero movie we've never seen before, one where the hero does not constantly quip - It's Black Panther
  • DESTINATION WEDDING Trailer #1 - If you're going to watch a romantic comedy, might as well make it one that Keanu Reeves is starring in.
  • New York City flyover was filmed in 12K - Cinematographer Phil Holland not all that long ago took delivery of the first Shootover K1 Hammerhead 6-axis gyro stabilized gimbal which allows for multiple cameras to be lined up and used in a panoramic array. He promptly put the rig to good use. In its maiden voyage over New York City, the aerial camera array carried a trio of Red Weapon 8K VistaVision Monstro cameras on their side with Tokina 35mm T1.5 prime lenses and used them to shoot stunning footage of one of America's most iconic cities. The resulting 12K by 8K footage is 48.5 times the resolution of HD 1080p and full of captured detail. Once processed, it creates stunning 100-megapixel images with a sensor size of approximately 645 Medium Format Film. The video embedded above is an 8K export of the footage and is best viewed in fullscreen on a 4K or 8K display.
  • Fluorescent Coral Glows in the Depth of the Ocean - The sea is full of weird, mysterious things and these corals are definitely one of them.
  • Top 5 Brake Checks Gone Wrong - Brake checking someone can be a dangerous and thoughtless thing to do. To show this, today's video is on the top five brake checks gone wrong.
  • This Pool Trick Shot Genius - Jaden Dupree is 14-years-old and he can maneuver the heck out of a cue ball
  • The best pics on the Internet #256 - All pictures are carefully handpicked
last 10 comments:
chikamelisa(07:23 AM CEST - May,22 2018 )
Goolge may have faked a recent demo of its new AI assistant in which the software was shown to fool a hair salon receptionist into thinking it was human.

The software, dubbed Duplex, debuted at a Google conference last week when it was tasked to book a hair appointment over the phone in front of a live audience.

During the demo, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said: 'What you're going to hear is the Google Assistant actually calling a real salon to Domino 99 schedule an appointment for you.'

Duplex seemingly put on such a good impression of a human that the person it called failed to notice they were speaking to a robot.

The creepy demo made headlines across the world, but a new report suggests that Google faked the phone call and misled viewers and investors.

News site Axios highlights that a number of things about the call, such as a lack of ambient noise at the salon, point to a falsified or edited recording.

Google's press team has repeatedly refused to hand over the name of the salon that Duplex called, it said.

Two calls were played during the demo, one to a salon and another to a restaurant.

Google said both businesses Qiu Qiu were based near its headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Neither of the 'employees' who answered Duplex's calls identified the business they were speaking from, nor did they give their own names.

Tom(02:21 PM CEST - May,22 2018 )
Firefox and ads.
- Well I barely use Firefox these days except in work environment. Ads just assure me that I will never personally use Firefox.

Duplex AI faked.
- Well if it was faked, they better get moving on it as they release it in July. OMG they did say the salon name.. OMG!!! FAKED!!! I suspect an unhappy Apple employee

Google, control movies...
- Ya that's ok, I can manage my own movies just fine. Thanks.

Google WiFi check...
- LOL! Ya.. if It's not Google Home.. recommend Google Home..

Pool trick shot dude...
- Are you F'ing serious??? Trick shot? HAHAHAHAHAHA.. That's really amateur man. I've seen Waaaaay better.

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